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The surprice.

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The surprice.
Daddy and i had been together a couple of years now, since i was 18.
Daddy have been a good friend of the family for years, but i never told mom and dad that daddy was my man.

The day started as always, i woke up dressed in latex dress, stocking, gloves and ofcause, my latex hood.
Daddy`s routine was, my enema-training at 09.30 in the morning, right after the morning blowjob daddy wanted.
09.30 every day was where i could shower, wash my latex and my inside, so i always was ready for some anal games, in case daddy needed, and he did.

But today was alittle different, but in a good way.

I was now done with enema, and all clean inside as outside. Don`t take any latex on now daddy said, i have a surprice for you, daddy said, meet me in the living room when you are done shining your up so you look pretty.
Now i was wondering what the surprise could be while i took some make up on, red shining lips, some make up for the eyes with black lines, i was looking sexy and ready.

I couldn`t hardly wait, normally when daddy had surprises it was new latex outfits, could it really be. I entered the living room, daddy was sitting in the chair waiting for me, he had a black latex catsuit on with boots, so naughty looking.
Wow daddy, you look so good i said and and entered him for a kiss, i couldn`t believe he was wearing latex, i was alway just me, but wow he looked rough.

Come and sit down daddy said.
He reached for the bag he had besides him. He gave me a packages, unwrap it because you gonna wear it now. What could it be, it was a Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage, wow daddy, is that for me i said. Yeah it is, no touching canlı kaçak iddaa your self when im not here anymore, stand up and come here, you gonna wear it now. I got up, entered daddy and he placed it on, it was so naughty. So now you little cock is on cage, nice right daddy said, and yeah, it felt so great, thank you daddy i said and hugged him.
I have more and he gave me next package, it was high latex boots with high heels, and try them on daddy said.
I took em on, and i felt like a slut, a dirty whore, and i loved it.

Daddy just looked, he didn`t said anything but took my hand and took me into the bedroom, i remember thinking, now it`s time for daddy sissy time. We came to the bedroom and on the bed there was new latex outfits, and it was for me only.
My eyes couldn`t stop looking, a pink latex drees, transparent latex stockings and gloves, a pink hood and a collar with text, Sissy whore, pink panties with a hole for my sissy caged cock and a condom for me sissy pussy, and last but not least, a corsett in black, what do you think daddy said, do you like it?
I was speechless, and i loved what i saw, yeah daddy, i really love it, thank you so much
Now take it on and meet me in the garden daddy said, and i just stood there, looking at all the thing daddy bought me, i was drooling and couldn`t wait to get it on.

I started wearing it all, off with the boots, stockings on, boots on again and now to the corsett, that i couldn`t do by myself, daddy needed to help me out, so i went to the garden.
Daddy was laying on the grass, playing with him beautiful cock, daddy`s cock looked hard and stiff. Can you help me daddy canlı kaçak bahis i said, i couldn`t tie the corsett myself and he did, daddy really tied it hard, couldn`t hardly breath, but at the same time it felt good and tight.

All done and wrapped in the new outfit, what do you think daddy, you like, i said? haha
Daddy looked at me and said, show me you love me and your gratitude.
Thank you daddy, i feel so happy and lucky to have you in my life, i love you daddy i said and got down on my knees.
I crawled between daddy`s leg`s, took hes cock in my hand before i started kissing it. Uhh daddy, your cock it so beautyfull and big, i need sucking it and i went down. My mouth went down on the cock, inc by inc it wanished, i wanted deep throat and daddy felt that, he placed his hands on my head and helped me pushing it down. Daddy stopped and took his camera, stop he said, keep my cock in your mouth and look up, and he took a picture witch ended with a bunch of pictures. Now swallow my cock and keep going while i am capturing it all, and if i come in your throat, i maybe have one more surprise for you.
Now i had to made daddy come in my throat, that was kind of black mail. haha
After some hard work on daddy`s cock, i could hear he was close to coming, again hands on my head and by force he slammed the cock deep, up and down, faster and faster, yeah… yeah im almost coming, don`t stop…… yeah, here we go and then he blasted his hot cum deep down me throat.
I was gasping for air, that was a rough one, but nice. I started cleaning daddy`s cock for cum with my mouth, he had to be all clean he said.

You are a good bahis siteleri canlı girl and you did a good job, so i decided a trip to Spain, i have already rented a house with pool in a beautyfull area where we can be just the two of us, how does that sound he said.
I went up and sat on daddy`s belly, he pushed me a little back, that sounds awesome daddy, when is that?
We are going in 3 days, but you don`t need to pack, i do it for you, i wanna make sure you get the right cloth along.))
Okay daddy, you know best, but how can i thank you for all this kindness and love you are giving me?

You can keep doing what you do daddy said.))

I said, daddy, would you like to fuck me hard in my new panties, i need to feel you inside of me?
Daddy pushed me aside and went for the Lupe, i needed to try the new condom panties i had on. Daddy came back and asked me to suck it big, and i did, the cock got hard again, he added the Lupe on the fingers and pushed the condom inside of me, until he felt ready to grab me by my hip and pulled me down on his big cock, wow, that was an awesome feeling and with the Chastity Cock Cage on, i could feel the pressure inside the cage, my cock couldn`t get bigger, the metal was holding in a hard grip, damm it was good.
Daddy slammed the cock hard inside of me, again and again, it felt so good, i could feel if he did like this much longer, i would come, and daddy did.
Uh yeah daddy, fuck me harder, im loving it, you making me come daddy, fuck me hard and daddy…. daddy controlled the speed with his grip, and the more i said, the harder he fucked me, and i came like never before. I almost felt it impossible to explode because of the caged, but wow, what a feeling. Daddy came again, he was so hard but so loving, now i can only wait for the trip.))

Daddy pulled out, i turned and hugged him, kissed him and went down again to clean daddy`s cock, it need to be clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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