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The Poker Game – Part Two

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The Poker Game – Part Two
The Poker Game – Part Two

Kathy stood on the side of the door as I opened it and
there stood Robert, who is master of the mansion where
the exclusive BDSM club holds it’s functions. Robert smiled
at me & I said, “Please come in Sir, it’s so nice to see you.”
Robert stepped in and I shut the door.
He looked at Kathy and then at me and said, “You both
look ravashing and may I assume that you two will be
serving at the poker game tonight?”
I said, “Yes Sir, whatever you desire.. Kathy, this is Robert.
He has a beautiful mansion in the mountains just outside
of the city and that’s where the BDSM club holds most of
their functions.”
Kathy did a cute little curtsy and said, “An honor to meet
you Sir.”
Robert smiled and then reached out and put an arm
around Kathy and a hand cupping and squeezing her right
tit and said, “Yes, we will have to get to know each other
better tonight Kathy. Who is your owner?”
Kathy said, “My husband John Sir.”
Robert said, “I assume he is here tonight?”
Kathy replied, “Yes he is Sir.”
Robert said, “How nice. Now kneel before me slut.”
Kathy looked kind of nervous but she said, “Yes Sir” and
dropped down onto her knees with her hands, palms up
in the classic ‘presentation’ pose.
About that time the door bell rang again and while Kathy
knelt, kissing and licking Robert’s extended hand, I
opened the door and Keith walked in.
He looked down at Kathy and then said to Robert, “She’s
the one from last weekend that I was telling you about. I
see you two are getting to know each other?”
Robert said, “Yes. She seems to have been trained better
than I had expected for a newbie.”
Keith turned to me as I shut the door again and said, “and
how are you doing tonight Sherry?”
I answered, “Just fine Sir.” Keith took me in his arms and
planted a long wet kiss on me and then put me standing
in front of him with my back to him and he reached
around me and squeezed my tits in both of his hands as
we watched Kathy kneeling on the floor and sucking
Robert’s fingers.
Finally Robert said, “You may rise slut and take me to
your husband. I want to meet him.”
Kathy said, “Yes Sir.” and stood up taking Robert’s arm
and started walking towards the study with me holdinng
Keith’s arm and following along.
We entered the study and Mark and John illegal bahis stood and
greeted Robert & Keith.
Mark said, “You know Keith and this is Robert.
Robert this is Kathy’s husband John. We all met last
weekend at the biker event we attended and it seems
John & Kathy share the same interests in Male domination
and Female submission that the rest of us share although
they are new to the lifestyle but definitely open to
learning more.”
Robert said, “Great to meet you John. Always a pleasure
to meet like minded couples.”
Kathy and I stood by with our hands behind our backs,
feet apart, waiting.
The men all sat down around the card table and I heard
the doorbell ring again. Mark said, “Get the door Sherry
and Kathy, you take drink orders and serve our guests.”
Mike & Steve were at the front door as I opened it they
looked me over and Mike said, “Just as fucking hot as I
remember you Sherry.” Then they both walked in and
Steve kissed me as Mike pulled my hands behind my back
and then Steve started feeling me up while Mike held my
wrists in one hand and put a finger in my pussy with the
other hand as he stood behind me. The door was still wide
open and these two were all over me. Steve put a balled
up bandana in my mouth and then Mike said, “Kneel for
me bitch.”
I obeyed and went down onto my knees then Mike let go
of my wrists and pushed me down on all fours. Steve took
the gag out of my mouth and blindfolded me with it and
then he Said, “Open your mouth Slut”. I obeyed and he
slipped a hard cock in and started fucking my mouth.
Meanwhile Mike slipped another hard cock into my wet
pussy and started pumping me from behind. These guys
grabbed me and took control so fast I found myself being
used as their whore right in the threshold of the open
front door. Mike was pumping me deep and slapping my
ass and Steve had his cock down in my throat and I was
gagging but neither of them slowed down with their
Finally I felt Mike swell up and shoot a hot load up my
pussy and I focused on Steve’s cock and in a minute he too
shot a big hot load and filled up my mouth. Mike grabbed
me by the hair and said, “Swallow it all Slut.”
I gulped it down and then Mike said, “Stay on your hands
and knees and shut the front door.
I nodded yes and said, “Yes illegal bahis siteleri Sir” and then pushed the door
shut. Mike was still pulling my hair and he said, “Alright
now crawl to wherever Mark is and show us the way.”
Again I said, “Yes Sir” and started crawling on all fours as
they walked behind me. I had cum running down the
inside of my legs but I ignored it and obediently crawled
to the study leading the last two men to the poker table.
I looked up at Mark as I crawled into the room and he
smiled and said, “Now do you remember Mike & Steve?”
I nodded my head and replied, “Yes, Sir, I do and I won’t
forget them again.” Then I looked up at Mike and Steve
and smiled at them. They were somewhere in their late
thirties and had that very dominate aura about them.
As they walked past me to take their seats at the card
table Mike wiped my pussy from behind and then ran his
hand covered with sticky cum all over my face. Then he sat
down and said “This is my kind of card game.”
Kathy was already back kneeling when I crawled into the
room and she looked at the two newest arrivals and said,
“I’m Kathy, My master is John. If you’d like a cocktail I’ll be happy to serve
you?” They both ordered and Kathy went to the bar in the
corner of the room and mixed them up. When she placed
the drinks in front of Mike & Steve they said, “Nice” while
rubbing their hands along the insides of Kathy’s legs and
fingering her pussy while John, her husband, sat back and
smiled. He seemed to enjoy watching his wife being used
as a slut. Mark then said, “This is John, Kathy’s husband.”
Both Mike & Steve nodded and said, “Glad to meet you.”
While still fingering Kathy.
Finally Mark said, Both you girls crawl under the table and
any hard dicks you see. You will suck them dry and keep
sucking until I tell you different.”
We both said, “Yes Sir, Master Mark.” Then we crawled
under the table and started sucking cock. All six of them
had their dicks out including Mike & Steve who I had just
finished serving. I started with Robert who I knew was
a very important member of the BDSM club and I wanted
to let him know I was eager to please him. Kathy went
after Keith and I saw his hand reach under the table and
pull her hair as she suck his cock.
I could hear the cards being canlı bahis siteleri shuffled and the guys were
throwing chips out on the table while Kathy and I kept
very busy crawling around under the table taking hard
dicks into our mouths and sucking them and licking them
and moving from one to the next and then back again and
making sure nobody felt left out. We both rotated in such
a way that both of us sucked all six cocks and then rotated
again the other way. When one of the masters grabbed a
handfull of hair I would stay on his cock until he shot a
load and after I lapped it up he would release me and I’d
move on to another hard cock.
Kathy was doing the exact same thing. Swallowing and
then crawling over to another hard dick and then sucking
and swallowing and then next. One hard cock after the
other. This went on for a long time while the guys played
I lost count of how many loads of sticking sperm I had
swallowed but I’m sure between Kathy and me we got the
six players off probably three times each. We swallowed
A LOT of hot sperm. She seemed to like this as much as I
do so we were very eager little sluts and we didn’t slow
down but finally Mark said, “Ok, Sluts. You may now
come back up here and kneel over in the corner and watch
the game.”
We crawled out from under the table and over to the
corner as the guys zipped up. More drinks were ordered
and we were allowed to stand to bring cocktails over to
the table. Both of us had cum on our faces and the men
all seemed to want to run their hands up and down our
legs and over our tits while we set down their drinks.
Mark said, “Let’s call the game done and take our drinks
down into the dungeon.”
Everybody agreed that sounded like a good plan and Mark
and John clipped leashes to Kathy and my collars and we
were led down to the basement. I was thinking, I wonder
how much Viagra these guys took before showing up?
OF course these are experienced Masters and they would
use us sluts in the dungeon with or without hard dicks.
As we entered our Dungeon/Gym I noticed Kathy looking
around at all the BDSM stuff and realized she nor John
had seen this room before. They actually had little real
experience with BDSM but they had talked about it with
each other and had thrown themselves eagerly into this so
I knew they were wanting to live out their fantasies and
tonight that had been happening and the hardcore stuff
was about to start now. Kathy was looking at her husband
nervously and he just smiled and nodded to her. Time to rock on.

Continued in Part Three

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