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We All Need A Little Restraint

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“Ah, I see you’ve arrived. Delightful. Please let me take your coat.” You coquettishly slowly unfasten your coat, button by button and as you reach the last one you turn round with back to me wriggle your shoulders and the coat slides off into a heap on the floor. I gasp. You are wearing your thigh high, very high thigh boots almost covering your legs completely and the skimpiest pair of briefs. “For modesty” you explain to me.

I do the gentlemanly thing and pick up your coat and drape over the nearest chair. I take your hand and guide you towards the bedroom. I stop for a second, kiss you lightly on the lips and say

“Do you trust me?” You nod your head and say

“Yes, of course David. Why?”

I show you what I have in my hand. It is a satin lined velvet eye blind.

“I would like you to wear this. It will heighten your senses as I pleasure you. I promise I will not hurt you in any way, but if you are uncomfortable in any way with what we are doing tell me to stop and I will, at once.”

“No David, I know you will never hurt me, so please put the blind on and let the games begin.” You turn around to accommodate me tightening the Velcro fastening at the back. I lead you into the bedroom and stop in the middle of the floor., I put your hands on my shoulders and say

“Now undress me.” Your hands feel their way around my upper torso and you start giggling. Thwack. I slap your arse cheek to reprimand you.

“Sorry David.”

“No. Call me Sir.”

“Sorry Sir.” Your hands continue on their explorations and reach the buttons of my shirt. You feel your way down unfastening them one by one. You pull my shirt out of my trousers and slip it off my shoulders, you fingers lingering awhile on my naked shoulder blades. You turn your hands over and slowly draw your fingernails down my ribcage and abdomen to my trouser belt. You feel how it is fastened and unbuckle it and slowly, seductively pull it through the belt loops with one hand as your other hand gently stokes my cleanly shaved chin and cheeks. The belt follows the shirt to the floor and you unhook my trouser waistband and drop to your knees as you sexily canlı bahis pull them down to my ankles. As you do you lean forward and breathe on the cloth of my boxer shorts that cover my uncurling manhood. One hand takes hold of my boxers waistband and starts to pull them down, whilst the other feels for the contents and your fingers wrap around my swollen phallus gently sliding up and down it sensuously, lovingly. You instinctively lean forward and take the tip into your mouth and start suck on the end, flicking it with the tip of your tongue and gently licking it.

I shiver at this, but as I have other plans I take hold of your arms to pull you up and I see you pout and sulk.

“Don’t worry you will have plenty of opportunity later to do that. But first there is something I have planned.” I slide off my loafers and step out of my pool of clothes and guide you to the bed and gently push you to sit down on it. You react suddenly as your skin comes into contact with the sheet.

“That’s a little cold Sir.”

“Yes, satin normally is.”

“Satin, eh. Mmmmmmmmm. I like that. Does sir plan something naughty?”

“That is for me to know and you to enjoy. Please lie down.” You comply instantly and I place you with your head on the pillows and sit astride you. I lean over and grab first one wrist and fasten it with a silken ribbon. I then do the other wrist. I then rise and secure your ankles in the same way.

“Mmmmmmmmmm. This feels naughty, and a little tense and exciting. I didn’t know you were into BDSM David.”

“I’m not but a little light bondage just for some fun, well that’s different. Now do you still trust me?”

“Yes of course.”

“Good but please stop me if you feel at all uncomfortable. OK?”

“Yes. I’m fine. Please continue. This feels good and I am getting very, very aroused.” I look and see that your thighs are glistening near the tops of your boots. I lean over and untie the delicate bows with my teeth holding your briefs together and pull them away. You are naked save for your boots as you lay prone on the bed before me. I lick my lips with anticipation and lean over and take one of your bahis siteleri protruding hardened nipples between my teeth and gently nibble on it. You moan with obvious pleasure as I flick the tip with my tongue. My hand slides between your legs and strokes your puffed up labia lips, moist and sticky with excitement.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” you intone as I slide one finger just inside your excited love hole. You instinctively clamp on my finger and thrust your pelvis against my hand but I withdraw it at this and spank your cheeks again. Thwack, thwack. You groan and pout at this action. I nibble your other nipple and you moan again. I smile as I reach out and extract a dildo from under the pillow. As I nibble one nipple I switch on the vibrator and place it on the other nipple. You moan lasciviously at this touch and groan with hope and anticipation. Your thighs clamp together and I hear the leather at the tops of your boots rub together. My manhood is now rock hard and precum is oozing from the tip. So I twist around and place the head against your lips and you sense my phallus and open your lips welcomingly and I slip the head inside and you suck lovingly on my helmet. I savour the pleasure of your oral skills once more and you lift your head up encouraging me to go deeper into your mouth. “Not yet, you can do all you want of that later.” I ease myself up and extract my manliness from your delicious lips. I open a drawer and take out a cat o’nine tails. I place the straps across your prone bosom and slowly, agonizingly teasingly draw the leather thongs across your tits, around your nipples over them and flick the whip in a side to side motion causing the strips of leather to slide snake like across your bust. I move to the other side and repeat the exercise again in the other direction. You are moaning and whimpering as your thighs grind together in excitement and frustration as I continue my ministrations across your abdomen. I then take a riding crop and I place it between your thighs and draw the leather tip up and down your engorged labia lips and clitoris and gently flick your clit with the tip as I reach the top of the stroke.

I bahis şirketleri then place the vibrator between your pussy lips and switch it on a slow speed I remove your mask and you gasp as you see what I have in my hands. I place my index finger on your lips and you nod as you understand my intention. I draw the cat across your breasts once more and your eyes close at the sensation and you bite your bottom lip and you clamp your pussy muscles on the dildo placed there. I ripple the cat across your body and stroke your clit with the riding crop tip simultaneously and you gasp at the sensual pleasure your body is being put through. I lean over and increase the speed of the dildo and you start to buck against it as your breathing becomes shallow and irregular. I smile as your pleasure builds and get close to orgasm rippling the thongs across your torso slapping your clit with the crop tip. I suddenly stop as you seem to reaching a climax, remove the crop and cat and extract the dildo from you. You moan loudly with disappointment but your eyebrows shoot up and your eyes widen as I lick your juices off the dildo.

“Mmmmmmmmm, you taste so divine. I need to sample the real thing.” I dive in between your legs and lick your soaked pussy lips greedily, lasciviously and inhale the odour of your sex as I continue to tongue lash you. I take your clit between my lips and you can endure no more.

“Oh fuck, I’m cuuumming, I’m fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkiiiiiing cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiing” you scream as my lips and tongue savage your swollen clitoris encouraging you to flood my face with your cum. It comes in torrents, covering my mouth, nose, cheeks and chin as I lick and slurp all that I can from you as you gush like a waterfall all over me. Your body is shaking, wracked with pleasure your pelvis thrusting against my face as you ejaculate your last dribbles of cum over my face.

“I’ve” gasp, “never” gasp “ever cum” gasp, gasp “so fucking much in” gaaaaaasp “my life” gasp. “David, that was truly awesome.” I rise up and we smile at each other and you say softly,

“Kiss me.” As I bend over to kiss you, you start to lick your juices from my mouth and chin. I unfasten your wrists and you pull me towards you and kiss me deeply your tongue tangling with mine.

“How about I tie you now and show you a goooooooood time, David.”

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