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What a Day

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Beautiful Brunette

This is the writing of a memory that in my life will always cherish. The event is true, though the names have been changed to protect anonymity.

My day started as usual, getting up at the break of dawn clad only in a pair of loose fitting pajama bottoms and putting coffee on sitting down at the computer listening to the familiar whirring as it booted.

Waiting for the coffee to finish I logged on to my favorite news sight, all the while thinking about what the day held as well as the way last night ended.

You see, I am a Forty Two year old male that lives with a 50 year old female. We have been together for going on three years, and she never ceases to amaze me.

Last night, I had come home from work to find her on the couch, in a flowing sun dress that never fails to get a rise out of me. She had yesterday off as to where I had left the house at around six a.m. I had returned home sweaty and tired just before eight pm. She was a sight for sore eyes as she smiled at me. Her blouse tight against her magnificent breasts that I always love to suckle, her skirt White against her skin only hinting at what lay beneath.

“Hi honey. Why don’t you get out of those nasty clothes while I get you a beer and then you can get in the shower and we can go. I have made reservations and we need not rush”.

With this I smiled and as her body slipped into mine I kissed her warm lips my tongue finding hers wet warm and soft. Her body crushed against mine, her tongue delving into my mouth, her nipples against my naked chest was more than enough to get me going.

I felt a stirring in my loins and no sooner than that I was standing at attention.

With only a thin film of material separating my now hard shaft from her loving box,

I began rubbing my cock against her in internet casino an effort to make her respond in kind.

To my surprise she did just that. Reaching down, she gripped my shaft and started stroking it long from base to tip. Still Kissing, my hands now tweaking her hardened nipples, she pumped my engorged member swiftly. Suddenly she broke our kiss and hand tightly around my shaft led me to the couch where she sat.

The next thing I remember is her mouth hovering over the head of my cock, looking up at me in adoration. Then it happened. Her mouth engulfed my cock, a moan escaping her as she took me into her mouth. Slowly she slurped and I responded. Soon she was moaning against me, and I was bucking and then my load was draining down her throat. After she sucked me dry, she raised. “Are you going to buy me dinner or what?”

After getting home and a couple of drinks, we were off again fucking like there was no tomorrow.

Well, now its tomorrow and she is standing in the archway, wearing an orange nightie that allows me to see her nipples are hard. Thank you god!!! For this woman that loves to be loved

Chapter 2

So I sit here at my computer, my dick growing by the second, watching her move towards me in that seductive way that she knows drives me insane. She nears my comfort zone, and without warning straddles my lap at the same time as planting a succulent kiss on my lips.

Beneath, I feel her hot love box bare against me and I realize that she not only has no panties on, but is already very wet. She grinds against me. I reach between us, releasing my now steel from its confines. Her hand meets mine and with a mischievous grin shakes her head. Her hand reaches down to grip me and stroke me as the head of my shaft rests against her swollen clit. canlı poker oyna Gently she rides me… savoring each moment as her wet gash teases me. And the It comes. My rock pushes past her entering her, burying me into her hot pussy to the hilt.

Not wasting any time she rolls her hips and grinds against me. Pangs of ecstasy roll through me as I fight to control the explosion that is building inside of me. “‘Please Deeper!” As she rocks harder against me, suddenly its there I release my package deep inside of her. She screams loudly and we sit there for what seems like an eternity until she climbs off of me. “Get dressed and take me out to breakfast” she says rubbing herself against me inclining me to wonder what the rest of the day holds.

Breakfast at our favorite eatery can now only be described as “pure torture”. As we sat there in the booth enjoying our meals, every movement she made suggested sex. Lifting her fork to her lips. Opening her mouth forming a perfect “O” then closing them around her fork pulling it slowly from her mouth. It was all I could do to hide my growing erection through my tightening jeans.

We finished eating and got into the car to drive to the flea market a short distance away. No sooner had the car started, her hand snaked across my leg and her fingers were raking across my crotch. A smile on her face let me know she was enjoying teasing me knowing there was nothing I could do about it. We were driving on a fairly busy city street and here was this woman rubbing my stiff member through my jeans making me crazy. Then to make concentration even more difficult I looked over at her and she had leaned back, skirt hiked up eyes closed and her hand in her panties slowly but furiously rubbing her clit. In a matter of minutes she began to moan and poker oyna her body shuddered and bucked as orgasm raced through her. When her body settled, a contented sigh escaped her lips while a groan of frustration left mine.

Walking around the large outdoor flea market, Often she would stop in front of to look at something reaching behind her to graze her hand over my throbbing cock. Mid way through I couldn’t take anymore and steered her to the parking space and our car. Not caring weather or not anyone saw, I trapped her wrists in my hands and placed her hands on the hood causing her to bend slightly. I lifted the back of her skirt and in one swift motion had her panties down and kicked underneath the car. “What are you doing? We can’t do this here! What if someone drives by?”

“At this point I could care less. I want your pussy wrapped around my cock right now!”

With that I unzipped my jeans and freed my cock. Getting behind her I wasted no time and rammed it home fully into her drenched pussy. I slammed into her with all the force I had, feeling her pussy contract and loosen and then contract again. “Oh god!! I’m going to cum!” she said. With those words I knew I wasn’t long to myself. “Do it!! Cum for me baby” I told her. Her now dripping cunt tightened around my shaft once more and she almost screamed as her hot juices flowed over me. I couldn’t hold back anymore and shot a huge load into her. She milked my cock for what seemed forever leaving me dry and relaxed. I slipped out of her and retrieved her panties from under the car and she stepped into them. We walked back into the sale and continued to peruse the wares on display. She Turned to me smiling and said “god that was fun. The thought of us being there where anyone could see still has me wet.” I just smiled.

Our day held more encounters. At home on our patio with her in my lap where all of our neighbors could see. In the living room against the sliding glass door. I know now that I will actively pursue more of these as just writing about them had me hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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