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The Tangled Web Ch. 04

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February 1999 – The First Weekend Away

© JGUK 2004

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

(Please note – although I introduce a 14 year old character at this stage of this story, I have done so only because it is necessary to explain things that happen in future Chapters in following years. At this point she is underage and does not feature sexually. All sexually active characters are over 18.)

It was a cold Friday evening in February. Sara stood waiting outside the main railway station swaddled in a long dark winter coat and bright woolen scarf. She felt the cold light wind on her legs. Trousers, she thought. Perhaps I should have worn trousers. No, she decided. Tonight there were good reasons not to. She stamped her feet as hard as her heels would allow. Smiling to herself, she felt instantly warmer. She probably wouldn’t have to wait long.

“Hurry up, Sam!” she said under her breath, willing her brother to arrive soon.

As if in response to her command, a familiar small silver sports car turned off the main road and into the station forecourt. Sara smiled as it pulled quickly to a halt in front of her and the driver’s door burst open. A flustered Sam sprang out of the driver’s seat and ran around the car to greet her. He kissed her cheek lightly and stooped to pick up her overnight bag.

“Sorry I’m late, Midge.” He said, straightening up. “The traffic was terrible. Must be the cold bringing everyone out in their cars.” He opened the small boot and squeezed Sara’s bag in alongside his own. She grinned at him and opened the passenger door, feeling a wave of warm air wash over her from the inside. Quickly taking off her coat, she passed it to Sam, before almost jumping into the car and closing the door rapidly behind her. Sam laid the coat in the boot carefully on top of their bags before closing the lid and climbing back into the driver’s seat.

Once inside, doors closed, Sara unwound her scarf and tucked it beneath her legs with her handbag. She turned to face Sam.

“Well, here we are. We’ve actually done it.” She said, slightly hesitatingly. “Are you still sure, Sam?”

“Never more so.” He replied, and leaned over in the cramped cockpit to kiss her lovingly on the lips. He felt her mouth open and their tongues touched. His fingers found hers and they held each other for a few wonderful seconds before leaning back in heir seats once again.

“We’d better go. Someone might recognize us here.” Sam said, squeezing his sister’s fingers with his left hand and starting the engine with his right. He drove quickly away.

They traveled in companionable silence through busy shopping streets and northwards through rows of houses, the car radio playing unnoticed in the background. After a short time they reached the outskirts of the city, where they passed brightly lit factory units until the buildings finally faded away and they joined the motorway. Sam accelerated into the traffic, enjoying the power of the small car’s performance. As they pulled into the outside lane, the engine settled into a bearable hum and Sam could relax a little and collect his thoughts. Finally, after weeks of planning and frustration, they were after really going to do it!

‘It’ was an important watershed in Sara and Sam’s relationship – their first full weekend together. Weeks of careful planning and scheming had paid off that afternoon when Sam had left his wife Lynn at home, supposedly to go on a weekend residential management course run by his employer, and Sara had kissed her boyfriend David goodbye and caught a bus to the railway station, apparently to visit an unhappy girlfriend in Brighton.

They had been simple deceptions, but they had been effective and of course it had been essential that their stories had been convincing. And now they could be together for two full days and nights, in a place where they would not be recognized; a place where they could relax together without fear of discovery.

Sam turned his head towards Sara. Although it was almost dark, there was still a little weak sunlight which, with yellow street lights and the many passing car headlights, illuminated the car’s interior well enough to see. Keeping one eye on the road, he studied his sister as she sat gazing at the road ahead. He liked what he saw. She had really made an effort and looked simply beautiful. Sara’s glossy brown hair tumbled softly onto and over her shoulders. Her tight fitting white top, surely newly bought for this weekend, shone brightly in the sodium light and her skirt, pulled tightly downwards to within four inches of her knees, showed off her slim legs to perfection. As if aware pendik escort of his eyes on her body, Sara wriggled in her seat for comfort, crossing her knees in an unconsciously sensual manner.

Sam reached over and stroked her right thigh. Sara looked up at him. She placed her hand upon his and squeezed. “How much further?” she asked.

“About an hour, but we’ll have to stop for petrol soon.”

“Good. I need to pick up a few things.”

A large blue road sign promised services in 5 miles and after a few minutes, Sam pulled the car off the motorway into a brightly lit forecourt. Stopping beside a pump, he stepped out of the car, pulling on his jacket against the cold wind and began to fill the car with petrol. To his surprise, the passenger door was also opened and Sara stepped out. Hurriedly smoothing down her skirt, she sprinted round to the boot from which she quickly retrieved her overcoat and pulled it on, fastening the buttons high up under her chin.

“Just going to buy a couple of things.” She called out as she ran to the forecourt shop. Sam watched her pass through the automatic doors and begin to look along the shelves. He turned back to the car as a firm click in his hand told him the tank was now full. Replacing the nozzle in its holder and fastening down the filler cap, Sam walked to the pay station. He looked for Sara in the shop, but could not see her. After a brief wait in a queue, he paid for his petrol and returned to the car to find Sara sitting once again in the passenger’s seat, her coat still buttoned up to he neck.

“Shall I put your coat back in the boot?” he asked.

She shook her head. “It’s too cold. All the warmth has gone since we stopped. I like it warm” Sara replied, kissing him on the cheek. “Let’s get going.”

Sam started the engine and they pulled away.


Back home in their flat, David looked in the bathroom mirror as he shaved, looking forward to an unhurried, undisturbed evening with Paula. It really was fortunate that Sara’s friend Louise was having yet another man crisis and needed a girly chat that weekend, when Paula was ‘available’. Perhaps he should have expressed more interest or even concern for Sara’s friend. No matter now, Sara hadn’t seemed suspicious of him when she left.

He washed the lather from his face and went through to the bedroom, pondering as he did so the third Valentine’s Day card he had received the previous week. He had, as expected, received a romantic one from Sara containing a heart-shaped chocolate and, surreptitiously, a sexy one from Paula containing a pair of her ‘slightly soiled’ panties. But there had been a third.

David liked being a teacher. He had a real talent for it. He had a genuine interest in his subjects and knew how to present them with enthusiasm in just the right way to keep the interest of his pupils. They in turn were beginning to respect him, and the other staff were beginning to accept him in their midst.

As with most schools, the majority of the teachers were women. David liked this too. Although he had been careful in the early months to fit smoothly into his surroundings, he had kept a careful watch on his female colleagues to determine which, if any, might be susceptible to his charms. Now, with some time served behind him and Paula on hand (literally at times), he felt able to make some tentative moves. He always had Sara of course, but a man needed variety as well as security, didn’t he?

As a young and attractive teacher, he had also become used to girls occasionally getting crushes on him. They were usually sweet, innocent and short-lived, ending as soon as a ‘proper’ boyfriend their own age appeared on the scene. David knew instinctively how to manage these situations professionally yet sensitively. Many of his pupils were highly attractive, their young bodies developing before his eyes, but he knew better than to even consider them as potential prey.

Sophie, the sender of the mystery card, was only 14 years old. What made things different from the other cards and notes he had received on previous occasions was that it made no demands to marry him, or accusations that he had encouraged her. It simply said

‘I think I’ve fallen in love with you. I know I’m young, but I’m sure. One day you’ll feel differently about me. I’ll wait until then. Love Sophie.’

David had ignored it initially, but then had found it impossible not to find out who Sophie actually was. Gradually, over the week, he had discovered more about the intelligent, very young-looking, slightly overweight girl with long strawberry-blonde hair. She was pleasant and, despite her protestations of love, had never been intrusive, never stalked him, never been an embarrassment.

Nevertheless she was much too young. David was nothing if not professional in his work. If she ever became more difficult, David thought, he would just have a quiet word with her. No – much too dangerous. Much better maltepe escort to get Paula to explain how it could never work.

He would mention it when he was with Paula tonight – if he found time during what he hoped would be a full and satisfying evening….


An hour after their brief break, the old stone buildings of York welcomed Sara and Sam as they passed through its ancient streets. The directions to their hotel were clear, and – even with Sara navigating – after only a few minutes, they found it. Sam maneuvered the car into a narrow space in the car park and carried their two weekend bags into the foyer.

The hotel was all they could have hoped for – small, old fashioned and romantic. Sara was delighted to find as they checked in that Sam had reserved their room as if they were husband and wife. She loved this romantic gesture, and playfully pinched the fleshy part of his arm as he signed the registration card.

A smartly dressed, rather self important young man showed them to their room. It was bright and warm, overlooking the garden and nearby river which sparkled in the moonlight. The bed, a king sized double, stood in the centre of the floor. As the many features of their room were pointed out to them in somewhat flowery terms by their host, Sara could not resist touching the clean crisp white sheets and winking at Sam, who was trying not to laugh. After what seemed to her like an age, the young man said goodnight rather formally and left the room, finally leaving the two of them alone.

Sam closed the door silently behind him and listened as the departing footsteps passed along the corridor and away. He turned to face Sara who was trying unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle. He leaned back against the door and broke into giggles himself. Their laughter subsided and they began to relax as they both realized that, for the first time since their affair began, they had nothing to hurry them, no partners to rush back for, no reason to look over their shoulder. They finally now had time for … each other.

Realizing they were at last alone, a heavy silence suddenly descended as each waited for the other to make the first move. After such a long wait, it could not be long delayed.

A broad smile passed across Sara’s face. She fixed her eyes on Sam’s and as if in slow motion, without a word, she slowly began to unfasten her long overcoat. Sam watched spellbound as the buttons opened easily and the coat fell open. Sara plunged her hands in her pockets and slowly opened the coat wider and wider. Sam’s jaw dropped open. Beneath her coat she wore white silk stockings, a silk suspender belt and panties and – nothing else. He tried to speak but his words caught in his throat. Sara slowly shook her head and the coat fell open further. Her small breasts, their nipples firm and pointed, were still partly concealed by the large lapels, but clearly bare and so enticing.

With a coquettish swing to her hips, Sara walked towards Sam. As she came closer, her hands left her pockets and her arms rose and wrapped themselves tightly around his neck. She pressed her tight, toned, warm body against him and her lips eagerly sought his. The touch of her warm mouth was electric. Sam’s lips parted automatically and her firm active tongue darted into his mouth.

Sam, at first bewildered by this passionate embrace, found his body responding instinctively. His hands quickly found Sara’s lower back and he pulled her more firmly against him, kissing her passionately in reply. Her mouth was pressed hard against his and he sucked on her tongue as his hands slipped the coat from her shoulders and on to the floor. His cool fingers traced a long line down her naked spine and fanned out over her firm warm buttocks. She winced at the coldness of his touch, then relaxed more as he cupped her cheeks, stroking them gently, feeling himself hardening quickly within his pants. He felt the smoothness of her silk lingerie against her soft skin, and the firmness of her nipples as they pressed against his chest.

Sara’s lips parted from Sam’s and her hands dropped from his neck to fumble with his belt and zip. With a skill that surprised him, within seconds both were undone and he was astonished to feel her hand plunge into the open front of his pants to grasp his cock firmly. Sam’s knees felt suddenly weak. Sara began to pump her hand up and down, feeling Sam swell between her fingers. In passionate response, Sam slid a finger deep down between her buttocks, seeking the base of her moistening slit.

“Come with me now, Sam. I want you now!” Sara whispered in his ear, as she backed towards the bed, leading him by his now pulsing erection. As the back of her legs touched the cool sheets, Sara laid herself back on the covers. Sam’s trousers and pants were around his knees. He kicked off his shoes and bent over to pull his clothes off. Naked from the waist down, his erection stood boldly in front of him and kartal escort he moved between Sara’s opening legs. Sam slipped his hands behind her knees and lifted her legs upwards and apart, his fingers sliding down the inside of her thighs until they touched the warm silk of the panties covering her vulva. Sam drew the back of his middle finger across her pubic mound, feeling her heat and wetness through the delicate cloth. As he did so, Sara threw her head back and tilted her hips towards him. Breathless with excitement, Sam grasped the sides of Sara’s knickers and drew them over her buttocks. They slid easily along her thighs, over her knees and soon joined his pants on the floor. He looked down at her nakedness, her dark triangle moist and inviting, framed by the whiteness of her suspender belt and stockings. Sara reached out her hands towards him.

Sam climbed onto the bed and knelt upright between his sister’s thighs. He bent and kissed her on the lips, long and passionately, their mouths open wide, their tongues entwined as at the same time he directed the head of his erection towards her firm, turgid flesh. Sara’s mounting passion would allow no delay. She slid her hands along his sides, and pulled his body towards her, his hardness at last parting her engorged lips. She gasped as his head began to enter her and her fingernails dug firmly into his flesh as he slid smoothly into her moist, welcoming passage.

Sam felt the pull of her arms and drove forward with all his weight.

A gasp of pleasure escaped her lips as Sam filled her body. Sara lay panting underneath him as he rested for a fraction of a second before the power of his desire suddenly overtook him. He began to drive himself forcefully in and out of her hot, moist passage with a fury that surprised them both. Instantly responding to his thrusts, Sara began a familiar moan beneath him but Sam’s passion had reached new heights. Unable to slow down, unable to control himself, unable to consider Sara’s pleasure above his own mounting passion, Sam’s thrusts rapidly increased in speed and violence and he heard himself grunting aloud with unconcealed lust.

Sara’s moans increased in volume and intensity as his thrusts quickly became more and more frantic. Sam barely noticed the sound, caught up in his own desire for satisfaction. He felt pain in his groin and a hot wetness spreading down his thighs and up his back. High pitched, strangled cries burst from him as his knees buckled and he began to come within her in huge, body-racking spasms, accompanied by loud squeals of delight from his sister as her vagina grasped eagerly at his erection.

Sweat dripped from his face and shoulders onto Sara’s heaving breasts as he slowly regained control, his erection still hard within her, gripped by her vaginal spasms. He fell across her on the bed panting. Their chests heaving, they both gasped for breath before both suddenly breaking into bursts of giggles.

“God, I needed that.” Sam gasped.

“I could tell. Me too.” Sara panted. “You were so …..so wild, Sam.”

“I’m sorry Midge. I just couldn’t help it. I got carried away.” He sounded sheepish. “I didn’t really try and make it good for you too.”

“Don’t think about it.” She replied, stroking his cheek. “It was good for me too. Trust me.”


“Really! And we’ve got plenty of time to try again.” Sara smiled broadly.

They rested as Sam softened within her. Kissing her once again, he carefully drew himself out of her body and rolled gently over to lie alongside her. His fingers found hers and he squeezed her hand.

“You know the best thing, Sam. We can do it all weekend if we want.”

“Oh! I want, Midge, I want.” Sam laughed. “It’s a wonderful feeling. All weekend. Just us. And what a way to start.”

Sara rolled onto her side and began to stroke Sam’s stomach.

“Oh yes! Just when did you take off your clothes, young lady?” he demanded.

“Can’t you guess?” She replied in a whisper. “I’ve been turned on all day waiting for this. I wanted to surprise you.”

“You certainly did that.” Sam said, toying with her silky hair. “I should have suspected something. I thought wearing your coat in the car was a bit much, even for this cold weather.”

“It is cold, isn’t it?” Sara fell silent, then squeezed Sam’s arm. “Let’s get into bed properly and get warm.”

She slowly stood up alongside the bed and undressed completely, unselfconsciously, taking off her remaining clothes carefully and putting them away. Happy to be led, Sam threw off his shirt and within seconds they were both fully naked, cuddling under the bedcovers.

Sara rested her head on Sam’s shoulder.

“Sam, I want to do everything this weekend. I want us to be a real couple.”

Sam kissed the top of her head.

“Whatever you want, Midge. I hoped you’d say that.”

She turned her face to his and he kissed her lips, gently and lingeringly this time.

“Do you want to eat yet, or…” Sam asked.

“Or! Definitely Or!” Sara answered, her hand lightly stroking his lower stomach.

“I’m not sure I’m ready yet.” He said sheepishly, then moaned softly as her fingers tickled his half firm cock.

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