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The Sexy Malay Aunty Nora Azlinah

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The bungalow house in Pasir Ris bustled with activities. It was a Singapore Malay wedding. Men and women were dressed in their attractive and colorful traditional costumes. Men wore colorful silk shirts and sarongs while the women were with the Baju Kurung and the headscarf (Tudung). On one side of the lawn stood butlers from the Shangri-La Hotel serving the gusts with local delicacies such as Beef Rendang, Nasi Lemak (coconut rice), Saffron rice, and many more varieties of lamb and beef.

Norman had never attended a Malay wedding in Singapore before. It all looked very colorful and attractive to him. This was her girlfriend Affidha Affindi’s cousin’s wedding. His girl friend Affidha Affindi stood near him and explained to him of all the traditions followed by Malays during the wedding ceremony. It was also Norman’s first time to see his girlfriend adorned in a traditional dress, the Baju Kurung and tudung. She was very attractive and sexy.

After the delicious lunch, Affidha Affindi introduced Norman to her aunty Nora Azlinah. Nora Azlinah was 45 years old and looked extremely attractive and hot beyond any standard. She was a little plump with proportioned feminine structures. Her skin was smooth, fair and soft. Her lips were thick and pouting. She had high rosy cheeks. Her boobs were a lot bigger and so were her buttocks. Her structure and her sexy face would turn on any mature woman lovers instantly. She too wore an olive green colored Baju kurung and a matching silk tudung. The tudung made her face look beautiful and sexy. Aunty Nora Azlinah had all the features of a Singapore Malay woman.

“Nice to meet you, Aunty Nora Azlinah” Norman shook her hand and felt her smooth skin.

“Me too Norman…you are lucky to have Affidha Affindi as your girlfriend” she said and looked and Affidha Affindi.

“Yeah I love her” Norman said pressing aunty Nora Azlinah’s hand.

As they walked on, Norman whispered in Affidha Affindi’s ear, “Affidha your aunty looks sexy and hot even at this age”

“You find her hot?” Affidha Affindi asked

“Yeah she is nice and plump, and her boobs…I guess she wears a 40D bra” he said and winked Affidha Affindi.

“Her body is perfect I agree…she is divorced a few years back and she has no kids” Affidha said and walked over to few of her colleagues.

Affidha introduced few of her colleagues to Norman and excused herself to arrange a few things for the ceremony. Aunty Nora Azlinah got up and walked to the bride’s room to get her ready. Her huge buttocks swayed like huge melons as she climbed up the stairs. She went into her room first and picked up a packed before she entered the bride’s room. The bride Zarinah was her niece like Affidha Affindi. Zarinah opened the room and aunty Nora Azlinah entered and locked the door behind her. Zarinah was a beautiful Malay woman in her late twenties. She had her silk Baju Kurung and tudung. She was busty and had a big buttocks and long legs. Her body was adorned with gold ornaments and she looked like a nymph.

“You are so beautiful my dear Zarinah” Aunty Nora Azlinah complimented and kissed her soft cheeks.

“Thank you aunty, its wonderful to have you here for my wedding” Zarinah said kissing her aunty back.

Aunty Nora Azlinah hugged her niece and her large breasts pressed against her. Zarinah felt her aunty’s hot breath on the nape of her neck. The tight hug and the warm breath aroused Zarinah and without knowingly she rubbed her crotch on aunty Nora Azlinah’s leg. She did not seem to notice at all, but the bride was getting wetter and wetter by the second. Zarinah had never been with a woman before in her life, but loved to be with two of her lovely aunties, Nora Azlinah and Farhanah. Zarinah loved to watch adult movies with her boy friend Lana, whom she was to marry today. They had sex only once but that was a very quick one.

She kissed aunty Nora Azlinah on her thick and outing lips, and at once the experienced and sex starved woman knew what her niece needed.

“Zarinah ask your husband to give you a terrific fuck tonight” aunty Nora Azlinah whispered

“Hmmm…” Zarinah moaned softly at the thought of Lena fucking her tonight.

“Zarinah I have a present for you” Aunty Nora Azlinah gave her the pack and Zarinah curiously opened it.

Zarinah was surprised to see her present; it was a 14 inch black strap on dildo.

“Oh…so big and thick…” Zarinah gasped

“My friend sent it from Australia”, aunty Nora Azlinah said, admiring the shinning strap on dildo.

“Who’s that aunty?” asked Zarinah in awe.

“Sutinah, my friend” aunty Nora Azlinah replied feeling the dildo in her hands.

“Zarinah you can fuck your husband if he does not fuck you well, and you can have fun with your friends too wit this”, aunty Nora Azlinah said and continued, “Come here Zarinah I will teach you something for your first wedding night with Lena”.

Zarinah kissed Aunty Nora Azlinah’s soft and chubby cheeks. She then rested her head on her lap. Aunty Nora Azlinah ran her fingers through Zarinah’s hair and kissed her gently. Zarinah dropped her hand down to her knee and instinctively squeezed her escort ataşehir stout thigh.

“I love that Zarinah” Aunty Nora Azlinah said feeling the sudden pleasure.

Zarinah felt that the touch of her lovely aunty was exciting her. She felt a sudden and sticky moistness between her thighs. She badly needed her lovely aunty. As Lena had fucked her only once and that too not to an orgasm, Zarinah died for one. She did not have the patience to wait until the night.

“Don’t worry Zarinah” she whispered to her, “aunty is here”

She then kissed Zarinah on her eyes and nose, and then she ran her tongue over Zarinah’s cheeks and lips. Zarinah had been badly horny from the morning and she melted instantly. Aunty Nora Azlinah’s tongue was thick and long and she almost made her niece to cum as she licked around her soft lips. Aunty Nora Azlinah licked Zarinah’s face all over and kissed her sexy lips. Zarinah moaned softly encouraging her aunty to go on. Zarinah held aunty Nora Azlinah’s chin and in her hand and pulled it towards her. Aunty Nora Azlinah licked Zarinah’s sexy face from her forehead down over her soft cheeks, and Zarinah licked her back this time. Zarinah pushed her tongue out of her mouth and aunty Nora Azlinah dabbed it with hers, showering her saliva on Zarinah’s sweet face.

Aunty Nora Azlinah flicked her tongue on Zarinah’s tongue and sucked it right into her big mouth that could easily suck a fat cock. Zarinah was totally under the control of her aunty now. Zarinah hoped that aunty Nora Azlinah would do all the dirty and naughty things on her to make her release the building orgasm. Aunty Nora Azlinah and her niece Zarinah kissed with no thought of the wedding ceremony that was to take place in a few hours time. Zarinah was still in her customary Baju Kurung and tudung. They both kissed each other’s tongue wand were being violently aroused and nothing was to stop them from that. Zarinah reached up and squeezed aunty Nora Azlinah’s huge breasts.

“Haaaaaa…” aunty Nora Azlinah breathed heavily as Zarinah massaged her huge boobs.

Zarinah licked her way from aunty Nora Azlinah’s neck down to her bulging cleavage.

“Take off your wedding dress, you might need that later” aunty Nora Azlinah said, “I want to pleasure you before your wedding, my dear Zarinah”.

“Yeah aunty…I need you so badly…yeah fuck me aunty” Zarinah blurted those words which made them both aroused.

Zarinah pushed up aunty Nora Azlinah’s dress and ran her hands up her stout and tanned thighs. Aunty Nora Azlinah had never received a strong fucking since her divorce. She longed for a deep and hard fuck in her steamy pussy. Zarinah moved her hands between aunty Nora Azlinah’s stout thighs and felt that she was wet. The beautiful 45-yr. old aunty Nora Azlinah was indeed dripping wet. Zarinah felt excited at her aunty’s wetness.

Aunty Nora Azlinah unbuttoned Zarinah’s baju kurung and pushed it down to her waist. The sexy Malay bride Zarinah was half-naked with her tudung still on her head.

“Your breasts are perfect my dear” aunty Nora Azlinah practically drooled at the sight of Zarinah’s perfect and ripe breasts.

Zarinah pulled her down on her chest and aunty Nora Azlinah buried her sexy face in her breasts and her naughty tongue set the new bride on fire of lust. Zarinah stood in front of aunty Nora Azlinah when her silk Baju Kurung fell down to her ankles, revealing her nylon panties. Aunty Nora Azlinah pulled the material of the panties aside and kissed Zarinah’s neatly trimmed pussy. The lips were thick and long covered with neatly trimmed black hair. Zarinah almost screamed when aunty Nora Azlinah’s tongue touched her horny clit. Her tongue was soft and wet and she lapped at Zarinah’s clit like a kitten lapping her milk.

The sexy Zarinah practically fell down in ecstasy as aunty Nora Azlinah sucked her clit slowly and gently. Aunty Nora Azlinah noticed this and stood up and kissed Zarinah on her cheeks. Zarinah kissed her back and she made her lie on her back on the carpet. Zarinah spread her legs for her aunty, showing her neatly trimmed cunt. Aunty Nora Azlinah in a huff removed her Baju kurung and her bra. Her heavy breasts sprang free. Zarinah looked at them in awe. They were big as watermelons and even at this age they showed no signs of sagging.

“Aunty I don’t have a cock to fuck your boobies” Zarinah said to which aunty Nora Azlinah smiled.

Aunty Nora Azlinah looked radiant, her breasts heaved with excitement. Her belly showed two folds of flab that made her look sexy, and her large navel was hidden between the flab. Her thighs were stout and her butt was huge and awesome. Zarinah wanted her aunty between her legs. Reading her mind, aunty Nora Azlinah got down on her hands and knees and placed her head between her niece’s spread legs. She invaded Zarinah’s pussy with her tongue sending gooseflesh all over her naked body.

“Fuck me aunty…” yelled Zarinah pressing her aunty’s head on her hairy crotch.

Aunty Nora Azlinah smiled and buried her head on Zarinah’s sweet pussy. She licked gently at first and wildly at times. Zarinah almost fainted with kadıköy escort the ferocity of her aunty’s wild tongue. Her wet tongue swirled all over Zarinah’s pussy and her clit. Using her finger aunty Nora Azlinah spread Zarinah’s pussy and shoved two of her fingers into the warm fuck tunnel. Zarinah humped her hips as hard as she could.

“Lena will love your wildness on the bed tonight, we Malay women are know for that” aunty Nora Azlinah said finger fucking the bride, Zarinah.

Aunty Nora Azlinah was an experienced cunt-licker. She invaded every inch of Zarinah’s sweet pussy making her squeal in delight on the carpet.

“Let me show you something Zarinah” aunty Nora Azlinah said, “I am going to eat your buttocks”

Zarinah put her big and tight buttocks up. Aunty Nora Azlinah spread the butt cheeks and her tongue invaded her dark anus. This was the first time for the sexy Zarinah to be rimmed. She loved the new sensation and began to hyperventilate. This was much better and pleasuring to Zarinah. The touch of aunty Nora Azlinah’s tongue on Zarinah’s anus made her to leap to her orgasm almost instantaneously. But the experienced aunty Nora Azlinah stopped licking Zarinah’s puckered anus and smiled at her.

“Get on your hands and knees, aunty has a treat for you” aunty Nora Azlinah said.

Being extremely horny from morning Zarinah did as aunty Nora Azlinah had asked her. Zarinah wanted to cum or else she would explode. Aunty Nora Azlinah took the strap on dildo and strapped it around her waist, and the black rubber cock hung up to her knees. She knelt down behind Zarinah and pushed its head into her itching pussy. The plastic cock was much bigger than Zarinah’s boy friend’s cock and would never go soft. Aunty Nora Azlinah rolled up her wet panties and stuffed it inside Zarinah’s mouth and pushed the dildo deep inside her wet and horny twat.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Zarinah screamed as aunty Nora Azlinah thrust the dildo all the way into her cunt and started to fuck her rapidly.

Aunty Nora Azlinah’s huge boobs swayed and her big butt cheeks jiggles as she shoved the dildo in and out of Zarinah’s moist cunt. Aunty Nora Azlinah reached over and grabbed Zarinah’s tudung and her hair. She pulled her hair against her. Zarinah immediately started to hump against her aunty’s beautiful and plump body. They both moaned loudly.

“Fuck it harder Zarinah, I will make you cum as hard as you need to” aunty Nora Azlinah said.

“Aunty fuck me…fuck me…don’t ever stop…fuck me…” Zarinah panted over and over again.

The sex starved aunty Nora Azlinah continued to thrust into Zarinah as hard as she possibly could. Zarinah had never been fucked this hard before. Her plump and horny aunty was making her wild.

“Unnnggggggggggggg…” Zarinah yelled continuously.

To pleasure Zarinah even further, aunty Nora Azlinah massaged her butt cheeks and spanked the butt crack hard. When she spanked her big butt cheeks twice, Zarinah reached her wild orgasm and pressed herself onto the big dildo. She humped for a few minutes and rested on the carpet. Aunty Nora Azlinah still kept the dildo deeply stuffed inside Zarinah’s cunt.

At this time, Norman called Affidha Affindi to take a tour around the house. They walked slowly and climbed up the stairs to have a glimpse of the bride. When they neared the room, they heard muffled grunts and groans.

“Does not sound usual, to me…” Norman said to Affidha Affindi, “May be the groom is fucking his bride”

“It cannot be, he is downstairs…” Affidha Affindi said.

They both moved closer to the door and peeked in through the key slot.

“Vow…what a sight…its so great…your aunty has a dildo stuffed inside Zarinah’s cunt” Norman said and Affidha Affindi looked in.

Her face immediately blushed and she went pink. He made her stand up and they walked to the balcony.

“Your aunty is so luscious…I love her hot plump body” Norman said, “Why don’t we ask her for a threesome with us, I love to fuck her”

After a moment of hesitation Affidha agreed to it and they went around the house not wanting to disturb the fuck session between aunty Nora Azlinah and the bride Zarinah. Zarinah wanted to eat her aunty out. She pulled the dildo out of her cunt and licked her own juice. She trailed her tongue from her neck to her belly flab. Aunty Nora Azlinah had an extremely hairy pussy as most of the Singapore Malay women. Her pubis was dark and matted with black hair. Zarinah ran her wet tongue over aunty Nora Azlinah’s pubic hair and she moaned. Both these sexy women did not know that they were watched earlier by Norman and Affidha Affindi.

Her labia were pouting and her clit peeked out of the thick cunt lips. Zarinah went for it immediately. Aunty Nora Azlinah cooed in delight. It had been almost three years that she had received a thorough fucking. Most of the time she had used a dildo that she got it from her Malay friend Sutinah who lived in Australia.

“Tongue fuck me Zarinah…fuck me…” aunty Nora Azlinah yelled and Zarinah was shocked to hear her talk in this language.

“UUNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…” aunty Nora Azlinah panted maltepe escort bayan and clawed Zarinah’s long hair as she ate her hairy pussy.

This was the first time Zarinah tastes a pussy, and she loved the experience and the taste. Zarinah did whatever aunty Nora Azlinah did to her a while ago. She shoved two fingers inside her hairy fuck twat and started rapidly to finger fuck her in a frenzy. Aunty Nora Azlinah whimpered and cooed. Sucking and licking her hairy pussy, Zarinah shoved her index finger into aunty Nora Azlinah’s tight anus, when she shattered to an orgasm. She moaned loudly and rocked her hip as she came in waves after waves.

They both dressed up quickly and walked downstairs for the solemn ceremony. Aunty Nora Azlinah took a seat next to Norman and Affidha Affindi. Affidha Affindi still was not able to believe what she had seen. As the ceremony began, Norman smiled at aunty Nora Azlinah and asked, “So how was your nice fucking session with Zarinah?”.

Aunty Nora Azlinah became pale as she heard and gasped her mouth open in disbelief. “How did you know…” she asked.

“Affidha and I saw you stuffing Zarinah’s pussy with a thick dildo” he said and smiled at her.

Aunty Nora Azlinah sat silent for a few minutes and got up when Affidha Affindi pulled her down. “Sit down aunty, don’t go away and don’t feel bad about that”.

“I like you too aunty, let’s have it with Norman tonight at his place, and you don’t need a dildo anymore” Affidha Affindi continued.

“Yeah aunty, I love luscious and plump Malay women…I can give the fuck of your life, tonight” Norman told aunty Nora Azlinah when she smiled, that gave him a quick hard-on.

After the wedding, hey had their dinner and Norman drove his girl friend the erotic Affidha Affindi and her luscious aunty Nora Azlinah to his apartment for a night of fun filled fucking. On the way back, he stopped at The Body Shop and fetched a big bottle of massage oil to entertain the two sexy and horny Singapore Malay ladies. Aunty Nora Azlinah loved his condominium in Chua Chu Kang.

“I will first sit and watch as you two will massage each other, Is that alright”, Norman asked

“Perfect, my dear” replied Affidha Affindi holding the pink bottle in her hand.

Norman sat on the couch near the bed wearing his boxer shorts to watch the art of massage, to be displayed by his Malay girlfriend and her luscious Malay aunty.

“Take off your clothes aunty Nora Azlinah, you got to be naked for the massage”, Norman said rubbing his crotch.

The plump aunty, Nora Azlinah removed her dress and stood naked in front of Norman and Affidha Affindi. Her nice body tan glowed in the light and she looked like a “Ready to fuck stuff”.

“Now you have to undress, Affidha” she said moving to her. Her huge boobs and her big butt jiggles as she walked. Affidha Affindi removed her tudung and her Baju Kurung as her aunty and Norman watched. Affidha Affindi then went ton to remove her bra and her panties and stood naked, like a nymph.

“When did you shave your pussy Affidha”, asked Norman looking at her shaved and smooth pussy.

“Did it yesterday only, lah, now it is smooth” Affidha Affindi replied in Singapore slang.

“Lie in the middle of your belly my dear niece”, instructed aunty Nora Azlinah fetching the bottle from Affidha Affindi’s hands.

Positioning herself in the middle of the bed, Affidha Affindi laid out on her stomach stretching her smooth and long legs. She smiled at Norman who looked at her. Aunty Nora Azlinah climbed up on the bed next to her. This morning she fucked one of her niece, Zarinah and at night she was going to fuck her another niece, Affidha Affindi. She poured a small amount of the fragrant oil in her palm and closed the lid. With hard but gentle strokes, aunty Nora Azlinah rubbed the smooth oil all over Affidha Affindi’s shoulder and back, admiring the softness of her tanned skin. Realizing that Affidha Affindi’s hair might get in the way, aunty Nora Azlinah moved her hair to one side exposing her sexy neck.

Norman had removed his boxer shorts and was holding his throbbing cock in his hand. Aunty Nora Azlinah traced Affidha Affindi’s spine with her long fingertips, feeling the bumps and curves. She kneaded her shoulder muscles a bit harder and with a moan Affidha Affindi said, “Oh aunty that feels good”.

Norman admired the big buttocks of aunty Nora Azlinah. He wanted to ram his big cock inside it and butt fuck her. Aunty Nora Azlinah applied more oil in her palm and worked it on the luscious big butt of Affidha Affindi. “Spread your legs Affidha” she said.

Without hesitation Affidha Affindi obliged and spread her legs apart just enough for aunty Nora Azlinah to sit. Aunty smiled and grabbed the oil and sat between her niece’s legs. The scent of Affidha Affindi’s clean shaved pussy was intoxicating to her. When aunty Nora Azlinah’s thighs rubbed on Affidha Affindi’s pussy, aunty Nora Azlinah became horny. She looked at Affidha Affindi’s horny pussy with lust. All she could think about was to bend over and taste her niece’s hairless pussy. Taking another breath she poured more oil into her palm and splashed it on Affidha Affindi’s hamstring and calf muscles on her left leg, working her way down to her foot. Aunty Nora Azlinah spent a lot of time massaging the sexy Affidha Affindi’s foot. Affidha Affindi’s toenails were neatly filed and painted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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