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The New Neighbors Ch. 03

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Ch 3 – The Hook

The evening before Thanksgiving, another of our daughters, Julie, decided to surprised us. Our other children were not able to visit due to other commitments with work and family. At 3 pm, Dan, Shari, and the baby arrived and introductions were made to our daughters Cindy and Julie. Everyone doted on the baby and just before we sat down for dinner, I took the baby and cradled her where she promptly fell to sleep. Shari attempted to take her and I told her to just let her sleep, she looked so precious and comfortable. To be honest, I was enjoying it more than any of them could have imagined.

Dan looked at me in astonishment and said “You don’t mind holding her?”

I chuckled out loud and said “until you experience the joy, frustration, messes, and anger involved with helping the love of your life care for these precious little ones; you are not being a father!” The looks on the faces of all 4 women caused me to burst out laughing which brought Shari to tears for reasons that only I understood at the time. After Sue (my wife) smacked me in the arm, she and our daughters took Shari into the other room to comfort her. I looked at Dan and said “Well, as normal I did or said something wrong. Do you want the baby, or do you want to carve the turkey?”

With fear written all over his face, Dan says “I don’t know how to even hold her!”

I chuckled and said “you just took the biggest step by admitting that!” I then place his precious daughter in his arms and showed him how to comfort her. He beamed the first smile I had ever seen on his face and I carved the turkey.

When the women came back into the kitchen, all 4 of them just stopped and stared at Dan and all of them had their mouths wide open. Apparently, Shari had explained the part about Dan never helping with the baby and she must have also told them that he never holds her. I snapped them all out of it by saying “dinner is getting cold and I am hungry.” Dan was still smiling away looking down at his precious daughter.

After we all finished eating, I surprised Dan and Shari yet again by insisting that everyone go out on the deck while I cleaned up the dishes. My wife and daughters are used to this when we have big family dinners so they thought canlı bahis şirketaleri nothing of it. Dan asked “do you do that a lot also?”

I replied “I feel that if my wife and daughters are going to spend the time it takes to prepare such a wonderful meal, it is the least I can do to show them how much I appreciate the work that they put into it. We have a HOME because we share responsibilities. I have seen many families suffer because they attempt to make everything about the man does this and the woman does that. I even do laundry since I work from home so much. I am here, I dirty just as much as everyone else, so it is only fair that I help.” He was stunned. I sent him out with the ladies and finished.

When I finally joined them, the only open seat was right next to Shari. I was hesitant to sit there since the feelings and attraction had not gone away and, if anything, they had intensified. I did sit so as to not draw attention to the awkwardness. Shari flashed a quick knowing grin and they all kept on talking. I got a wonderful surprise when my wife and daughter offered to watch the baby so that Dan and Shari could go out on a date night and then they accepted. I thought to myself that I would finally be able to put the whole ordeal of the month before behind us.

As Christmas approached, we had watched the baby on several occasions and just after Christmas it was announced that Shari was pregnant again. It was obvious that they had rekindled the romantic side of their relationship. As it turns out, she had actually gotten pregnant right after Thanksgiving, so she was about 4 weeks along at the time of the announcement. They had not told any of their family yet as they wanted us to be the first to know since we had taken them in as part of our family. Again, I was finally feeling like all that had happened was definitely going to be forgotten about … at least by her.

Sometime in mid-January, I had gone to run some errands for work and when I got back home, I find Cindy and Shari in the kitchen playing with the baby and giggling like little girls. When they see me, they burst into laughter and I tell them they are acting very suspicious. I was heading up to my office when Cindy says “daddy, you don’t canlı kaçak iddaa have to leave. We were just talking about how Shari and Emily can come over any time they want while Dan is on his business trips over the next 2 months. Mom told me to tell her.” They both stand up and walk over to me, Cindy places the baby in my arms and as they are on each side of me, they kiss my cheeks at the same time. I also felt Shari’s hand lightly grab my butt. Cindy says “we will be right back down daddy. I want to show Shari some of my things.” With that, I walk into the living room and get comfortable as Emily snuggles into my shoulder and closes her eyes.

As always, life is a blur. During Dan’s first trip, Shari stopped by a couple of times at different unannounced times and either Cindy or Sue would be there and treat her as if it was perfectly normal. I, however, began to wonder if she was trying to catch me on my own. The answer to that came the day Dan left for his next trip. I had been concentrating on my work and went down to get some water and was startled to see a topless Shari feeding the baby on the couch. I said “oh, sorry, hello. Did they leave you?”

Shari just smiled and said “no, I knew they would both be gone today. They gave me a key and told me that I was to come as I pleased. I was bored and lonely and saw that you were really busy, so I just made myself comfortable. It is definitely time to start weening her though!” She proceeds to change Em’s diaper and lay her down on the floor to nap. It is only then that she puts her top back on. The whole time I had been staring at her perfect breasts that have the most magnificent nipples I had ever seen. Shari looks up into my eyes and says “Jody, I want to thank you for helping get Dan to see that being a family requires everyone. I have been trying to find a way to thank you without letting everyone know how much you have done – not to mention how hot it makes me to know that you are also attracted to me and keep refusing to give in! Dan helps with the baby and even around the house when he can, but he has made it clear that there will be no romantic contact while I am pregnant and I am so frustrated! Taking care of it for myself isn’t working. Cindy told me that if canlı kaçak bahis I could find a safe way to get my frustrations satisfied, that I should do it. I didn’t tell her that it was her dad that could do that for me!” (was that a wink as well?)

I was stunned. “Shari, I thought we had this settled. Neither one of us wants to hurt our families!”

With that, she stood up, walked over to me and kissed me with more passion than I have ever been kissed – even when Sue and I first got married. She then whispers into my ear “I won’t tell if you won’t, and I know that Cindy would approve.” She winked at me again as she looked up at me.

What in the world was the wink for? I decided to give in, if only partially to both our desires. I led her into the kitchen and kissed her back for the first time. The heat between us ignited like a raging explosion. I carefully undressed her and savored her breasts. The milk was sweet and made me even more excited. I lifted her onto the counter, lifted her dress and discovered that she had nothing on underneath. This little minx had planned this whole thing! I immediately began kissing, licking, and nibbling the insides of her thighs. First one side and then the other. She was in a tizzy by the time I began licking at her beautiful pussy lips that were actually starting to swell already from the pregnancy. She tasted so fantastic that I began to devour her. She began to cum the first time within moments and I lapped up all her wonderful juices. I found her clit and gave it attention while I slowly inserted two fingers to find her G spot. Shari went wild when I hit it. She came multiple times and then forced my head away, begging me to stop for now.

She was breathing very heavily and said “Dan has never gone down on me. I never imagined that I could cum so hard nor that I could have multiple orgasms! No wonder you are the father of 4 and that Sue always has that glow when I know you two have had sex!”

I stared at her in amazement. “How do you know when we have been together?”

Shari started laughing and said “We women talk about these things when we are trying to help with understanding men. She has never gone into detail about what you do, but just that you have always ensured that she was well pleased and that you NEVER left her unsatisfied. I see by the time that I should take Em home now so that we don’t get caught.” I realized that Sue would be home in about 20 minutes and I could have swore I heard Shari whisper ‘this time.” …

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