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Tontine Ch. 02

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“I wish you’d give over a bit, Judy” said Suzie with a sigh. “You’ve been like a bear with a sore head ever since you won the tontine.”

Judy almost growled. “Don’t mention that debacle to me,” she snapped. “I couldn’t sit comfortably for a week after that oaf spanked me.”

There was a snigger from one of the other girls. “And you were walking bowlegged for that same week,” came the sotto voce comment.

“Whatever,” said Suzie. “It wasn’t our fault you got the rooms mixed up and found yourself with Colin.” She giggled. “You have to admit he followed all your instructions.”

Judy glared at her. “That spanking wasn’t in my instructions,” she pointed out. “You added that at the last moment. I couldn’t believe it when he actually put me over his knee.”

There was another giggle. “So it happened,” laughed Suzie. “It’s still time to get over it.”

“Easy for you to say,” pointed out Judy. “You weren’t the one raped and spanked in front of everyone.”

“You sure seemed to enjoy the rape,” came another quiet comment from one of the other girls.

“So did we,” giggled another.

Judy flung daggers around generally as she stalked out of the room.

“We’re going to have to do something about her,” said one of the housemates. “It’s time she got over it. She’s being a pain.”

“Well,” said Suzie, “I have an idea. I’ll work on it and see what I can do.”

Next Saturday morning Judy came down to breakfast, still wearing her baby-doll pyjamas. A Saturday is a day to relax after all, gathering your strength for Saturday night. She was sitting back drinking some coffee and chatting with her housemates when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” said Suzie, rising and darting out of the kitchen before anyone could move. She returned a few moments later with Colin. There was a little bit of consternation in the kitchen, as the girls were all still in their pyjamas and nighties, but Colin didn’t seem to notice this. He just smiled genially at everyone.

The girls relaxed. It was just Colin after all. That should read, all the girls bar Judy relaxed.

“What is that bull elephant doing here?” she demanded.

Colin looked a little hurt but continued to smile.

Suzie explained. “I asked him to come. I explained to him that things were actually done out of order the other week. I assured him the mistake was ours, not his, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and he’s agreed to come along and fix things up today.”

Judy was instantly suspicious. Perhaps that understates it a little. What actually happened was that all Judy’s paranoid instincts came online and started waving flags.

“What do you mean, things were out of order, and exactly how is he going to fix it?” Judy demanded.

“Well, I’ve explained to him how you’ve been acting naughty ever since that weekend. Only a little naughty, but still. I told him the cause of this was because he had sex with you and then spanked you. You would have learned the lesson a lot better if he had spanked you first for your naughtiness, and then had the sex to show you we still love you. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?”

Judy paled. “That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard, and you’ve got a history of really bad ideas. I’m not taking part in this charade.”

Hastily Judy rose to her feet and headed for the door, only to be effortlessly stopped by Colin reaching out one long arm and snagging her as she tried to retreat.

“Don’t get all fussed up about it, Judy,” he told her comfortingly. “We agreed that as you’ve only been a little bit naughty I can let it go with only a little spanking this time. And then afterwards we can have some fun.”

Judy tugged at her arm, trying to pull free. “Will you let me go,” she demanded. “I haven’t been naughty, as you call it and I don’t need a spanking. Tell him girls.”

The other housemates looked at each other, then Christine sniggered and said, “I have to agree with Suzy. You’ve been quite naughty for a while now.”

Judy looked with shock and fury as the general consensus ruled naughty. “Will you let me go,” she yelled at Colin.

Colin blandly ignored her struggles and requests.

“Do you and the girls want to remove Judy’s pyjamas,” he politely asked Suzie. “You’re less likely to tear them than I am.”

Suzie waved away the offer. “No, that’s all right,” she told him. “There old pyjamas anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you just tear them off. It will give her an excuse to buy new ones. She likes buying new clothes.”

Colin nodded. He deftly moved his hold from Judy’s arm to her pyjama top and with one swift rip tore it neatly down the front, letting him easily slip it off. Judy squealed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and automatically moved her hands to cover her breasts.

Taking advantage of her momentary distraction, Colin took the chair that she had just vacated and sat, reaching out to bring Judy closer to him.

Catching on to his intentions Judy started to struggle, finding her struggles ignored as Colin deftly placed her across his lap. Judy knew what was coming, having been through it once, and now she was frantically squirming, trying to get loose.

Apparently not noticing her struggles, Colin effortlessly held her across his lap while he calmly removed her pyjama bottom, holding her naked and nervous across his lap.

“Colin,” Suzie interrupted, “before you spank her, don’t you think it would be a good idea to undo your zip so Judy can feel you resting against her tummy? It will remind her that she is going to get a reward for being brave about the spanking.”

Colin nodded thoughtfully, and further incensed Judy by casually lifting her off his lap, unzipping and tossing her back over her knee. She could feel her eyes opening wide as she felt just what she was lying on.

Satisfied that the time was right, Colin brought his big hand firmly down on Judy’s bottom. Judy squealed with the sharp pain of it, swearing at Colin, Suzie, the other housemates and the world in general.

Colin shook his head. “It’s medicine, remember,” he told the raging Judy. “It’s good for you.” He then proceeded to provide Judy with a short sharp spanking. As he said, she’s only been a little naughty, so only needed a little spanking.

Spanking completed, Colin stood Judy back on her feet. Holding her with one hand he ran his other hand casually over her breasts. “Nice,” he told her. Turning to Suzie, he asked “Where?”

Suzie pointed to the door of Judy’s bedroom. “That’s her bedroom,” she told him. “You just take her in there and show her how much we love her.”

Judy was frantic now. She did not want this gorilla having sex with her again. “You have to stop him,” she protested. “You can see the size of that thing. He’ll split me in two.”

Suzie nodded. “She does have a point, Colin,” she told him. “You could easily hurt her. I think it might be a good idea if I and the other girls just come in and make sure you start off nice and güvenilir bahis şirketleri easy, without hurting her.”

Colin nodded, not minding. He knew he was big, but he also knew he wouldn’t hurt Judy. He didn’t mind showing the girls that.

Colin started towards the bedroom, drawing a protesting Judy with him. Judy’s voice was getting louder and angrier when she suddenly shut up. Startled, Suzie looked over at her. She had an odd look on her face, and then Suzie noticed that Colin had placed her hand on his erection. It appeared both hand and mouth had snapped shut at the same time.

Colin placed Judy on the bed and settled down next to her. He bent over her and kissed her lightly, while his hands started roaming over her nudity. Suzie and the others kept quiet and watched fascinated.

It wasn’t long before Judy was obviously lifting her hips to push her pussy harder against Colin’s touch. Now Colin moved her thighs wider apart and settled between them. Reaching down he edged her lips apart and gently pressed the head of his cock between Judy’s labia, pressing slowly down until his head had vanished into her with her lips closing around it.

Suzie found she was breathing hard as she watched Colin slowly settle onto Judy, his cock sinking in inch by inch, taking its time and letting Judy stretch and expand around it. Eventually he gave a last hard push and heard Judy give a satisfied gasp as he became fully buried within her.

Colin held there for a moment, smiling at Judy, who was smiling back tentatively and expectantly. Colin turned to glance and Suzie and the others who had been watching this little performance. His nod towards the door plainly indicated that they could now feel free to leave.

Just before she left, Suzie flashed Judy a smile and then spoke earnestly to Colin. “Colin, you know how at the end last time, you were able to make Judy wait ten minutes, I know she’d really like it if you could stretch that time even longer.” Ignoring Judy’s horrified gasp and gloating over Colin’s slow nod, Suzie returned to the kitchen.

Settling down around the table with fresh coffee, Christine spoke up.

“Well, that gets Judy laid, but after that little show we’re all going to have to go hunting ourselves. I nearly came just watching him.”

“How long do you think they’ll be,” asked Mary, curious.

“Judy will be screaming in five minute max,” laughed Christine. “She was desperate for it.”

Suzie laughed. They might hear moaning and pleading after five minutes, but she’d stake money on it being twenty minutes before the screaming started. One thing she admired about Colin, he took his time and did a fine job.

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