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Unforgettable Love From My Dusky Housemaid

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Unforgettable Love From My Dusky Housemaid

I am here to narrate my best experience of sex with the maidservant at my ancestral home. Before jumping to the story, I will give you a brief introduction about myself. I am Prashant, in the age group of mid-thirties with a height of 6 feet and well-built body structure. I am married for last 6 years and still having extreme sex urge within me.

This incident happens with me three years back at my ancestral house which is located in a village near Mangalore. This house located in a remote area of the village surrounded by forest, paddy field and coconut trees in all the directions. We have to travel through a mud road passing through the forest area to reach that house.

It’s a large house built by our grandparents for the joint family more than 100 years back. But all the members of the family moved away from the house and settled in the city for job or business. My grandmother is living alone with servants in that house and look after the agriculture and household activities.

My grandmother fell sick during that time. Her daughter asked her to stay with her in the city for a few days for her treatment and recovery. Initially, she refused to leave the house vacant saying no one is there to look after the daily activities. But finally, she agreed to leave the responsibility with a trustworthy maidservant. Her name is Suma, a trustworthy name in our family.

She stays with my grandmother and takes care of my grandmother along with other household work. Before leaving her daughter’s house, my grandmother called me and asked me to visit the house frequently to check the activities in the house and take feedback from the servants. As per the above arrangements, one Friday morning I visited the house to check the house.

After entering the compound I decided to check field activities before entering the house. I met the servants working in the field and took feedback from them. I also gave some instruction for the next few days work and then went to the house after half an hour.

Suma welcomed me with her innocent beautiful smile and invited me into the house. I asked her to prepare tea for both of us and sat in the main hall. Suma entered into the kitchen to prepare tea. She went to the kitchen and prepared tea.

Suma is in her early thirties. She is married and mother of two k**s. But she is staying with my grandmother for the last ten years since her husband left her and ran away with another girl. Her k**s go to school at my grandmother’s house.

She is very hardworking and gained trust from all the family members because of her dedication towards work. All the family members treat her and her k**s as part of our family. I respect Suma and didn’t have any bad intention about her till that day.

I was watching her from the hall. I could see her from her side. She had a well-built body structure of typical mid aged Indian women. Her innocent face and dusky skin as one of the major attraction. Her 36” breasts are very firm and poking out through her grey color blouse.

Her printed saree couldn’t cover her midriff. canlı bahis siteleri I could see her dusky flesh through the gap between her saree and blouse. Her tight ass and curvy body structure can give an instant hard on to every male watching at her. I was watching that beautiful view till she finished making tea.

First time in my life I felt something different for Suma. It may because we were all alone at home. She came with two cups of tea, one cup she handed to me and she sat nearby stool with another cup of tea. We discussed the daily activities of the house.

I took a full report of the last few days. We listed a few items which I need to bring from town during my next visit. After completion of work-related talk, we started personal discussions about my family my work her k**’s education etc.

By mistake, I asked about her husband. Suddenly her smiling face turned serious. She said in a low tone, “Please don’t ask about that guy, he is not in my life anymore.” I realized my mistake and said sorry. She silently went inside the room and stand near the window and watching outside.

I felt very sad for her and also feel guilty about my mistake. I followed her and tried to console her with some encouraging words. I felt she was crying silently. I went near her and put my hand on her shoulder said sorry again. She just turned towards me looked at me with a blank face.

I could see the teary eyes and a faded smile on her face. I don’t know what happened at that moment. I just held her face with my palms and wiped her tears. I whispered to her don’t worry, I am with you. I caressed her hair and brushed her earlobes.

She bent down her head a little. I can feel her confused look in her gesture. She was standing very close to me I can feel the feminine fragrance coming from her body. Slowly the heat was building up inside my body. I put my hands on Suma’s shoulder and pulled her near me and hugged her.

She leaned my chest and stood near me resting her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her back and caressed her softly. She was still in confusion, not reacting to any of my actions. I tightened my arms little bit and kissed on her forehead. Now I can feel little alert from her, she stepped back and moved out of my hug.

She turned back to the window and started to look out again. I was already heated up from her nearness and didn’t want to leave the opportunity. Again I went near her and put my hands on her shoulder and caressed her arms. She whispered softly, “Prashant I don’t want to break the trust of your family.”

I replied, “You are not doing anything wrong. I just want to make you feel all the love you were missing for last 10 years.” I put my arms around her midriff and hugged her. I kissed her dusky bare back above her blouse. I caressed her belly part and moved my fingers all over her belly area.

Now she stopped all the resistance and leaned on me putting all her weight on my chest and started to feel my touch. My right hand moved up towards her melons and rubbed her softly. Her boobs were tight and firm. It was not used perabet giriş for long. I started to rub them hard and squeeze them one by one.

Slowly I inserted my fingers inside her blouse from the top and felt the warmth and softness of her bare skin. My lips moved to her ears and kissed her lobes. This move made her jerk and she moaned slightly. I turned her towards me hugged her tight. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me back.

I carried her towards the bed and made her sit on the bed. I removed her saree pallu from her breast and moved my fingers over her body. She was feeling shy. She pulled me over her and hid her face in my chest. I held her face and kissed her eyes softly.

My lips moved to her lips and kissed her deeply. I took her lower lips between my lips and sucked her juices from her lips. She opened her mouth little. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth, she started to roll her tongue over mine. She tasted amazing. Suma started to feel the love and also responding to my moves.

Our hands started to move over each other’s body and exploring more. My fingers moved towards her blouse hooks and opened one by one. I removed her blouse and cupped her both melons in my hands. It was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t control now. I grabbed her and hide my face between those soft melons.

I took her nipple between my lips and started to suck her hard. My other hand was rubbing her boobs and feeling the warmth of her bare skin. After sucking her boobs for ten minutes I climbed over her and kissed her throat. I removed my shirt and my bare chest was pressing her naked boobs.

She wrapped her arms around my back and gripped me tightly. She was caressing my back with more passion while we were kissing. I untied her saree and undressed her. She was lay on bed stark naked. I looked at that hot dusky body and filled her image in my eyes.

I moved my hand over her triangle while my lips explored her upper part. Her hairy wet pussy was dripping with juices. I was feeling the heat from her love hole over my fingers. I caressed her thighs and rubbed my fingers on her pussy lips. I was ready to eat her dripping pussy.

I sat between her legs and rubbed my fingers lightly over her pussy lips. I teased her with my fingers for a few more minutes and inserted one finger inside the wet ocean. My finger was moving inside her pussy. At the same time, my tongue started to lick her juice flowing over her love hole.

I put my other hand below her ass and started to squeeze her bum cheeks while my tongue and other hand were taking care of her love hole. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She crossed her legs over my back. Her hands were pulling my hair towards her triangle.

She was moaning and crying loudly with pleasure. I inserted my one finger inside her ass hole and started to move up and down while tongue fucking her pussy. She was moving like a snake with double pleasure in her pussy as well as the ass hole.

She was nearing her first orgasm. Her grips tightened over my head. She started to tremble perabet güvenilir mi and left out a big moan and released her orgasm on my face. She pulled me up and hugged me tightly. Tears were rolling from her eyes.

I licked her tears and hugged her tight. She whispered in my ears she is having the first orgasm in her life. She did sex earlier with her husband 10 years ago but their sex never lasted for more than ten minutes. She never got satisfied till that day. She was sleeping on my chest.

She put her fingers on my hard cock and started to tease my balls. This time she took charge and went down on her knee. She took my hard cock into her mouth. She started to suck me slowly and same time her fingers were playing with my balls. I was caressing her hair and caressing her cheeks and feeling the pressure building inside me.

The up and down movement of her lips on my hard cock is very sensual. She increased her speed over my dick. I was about to explode the load on her mouth. I gripped her hairs tightly and lifted my hips. I pushed my dick deep inside her mouth.

The pressure built inside me since last one hour was exploded in her mouth. She gulped all my juice and licked every last drop from my penis. This was my best release in recent years. This unexpected love game gave me an unforgettable pleasure of my life.

We slept naked for some time hugging each. We didn’t have anything to say, everything was spoken by our body. We were caressing each other and looking into each other’s eyes. I kissed her again on her lips, she responded quickly.

This time the kiss was very rough and wild. We came back to action within a minute and sucked each other like hungry lions. This time we both were very wild and our caress was very rough. I bit her lips and her neck. I was squeezing her boobs roughly.

She was scratching my back with her nails. I came upon her again and without wasting any time I pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy. I started to pump her pussy with the same aggression and speed. She was moaning loudly and pushing her hips upwards with the same rhythm as my pumping.

I locked her mouth with my lips. I clipped my fingers with her fingers, my legs caressing her legs, my hips hitting hard on her hips, my hard dick moving in and out in rhythm. The room was filled with our moans and hard breath. In the past one and half hour, we had written an unforgettable pleasure moment in our life.

We didn’t know this will repeat again or not. We wanted to make it memorable to all the extent. I was fucking her hard and she was taking me deep inside her. I increased my speed and told her to be ready to take another load but this time inside her love hole. She said to do it fast, I am nearing my second orgasm.

Her grip tightened again and I put my hands below her back. I held her tight and pushed deep inside her and released my second load in her ocean. She tightened her muscles and jerked once and started to tremble. My juices flowing out of her pussy mixing with her water.

We hugged each other and slept for half an hour in the same position. We cleaned our body ourselves and dressed up. we said goodbye to each other with a hug and kiss. I was going out of the house with lots of memories.

We met again a few more times after that but first memory is always the best memory to remember.

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