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The Thickness , The Phatness No. 05

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“Longshot, why don’t sit here and type up on of your stories?”

Which my Phatness?

“I do love the Yosemite story, or the dance floor…there are a number…as long as your Thickness is in her, I’ll enjoy it.”

Okay, then. Now I tend to be monogamous, but one summer I was juggling four and then I kinda messed things up with a fifth. I was a bit of a Ho that year. I had crushed a heart and ran for the first time and had kinda juggled a couple and then things got out of control. Okay…so that’s seven…perhaps we will circle back to those two. On to summer…

Jules was a chef for one of my celebrity idols. I really should have tried harder to commit to her, but I had plans to move.

We went on a few dates and always ended up fucking. She was a tad taller than me, and 12 years my senior. I was so immature at 22.

Our first date we were talking philosophy and dating. Then I brushed her massive thigh with my hand. This alone aroused my cock. She asked me to touch her more and reciprocated.

Soon her hand was exploring my girth.

She pulled me in, whispered, “you’re a fucking stud. A god even. You cute little thing.” She then pushed my face into her cleavage. A bra was straining to hold her 40T sized tits, so a shocking 60-39-65 frame. She had many men with large cocks, some longer than my 8+, but non thicker than my nearly 4 inches thick meat.

We would cuddle and I would enter her. Eventually she would ride me. She once demand it be bare back. Which I didn’t mind…since the magnums were to snug.

In the middle of these interludes, I visited my brother escort eryaman and we partied. One of his friends took a liking to me. She was cute, tomboy like, but with bling hair and a sexually dominant persona that came with a huge ass. She felt me up and then had to try me in her. Bareback. It never went beyond that and I found this a bit off putting and confusing.

So back to Jules. Only so, I also had a blind date in the park. She was geeky, as am and I thought it would work out. She had me feel her up in the park. Her breast rivaled Jules somehow, but she was intimidated by my cock and told me strait up, she is to tight for it. I was a little hurt by this.

I had one last date with Jules and then I was off. She had cooked me dinner and I had fucked her brains out. The end.

I started online dating again, but I was apprehensive about it. Till a gorgeous Canadian messaged me. She had E cups and 40+ inch arse. So despite the distance, I somehow kept it going. When I told her my cock size she was floored. She had only tried a cock that was less then 4″ and we would fantasize about what it would be like. I eventually got a brake and went to Canada. Ironically Jules had moved to the south were she was from and I was living. I should have taken this path, but instead:

In Canada this women was intimidated by my cock. A turn on. Road me anyway and then the sex was so good for her, she became obsessed. She followed me back to the states, but I couldn’t handle the personality issues and then I saved her life, put her on a plane after fucking her a last time (like a jerk) and called it elvankent escort off at the gate.

She would send me spiteful emails, detailing hook ups, but they were so dirty, that you know they were over compensating.

“Give me that…you are a terrible storyteller Longshot.”

I guess it’s not my favorite time. Thank goodness I met you, so I don’t pine for Jules anymore.

“She is not the only one, you pined for.”


“Fuck your cock is huge…you little shit.”

May I hug you my giantess.

You may lick my pussy and get lost in it.


“Talia, what are you tipping?”

The rest of your story.


Yeah, I figured we’d mentioned a few other encounters you slut and so…why not…tease a bit more.


No you will not. You are not telling those stories anymore. The Giantess has the con.

Type type type

Longshot had been working for over a year in the coffee shop. For months now, a women with the largest breast he had seen in person, kept coming in. Longshot, once again, tried to maintain a professional demeanor. It was incredibly hard, since Longshot was a hopeless romantic, single and horney.

Belinda had definitely taken notice. Longshot didn’t realize it, but he was surround by suitors all day…every day. Longshot’s secret weapon…was the talk of the café on Tuesday’s his day off,

Belinda…drank coffee every day. Belinda also become familiar with Longshot’s habitual patterns. She stoked her pray.

One day, he sat at the counter, not behind etimesgut escort it and she planted her shapely ass on the bar stool next to him. She leaned over, “whatcha reading?”

“Love and Rockets.”

“I am like a Beto drawing.”

Failing to look at her foot long cleavage. “Accurate.”

Belinda non-sequestered into her weekend. They were up in Yosemite and she and her friends were hiking. It was so hot, she had ware a bikini.

So…Longshot found himself on a hike in Yosemite. Belinda loved his 80’s short shorts. They left nothing to the imagination. The two of them made it to the falls and oops fell in.

Oops her top came off and oops his shorts came off and oops his monster cock was working its way into her open thighs…

Fuck he was big. And fuck could they float with her buoyant breasts. They were so massive and he was making them jiggle and shake with each easy thrust…as easy as he could make them.

They fucked one other time in her office at a law firm down the road. She was swiftly fired.

Years later…a friend of the café’s owners, a rather large man, had a sad crush on friend he would bring around…in the right light her sun dress would reveal a silhouette that warranted all the sad fruitless efforts this man would try. It wasn’t that she was the biggest…though she was big. It was how she flowed. Longshot definitely had a crush.

One night this southern bell invited Longshot last minute to go dancing. Longshot accidentally cut in and she was feeling him up. So he reciprocated. It was as if her obsessive suitor had vanished and Longshot and the Southern Bell were all that existed on the dance floor…

At the end of the evening she felt him up and said, “he had no chance, but you clearly do.”

Fuck Longshot…I can’t type anymore…come here baby. Give my a something to suck on.

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