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The Family

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Ravi was a middleclass Indian businessman living in the well to do suburbs of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India. He was 40, married to Shahnaz his wife of twenty one years, who was 40. They had married young, as was the custom in the days when the lifestyle was much different to that of a current cosmopolitan Indian city like Mumbai now.

They lived in a comfortable, luxury 3 bed – 2 bath apartment in one of those high-rise towers you see sometimes in photos of Mumbai. Their son Hamza, who was 18, still lived with them, and Sophia their 20-year-old daughter was normally away, but currently back home for a week’s holidays, which would be ending in a few days.

They were a typical traditional Indian-Westernised family in many ways. They dressed in a combination of Indian and Western styles – more Western nowadays at home, and out shopping or relaxing, but traditional at social functions, where appropriate.

In their looks, Ravi who was 6’1″ , athletic and good looking, which had made him popular. And Shahnaz at 5’4″ was still very much a good-looking woman, with a voluptuous full figure. She had been quite a stunner in her youth and she had looked after herself to this day.

Her body had grown larger – she was now a size 14, but the proportions were still in balance. She had nice, 36D boobs which still gave way to a curvy waistline, but her buttocks and ass had grown after giving birth, she thought a bit too much, although in reality they were very much in proportion to the rest of her now, and a glorious sight for any ass man who loved a fuller buxom figure.

Hamza at 5″9″ was very much a younger version of his father, and who at 18 needed to lose some weight (not fat, but a little chubby!), and had grown into rather a shy young man who lacked some confidence. Both Ravi and Shahnaz had been concerned about this, but hoped he would grow out of it. He hadn’t had a girlfriend yet as far as they knew. Sophia, on the other hand was much more outgoing. She had a beautiful face, but was a little more stocky in build at 5’7″ with a rather plump ass and large 40D boobs, however her personality was much more relaxed and outgoing, and she seemed very comfortable in herself.

The family were gathered in the kitchen for breakfast where Shahnaz and Sophia were standing by the worktop chatting away whilst preparing the food. They had their backs to Ravi and Hamza, who were sitting at the breakfast table. Suddenly, Hamza’s mobile phone rang its rather irritating tune (so Ravi always thought), and while he got up to take the call in the hallway, Ravi looked over at his wife and daughter.

Shahnaz was wearing a beige figure hugging cotton trousers with a white blouse, whilst Sophia wore a t-shirt and tight fitting dark blue denim jeans, which showed off every curve of her ample butt. Ravi was an ass man and couldn’t help admiring the behinds of his wife and daughter as they moved about, even though one of the women was his daughter. His sex drive was still very high at his age. He felt his face flush, as a sudden thought of going up to his daughter and cupping her ass cheeks through her jeans flashed through his mind.

‘Mmm,’ he thought to himself, ‘I’ll have to ponder on these feelings a bit more,’ and looked back down at his newspaper, as Hamza came back into the room after finishing his phone call.

He snatched a quick look up, and saw Hamza looking over at Shahnaz and Sophia, who still had their backs turned and were chatting away. He was sure he saw, just for a moment, Hamza eyeing up both his mother’s and sister’s butts as well. Ravi quickly looked back at his newspaper, before Hamza noticed he had been watched, and he felt a harden come on in his pants.

Ravi had always tried to be open with his wife, so that evening as they lay in bed, he raised his feelings of that morning with Shahnaz.

“Shahnaz,” he said, “This morning, when you and Sophia were making breakfast, I got a hard-on looking at both of you. Seeing both your behinds, all tightly wrapped as they were, turned me on, even Sophia’s, and I wanted to go up to her and give her butt cheeks a squeeze.”

Shahnaz sat up and looked at her husband, appearing to be horrified. “What? You wanted to touch up your own daughter?” she replied.

“I couldn’t help it. I’m just being honest with you about what I felt. The thought just happened and I found it quite arousing. And I’ll tell you something else, I sneaked a look at Hamza, when he thought I wasn’t watching, and I was sure he was eyeing you both up as well.”

Shahnaz laid her head back on the pillow with a resigned look and a sigh.

“You men!” she said finally, after a moments pause, trying to sound annoyed.

“Well,” replied Ravi “I think we should relax and take it in our stride. These sorts of feelings aren’t that unusual, I think, although people tend not to talk about them. Psychologists know all about this. Sons in their teens often may go through a phase when they have some sort of sexual attraction to their mother’s, daughters may be attracted to sincan escort fathers, and I’m sure fathers and mothers may get some sort of feeling towards their young adult sons and daughters. Normally, it’s only a phase and nothing ever happens.”

“Oh,” replied Shahnaz, “That’s good to hear. Maybe I shouldn’t dress in a way that might get Hamza to notice my body so much.”

“Yes, you could do that,” said Ravi, “And Sophia will go back in a few days and I’m sure my feelings will pass. Maybe we should be more physical with each other and that will take my mind off it!”

Shahnaz laughed and cuddled up to Ravi and gave him a kiss on the lips. She had a high sex drive to match her husband’s and was always willing to satisfy his needs, which kept her satisfied as well.

He responded and they kissed, their tongues lapping sexily at each other. She moved on top of him and felt his hands over her back and buttocks. His cock had risen in response to her sexy moments on top of him and she moved her pussy over his groin. Gently reaching down, she helped his erect dick into her moist pussy.

“Ravi, that’s nice” she said, feeling him enter her, and she started to hump her ass gently up and down. Ravi clasped both her butt cheeks, one in each hand and squeezed and rubbed them roughly, enjoying every sensation of feeling her soft, large, fleshy ass.

“I love your ass darling,” he said, as she ground herself up and down on his fuck pole. “Even after all these years, I can’t get enough of fucking you, especially in your asshole.”

She raised herself up a little way so that her boobs dangled over Ravi’s face and mouth, and he took her right boob into his mouth and sucked. First over the areola, a wide slow suck, and then licking around it with his tongue, he moved onto the erect nipple, and tickled it by licking it up and down and from side to side, before sucking on it.

Shahnaz writhed in pleasure as he sucked on her boob. She had always loved his technique of sucking on her tits, and it always sent an electric tingle through her body and down her spine.

She increased the pace of her humping up and down on Ravi’s prick loving every sensation as it glided in and out of her wet, pulsating pussy.

Under her, Ravi responded by increasing the pace of his thrust upwards. Momentarily, he moved onto her left boob and gave it the same attention as he had given the right.

Then Shahnaz, with her eyes closed, sat up fully on his dick and as she knelt over his crotch, continued the frenzied pace of her writhing up and down on his prick.

Ravi watched her large boobs jiggle and wobble in front of him as she rode him, and the sight of them caused the semen to rise in his balls.

“Yea, fuck me hard Shahnaz, ride me,” he cried out. “Fuck me you hot, dirty bitch.” He loved talking dirty at her when they fucked, and he knew it turned her on.

“Yesss…fuck…cum inside me” she replied, “I want to feel your spunk in me. “Come on fuck me, fuck me hard” she added, now in a lustful frenzy on top of him.

They continued apace, and after a few minutes more, both were close to cumming. Ravi cried out “Ahhhhhh…” as he spurted deep inside her pussy, whilst Shahnaz lasted just a moment longer before she came, and shouted out “Oh..Yesssss.”

She rolled next to him on the bed, so they lay close to each other silently, savouring the after moment.

After a minute Shahnaz said, “Satisfied darling?”

“Yes, of course honey,” replied Ravi with his eyes closed. What he didn’t tell her was that as he was cumming, he had imagined it was his daughter, Sophia, riding on top of him. “Goodnight” he added, realising he had lied to her for the first time in ages, and turned over onto his side facing away from her to sleep, feeling slightly guilty.

Thinking Ravi was satisfied, and wanting to sleep, Shahnaz lay there relaxed and feeling like she was drifting off sleepily as well.

Her mind wandered a little as she snuggled herself down, and Ravi’s words about her son Hamza looking at her in a sexual way crossed her thoughts again.

She hadn’t been quite honest with Ravi. Recently, she had looked at her son in a way a mother should not, especially in the last year or so. And she was sure she had seen him looking at her body in a sexual way as well. It was a woman’s, or mother’s intuition. Her sex drive was high and she had imagined herself doing some quite naughty things with him, and even masturbated to the thoughts.

But she had never felt able to talk to Ravi about it. But now, as Ravi had raised some similar thoughts he had for Sophia, her fantasies seemed to be something that might just be possible. She would have to draw out Ravi’s feelings for Sophia first, and then slowly tell him of her own attraction to Hamza as well. She would have to be careful how it was done. First though, she would have to raise the subject again with Ravi, and carefully introduce the idea of transforming their thoughts into reality to him.

She felt a tingle sincan escort bayan of sexual arousal run through her and in her pussy, even though she had orgasmed only a few moments ago. Unconsciously, she licked her lips, and then tried to put the thoughts away. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

Whilst the parents slept with their own thoughts of lust, their son and daughter, Hamza and Sophia were having their own lustful desires, separately, in their own beds.

Hamza, typically at 18, had his male hormones raging, and would often masturbate three or four times and day. And the object of his thoughts whilst he did this, was often his mother.

He had a thing for older women. He had a collection of porno magazines which were mostly the ‘over 40’ type and even one or two entitled ‘over 50’. And he just loved to ‘beat his meat’ whilst looking at nude raunchy pictures of older women. Sometimes he would imagine his mother striking a pose like that of the pictures he would often look at, perhaps a like lady on all fours on the floor showing her asshole and pussy and looking back at the camera as if asking to be fucked senseless.

Tonight he was thinking of his mom, in the tight beige pants she had worn during the day, remembering the way her butt cheeks had stretched the fabric of the pants, and the way they had wobbled and rippled as she had walked about. He’d had to go to his room a couple of times during the day just to wack off and get some relief, she’d turned him on so much.

Funnily enough, he’d also just started to notice how his sister, Sophia’s ass was starting to look quite attractive as well recently. He was an ass man, no doubt, and both his mom and sister were both starting to look really hot to him these days.

As he lay in bed, he wanked himself off, thinking about feeling up his mom’s beautiful wide ass cheeks, imagining her bending over the kitchen worktop for him, wriggling her butt at him and then letting him cum all over the material of her pants. As he came thinking about this, he made sure his cum went over a towel he kept for the purpose, as he was careful about not leaving any stains on his bed sheets. He was quite secretive about his masturbating, and tried not to leave any signs. As he came, he felt a wave of pleasure run through his body. Slowly he started to drift off to sleep, little aware of the thoughts his mother was having about him a few doors away, whilst lying next to his father.

Across the hallway, in her own room, Sophia lay in bed, with a couple of fingers of her right hand buried in her pussy. She was playing with herself, as she often did, bringing herself to another orgasm.

She had a secret. She was not a virgin, as was so common for unmarried girls of her age in India. She knew what sex was all about, and having already had the ‘fire lit’, her lustful desires had now to be satisfied regularly.

Whilst being away at boarding school, she had met a boy, the same age as her in the local area of the school, and one thing had led to another. They were now lovers, meeting secretly, once or twice a week, and having sex. But she was not ‘in love’ with him. No, she was quite sure of that. In the beginning, it might have been puppy love, but that had worn off, and now they would meet just for sex and a laugh, which seemed ok. But this also meant that when she was away from boarding school, she missed the sex quite a lot, having got used to it regularly now.

As she carried on doing this, her mind wandered a little, and she had a flashback the way her father had looked at her a few times recently since she had come home for the holidays. She was not slow on the uptake with the way men and boys would sometimes look at her, and she had seen a lustful look in her father’s eyes a few times. She had pretended to be all innocent, and not notice each time it had happened.

For a moment, as she masturbated, her mind replaced her boyfriend’s face and prick with that of her father’s, and she felt a rush of lust run through her. At first, it felt a little strange, but enjoying the new image in her mind, and continuing with the thought, she finally brought herself to an intense orgasm, thinking of her father, as she pumped her fingers in her pussy.

She lay there, feeling satisfied, but also a little aroused that imagining her father in a sexual way had had such an effect. She wondered what would happen if she teased him a little with her body over the next few days whilst she was home. The idea gave her some pleasure. Thinking these thoughts, eventually she drifted off to sleep.

Shahnaz spent the next morning thinking about how to put her plans into action. Sophia would be home for another 7 days before going back to boarding school. In that time, she had to get Ravi so aroused and wanting Sophia so much, that he would agree to let her have her fun with Hamza, in exchange for a similar arrangement for him with Sophia.

The first thing she would do, would be exactly the opposite to what she had escort sincan said to Ravi about not wearing clothes to attract the men of the house to herself and her daughter’s bodies. Instead she would make sure both Sophia and herself wore clothes that would drive both her husband and Hamza wild with desire, and hope Ravi would want more. She would then slowly give in to Ravi’s desires for more, whilst pretending to protest a little. Then she would bring in her own demands for her feelings about Hamza. She felt delighted at her scheme!

Shahnaz decided she would also have a talk with Sophia just to see how she might react to having some lustful ‘seeds’ of thought planted in her. If she could somehow get Sophia to be involved in the seduction right from the beginning, it would make things much easier.

Hamza was out with friends whilst her husband was at work. Shahnaz decided to approach Sophia after breakfast.

“Sophia, darling” said Shahnaz, “Would you like to come shopping with me this afternoon? I’ll treat you to some new clothes.”

“Sure mom”, replied Sophia, “Anything in particular?”

“Well, the weather will be getting warmer soon, and I thought maybe we should be a bit more casual around the house. Perhaps we can get some shorts and t-shirts and one or two nice fitting jeans or pants.”

“Ok” replied Sophia, happily innocent to her mother’s real plans behind the shopping trip.

Shahnaz ordered a taxi and they went to a popular mall in central Mumbai, well known for its westerns style-clothing shops.

Shahnaz picked out a variety of shorts for herself and Sophia and some jeans and pants, making sure she picked sizes that would be quite figure hugging on them both, and show off the curves of their asses well, plus some t-shirts.

In the changing room, as Sophia tried some of the items on, she said “Mom, some of these are a bit..er….tight…I mean, do you think dad will mind me wearing these at home?”

“You mean sexy looking” replied Shahnaz with a smile, as she saw just how good Sophia’s butt looked in some of the selections.

“Er….yes” replied Sophia a little embarrassed at her mother’s use of the word ‘sexy’.

“No that’s fine,” replied Shahnaz. “I’m going to start wearing shorts too – there’s no need to be shy – in the hot weather, and as long as we are at home and not in front of strangers, I’m sure both your dad and Hamza won’t mind, us being a bit more casual and free.”

Sophia felt a little perplexed at some of her mother’s choice of clothing, as they seemed far too tight fitting on her mom especially, but she went with it.

When they got home, neither Hamza nor Ravi were back. Shahnaz made them both some cold drinks and they sat down on the sofa in the living room.

“Before your brother of father come home, Sophia, I wanted to chat about something with you.”

“What’s that?” said Sophia, smiling back at her mom.

“Well, you’re 20 now and quite an attractive young girl, have you ever thought about boys, or a boyfriend?”

Sophia blushed. She had to lie now.

“Well, nothing much to say on that at the moment mom, you know, I’m still quite shy” she said, blatantly lying.

“I think you should always try to look your best,” replied Shahnaz. “Even in the house when your father and brother are around, it’s good practice to look nice and…,” she hesitated, “…Even sexy, as then you get into a good habit, and you never know when you might meet the right man.”

Sophia looked a little surprised. “You mean you’re not bothered if I don’t have an arranged marriage.”

“Well, there’s plenty of time for that,” replied Shahnaz. “And I’m sure your father and I won’t object if you meet someone you like yourself and even have some fun, as long as you are sensible. It’s not like the olden days now in India.”

Sophia looked slightly shocked at what her mother appeared to be saying.

“Erm, I’m not quite sure what you mean mom?” was all she could say feebly, in response.

“I’m talking about sex, Sophia,” said Shahnaz boldy. “It is fun, and your father and I are quite relaxed about it. We know what it was like to be your age and we aren’t going to be hard on you if you want to have a bit of fun before you get married.”

“Oh” replied Sophia, still in a slight state of shock at this conversation.

“If you do meet someone, just be careful, that’s all” continued Shahnaz. “And in the meantime, don’t be shy about your feelings, just let them flow.”

“Ok” replied Sophia.

“Now why don’t we go and change into one of these new outfits each before the men of the house come back,” said Shahnaz getting up, and inviting Sophia to follow her.

Sophia followed her mother into her parent’s bedroom.

“You can change here if you like,” said Shahnaz, “Don’t be shy now.”

And with that, Shahnaz started to undress in front of her daughter. Sophia tried not to stare at her mother, and started to undress herself, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Shahnaz decided to go completely nude in front of her daughter to see what effect this might have. “Take off all your clothes Sophia” said Shahnaz. “Maybe we can compare our bodies before we try some of these new clothes on again and see just what a difference age makes” she continued, jokingly and laughing out loud.

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