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The Long Trip Ch. 01

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Ron Thompson and his wife Lyn had completed about half of their long trip to pick up their daughter Suzy from San Francisco. In the back seat sat their 18-year-old son Steve who was occupying himself reading a book. Ron was driving and Lyn was doing the navigating. As Steve could neither drive nor navigate it had been decided that the only part he would play in the journey would be to provide some company for his parents.

Driving such a long distance wouldn’t prove much of a problem for Ron as he owned his own haulage company and still drove a truck for long trips from time to time. Lyn had agreed to take the wheel when Ron got tired and needed a break. Having agreed to this Ron knew that his wife couldn’t drive very far without getting tired, so he had resigned himself to the fact that he would be spending long hours behind the wheel.

Ron and Lyn had been married twenty years and were very happy. At 54 years old, 18 years older than his wife, Ron was still quite fit. Lyn was, and always had been, a very sexually active woman. Over the past few months, however, Ron had found it increasingly difficult to keep up with his wife’s sexual needs and had not been able to make love to her as often as she wanted. Lyn had always had the need to masturbate on a regular basis, even when Ron was still giving it to her every night, but now that it was down to two or three times a week strumming her clit was a twice daily habit.

Lyn had been sat in the front of the car navigating for a long while now and as the better part of the next part of the journey consisted of mainly straight road, navigation wasn’t really necessary and she found her eyes growing heavy with tiredness.

Steve was not much company at all whilst reading his book so as Lyn began to fall asleep her husband became more and more annoyed. Ron had expected to take the lion’s share of the driving, but had hoped that the other two would at least provide some company.

Ron shook his wife and said in a rather abrupt tone, “If you’re going to have a kip why don’t you get in the back with Steve, at least I wont have to listen to you snoring.”

Lyn groaned at Ron’s nagging voice and unbuckled herself from the seat. Turning over onto her knees she slid over the top of the seat and into the back of the car headfirst. Ron was annoyed at this as Lyn was wearing her usual short skirt and her gorgeous tanned legs were suddenly on show to her son, sat behind him, as she clambered awkwardly over the seat.

“Hey Mom,” said Steve as she flopped into the seat next to him.

Lyn, still half asleep, just murmured something inaudible back at him and laid her head down next to him, falling back into her slumber straight away.

As the time passed Ron drove on, listening to some old tunes on the radio and thinking about lots of different things but nothing much in general. In the back seat Lyn had, in her sleep, turned over and laid her head in escort bostancı her son’s lap. Steve had put his book down and had now nodded off himself. Ron thought to himself that he would carry on driving until they were getting low on fuel and then make a stop.

After a short while Lyn blinked her eyes open and came around from her kip. Her head was still laid in her son’s lap and it took a few fleeting seconds for her to realise where she was. As her mind, along with her eyes, became clear she could feel that the side of her face was resting on the top of her son’s waist and that the zip of his jeans was straining to hold in what appeared to be a very sizeable hard on.

Right there in front of her eyes was a large, hard cock straining at the leash to push itself to freedom. Lyn realised that her son was still fast asleep and that his hard cock was the result of some gentle rubbing from her face as they both slept. Lyn didn’t move as she didn’t want to wake her son but she also didn’t want her husband to realise the situation.

Ron could not see directly behind himself, even in the mirror, so he was ignorant of the state of things happening in the back seat. Glancing at the fuel gauge in front of him he saw that the tank was now half empty so the journey could carry on for a while yet, before he would have to stop.

In the back seat Lyn had begun to get very horny at the thought of the hard cock meat, behind the zip, in front of her eyes. She moved her left hand down and slid it up slowly between her thighs as if doing so in her sleep. Reaching her panties she felt her already wet pussy squeezing hot juice through them against her hand, her hard clit pushing out of its hood to strain for attention.

Ron glanced in the mirror as he saw his wife move but didn’t notice anything unusual and quickly went back to the road ahead. Barry White sung Just The Way You Are to him from the radio and his mind returned to times gone by whilst he hummed along to the tune.

The naughty mother in the back seat had resigned herself to the fact that even though it was her son she was with, she had to at least see that cock in front of her. Close to her orgasm already from her hand rubbing the front of her panties, she slowly moved the other one up to the zipper of her son’s jeans. Being aware, as she was, of her husband not a metre in front of her made what she was doing all the more exciting. Her hand trembled slightly as she took the zip handle between her fingers and pulled it down slowly.

Lyn nearly jumped back as Steve’s steel hard cock sprung through the opening in his jeans and pointed its large, shiny mushroom head straight at her face. Steve made a slight murmur as he began to come out of his sleep slightly at the feel of the open air on his cock. Lyn stared open mouthed at the wondrous sight of her son’s delicious cock inches from her face, dribbling pre-cum onto his jeans.

Ron ümraniye escort could hear faint sounds of movement in the back and said quietly, turning his head to the side, “Is someone awake back there?”

Lyn froze in position, but Steve was half awake and coming around slowly. Lyn hoped that her son wouldn’t wake in shock and expose what she had so naughtily done. Her heart now raced as a strange silence fell over the car when Ron lowered the radio to listen for an answer to his question. Steve’s eyes flickered open and he took a few moments to realise that he was still in the back seat of his parent’s car.

“You awake son?” Ron asked.

Steve could only manage a low “Mmmmm” as consciousness came back to him slowly.

Ron carried on “We’ll stop for a break as soon as I can find a place.”

Steve said nothing back as he had suddenly realised that a woman’s head was lying in his lap and his cock was out of his jeans and inches from her face. His first reaction was that he didn’t want his parents to know he had a woman in the back seat with him. What would his parents say? His dad would be furious with him and his mother would……. Steve’s jaw dropped to the floor when he realised that it was his mother laid in his lap and began to recall her getting into the back seat with him. He hoped she was asleep and couldn’t see his raging hard on sticking out of his jeans. Thinking fast Steve had not answered his dad and as quick as a flash he closed his eyes and made a low snoring sound, pretending to be asleep.

Ron cursed lowly to himself and went back to driving. He leaned over and turned the radio back up annoyed at the fact that both his wife and son were sleeping whilst he was left to drive.

Lyn had no idea that her son had woken and that he knew what was happening. Her husband had nearly caught her being as naughty as she’d ever been. Her son, for that matter, had nearly woken up to find her lying in his lap staring at his cock. Lyn’s orgasm took another step nearer as the wickedness of the situation washed over her in waves.

Steve had heard his dad switch the radio back on and gradually opened his eyes again slightly. His dad had placed his attention back on his driving and was ignoring, once again, what was going on in the back seat. Steve looked down at his mother and tried to see if she was awake or still asleep.

Lyn couldn’t and didn’t want to stop herself from her next move. Her hand moved up and gently took hold of the base of her son’s cock. For a few seconds she took time to examine it a little. She decided that although it was no longer than Ron’s, it was a fair bit thicker and certainly harder than Ron’s had been for many years. Lyn stared in wonder at her son’s beautiful specimen of dick. She lifted it slightly and marvelled at the rigidity of it, how the deep red knob seemed to glow before her. Lyn was salivating at the thought of the things she’d kartal escort bayan like to do with this cock, but first things first she had to suck it.

Both Steve and his mom groaned as she slipped her boiling wet mouth down over the hot cock. Bubbling hot love juice squirted from her pussy immediately and soaked her panties so much that she would have to wring them out later. Lyn tasted her son’s sweet pre-cum as it coated her tongue, oh how she loved it. Her hand began to grip the cock base and wank the skin up and down slowly as she licked and sucked the huge incestuous dick like it was her last meal.

Steve stared down at his lewd mom as she gave him the best feeling in his cock he’d ever had. The realisation that his sexy mom was wide-awake and sucking his cock had hit him like a bolt of lightening. The hot sensation of orgasm started to glow in his cock and he could almost feel the huge load racing up his tubes. Lost now in the incest Steve leaned over slightly, all thoughts of his father gone, and smoothed his hand up his mother’s bare thigh. Another groan came from deep within as he drew his hand around on top of his mom’s at the front of her panties.

Lyn couldn’t have held back the explosion of her cum if she’d wanted to and it hit her in waves causing her to shake and shudder in ecstasy. Her son was playing with her hot cunt as she sucked his hard cock, just the thought of this alone would have been enough to make her cum but having it happen for real was unbelievable. Incest! She was committing incest! It was all she could do not to scream out in joy at the wicked nastiness of the thoughts racing through her brain. Steve’s hand on her cunt felt better than any had before and seemed to drag her shuddering orgasm out further.

Steve could hold back no longer and with a muffled cry of “Cummmmmiiiinnnggg” his cock spewed red-hot lava into his mothers sucking mouth. Sprays of thick cum hit the back of his dirty mother’s throat and coated the entire inside of her mouth. The boiling hot glow of orgasm radiated from his thick cock and caused him to shake uncontrollably and he grasped the hair on the back of his mother’s head, forcing her sucking mouth down onto his dick, choking her throat.

Lyn had not spilt a single drop of her son’s sweet seed, swallowing and gulping the whole load down her nasty throat. Never had she taken so much in her mouth and never had she cum so hard. The sudden thought came to her that if she had cum this hard with just sucking and wanking what would fucking him be like?

Lyn took her mouth from her son’s cock and turned her head up towards him. Licking her cum splattered tongue over her red lips she whispered, “I think you have to fuck me with this you naughty boy, and as soon as you can”

Steve gasped at the thought of fucking his horny mom and stared back at her, loving the wicked smile on her face.

“Ah, are you both awake now?” Ron chirped. “I’m just pulling over for a break.”

Lyn quickly sat upright, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Steve had quickly shoved his softening cock back into his jeans. Lyn and her son both turned to look at each other and at the very same time they both winked.

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