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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)

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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)
The Tutor and Jenny (Part 5)
by Claude van Feinbode

“I know,” said Gina. “Fuck me, and you’ll be a virgin no more”

My cock was already sliding in and out of Gina’s tight ass. I couldn’t see Jenny as she pushed her beautiful cock into Gina’s wet pussy, but all I heard Gina say was, “yes…that’s it…..slowly….look at your dick…just look at it as it moves.”

I was on my back and I could only imagine the sight that Gina beheld. Two cocks pushing in and out of her. I was holding Gina’s hips as she moved rhythmically to the tempo of two cocks pleasuring her. I took my right hand and started touching her clitoris in a slow, even manner that made her moan with pleasure. Jenny’s face was a study in lust. Her locks we hanging over her eyes and she was hugging Gina as she fucked her. Occasionally she would deep kiss Gina and they would tongue dance each other passionately. My cock was getting ready to explode….

Gina suddenly stopped and said, “I want you two to suck each other’s cock now.”

Jenny withdrew her cock from Gina’s pussy reluctantly and laid herself down on the bed. She was completely naked and her dick was wet with Gina’s cum. I started suck her cock eagerly and I loved it! I felt Gina stroking my cock slowly then she kissed it and said, ” I love how canlı kaçak bahis you taste, Claude. Now let Jenny suck you.” While I continued to lick and kiss Jenny’s penis, I moved my body and dick closer to her beautiful mouth. Jenny started to match me move for move. If I kissed, she kissed. If I decided to deep throat her, Jenny responded in kind. All during this fevered 69 exhibition I could see Gina touching her clit and when I looked in Gina’s eyes, her own eyes closed and had another intense orgasm.

Jenny was not far behind Gina. I heard her breathing becoming louder and more insistent. I started pushing my tongue in and out of her asshole. Jenny said, “aahhh…oh god..I’m gonna……cuuummm….!” This was what I wanted. Her cum in my mouth…Jenny’s cock was sliding in and out of my mouth and I suddenly realized that Gina and Jenny were kissing each other again while they worshiped my cock by alternating their deep throating actions. Jenny’s cum started pulsing down my throat. I savored it all but, remembering what I did with Rachel earlier in the evening, I didn’t swallow all of Jenny’s semen. I felt my own climax starting, and I let all the cum in my mouth flow out between my lips and onto my chin and chest. Gina was still sucking my cock and Jenny was still stroking her perabet giriş own cock, allowing a few last doses of cum to splash on my chest. Jenny and Gina starting kissing my cock and I started coming hard. The first white rope of cum hit Gina on her red lips and face. Jenny eagerly stuck her tongue out and the next pulse of cum went in her mouth. Then they both started sharing the huge load I blew. It was so intense I was certain that if I just continued to stroke my cock I might be able to climax again. But what I did was to lean into the passionate cum kiss that Gina and Jenny were sharing and then we were all sharing cum and kissing.

I was still hard as we all stopped the cum kiss because there was no more to share. We had swallowed it all.

Gina said, “Jenny, thank you so much. That was amazing. But I think Claude wants to cum once more.”

I had been stroking my cock while Gina was talking. The night had turned into one continuous sex ride. Jenny said, ” Claude, please cum one more time for us.” I smiled and said, ” It’s been my dream ever since I met you.”

Jenny and Gina both got on their knees. I started stroking my dick again while they both started kissing and swapping spit. Gina would stick her tongue deep in Jenny’s mouth and stroke her pretty cock. perabet güvenilir mi Then the two of them would devote their complete attention to my dick. The duel blow job was amazing to feel and see. By now Jenny’s cock was hard again and Gina started to stroke my cock faster while sucking on the head. Jenny was started to lean back while Gina’s other hand was stroking her dick. Faster and faster the motions of lust became synchronized. I closed my eyes and started to cum again. The cum filled Gina’s mouth and then she kissed Jenny again, passing the whole wad of cum into her mouth. That was too much for Jenny and she started to cum herself. I was faster though, and I caught the first splash of cum on my outstretched tongue and then sucked Jenny’s cock into my mouth. Her cum filled my mouth and then I stopped sucking her dick, smiled, and started kissing Jenny and allowing the cum to land on her lips and reaching tongue. Gina eagerly caught the stray drops from Jenny’s mouth and once again the three of us started swapping cum. It seemed to go on for ever but we finally drank all the cum.

We all collapsed onto the master bed. We then noticed that the rain had stopped and that the only sound was of Jenny’s voice.

“I’ll never forget this night.”

Gina and I just smiled. “Claude always know how to find talented young students. I am sure you will be admitted to university, based upon your performance tonight.”

We all laughed and knew that more study sessions would be required, no…desired.

(The End )

© 2016 All Rights Reserved

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