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The Warehouse Girl Ch. 01

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Let me start by asking you a simple question. Do you believe in luck? I’m not talking about finding a dollar bill on the ground or something minor like that. No, what I’m thinking about is more like a gift that comes into your life that is so unexpected and mind blowing that the only reasonable explanation is that the Gods themselves or fate or whatever you choose to call it has smiled down on you.

Why? You don’t ask that question if you’re smart because maybe too much thinking will ruin it. Maybe in the distant future at a safe distance you may wonder what brought it all about. But not while it is happening, that’s just a waste of time I think.

I’ll tell you what I think. I believe that maybe a couple of times in every person’s life we are smiled upon by fortune and enter a sort of golden period when for God knows what reason we are blessed by fate. Sounds a little weird maybe but how else can you explain things like what happened to me that summer? Maybe if I start at the beginning you will see what I’m trying to get at here.

Oh yeah, my name is Chuck Verde and I’m 22 years old. Pretty average guy in terms of appearance. If Tom Cruise is a 10 I’m probably a 6 or something. Nothing to be ashamed of but pretty ordinary. Not the type of guy that anything special really ever happens to. Until last summer that is.

I had done three years in the army and after I got discharged I bounced around from job to job for a while. No big plans, just partying with friends and enjoying being young and unattached. No serious romances but I did manage to get laid from time to time. I wasn’t the greatest lover in the world but then I never seemed to stay with any one girl long enough to ever get past that initial awkward stage where sex is mostly clumsy and unrewarding. I thought of myself as experienced but in reality I was still wet behind the ears as the saying goes.

Now all of this boring personal information is important because it just points up how extraordinary the following events seem to me. That what happened to me could happen to someone as average as I am seems unbelievable even though I lived these events. You’ll just have to judge for yourself.

I was working at a local university as a shipping and receiving clerk for the bookstore. The warehouse that I worked at was on the far end of the campus away from most of the students and teachers. Maybe twenty or so people worked in this building. I was by myself a lot in the very back of the warehouse where the bookstore had an annex. I unloaded trucks and put prices in textbooks and then shipped them out to the main store on the other side of campus.

I had a lot of free time to myself in this job and got to know everyone that worked there fairly well. The guys on the dock and I would spend time talking about sports and of course sex. Oh yes sex. There were five or six young women who worked there, secretaries in the offices there and they were often the topic of conversation. Boy would I like to do this to so-and-so and stuff like that. The usual.

One of the girls who worked there worked in an office that connected to the back of the warehouse where I was. Her name was Judy and she was a true natural beauty. Blond hair, the bluest eyes I have ever seen and long gorgeous legs that her mini-skirts showed off to maximum effect. Not to mention what appeared to be firm, ripe breasts that were the topic of many a conversation out on the docks. Too bad she was married but even if she wasn’t she was out of my league.

I got to know Judy’s boss pretty well and sometimes when it was slow I would hang out in his office and shoot the breeze with him. Judy was actually pretty friendly and over time I got to know her a little better too.

I always felt that she was watching me when I was there but I wrote it off as wishful thinking. She was so hot that sometimes when I left I would have a hard-on. Being young, dumb and full of cum as they say, I would have to jerk off to relieve the tension before I could go back to work. Especially on those occasions when I saw that Judy had noticed my hard-on and had smiled ever so slightly. Or was I just imagining that?

Anyway, one week in July my car needed repairs and was going to be tied up for a few days waiting for parts. I managed a ride to work from a friend every day but getting home was going to be a problem. I lived about ten miles away out on the main highway and I happened to mention this the first day at work when I was in Judy’s office. Casually Judy mentioned that she drove right past my apartment every night and would be glad to drop me off if I wanted. Oh I wanted all right. OK so it was settled.

That first night I climbed into Judy’s car with her I knew I was in for a treat. As she slid into her seat her mini-skirt slid high up her legs and she made no effort to rearrange it. I kept stealing glances at her legs hoping she wouldn’t notice. Her long, firm thighs were tanned and firm and I thought to myself how lucky canlı bahis her husband was.

My dick was hard before we even left the parking lot and I tried to hide it as best I could. As she chatted with me she kept stealing looks at me and suddenly I just knew that she was aware of my arousal. I turned an interesting shade of red and started thinking that maybe riding home with her wasn’t such a good idea after all.

“Looks like you got a little problem there,” she said to me laughing. “But maybe little isn’t the right term.”

“I’m really sorry,” I mumbled embarrassed as hell. If there had been a hole there I would have crawled into it.

“ Don’t feel that way Chuck, a girl takes it as a compliment to know that a man finds her sexy. Besides, I noticed that this isn’t the first time you’ve been, how should I put it, hard as a rock when I’m around. Why Chuck, do you think I’m sexy”?

Yeah, me and every other fucking guy I thought to myself. I managed to mumble something about her being very pretty and how lucky her husband was.

She laughed and said, “Chuck Chuck, Chuck. Here I’m having a conversation with you about your hard cock and you bring up my husband. How cute is that?”

I didn’t manage to get another word out the rest of the way home but Judy just smiled when she dropped me off and said that she would drop me off again tomorrow. Looking directly at my crotch she said, “Now you go in and take good care of that big thing of yours and think of me when you’re doing it.” With a parting laugh she peeled off leaving me in a cloud of dust by the side of the road.

The whole thing seemed like a dream to me. When I got to work the next day I wasn’t really convinced that it had really happened. Judy paid me no special attention the two times I had to go into her office and by quitting time I had almost forgotten it. Almost.

As we walked to her car in the parking lot Judy told me that her tendonitis was bothering her and that it would be a big help if I would drive the ten miles or so to my house. What could I say? I climbed behind the wheel of her old Bonneville and took off.

That old car of hers didn’t have bucket seats and she slid over next to me and said without any warning, “Know how I got this tendonitis in my wrist Chuck,” She giggled and said, “My husband had a hard cock just like you did yesterday. I jerked it off for him. Christ it must have taken twenty minutes for him to cum. Ohh but it was worth it. What a load of hot cum he gave me! I was impressed as hell.”

As for me, I was clenching the steering wheel so tight I thought it might crumble in my hands. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this beautiful, sexy woman sitting next to me. My dick once again began to betray me and began its steady rise to attention. I tried to speak but my mouth was so dry nothing came out.

Judy slid over a little closer to me and said, “Why Chuck, it seems your friend is back. You know I felt bad yesterday that I didn’t introduce myself properly to him. You don’t mind if I make us a little more comfortable do you?”

Her hand appeared from nowhere and lightly landed on my upper thigh. She began to lightly rub it in a circle on my leg. She took her fingernails and ever so lightly ran them from my knee to the inside of my leg just below where my cock was now beginning to throb.

“Why Chuck, you can concentrate on driving can’t you? Good boy. I’m just going to introduce myself to your friend. Spread you legs a little honey.” I did what she asked and she slowly let her fingers trail up my leg and then suddenly she ever so lightly wrapped them around my throbbing cock. Luckily the road was two lanes wide or else I might have driven off the edge.

Her hand began gently stroking my cock, moving from the head down its length to my balls and then back up again. She took two fingers and wrapped them around the head and stroked me there while the rest of her fingers reached down and gently moved up and down the rapidly increasing length of my dick.

“Hello you big hard fucking cock,” she purred. “ I think you and I are going to get to know each other real well. You’d like that wouldn’t you honey? Ohhh by the size of you I think you would! I’d take you out and suck you right here but I think your owner would kill us all.”

To me she said, “ Chuck baby, there’s a road up here that’s not very busy. Why don’t you turn down there and find a place to park. I’ve just got to taste this big cock of yours.”

Her wonderful fingers kept up their gentle massage on my cock I was beyond thinking at this point. My cock was thinking for me. I turned where she had told me and maybe 100 yards down the road was a gas station that had gone out of business. I pulled in and around the back. Backing in close to the back of the building I saw that no one on the road could see us parked here. We were alone in our own private world.

Judy looked me right in the eyes and said, “Now Chuck, I’m going to be very, bahis siteleri very good to you.” She gave my cock another squeeze and said, “But you have to promise me that no one, and I mean no one else ever hears about this. Do I make myself clear”?

I mumbled my assent and reached out for her. She smiled and said, “Listen to me baby, I’m a married woman. I won’t fuck you and I won’t let you do certain other things to me. I want to be upfront with you right from the start. Certain things I only do with my husband. Understand? But where I grew up we girls had a saying. Eating ain’t cheating. I’ll be honest, I love sucking cock and my old man, well, it’s not his favorite thing. I’ve had my eyes open for someone like you to have some fun with for quite a while. But you have to understand, I make the rules and there are some lines we don’t cross. Agreed?”

What could I say? My cock was still hard as a rock in her hand and here was this incredibly beautiful woman telling me that I’d have to be satisfied with her sucking my cock. Gee, tough choice. “OK” I said.

She smiled and said, “Wonderful! I bet you like it nasty the way I do. I noticed that every time I say fuck or cock, your dick takes a little hop in my hand. So you like dirty talk, so do I. I want to make this as hot for you as I can. So why don’t we just slide this zipper down and get your hot fucking cock out here where I can see it.”

I slid over on the seat so that the steering wheel wasn’t in the way and turned to face Judy. She was looking me in the eye while still rubbing my cock and she smiled at me as I felt her fingers seek out the zipper of my jeans and slowly pull it down. Her hand darted inside and again found my throbbing dick.

“Damn Chuck ,” she said, “Your dick’s so hard we’re going to have to slide them down in order for me to get at it.” Wasting no time I undid the button at the top of my jeans and while lifting my hips off the seat slid my jeans down around my ankles. I reached for my under shorts but Judy stopped me and said “Good boy, but I’ll take it from here.”

She slid down into the passenger side footrest and pulled my hips down so that I was stretched out on the seat in front of her. That old Bonny of hers was huge so that there was ample room. She pulled my legs apart and leaned forward. Now my cock, straining against my tight under shorts, was just inches from her smiling face. She inhaled deeply and said, “Your cock smells wonderful, I can hardly wait!”

Rubbing my balls gently she leaned forward and took the head of my cock, still encased in my underwear, into her warm mouth. Her breath and mouth felt so hot on my cock that it felt as if I had lowered myself into a hot tub. She began running her lips up and down the length of it and I could hear her moaning softly to herself. I was dying to pull it out of my shorts but remembered what she had said about her being the one to set the rules.

“Ohh Chuck, I can taste your juice right through your shorts you nasty fuck!” My cock jerked in response especially after she began lightly nibbling on the head with her teeth. Finally after what seemed an eternity she told me to raise up my hips and she slid my shorts slowly down my legs and down to my ankles.

Judy’s eyes widened and a nasty smile appeared on her face as she came in close to my now uncovered cock for the first time. “Oh Chuck honey, what a beautiful fucking cock you’ve got. It looks yummy!’ She slowly began stroking it and gently squeezing the head. Several drops of pre-cum oozed out of the tip and her tongue darted out and licked them quickly up. She ran her tongue around her lips tasting it and finding it to her liking she gently squeezed the head of my cock seeking more.

“Ohh your cum tastes wonderful just like I knew it would,” she said before resuming her licking of the tip. Suddenly, without warning she slowly slid the whole cock between her beautiful lips and into her mouth. Holding it there she began swirling her tongue around the tip while keeping light pressure on the rest of it with her lips.

After a few seconds she slowly slid her full lips off of my cock and said, “Oh baby, your dick tastes great in my mouth. I’m going to feast on this hot prick, you just let me know when you’re going to cum!”

With that she let a huge wad of saliva slowly slip from her lips onto the head of my cock. Her hand spread her juice all over my cock and without another word she once again slipped it into her moist mouth. She began sliding her mouth up and down the length of my cock while at the same time jerking it off at the base with her fingers. Her tongue was bathing the head while her lips sought out every inch she could force into her mouth. She moved her mouth in a circular side- to- side movement while at the same time going up and down my cock’s length. This added movement added to the incredible pleasure I was feeling. Slurping and sucking noises produced by her mouth just added to my excitement.

Judy was bahis şirketleri really into it now, her sucking increasing in intensity. Her hand lightly gripped my swollen balls as if she were trying to force the cum to begin it’s upward journey. I knew she wouldn’t have to wait long for that. Pulling her lips up so that only my cock’s head was still in her mouth she increased the pressure of her lips and began sucking wildly while using her tongue on the sensitive underside. The feeling was electric and as she again began pumping the base of my cock with her long slender fingers I knew that there would be no holding back now.

My balls began throbbing and I knew that I was going to cum shortly. Remembering her request to be warned I moaned to her, “Judy baby, I’m going to cum soon. Real soon!”

I guess I figured she would release me and finish me off with her hand. In fact my cock did pop out of her mouth but only long enough for her to smile up at me and say, “Feed me your cum Chuck, come on baby fill my mouth up with your hot jizz!”

I barely had time to think ‘Oh my God’ to myself before her mouth again began slurping up and down the length of my dick. Her fingers and lips were coaxing, no pleading for my hot cum to shoot off into her waiting mouth and she didn’t have long to wait.

Her lips closed tightly on my cock and she began jerking as fast as she could with her fingers. The cum rose rapidly up my shaft and just for the slightest second I was able to hold it back right at the gateway to her waiting mouth. But then my whole body tensed and a feeling of utter ecstasy swept over me as the first huge wad of cum exploded out of my cock and into Judy’s eager mouth. I swear she never flinched as that cum exploded into her mouth.

I heard her moan, “Ommm” and then the second shot was on its way. She swallowed greedily to make room in her mouth for more and continued sucking with her lips and pumping with her hand. A third load perhaps slightly smaller than the first two erupted into her mouth quickly followed by a fourth. I guess that it was these two shots so close together that filled her mouth to overflowing because her lips loosened their grip just for a second and two streams of cum poured out of her mouth, rolled over her lips and landed in my pubic hair. Quickly though, her lips tightened up again and I could see her throat working wildly as she drank my hot cum down.

Spasms seemed to rack my body as more and more cum shot out of me even if in diminishing amounts. Judy was literally sucking the cum from my cock not wanting to wait for it to splurt out on its own. Any cum that halted on my cock head was being hurried into her mouth by her busy tongue.

I was twitching around on that car seat as she sucked every drop from me. Oh God even when I was finished cumming she was reluctant to let my cock go from her mouth. She made one final slurp and ever so slowly let my cock slide out of her mouth.

I’ll never forget how one long strand of cum stayed connected to my cock and her lips as she pulled her head away from me. She bent forward and slurped it all into her mouth. Her eyes stayed focused on my cock as her hand continued to pump it in the hopes of finding just a little more. Sure enough, a last thick drop of cum oozed out of the tip and Judy put her lips to my cock and slurped it up as if drinking through a straw.

She slowly began gently licking my now empty cock from my balls to the tip. Seeing the cum in my pubic hair she quickly licked it all up and then taking her fingers she began to wipe off the cum on the sides of her face. There wasn’t much of it but she slowly licked what there was off her fingers. In a strange way watching her lick my cum off her fingers was the most erotic thing of all. But there wasn’t going to be a second time that day, she had drained me too well.

Finally she looked up at me. I was trying to catch my breath and couldn’t have talked even if I had wanted to. A glazed, almost sleepy smile was on her face.

“ Oh baby, what a fucking load you gave me. You must have shot off a quart of jizz, did you know that?” Oh, I did indeed. “And it was so hot and tasty, shit I just loved it!”

She sat up on the seat next to me and said, “You deserve a special reward for that baby.” She slid her hand down to her lap and inside her panties.

“ Ohh I’m so fucking wet. Here baby.” She pulled her fingers out of her panties and they were dripping with her pussy juice. She slid her fingers in my mouth and I tasted the delicious juices. For a moment I sat there sucking on her fingers and realized that she enjoyed watching me lap up her juice as much as I enjoyed watching her lap up mine.

We quietly enjoyed the afterglow of our adventure for a moment but then Judy reminded me that we had better be going. As we drove the last couple of miles to where she was dropping me off she told me that she wanted more of me, lots more of me and that she would talk about it more at work tomorrow.

Before I got out of the car she once again reached down and grabbed my cock and said to me, “This cock belongs to me now Chuck, and I intend to get some use out of it. Now rest up and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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