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The First Time

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You answered the door to your apartment with no expectations whatsoever. We aren’t going to have sex, this is just two friends watching a movie and hanging out. No worries. We both know the deal. You were nervous nonetheless because you had never seen her before- at least not in person. But you knew she was attractive and you knew she was sexual. And you knew she wanted you…you’ve always known that.

She walked in with a DVD and a bag of oreos. “Why the cookies?” you asked. “If my teeth are are gooey and black, you won’t want to kiss me,” she said. And then she winked and smiled and you felt that familiar stirring in your groin. You had thought her online pictures were cute, even beautiful. But here she was face-to-face with no pretense, and you knew you were right.

She took your hand and led you to the sofa and sat you down on one side. She nestled in next to you, letting your arm fall over her shoulder. Her head on your chest, her hands on your stomach. “This is okay,” you thought. “This is perfectly innocent and friendly”.

But you could smell her perfume, subtle and faint. The scent of shampoo and something…something else…was crowding your thoughts. Her neckline of her blouse slipped briefly, and she was quick to adjust it, but not before you saw her neck and that lovely curve of her shoulder.

She was lightly scratching your chest, almost absentmindedly, but it was driving you insane. “Remember waaay back to high school?” she asked. “When you and your girlfriend would make out for hours and you were happy never getting past second base because you knew she wouldn’t?” You nodded in agreement, wondering where this was headed.

She tilted her head up to look into your eyes, and you sensed it before it happened. “She’s going to kiss me”, you thought. “Now what?”

But she didn’t. She looked straight into your eyes and she instinctively knew you were getting hard. Everything she wanted was obvious in that look. But she kept her hands and her mouth to herself.

To your surprise, you kissed her. Softly, then more insistently. And she let you. canlı bahis For an interminable length of time, you forgot everything else and just concentrated on her lips. Then the warning light began blinking and you forced yourself to pull away. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” You saw the disappointment in her eyes, but you knew you had to be the stronger one. It was the right thing for both you.

“You’re right”, she said. “Totally right.” Back to the movie- some inane comedy designed to be ignored. She lay back against your chest once again and sighed. The man inside you- the horny, selfish, testosterone-laden part of you suddenly had a thought: Would she? If I asked her, would she want to go down on me? Even though she won’t allow me to reciprocate? Or is that just me being a dick?

You could tell by the shadow of her nipples through her blouse that she was still aroused from your kiss. Maybe she would…maybe, just maybe, she WANTS to do it…

She sensed you staring at her breasts and arched her back slightly, inviting you to see her obvious arousal. “She’s insane. THIS is insane. She’s MARRIED.” you thought. But she tuned her head slightly and the scent of her hair, her skin was just too much to take.

Any excuse to escape- you wracked your mind for any reason to just get distance between you and this woman. Just for a moment to clear your head…

“Excuse me for a second,” you stuttered. Locking the bathroom door behind you, you exhaled deeply, tryin to shake that intoxicating aroma of arousal and anticipation from your senses. “This is crazy! She’s not going to just suck me off and go home. That would be…WRONG. What kind of woman DOES that?”

Aware that an inordinate amount of time had passed, you stepped from the bathroom to find her standing at the door.

“I think it’s best if I go.” she said softly. You could see she was hurt. And though you knew it wasn’t your fault, the boundaries were hers, not yours, but you felt for her. Thoughts filled your head- Wait! We’re adults. We knew going into this that it might get complicated, but hanging out bahis siteleri as friends was supposed to be the answer. All of the flirting and fun, none of the risk. No one was supposed to get hurt.

She turned to the door and reached for the handle…”This can’t be how this goes down,” you thought. “Crap.”

“It’s okay.” she said. “I still think you’re wonderful. The words just fell out of your mouth before you could stop yourself. “Listen- I don’t want you to go. I don’t. There has to be a middle ground.”

She stopped still for a moment, her eyes locked with yours. That look was unmistakable…”I know a middle ground.” she whispered.

Her hand reached for yours and she led you to the bedroom…

Those eyes were staring into yours- never flinching, never lifting her gaze from your face. You sat on the edge of the bed and she climbed onto your lap. The kisses…light and sweet, then deeper and harder. She stroked your neck with her long fingers that sent shivers up your spine. Then the biting…nipping at your neck and shoulders so lightly, but in no way innocently. Her hands pulled at your shirt, slipping it over your head. She rose and took a step back. “You’re amazing,” she said. You stood and pulled her close, your hands on her breasts, kneading and squeezing them. She was whimpering, sighing, arching herself toward your hands trying to fill them. You pulled the blouse from her body and exposed her dark skin, her nipples hard and her breasts firm and heavy.

“Please…” she whispered, pulling your head to her nipple. “Please…” You held one breast in your hand while you nibbled and sucked and licked at her nipple. She held you firmly against her body and urged you with her words…”Suck harder…harder please…” begging for you to give her what she had been without for so, so long.

Finally, nipples bruised and raw, she pulled away and turned her attention to your cock. Running a long finger down the outline of your hardness as it strained against your jeans. Never taking her eyes from yours, she unzipped you and took the length of it in her hands. bahis şirketleri “Beautiful,” she said over and over.

Lowering her body she brushed her swollen breasts against you until your cock was nestled between them. She paused and rubbed them along the length of your shaft and in one motion, sank to her knees and enveloped the tip with her mouth.

Her hands were on your hips and she pulled you deeper until she could take no more. She was sucking with such intensity, such need, such want that you were almost unable to control yourself. Her hand left your hip and you watched as it slipped between her legs. She stroked her pussy, drenching her fingers. Her other hand was pumping your cock with abandon, her tongue licking harder and faster…the pressure was building in you, but you maintained your control. Watched her as she spread her legs wider and continued to stroke herself until she came hard and fast. She stopped her sucking for only a moment to catch her breath…then she resumed with even more urgency.

“I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste all of it. Please…” You nodded and pulled her closer, digging your fingers into her hair. She increased her pressure, her suction, her hand moving faster on your cock. She watched your balls tighten close to your body and she knew it was time. You came in waves and she swallowed frantically to take in every ounce. Your heart was pounding and your mind was reeling, “Did that just happen? Did we BOTH get off with absolutely no possible guilt?”

She brought a finger to her lips to catch the few drops of cum she had missed. Rising to her feet you noticed the redness still lingering on her breasts where you had left your mark. Maybe you meant to do it. Maybe you wanted her to see them the next day and remember how you touched her body when she needed it most.

Your eyes locked again. You guided her to the bed and asked, “Would you, CAN you, stay a while?” She nodded and slipped off her sopping panties. At once, you recognized the scent that had been confusing you all night. It was the scent of her wetness, her cum.

“Did you get off before you came over here?” you asked. She smiled and laid her body against yours, the sheets cold against your skin.

“Well, I didn’t go into this with any expectations.” she replied.

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