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The Hitchhiker Ch. 04

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Sean escorted Amanda into the dinning room, she gasped suddenly and froze in her tracks, her hands shaking as they entered the large room, “Oh my God Sean, this room is beautiful,” she said as her eyes panned the room. Drawn to the center of the room she saw a large wooden table that seated 12 people.

“Oh wow, Sean, ” she whispered.

“I’m glad you like that table,” Sean said and continued, “That was crafted by my great grandfather and passed down through the generations. The original chairs had to be replaced and I had them reproduced, but I have managed to keep the table in the original condition.”

As Sean spoke of the table, Amanda’s eyes were suddenly drawn upward at the magnificent chandelier hanging over the center of the table then to an illuminated china cabinet on one wall and a buffet table with ornate carvings on the legs and across the front on the opposite wall. The china cabinet was filled with crystal Sean said was given to him by his grandmother.

“My sister doesn’t have room for this sort of stuff at her place so I’m storing her share with mine,” Sean said as he gently tugged Amanda’s arm to get her to follow him to the table.

As Amanda walked she couldn’t help but look down at the floor. “I love wooden floors, they make a room so warm and inviting,” she said as Sean pulled her chair out for her and she sat.

“Oh my, this is just like out of a movie,” Amanda replied as she gazed into Sean’s eyes, smiling nervously. “Everything is so perfect, how do you manage it all?”

With that, Sean took his seat at the head of the table then reached behind him to grasp the little bell, ringing it twice. Amanda turned at the sound of the door opening behind Sean.

An older gentleman dressed in a gray pin stripped suit and tie, a white apron around his waist and a white towel on his arm carried in a silver tray that held two bowls. He set the tray on the buffet then removed one bowl from the tray, placing it in front of Amanda, the other bowl in front of Sean. “Anything else, sir?” the man asked as he picked up the tray from the buffet.

“No that will be all for now James, but you can prepare the main course immediately,” Sean answered and continued, as James began to open the door to leave, “I think this will be a quick meal,” giving Amanda a seductive smile and began to eat his soup.

There wasn’t much communication while Sean and Amanda ate dinner, not verbally that is. There was a lot of body language going on though as Amanda kicked her shoe off then slid one foot up Sean’s leg when James left the room. She was finding it very difficult to not touch him in some way or another.

Amanda’s foot returned to the floor when she heard the door again. James brought in another tray and before he could set it down Sean pulled him aside before he’d gotten to the buffet saying, “I’m sorry James, but would you please take this back into the kitchen and just bring out the main course? I think this is going to be a quick dinner.” James walked back to the kitchen with a smile on his face.

Dinner arrived, filet mignon served with sautéed mushrooms and onions with steamed asparagus on the side. James poured red wine in two glasses, setting one by each plate and left the room, only to return shortly with two goblets filled with ice water and a lemon and a platter of chocolate dipped strawberries and sliced peaches.

Sean and Amanda ate quickly as the foods James prepared began to cause erotic sensations and thoughts in both their minds and bodies. Amanda blushed when she glanced at Sean as he licked his lips after güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri eating his last bite of filet. She herself was thinking thoughts she probably shouldn’t have been thinking especially not during dinner, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted more of him as soon as possible.

Sean blushed in return after Amanda, thinking to himself, “she couldn’t have been able to tell what I was thinking, could she? I just can’t help myself. I don’t know what’s come over me tonight. It can’t be from the lack of sex. This was never a problem before she arrived. I just have to feel her skin against mine, taste the sweetness of her lips and hear the desire in her voice. If I don’t get that soon I just might explode right here.”

As these thoughts were going through his head Amanda was having thoughts of her own. “Damn, what’s come over me? Why can’t I get these thought of him out of my head? I really want to continue where we left off. I have yet to taste him, to savor his growing cock between my lips and the fluid that would flood my mouth when I finish teasing him.”

Amanda’s thoughts were interrupted briefly when she felt Sean’s hand on her thigh, slowly creeping toward her moist panties, but then continued, ” I want to feel his teeth teasing my nipples, I want to feel him gently pull my hair again, guiding my mouth wherever he wants.”

Simultaneously Amanda and Sean set their forks down and looked up at each other. Amanda picked up a strawberry and took a small bite from the end then brought the remaining berry to Sean’s lips, he devoured it along with her fingers, sucking in gently. She pulled her hand from his mouth then Sean slid the stem out with his tongue causing Amanda to quiver in her seat.

Sean gazed deeply into Amanda’s eyes after eating the chocolate covered berry and with a sly smile said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Amanda answered his question with a sly smile in return then jumped up from her chair almost knocking it over behind her. The table shook when she jumped causing some of the water in the goblets to spill out onto the table.

Embarrassed, she reached for her napkin to wipe up the spill and as she bent forward slightly to reach the water Sean came from behind and spanked her ass with the palm of his hand then moved in real close to her.

Upon contact Amanda let out a slight scream and could feel the sting of his slap through her gown and panties. She didn’t try to escape his advances, instead she slowly pushed her ass against Sean’s front and said, “Oh yeah baby, now you’re talking!” as she felt his erection pressed against her cheeks.

Sean responded to her excitement when he leaned forward and clasped a handful of her hair, bringing her toward him. “I want you now!” he exclaimed, with a determined look in his eyes.

Amanda turned to face him when he began to speak, with her arms around his waist she placed a devilish kiss on his lips as she pressed her torso against him.

“I can’t wait to get you up to my bedroom,” he whispered softly in her ear then reached down her sides, grasping at the material of her gown and pulled it up, returning his hands to her waist.

Shocked, Amanda replied, “right here?” as she glanced around the room, nervously.

“Yes baby, right here!” Sean said with excitement in his voice. “This is my home and I can do what I want when I want, remember?” he said as he lifted her, setting her back down on the table’s edge.

Sean leaned into her and began a sweet, tender kiss. Just as she was getting into it he stopped, got to his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri knees and lifted the hem of her gown away from her thighs. Sean licked his lips in preparation for his dessert then moved his tongue up her inner thigh, stopping at the moist material of her panties and stopped briefly to inhale her sweet scent.

Amanda was in heaven and let Sean know when a soft whimper escaped her lips. “Oh yes! Don’t stop,” as she arched her back and entangled his hair with her fingers, pulling him closer. Neither Sean nor Amanda heard the knock on the door or James apologizing profusely for walking in on them in such a position.

Sean didn’t appear to be as shocked as Amanda when he said calmly, “James, listen; it’s not your fault. I didn’t hear you knock. Don’t worry about it. No harm done here.”

James glanced toward Amanda, who was now trying desperately to cover herself and said under his breath, yet loud enough for Sean to hear, “I can clearly see why you didn’t hear me” then smiled at Sean saying he’d be leaving for the night, returning sometime mid morning. James continue, “I will tell your sister and nephew hello and you are doing fine when I see her later this evening.”

“That’s great James and you enjoy your night off, you hear?” Sean told him.

“Yes sir and if that will be all I will leave the two of you alone now,” James said quietly as he walked out of the dining room after he picked up his night bag and headed for the garage, humming and smiling all the way.

When he reached the garage and fumbled with his keys to find the correct one for the door. “It’s about time Master Sean,” James said as he slid the key into the lock and turned the handle, making the alarm sound loudly.

“Damn! He always does that,” Sean said in a muffled voice with his face still buried between Amanda’s thighs.

“Will you please stop talking and just eat me,” Amanda asked, urgency in her voice.

“Okay, you asked for it!” Sean answered, excitedly as his tongue flicked and he sucked on her clit as well as her slick opening wildly.

Convulsions over took Amanda shortly after Sean’s wild attack on her pussy. The sensations from her orgasm worked through her and she began to pant, “Oh fuck, yes!” she cried out in a breathless voice.

When her body clamed and she regained somewhat normal breathing, Sean pulled her up from the table, winked then asked, “Good enough?”

“It was amazing! Couldn’t you tell by my reaction?” she answered with a sheepish smile on her face. She scooted herself off the table and gave Sean a very erotic kiss then paused just long enough to whisper into his ear, “are you ready for yours?”

“You bet your ass I’m ready baby,” Sean replied, a devilish tone in his voice as he cradled her in his arms and carried her from the dining room to his bedroom.

Reaching the closed door of his bedroom, Sean bent slightly so Amanda could grasp the handle; she turned it and pushed the door open. Sean didn’t bother to close the door behind him, because they were finally alone. He carried Amanda to the Black satin covered mattress and laid her down graciously.

She sat and began to remove her gown and stockings; she had left her shoes under the dining table. One by one she unfastened each of the four clasps of the garter belt that held up her stockings then began to strip for Sean. Using her fingers she delicately slid the sheer material down her thigh, past her knee, over her calf then off her foot and tossed each stocking to Sean.

Amanda sauntered over to him, getting quite güvenilir bahis şirketleri close then turned her back, “can you help me with this?” she asked as she lifted her hair from her shoulders, revealing the long zipper of her gown and the clasp of her necklace.

It took Sean much longer to unfasten the zipper than it would have if Amanda would have done it herself, because her neck was such a distraction to him. His mouth kept veering toward the softness at the nape of her neck where he kissed and sucked softly, before sliding his tongue to the sides, and nibbled on her ear lobes.

Amanda moaned with each affectionate touch and soon felt one strap of her gown, then the other slide from her shoulders. The silken material soon fell to the floor and she stepped out of it.

Sean kneeled in front of her and removed her panties, his tongue trailing the path of the moist garment. He stood and stepped back to admire her radiance as she stood before him, swirling a flock of hair around her finger, biting her lower lip seductively.

Amanda paused for a moment before she sauntered once again toward Sean and began to remove his clothing. It didn’t take her as long as it did him, because she so desperately wanted to touch and taste the flesh underneath.

In no time Sean was standing almost naked before her, only his socks and shoes remained. He kicked off his shoes then pulled his socks off quickly as he watched her sway her hips around in front of his face.

Amanda walked to the bed and sat on the mattress as she watched Sean walk toward his dresser. He removed his watch and without turning to look at her he said, “don’t get too comfortable over there darling.”

He walked a short distance toward the wall by the window, paused briefly to glance back at her. He pushed a hidden button on the wall then let out an almost evil laugh that gave Amanda goose bumps. Sean turned slightly to capture the look on Amanda’s face when the wall and ceiling tiles began to creek and move.

Amanda gasped then giggled nervously as she watched chains lower from the ceiling and two eyehooks appeared above the headboard and she thought to herself, “Oh my God, I love it! I never expected this from him, but I love it!”

While Amanda was busy with her erotic thoughts, Sean walked over to the nightstand, bent and pushed two more buttons and removed a large box that was hidden behind the wall of the nightstand.

Amanda watched in awe as the average room she entered just moments before was being transformed before her eyes. The candlelight danced off the walls as the soft seductive music began. Amanda watched Sean place the large box on the bed before he excused himself to freshen up in the bathroom.

When Sean was out of sight Amanda peered into the box and thought to herself, “looks like I’ve finally found myself a wild one!”

Sean returned from the bathroom, walked over to the bed and without a word he opened the box and removed two sets of leather cuffs, more hooks and chains and a metal bar with three hooks, one on either end and one in the middle. He lined up the items in a row on the black satin comforter before returning to the box.

Sean scurried through the box retrieving three red velvet pouches and placed them on the bed beside all the other items then placed the box back into its hiding place.

Amanda, curious as to what the pouches contained, opened one. “Oh yes! I’m liking this,” she said to herself as she pulled out a glass wand, licked her lips as well as the wand then opened the other two and emptied the contents one at a time on to the mattress. “Mmmm,” she moaned holding a different glass wand, a bigger one, and she gasped.

The largest of the three pouches contained a black leather paddle, a mask and a leather crop with suede fringe at one end. Amanda’s jaw dropped as she stared at the items lined up on his mattress.

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