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The Price of Startling Someone

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Big Dicks

“Where’s my sparky?” bellowed James, entering the back room of the electrical shop and knowing full well that Amber was there.

Amber, holding on to the counter hissed “I’m hanging from the ceiling you big goof! Where did you think I’d be?”

James had this habit that when he’d get bored, he’d roam and sneak up on her. Despite the fact that Amber really liked James, she was getting a tad fed up with this habit of his and fully intended to teach him a lesson some day.

When James didn’t answer, she asked “What did you come down here for?”

“Just checking up on you. You got that thing all fixed up yet?”

“Yeah, almost. I should be able to reinstall it in about an hour. I will need you to hold it while I secure it back on, can you meet me there at say, 2:45?”

“Yes, I can be there.”

“Good, now let me work in peace and stop startling me!”

“Yes Dear.” James said, laughing and knowing she hated the “yes dear” patronizing answer. And he left her alone to finish her work.

Amber finished up earlier than planned and took the part over to the isolated breaker room at the other end of their huge storage hall. It was night shift so nobody was around. Amber liked night shifts. It was quiet, she could get her work done faster and more efficiently and there were no bosses around save for a shift foreman, in this case, James. For a foreman, he was good and wasn’t all full of himself, having come up through the ranks. Amber was glad she was on his crew, he was the best and pretty darn nice to look at too, she thought with a smile.

Once in the breaker room, she managed to reinstall the part without any help, using some random item to hold the part up while she secured it into place. By the time 2:40 rolled around, she was done. And that’s when she thought of it. “IT” being revenge. She could hide in a corner and finally show that big goof James what it was like to be startled and scared half way out canlı bahis şirketaleri of your skin.

So she hid. A few minutes passed and then she heard the door open and close and heard footsteps. From her hiding place, she could only see through a very narrow opening and was able to confirm that it was indeed James in the room and he was alone. He’d been trying to be quiet and scare her again, of that she was sure. And had she been working, it would have worked too. She took a deep breath, got out of her hiding place quietly, snuck up behind him and yelled “Where’s my helper?”

Before she could do anything else, James had whipped around, grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, ready to hit her.

“Whoa there Big Guy!”

Without releasing her, James hissed “You’re lucky I didn’t flatten you.”

“So how does it feel to be on the receiving end of this for a change?” She asked with a snicker.

“Not good. You’ve made your point.”

“But I still owe you about a dozen more!” Amber said with a smile.

“How about I do something to erase my debt?” James was still holding her pinned against the wall but not as forcefully.

“Like what?”

Without warning, James bent down and took possession of her lips with his. Surprised, Amber didn’t react at first. However, it didn’t take her long to start kissing him back, her arms going around his waist to pull him closer. He obliged, relaxing his grip on her and now letting his hands roam.

Amber reached up and removed her hard hat and dropped it to the ground. She then removed his hard hat and did the same. Then, she reached up and wrapped her finger in his soft hair. Meanwhile, James was undoing her thick safety fabric shirt, pulling it up out of her pants and undoing the buttons. When his hand touched her skin, she moaned gently. He broke the kiss to have a look and whistled.

“So that’s what you’re hiding under there! Wow!”

Amber canlı kaçak iddaa pulled him back to her and kissed him again. He continued his exploration and found a stiff nipple under the lace of her bra. With his thumb rubbing it, her nipple hardened even more and it was his turn to moan. He broke the kiss once more but this time, to trail a series of kisses down towards her breasts. He looked for the bra’s closure on her back but found none so he pulled back and exclaimed “Ah, front closure, even better.”

He used both hands to gently undo the clasp and push the cups of her bra aside. Then, he bent down and started kissing her breasts everywhere. Everywhere except the nipples. He was teasing her, tormenting her. She tried to direct his head toward the aching nipples but he simply went past it, causing her to groan.

“You’re a tease, James.”


“You know you are.”

He straightened up and reclaimed her mouth, kissing her deeply for a few moments and then went back to her breasts and lightly licked one nipple. Amber’s sharp intake of air told him that she’d been anticipating the moment.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes, James, and I want more and you know it.”

She pulled his head towards her breast again and this time, he let her guide him there, licking, kissing and sucking on her nipple before moving across her chest to do the same to the second one. Amber was breathing hard and could feel herself starting towards a climax. So she pushed down on his head slightly, showing him she was wild with desire to have him eat her.

His hands went to her belt and undid it, along with the button and the zipper. He pushed down on her pants as he was still lavishing her breasts. Then, he started on a trail of kisses that led to another pair of lips. With her pants down around her knees, Amber could barely open her legs for him but it was enough. His tongue darted between her folds and canlı kaçak bahis teased her sensitive nub, causing her to push away from the wall and onto his face, moaning loudly.

James smiled and used one hand to hold her still. With the other, he pushed his way between her legs and found her wet core. He gently pushed up until he had two fingers inside her and continued to use his tongue to tease her clit. He could feel her tensing up around his fingers and knew it wouldn’t be long. He intensified his teasing of her nub and the movement of his fingers and felt her lose control, coming against him. He eased off slightly but didn’t withdraw his fingers until she’d come back down to earth just a tad.

Then, he got up and pulled her towards a table a few feet away. He turned her around and pushed her down on the table. Without any further ado, he positioned himself behind her and entered her. Amber moaned in delight and braced herself on the table. When he grabbed her by the hips, she said “Oh God James, take me, take me hard!”

Not one to argue, James took her hard, pounding his thick cock into her tight pussy and creating that delicious friction they both wanted. Soon, he felt her pussy walls start tightening around his cock and gently said “Come for me Amber, come again.”

That was her undoing and she came, squeezing his cock inside her, moaning loudly and causing him to come also. He groaned his release as he slowed down inside her. Then, they stayed still for a few moments. He withdrew and did up his pants while she straightened up to redo hers. He helped her with her shirt buttons and kissed her tenderly as he did so.

Finally, she spoke: “By the way, that only erased one, you still owe me eleven more to erase your debt.”

“I’d like to make daily payments if I can instead of a lump sum, is that acceptable?”

“Maybe your payments could be made at another location, like my home maybe?”

“I think that can be arranged.”

“And you don’t have to startle me anymore to make extra payments.”

“Okay. I won’t. I got my lesson.”

Both smiled and walked back towards the plant. There were going to be interest charges, Amber thought to herself.

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