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Warrior Princess Ch. 02

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Flight Lieutenant Deepti Mishra was delicious. The juices of her tight virgin pussy, the musky fragrance from her pink tight asshole, the feel of her smooth skin, her round young boobs, her shapely bubble ass and her rosy pink lips; everything about her was perfect. Her taste was still on my lips and my hands remember every up and down on her sexy frame as they slid on her naked beauty. The events of last night were replaying in my head and there was a smile of satisfaction on my lips. My cock began to swell in my trousers as I relived our sex.

I was sitting in front of her desk in the court room and our eyes met as she walked in. She had ditched the shirt and trousers type of uniform and was wearing a sky blue saree, as they wear in the Air Force. I could understand that she might be feeling a little sore down there because of violent fucking her pussy went through last night. She was delicate and I was careful not to hurt her, but I am a big and strong man. The damsel in distress was left bruised and sore at places. She was looking lovely. Mature in the saree but lovely as ever.

I was aware of not including last night’s events in my behaviour towards her. She was after all my superior officer that too a young girl. I didn’t want to tarnish her reputation. She promised me after sex that last night wasn’t going to be our only time together. So I needed not to worry. That beauty belonged to me. I was lost in my ideas.

“Sergeant Viren!” I heard her voice. She seemed irritated.

“Yes ma’am,” I got up from my chair.

“You are supposed to reply first time. I called your name thrice,” she almost shouted, “you are lost in your own dreams. The accused is not marched in yet. May I know why?”

“I am sorry ma’am, if I didn’t hear first time. But accused is my responsibility after he is marched in. If he doesn’t appear, I don’t know him,” and said plainly. She was behaving abnormally and I could understand. The events of last night were bothering her. I was polite to her totally.

“Why are you so arrogant? Why don’t you want to accept your responsibility?” she shouted. She was behaving out of the line, so I needed to follow the court procedure. I felt a rush of anger but I didn’t let it show.

“I will be in my office ma’am, as I am supposed to be. The court staff will send someone for me as the accused arrives and I will be available after that,” I gave her a salute, turned around and marched out. I could hear her slamming file to the desk. She was angry for no reason. I wished to give her some time so that she could understand her mistake and cool down.

She was so angry that she barged into my office without thinking, without wondering about exactly what it was that she was doing. She had time to reconsider.

“You think you have control over me sergeant? How dare you to disrespect me in front of everyone?” she shouted as she closed the door of my office.

“Ma’am you are speaking too loud, people may listen and as far as disrespecting you; I did not and when we talked there was nobody,” I tried to calm her down. I was still in my zone and not calling her by her name.

“No you think last night gave you control over me. You think that if you can fuck…” I rushed to her and grabbed her by her arm. I put my palm over her lips to make her stop.

“I don’t think anything Deepti, last night happened with consent and you are still my superior officer. Don’t shout details and let the world know, please,” I was concerned for her but my temper was getting bad.

There was a knock on the door and one staff walked in. I left Deepti and stepped back. He saluted her, “Ma’am the accused is absconding so the proceedings are cancelled for today. We are leaving.”

“All right, go ahead,” Deepti returned the salute and he left the room. Deepti was standing in my office keeping her gaze on me and I was leaning on my desk. I was angry at her behaviour and she knew it.

“Listen Viren, if you ever try to demean me, I won’t like it. That’s not what I look for from our thing,” she walked to me and placed a finger on my chest. That was too much for me and I knew that there was no one on the premises so I could do to her what she deserved.

I grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back. She cried of pain due to sudden attack. She began to struggle so I pulled her hair pin and grabbed her loose hair in my fist and illegal bahis held her still. My one hand was firmly holding her wrist behind her back and my other hand was twisted into her hair, keeping her still. I bent her over my desk. The cold wood presses against her cheek and the hard edge pushes into her stomach.

“Listen Deepti, I know that you may still be sinking in the thoughts of last night and I understand it but that doesn’t give you any control over me either. Other than official capacity, you are beautiful woman whom I care for and live to fuck,” I leaned on her and placed my lips on her cheek.

“So you accept that I am nothing but a pussy for you. You rascal, you are also other men.”

“You don’t listen a single word I speak, do you?? You arrogant little bitch,” I whispered against her ear, leaning over her, letting her feel every hard edge of my body. She shouldn’t have come here. Not like this, so unprepared. And she MUST not have behaved as she behaved. My hands moved down until I found the edge of her saree.

She should have worn her pants with all the strong belts, buckles and zips. I flipped her saree up, revealing her panty-clad ass to my hungry eyes and hungrier hands. I groaned and took her ass cheeks firmly in my hands, squeezing them until she squirm. I laughed wickedly and she knew she was fucked that she was going to be fucked as well.

“That’s the only thing what you want from me, Viren,” she shouted.

“Yes but not in a bad way. More like out of longing for you. I like you and admire you Deepti but you are being a bad bitch and I will make you right,” my tongue roamed on her cheek.

I pushed against her ass. My covered erection ground against her, made her hips move against the desk so that her soaked clit rub up and down against the hard surface. She moaned. She couldn’t help it. And I chuckle darkly, knowing how soaked her cunt was, how swollen her clit was. I pushed again and liquid dribbled down the inside of her thighs. Shit. It was like her pussy had no sense of self-preservation.

“You’re a little wet, aren’t you?” I whispered against her nape, never easing off of her, continually pushing my hips against her so that she got no reprieve.

“More than a little,” I taunted her again as my fingers touched her soaked inner thighs.

Her cheeks flushed with heat, but she couldn’t stop the way her pussy was throbbing. She could feel from deep inside of her the way her muscles were biting down on nothing. More liquid dripped out from her, clearly showing me how turned on a little hip thrusting had made her.

“You wouldn’t have come here, if you didn’t want this,” I said and kissed the back of her neck.

She shuddered, and she wished it was from fear, disgust, even anger. But she couldn’t deny the wetness slowly trailing down her thighs or the way she was grinding herself against the desk in tandem with my hips. But she had to save face. Save dignity. Saving something of herself.

“I came to tell you to leave me alone at work!” she managed to say but even to her, her words sounded hollow.

“You know I didn’t do anything you say. The only truth in that sentence is that you came. Your wet pussy brought you here Deepti,” I said. “Remember that when you retell this story.”

My hands grip her panty and yanked it down to her ankles. I pulled at her legs and she reluctantly stepped out from her soaked underwear. Her cheeks burnt with humiliation as she aided me in undressing her. But that was what I wanted. Her humiliation and her compliance. I wanted her to know her place. Out of office, I had every right on her young and sexy body.

“You’re so wet.”

My fingers probed her soaked folds. I slide them between her lips, grazing her hard clit and gently stroke the soft wet skin of her inner thighs.

She couldn’t help it—she rode my fingers. She could feel her hips rolling, hear the soft squelching noises she was making as I slid not one, not two, but three fingers deep into her. The stretch burnt, burnt enough for her to cry out, but not enough for her to stop the mad movement of her hips. Fuck. She was so hot and wet.

She was nearing that place of no return. Her inner muscles were sucking on my fingers like they were a fucking lollipop. Her asshole was clenching and opening slightly, no doubt winking at my hungry gaze, seeming to invite me in. The humiliation illegal bahis siteleri bathed her face in heat.

And then, I stopped. She cried out, losing all dignity. She had no high ground to stand on anymore.

“Look at you. You want it more that I want it Deepti and yet you were angry on me,” I slapped her ass hard.

“Don’t stop Viren, please. Finish what you started. She dug her teeth in her wrist.

“You want to finish?” I asked as though she could possibly say no. We were still on the compound and she was a high ranking officer. I wanted to her the power her pussy had on her. I still had three of my fingers rammed up her cunt. She knew I could feel the desperate squeeze of an aroused pussy. I felt and saw all her liquid arousal sliding down my hand like a pussy-scented waterfall.

“Do you?” I asked again when she didn’t respond.

“Y-Yes,” she croaked and felt a tear slide out.

“Then finish yourself,” I said and pulled my fingers free. I heared a sharp cry as my fingers left her pussy. Her pussy muscles tried to hold my fingers till the last millimetre of my fingers was inside her. I sat on my office’s leather chair and gestured at my still covered erect penis.

Her face grew even warmer and I smirked. I wanted her to hump me, rub her desperate wet pussy on my cock until she exploded. The whole act reeked of desperation and submission. Exactly what I wanted from that beautiful bitch. She might be my boss but I wanted her to show who was real boss between her and me.

She wanted to say no as that was not the time and place. But her pussy vehemently disagreed. And so, keeping her eyes fixed on the wall just above my head, she walked over to me. She held my belt and unbuckled me. I raised my hips as she pulled on my trousers making them to drop around my shoes. So she did with my boxers. Her eyes shone bright as she saw my precum oozing 8 inches.

She looked at me, held my cock in her soft hands and straddled me, her wet cunt fitting snugly around my erect penis. She closed her eyes as she did and took her lips between her teeth to bear the pain. She kept on going down and in a moment I was balls deep in her tight pussy. She released her breath and let out a long sigh as she relaxed in my lap. I took my hips in my hands and roughly pull her further down, so that she was squashed against me. She moaned at the sensation, the girth of my fat cock against all the right places.

“Squeeze your cunt, bitch. Fuck me,” I growled.

She moved her hips, ground herself against me. The friction was instant, and I felt myself growing harder and harder. Her juices managing to soak my balls and thighs and wetting my chair under me. I couldn’t look away as I watch her pussy lips open up, dribbling out liquid arousal.

My cock was spasming and I was loudly gasping for breath. I could feel heat gathering in my lower belly. She began to bounce up and down on my cock holding my shoulders for support. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes as she did. I could see her young boobs bounce up and down in rhythm with her movement. They were confined in blouse but that was unable to confine the attraction they had. I grabbed them both in my palm and squeezed hard making her cry.

“Ohhh Viren, your hands feel great on my boobs. Rub them gently baby but don’t mess the uniform please,” even in sexual ecstasy she was aware of the situation.

I placed my lips on her neck as she began to rock her ass on my cock. I was sucking the skin of her neck and roaming my tongue around. She held my head tight in her hands and pulled me towards her. I held her ass in my hands and began to squeeze them with my fingers and nails.

I hurt her digging my nails hard in her skin and she squealed. She pressed her ass herd on my cock. She wouldn’t be able to stop even if I told her to stop. She spread her wetness up my stomach and down her thighs, making a mess of us both. Her pussy gasped and gagged, gushing, drooling, flooding the crotch of mine. She came like a volcano. She pulled my hair as she came and dug her teeth in my scalp. She was showing animalistic rage. It was a big turn on for me.

“Look at the mess you made, Deepti,” I said and she was too embarrassed to look down. I could feel the warm wetness around my cock and balls, even on my thighs. Her juice flew like hot lava on my legs.

“Say you’re sorry,” I canlı bahis siteleri said and took her chin in my hand. “Say you’re sorry for being such a messy slut. Say that you’re sorry you can’t control your messy, dripping cunt. And then I will fuck you properly.”

She didn’t want to say the words, but my hard hand on her chin and bruising grip made her repeat my words through clenched lips.

“I am sorry Viren for being out of the line. And yes I couldn’t control my pussy as you were around. I am a bad girl. Punish me daddy,” she was playing.

“Yes you were being a very bad girl. I will punish you. Say you’ll make it up to me. Actually, ask me how you can make it up to me.”

“What can I do for you to make it right, baby?” she held my face and kissed my lips.

“Work. Tomorrow. No panties,” I said.

Her jaw tightens and she wanted to refuse, but she knew I couldn’t really. Mainly because I was her boss now. I knew she had this fire between her young thighs that needed my cock to satisfy itself.

“Fine,” she muttered.

“And no saree but shirt and trousers. I want to feel those soft boobs of yours,” I kissed her back. I smirked at her and rolled my hips. The movement made her moan as my erection ground the end of her still throbbing pussy.

“Now get up so that I can make you cum again without messing your uniform,” she raised herself up from my cock and a sharp cry left her lips as she did. Her pussy was still on fire. I made her bend on my table and lifted her saree until it was bundled upon her back.

I pushed her head on the desk and pushed my entire cock in her inviting pussy. She banged her fists on the table out of pleasure as I began to fuck her from behind. It was pure lust. I wasn’t enjoying her body but was just fucking her tight pussy. I pounded her pussy with violent thrusts and she cried out of pleasure and pain. There was no one to hear us. I was grunting and slapping her ass with my balls and hands. Her ass became red from my beating. She grabbed the other edge of the table and began to shudder again. Her head hit the table hard and she cried.

I scooped some of her juices with my finger and pushed it in her mouth. She closed her lips around it and tasted her own pussy. This pushed me to the edge and I pushed my cock in her deepest. She cried as I hit her cervix. I began to unload my cum into her eager and fertile womb. Squirt after squirt of hot semen began to soothe her sore pussy walls and she squealed of pleasure. I grunted as I came hard. I grabbed her tiny waist as I kept cumming. My semen began to overflow from her pussy as I unloaded buckets in her.

I began to control my breathing as I finished cumming and so did she. She was still spread on the table. Her boobs smashed under her. Her blouse still intact but her saree on her back. Her hair were messy and were spread on the table and her legs were dripping wet from the mixture of our juices.

My cock was still buried in her dripping pussy. As pulled my cock from her reluctant pussy and she squirmed under me. More of our cum rushed out of her pussy as my cock left it and began to flow on her smooth long legs. I leaned on her and kissed her back between her blouse and saree. I trailed my tongue over her back as I leaned over her and put my weight over her back. She exhaled sharply.

The phone on my desk ranged and I put it on loudspeaker.

“Have you seen Flight Lieutenant Deepti Mishra, sir?? I am trying her number but she isn’t picking up,” the reception guy said.

“Yes, she is ‘coming’ as you speak and will talk to you in a moment,” I said kissing her cheek. She stared at me playfully as I eased my weight from her.

“Yeah, go ahead. It’s Flight Lieutenant Deepti Mishra,” she said lowering her saree and adjusting her hair. She bent down to pick up her panty but I moved it aside with my boot.

“The boss wants to speak to you ma’am. Have a good day,” the guy on the phone.

“All right,” Deepti said and disconnected the call.

“Your punishment starts from today, Deepti,” I winked to her as I picked her panty up and kept it in my pocket. She came to me and hugged me tight as I leaned back on my desk.

“I am glad I met you Viren, you are a good man,” she whispered.

“I’m glad you came to my office today, Deepti,” I whispered against her neck and grazed her skin with my teeth.



A lot of research and I put from right people goes in writing these stories. This story is a work of fiction with a little bit real element in it. Please share your views via comments and feedback. You can reach me through my profile.

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