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The Life of Riley Ch. 01

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Even though this story is submitted under incest/taboo please don’t give up on the story. It will live up to this categorization soon!

My Name is Riley William Pruitt. People have always called me Bill. I’d like to relate a most unbelievable occurrence or occurrences that took place in my life beginning 25 years ago.

I was 45 years old at the time and divorced from my first wife. I was sitting in a favorite hangout of mine one Friday night having a drink, when some friends introduced me to a woman named Cheryl. She was a cute petite red head. I guessed her to be 5 or 6 years younger than me. After a few mixed drinks, Cheryl loosened up considerably. She was leaning against me and touching my arm and even allowing me on one occasion to rest my hand on her ass. What she was lacking in the tit department she more than made up for in the ass department. Not a big ass mind you, but a nice tight round one.

When she was ready to leave around midnight, I did the gentlemanly thing and offered her a ride home. As I pulled up in front of her house, she explained she would invite me in to spend the night but her kids were still up. I accepted defeat and leaned in for a kiss. Cheryl grabbed me and thrust her tongue down my throat and began dry humping me on the front seat of my old Chevy. I quickly made the best of the situation and reached inside her pants. I not only found one of the wettest pussies I’d ever encountered but one of the hairiest too! She pulled my uncircumcised prick out as I began stroking her clit. Knowing there was no way I was going to fuck her in this front seat I settled on the idea of a blow job.

As she jacked off my hard cock I pushed her head toward it and said, “Suck my cock and I’ll make you come too.”

Cheryl resisted at first, then pulled my foreskin back and wrapped her lips around my knob. She swallowed my entire length as I thrust 2 fingers in her wet snatch. When she began moaning and squirming on my fingers, I started fucking her face. With one hand in her pussy and the other on the back of her head I was making the old Chevy rock like it was on a country road. She tried to pull away as she felt my impending orgasm. I just held her head and shot what felt like a gallon down her throat. I guess as a way of getting even with me, she rose up and kissed me hard. As she stabbed her tongue in and out of my mouth I tasted traces of my own semen. I had Cheryl turn around and lie back against my chest. As I pushed my right hand back down into her now unfastened pants, I used my left hand to reach under her blouse and undo her bra. Her nipples were poking out like two big pencil erasers. The harder I pinched and twisted them, the harder she humped my hand. When I pulled my fingers out of her pants to taste her juices she moaned and thrust my hand back in her pants. Before long she reached a shuddering orgasm. I think she wet the front seat of the car. As she got out to go inside, bostancı escort bayan we made plans to meet again the following Friday night.

When I walked into the bar the following Friday night, I saw Cheryl was already there. She was well on her way to being drunk. As she stood to greet me I couldn’t help but notice she was wearing a skirt. She was also perched upon the hottest looking pair of red “come fuck me pumps” I had ever seen.

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and sat back down on her stool. As it was the only vacant one available, I stood beside her and began trying to catch up with her on drinks. Cheryl took my hand and placed it on her thigh. With a mischievous grin she slowly slid my hand up her leg and beneath her skirt. I was met by a wet hairy pussy unencumbered by any sign of panties. I’m not ashamed to admit, I got an instant hard-on. We kept on drinking and I kept on fingering Cheryl’s hot snatch. I think she actually had an orgasm or two. She would reach out and rub my throbbing cock through my pants. This was doing nothing but driving me insane.

Leonard, the owner and bartender of this place was an old friend of mine. I leaned over the bar and said to him. “Hey Len, let me have the key to the stockroom. I want to borrow it a few minutes.”

Knowing fully what I had in mind, Leonard handed them over. The stockroom was right next to the ladies restroom. I instructed Cheryl to wait 30 seconds and go to the restroom. I walked over as if to use the men’s room and quickly unlocked and let myself in the stockroom. I kept the door cracked and observed Cheryl making her way to the lady’s room. As she passed the stockroom door I reached out and pulled her inside sitting her on a stack of beer cases. I locked the door, turned to Cheryl and dropped my pants. There in all its glory was my hard cock, leaking massive amounts of pre-cum, staring Cheryl in the face. She looked so sexy as she stuck her tongue out and caught a string of pre-cum on her tongue. I let her lick and suck me for only a couple of minutes before pulling her to her feet. I spun her around and bent her over the stack of boxes she had been sitting on. I flipped up her skirt, knelt behind her and ran my tongue from her clit to her asshole. She giggled and shook her ass at me as I stood back up. I took hold of her hips and buried my aching cock to the hilt in her sopping pussy. She let out a groan I was afraid the whole bar would hear. I raised her up a bit and grabbed onto her titties as I slammed in and out of her pussy. Her petite tits were made for abuse. I twisted and pulled and pinched for all they were worth as she fucked me as hard as I fucked her. Now I’ve never figured out if women ejaculate during an orgasm or if it’s just their bladder letting go of a stream of piss. All I know is when Cheryl let go this time she soaked my cock and balls. The boxes she was bent over were dripping. Just as she finished ümraniye escort with her geyser, I let one go inside her hot snatch. She pushed back on me getting my spewing cock as deep inside her as possible. I collapsed over her back as she continued to wiggle and squirm until my softening cock popped out of her pussy. We re-dressed and straightened our clothes up and returned to the bar one at a time. Another patron gave up his stool to Cheryl as I discreetly handed Leonard his key back. He gave me a sly wink as he took them from me. I’ve often wondered if anyone came along and sat in the puddle of jizz that Cheryl left on her barstool.

That evening when I took her home, Cheryl told me to come over the next morning for Saturday brunch. I would then get to meet her kids.

The next morning I was nervous as a teenager on a first date. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Cheryl. She looked good in her short shorts and low heels. As she seated me at the table her kids came from everywhere. Jenny was the youngest, at about 9. Julie was next. She was about 11. Brian looked as if he was 13 or 14.

“I thought you told me you had four kids?” I asked Cheryl

“I do. Kristy is still in her bedroom. The kid’s rooms are in the basement. .” Cheryl replied.

Just as she was telling me Kristy would be 18 in a couple of weeks, Kristy came into the room. If I would have had a mouthful of food, I would have choked to death. Kristy stood about 5’6″ tall and most of that were legs. She also had the most perfect ass possible perched atop those legs. Her long brown hair reached all the way down to that perfect ass too! After drinking in all of these features, I noticed her tits. They weren’t huge, but they were, were, well they were just perfect too! They put her mother’s to shame. I would have estimated them at a healthy C-cup. They stood out there proud and firm. The fact that she was wearing the shortest of shorts and a tube top helped display all of her charms. I was introduced to everyone and we made small talk during our meal. It was hard not to keep staring at Kristy. I focused my attention on Cheryl and hung on her every word.

Later that afternoon as Cheryl and I sat in her backyard enjoying a couple of cold ones, I damn near had a stroke. Kristi came out in her bikini to sunbathe. There wasn’t much material required in the construction of this bikini. The icing on the cake was the two little heart shaped cutouts. One was on her left tit, and the other on her right ass cheek. What I wouldn’t have given to plant a wet kiss on both of those hearts. After about an hour and a half of pure torture, with a lot of squirming around to get my boner situated, Kristi got up and went inside. As she passed Cheryl and me she partially bared one of her sweet ass cheeks by pulling her suit bottoms aside.

“Mom, does it look like I’m getting any more tan?” She asked Cheryl

As I struggled escort kartal to catch my breath, Kristi bounced up the back porch stairs and into the house.

Cheryl called Kristi out a bit later and gave her money. She asked Kristi to take the two girls to the park and get them ice cream too. She said Brian was off with friends. Kristi complained a bit but did as her mom asked.

No sooner than they were out of site did Cheryl turned to me and said,

“They will all be gone for a while. Let’s me and you go in and FUCK!”

She took me by the hand and dragged me to her bedroom. She was naked in a flash, and lying flat on her back on the bed. As soon as I got naked I wasted no time in burying my face in her hot bush. I ate Cheryl through two loud orgasms before rolling over for her to return the favor. She had other plans though. She straddled me and rode my cock like a bucking bronco. Every time I got close to cumming she would reach down and squeeze my cock till the urge subsided. After 4 or 5 of her “interruptions” I was determined to fill her full of my load. I pushed her off me and onto her back. I got both the bends of her knees in the crook of my arms and viciously assaulted her wet pussy. I fucked her harder than I had ever fucked a woman in my life. Our sweaty bodies made loud cracking sounds as they smacked together. Just as I buried my cock to the hilt and started cumming, Cheryl let go with another of her cum showers. If the windows were open, the neighbors heard her squeal. When we caught our breath, we were lying on soaked sheets. Cheryl went to the bathroom on wobbly legs first, followed soon after by me. By the time the kids got home, the bed was changed and we were looking respectable.

I sat and watched TV with Cheryl and Kristi for a while after the other three had went to bed. When it was time to go I realized I had left my sunglasses out on their patio. Cheryl offered to go retrieve them as I waited by the front door. Kristi was sitting on the couch as I waited.

She looked at me with a lecherous grin and asked, “So did you give mom a good fucking while we were out of the way?

My eyes must have bugged out when she said this.

She said, “Oh come on. I heard her on the phone with my aunt last night. I heard how you fucked her doggie style in the bar’s stockroom. Sounds like you put it to her good.”

“I don’t think your mom would like you talking to me like this!” I told her

“What mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” She said “And I bet mom’s don’t look as good as these.” As she said this she stood as if to go to her room. She turned toward me and pulled her tube top down. Both of those succulent breasts were there right before my eyes. She gave them a good squeeze and a shake too before putting them back in her top.

“Good night Bill.” She said as her mom came back into the room.

I watched that sweet ass turn and head for her bedroom. Cheryl kissed me goodnight at the door. She groped my cock as we kissed.

“My God Bill, is that thing always hard?” Cheryl asked

I lied and told her she had that effect on me. She had no idea that I fully intended to use that hard cock on sweet little Kristy. And soon too!

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