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The Job Interview Part 1

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The Job Interview Part 1
Life had become so much better since my Mothers visit, Lisa was much more attentive so I have to say life was good. I saw an advert online for a local ‘Handyman’ which was self-employed with the pay being per job but it looked good and certainly worth sending and email to find out more.
I had a reply back within an hour and it seems like it was an agency run by a husband and wife team called Amanda and Ben and basically they advertised their services locally via some kind of directory and were interested in interviewing me and suggested a home visit around 2pm today, they told me everything would be explained at the interview so I replied back saying that was fine.
As this was a job interview I thought I had better make myself presentable so I put on an open neck button up shirt and a pair of dress shorts and decided not to go commando putting on a thong underneath and having got dressed and looked in the mirror I thought I looked pretty good.
2 o’clock came and I looked out and saw a car pull up outside and on closer inspection saw it was a smart BMW so that was a good sign, I watched as Amanda and Ben got out, she was about mid 20’s quite pretty dressed in a flowing summer dress which looked like it was buttoned up the front and from where I stood looked like she had a nice figure although not much up top. Ben looked of similar age with short hair and fuck me if he wasn’t dressed similar to me with a button up shirt and dress shorts, they both looked very smart which is always a good sign.
I greeted them at the door and we did the introductions and it soon became apparent that Amanda was the boss as she did all the talking, I invited them in and showed them into the lounge where they sat on the sofa next to each other, “Coffee?” I asked which was accepted so I went out to put the coffee pot on and as I looked through the hatch they were sorting out forms from the case that Amanda had with her.
“Here we go” I said as I returned to the lounge with the coffee and took my seat in my chair and looking across I could see that Amanda was much prettier than I had first seen, she sat there all prim and proper with her knees together with a clip board on her lap, Ben was a bit more man spread.
Amanda started explaining the position which was basically that prospective customers would request a ‘Handyman’ to call and pay the agency a fee for an allotted time frame of which I would get paid half the fee but any ‘tips’ would be kept by me, sounded fair to me.
I told her that I was good at DIY although not professional but was happy to turn my hand at most things which was met with positivity and had both of them nodding with approval.
Then illegal bahis Amanda dropped the bombshell, “Some customers may require some extras which is where you can earn good money on tips” she said and I was sure she parted her legs slightly as she said it as I got a nice quick glimpse up her dress and saw nice white panties, the penny dropped then as it appeared that this was just some glorified escort service.
“How do you feel about that Frank?” she asked and at this point Ben hadn’t spoken and I had to think carefully how I replied.
I smiled and copied Ben’s man spreading, “Sounds fine to me” I said and it was like a big weight being lifted as the cards were now out on the table, Amanda and Ben both smiled “Let’s get the application done then” she said opening her folder.
As she started to write things down I saw that her knees were a couple of inches apart and whether that was intentional or not it was a good view up her dress and I could just get a shot of her panties, they looked tight, just right.
Amanda asked all the usual questions like name, address, DOB and I gave a brief summary of my interests before she asked more personal questions like my sexuality which I answered as bisexual.
“We need to do a profile for you Frank” she said smiling, “Are you happy for Ben to take a few pictures” she continued and I had to ask what kind of pictures she needed, Ben was reassuring me by telling me that nothing I wasn’t comfortable with so I happily agreed.
Ben took out his smartphone and asked me to stand up and Amanda smiled as I did a few cheesy poses, “That’s good” Ben said, “Now if we could just unbutton your shirt” he asked and I had a pretty good idea where this was going but I obeyed his instruction and he took a few open shirt shots. “Great stuff now slip your shirt off for me” he asked as Amanda made notes.
I stood there topless doing a couple of poses, “Nice chest” Amanda said obviously enjoying the show.
Ben seemed happy snapping away, “Now if you can just drop your shorts for me, hopefully you have underwear on” which raised a giggle from the onlooking Amanda.
I did as I was told undoing the button and zipper and my shorts dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them thinking it was lucky I was wearing a thong as it kept everything quite tight. “Oh Wow!” Said Amanda eyeing up my package. “Nice thong” she said and I was sure her legs opened a bit wider.
Ben took some frontal shots of me in my thong before asking me to turn around, “Very Nice arse” Amanda said and I heard Ben agreeing, “I think we can get you some good clients” Ananda said as she made more notes and Ben seemed in his element snapping away at my illegal bahis siteleri almost bare arse.
“Can we do nude?” He asked looking at Amanda while waiting on my answer, well I didn’t answer but instead just pulled down my thong and stood in front of them with my semi hard cock in full view’ “Wow! That is one hell of a nice cock” Amanda said as Ben snapped away from all angles both back and front.
“Can we see it fully erect” she asked in a matter of fact way so I stepped over to her saying “Sure, can you help?” with a little chuckle, Ben looked horrified as Amanda reached out and took my semi hard cock in her hand and slowly started to wank me while cupping my balls with the other, Ben continued to take pictures of his wife wanking off some strange dude but I was fine with it.
“Very Nice” she said as she got me fully erect in a short time and as she let her grip go Ben got in close to take some more shots, all very weird but what the hell.
I sat back down still naked and still erect as Ben went through the pics on his phone, “Thank you for that Frank, we will sort out the best ones and do your profile” and I could see as he spoke he was getting a boner under his shorts, Amanda was busy finishing off her notes and occasionally looking across at me and seeing my cock start to go soft, “Oh, one last thing” she said looking up, “You mentioned that you were bisexual”, “Correct” I said looking puzzled, “Just so we don’t get upset clients, would you just confirm that for me” and with that Ben stepped over and stood in front of me, I looked up at him and then across to Amanda who nodded so I pulled down his zipper and undid the button on his shorts allowing them to fall to the floor, now Ben was commando and his cock sprung out in front of my face.
It was nice, not to long but quite thick and uncut, I took hold of it and slowly started to rub him while licking the little bit of pre-cum off the tip before wrapping my lips around it and with my hands around his arse I pulled him into my mouth, ‘Wow!’ it did taste good I thought to myself as I started to give him a wet blow job with his wife looking on.
Poor Ben didn’t last long and within 30 seconds he was unloading his hot spunk right down my throat which took me a bit by surprise but I gladly swallowed the lot, Ben looked very apologetic but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was sucking his cock or that he came too quick but I looked across at Amanda, “Wow!” she said smiling, “And you swallowed the lot” as she closed her folder.
Ben pulled his shorts back up and sat back down on the sofa next to his wife, I looked across at her waiting for a decision and still able to see her white canlı bahis siteleri panties up her dress as she had got a little too relaxed watching me sucking off her husband, “Well, you have certainly ticked the bisexual box Frank, what are you like with anal?” she asked in a soft voice, “maybe you could demonstrate that too” she continued and before I could ask the question she stood up and started to unbutton her dress.
I was gobsmacked as button after button came undone and as she opened her dress to take it off her body looked delightful, small white panties hiding a small amount of pubic hair moving up to a nice flat stomach and then her little white bra holding in a couple of sweet ‘B’ cup breasts.
Without saying a word she turned around and pulled her panties off and bent down, my cock sprang to life seeing her sweet rounded arse cheeks staring me in the face. I walked across and knelt down behind her and with Ben watching I pulled her cheeks wide apart exposing her sweet little button hole.
I leant forward and spat a little onto her open crack before following it up with my tongue licking up and down before concentrating on her little arse hole, “Mmm” I heard her say as my tongue hit the spot and I got her to keep her cheeks spread as I went to work with my tongue.
I inserted a finger into her arse which was met with a gasp as my other hand stroked up her thigh before nestling into her wet pussy, “OMG!” she shouted out as I had 2 fingers in and started to finger fuck both her holes. Ben looked on as my face was buried in between her cheeks and my cock was now ready for action so I pulled away and ran my cock up and down her crack, she jumped slightly as my cock slipped between her legs but I managed to rectify the situation and rested it by the opening to her arse and ever so gently pushed the head in. “Wow!” she cried as inch by inch I forced my way inside her pretty little arsehole. As I was almost fully in I looked down on Ben and he had got his cock out and was starting to wank himself and this in itself was quite hot to see and as Amanda let out another loud moan I was fully inside her and starting to pound away.
Ben was engrossed at watching me fucking his wife and happily carried on wanking and it wasn’t long before I could feel my cock starting to pulsate and just at that moment Ben stood up and turned toward me offering me his cock which I gladly accepted and as I shot my seed deep into Amanda’s arse Ben emptied another load into my mouth and I carried on sucking him until there was nothing left.
I slowly pulled out of Amanda and then leant forward to lick up the excess cum from her arse while she got her breath back, “Fucking hell Frank” she said, “I think you passed on that too” as she turned around picking up her panties.
I sat back down and watched as Ben put himself away and Amanda got dressed, she looked at me and said, “I think you will do just fine Frank, welcome to the team”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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