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Vacation Interlude

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Big Dicks

We arrived at the hotel a little after 1pm. The flight down to Cancun had been uneventful. As, you quietly dozed on the flight, your head on my shoulder, I gazed at your body which was positively radiant due to the light streaming in the plane window. It was such a beautiful sight. This was our first vacation since we had met some six months ago.

We had met while we were both on business trips to Chicago. We were staying at the same hotel and our paths kept crossing – at check in, you were in line in front of me, in the evening, we shared the elevator, and at the complementary breakfast, we sat next to each other, though at separate tables. I caught you glancing at me from time to time and I have to admit, I was doing the same.

You were dressed somewhat conservatively, in a nice business suit each morning, but in the evenings, I spied you in your casual wear, coming back from dinner wearing shorts and a tank top with sandals. You exuded pure sexuality and I wanted you. On the next to last morning we finally introduced ourselves to each and agreed to go out for dinner that night.

We hit the local steak house across the street from the hotel. It was convenient and the food was good. Throughout the day, I was secretly hoping that something would click between us and that maybe, just maybe, something might develop. I had not been in any relationship since my last one crumbled due to all the usual issues – money, incompatibility, illegal bahis and just a different set of priorities.

As it turns out, you had the same thoughts and desires, though your situation was a tad different being recently divorced. That night we returned to my hotel room to “watch TV” and ended up making out and “petting” for most of the evening. We both felt like teenagers as we ended up with our hands down each others pants as we sat on the couch. Neither of us felt totally comfortable going any further that evening. We said our goodbyes but kept in touch.

As it turns out, we were both on frequent travel to Chicago and we actually hooked a few times but never progressed beyond kissing and heavy petting. I have to admit it was an interesting sort of relationship but I found it really enticing. Finally, on our last trip, we decided that we should have a proper relationship and our first order of business would be a nice vacation together. Cancun, here we come!

Checking in at the resort was problem free and they even had two glasses of champagne waiting for us. The bellhop took us to our bungalow, just off the beach. A freeform swimming pool flowed just outside the back entrance. It was such a secluded and elegant place. It was as close to paradise on Earth as one could get.

We decided to take advantage of the secluded area of the pool and relax before dinner. We both changed into our bathing illegal bahis siteleri suits. You brought your new 2-piece with you and I could see nothing wrong with that decision! It was a little black number that fit you perfectly, as it accentuated your beautiful tits and stunning ass.

We both walked down the steps and into the secluded section of pool. The water was cool and refreshing and it felt wonderful. We swam up to each other. You wrapped your legs around my waist and put your arms around my neck. I pulled you close to me. We drew our lips closer to each other until they lightly touched. I could feel that tingling in my stomach as a little shiver shot through my body. You never cease to have that effect on me.

We kissed a more passionately, as you began to grind yourself against me. I reached my hands down and gently cupped your ass and pulled you against me. We rocked back and forth. I could see your nipples getting hard and my cock had sprung to life and was literally throbbing.

We moved over to the steps and spread a towel out on the edge of the pool. You sat on the upper step and I slowly climbed up until my crotch was at eye level. You slowly pulled my bathing suit down and took my cock into your mouth. You swirled your tongue around the head a few times a then plunged your mouth down the entire shaft.

You were almost ravenous in your sucking and licking. Some of my juices mixed in with canlı bahis siteleri your saliva, leaving my cock shiny and hard. As you continued to suck, I could feel my orgasm starting to build. I started to gently thrust back and forth, meeting your stroking mouth. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. You could sense my orgasm and began pumping my cock with your hand while holding it against your tongue.

You swallowed as much as you could but a few drops of cum oozed down your chin. I leaned close to you, and gently licked the cum off your face passed to your open mouth. We kissed again, more passionately this time. After a brief respite, which allowed me to regain my composure a bit, I returned the favor.

I slid your bikini bottoms off and inched myself in between your open legs. I lightly flicked my tongue back and forth against your clit. I gently kissed your pussy lips and swirled my tongue around you open pussy. Your juices started to flow and your breathing got more labored. You started to push you pussy into my mouth and grind it around and against my lips. I continued to flick my tongue back and forth. I opened your pussy lips and slowly slid my finger inside. Suddenly, your breathing changed and I could tell your orgasm was almost upon you.

I continued to lick and suck and gently finger fuck you until you tensed up and gasped as waves of pleasure rolled across your body. You had the most pleased and peaceful look on your face so I leaned up and planted a kiss on your lips. I gently helped you to your feet and we adjusted our suits. We spied our lounge chairs just outside the door to the bungalow so we spread out and drifted off into blissful sleep.

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