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The Devorce Hearing

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The Devorce Hearing
Everyone Please Stand All Those Having Business Before the Circuit Court of Maryland in Anne Arundel County, Please Come Fourth and be Heard, the Honorable Doris Jenkins Presiding

The bailiff says your Honor this is the case number 2367 of Baker vs Baker and hands her a file. Then you may all be seated. The Judge says Ms. Dennis why are we here, and not in counseling, the defendant says she wants to reconcile, on top of this there has been no attempt of a property settlement. As I understand the case the only real property is a vehicle, and some furniture. Ok Ms. Dennis it’s your dime tell me why we are here!

Thank you, your Honor, my client Mr. Jake Baker is here seeking a devorce from Mrs. Baker on the grounds of adultery and extreme mental cruelty. Even before their now one-year marrage of which only six months were together, and now six months separated, the defendant has had numerous afairs while never having consummated their marrage. We also seek to deny paternity of the baby the defendant now carries, we are also amending our request for devorce to annulment! The lawyer for Tina Mr. Bowie jumps up; YOUR HONOR I OBJECT THIS IS THE FIRST WE HAVE HEARD OF ANNULMENT; the judge says objection denied sit down Mr. Bowie this is their opening statement you can’t object, and I have not ruled on the request to change to annulment! Continue Ms. Dennis, thank you your Honor as I was saying, lastly what the defendant hasn’t revealed to the court is that my client is to receive a five-million-dollar inheritance in three years, when he turns twenty-one.

The Judge says ok this could get inserting after all, Mr. Bowie the floor is yours! Thank you, your Honor my client Mrs. Tina Baker is deeply and dearly in love, with Mr. Bowie, while she does admit to one indiscretion while under the influence of alcohol, she is desperately seeking counseling and reconciliation.

The Judge says thank you Mr. Bowie, Ms. Dennis please call your first witness, thank you your Honor I call Mr. Jake Baker to the stand, Jake takes the stand and is sworn in by the Bailiff. Mr. Baker do you consider yourself to be a normal and average male, he says yes. Mr. Baker while dating and being engaged did you ever attempt to have intercourse with your now wife? Yes, I did but she said she was a virgin and promosed her mother she would remain a virgin until we got married. So, your romantic endeavors while dating and consisted of hugging and kissing correct. Jake says no she insisted I perform oral sex on her almost every night. Well she did at least reciprocate correct, he says no she has never touched or as far as I know even ever seen my um ah thing! Ms. Dennis asks you mean while you were dating and engaged, he says no to this day, Mr. Baker have you never been nude with your wife? No, really have you never seen her nude he reply’s yes. Mr. Baker are you a virgin? Jake answers yes! Ok so your wife was a virgin when you married correct Jake says yes, she asks then can you explain these, your Honor I submit plaintiffs exhibits one thru four, number one is Mrs. Baker and her older sister in the HS boys locker room having sex with six black football players, the second video was of her with two black co-workers having sex in the stock room in the store where she works with her sister. The next two videos of her having sex with black men in the back seat of different cars on different times. Jake has a tear running down his cheek and says no mam obviously she lied to me.

Ok Jake lets go to your wedding day this should be one of the happiest days of your life, your Honor I submit plaintiffs exhibit five a video of the defendant having sex with three black servers within an hour of getting married. Jake is now crying; the judge asks do we need to take a short recess, Jake says no your Honor I’ll be ok, ok Ms. Dennis please carry on, Jake did you no wait were you permissive of your wife having sex outside of your marrage? Jake yells NO OF COURSE NOT! She askes him Jake did your have sexual intercourse with your wife on your wedding day? No, she said she was tird, but about three hours after we got married, she made me perform oral sex with her she was unusually wet I thought she was really excited for that night, guess I was wrong. Jake did you have sexual intercourse with your wife on your wedding day or night, Jake says no, quickly she follows up Jake have you ever had sexual intercourse with your wife. He says no.

Ok moving on your Honor I submit plaintiffs exhibit six, this is explicative and no one under eighteen should be permitted to remain in the court room. The judge clears the court room of all u******ed people. The Judge says ok Ms. Dennis please proceed, she sets up the seen this took place on November 15th, 2017 just after midnight Mrs. Baker is in one of the private rooms at the Kit Kat Club, she is with a Mr. Malcom Johnson a black man, owner of the club and reported pimp specializing in white women for black men. She turns on the video player Tina and Malcom are nude, Malcom had a huge erection and is sitting on a chair Tina straddles his lap impaling herself on his cock wraps her arms around his neck kissing him and moaning as he pumps his huge black cock in and out of her little white pussy, he says that’s it baby ride my big black pole baby. Your sister says you really love black cock baby, why don’t you leave your little dicked white husband and come stay with me, you can work here, why give your sweet pussy away when I can get good money for it baby. Tina yells OH GOD OH GOD YES BABY FUCK ME OH YES, YOUR CUM IS SO HOT, she falls against his chest, he says so what do you say baby you want lots of big black cock baby. She mumbles mmmuuuu yes baby I’ll do it, he smiles and says to the guy in the room with them take her show her how to wash her cunt between clients have her sign a work contract and a withholding form and get her to work. The video goes off.

Ms. Dennis asks, Jake can you tell me what took place early in the morning of November 15th,2017. He says Tina came home at 4:00am woke me up told me she was tird of being married and she was leaving and packed all her clothes in trash bags and left. She asked him then what happened on November 18th, 2017, he answered I was working 4 to 12 but there was a problem at work, and I did not get home until 7am. When I got there, she had moved back in and was getting ready to go to work, she said she was sorry I was confused but I’m back now just know I love you more than you will ever know we can talk when you get home this evening. I got home that night at 12:30 from work she was not there she got home at 3:00am went stright in took a shower I asked her where she had been, she said they have to do weekly inventories and she was working. Jake how did your wife’s work schedule change after that, she would leave at eight in the morning and get home form 2:30 on, a few times she never even came home.

Ok Jake tell me about December 31, 2017. Jake says Tina’s brother had a New Year’s Eve party, there was a bad snow storm I mean like a blizzard. My brother in law has a big house like six bed rooms, and he had a bunch of blowup mattresses, as I found out later her brother regularly has adult parties there. At the party were her older sister and her husband, two friends of mine and their wives and of course my brother-in-law and his wife and six male cops that are friends of my brother-in-law they all work together three of which were black. The six cops are regular attendees of the adult parties that are held there. I was the keeper of the car keys as I don’t drink. The party went on people were dancing everyone was having a good time of course as soon as we got there Tina went off talking with her sister, about 11:00 my buddy came over and said man I’m sorry, but Tina is on the floor behind the bar screwing a one of the black cops. As I approached the cops were all taking pictures and videos when I looked behind the bar my wife was laying on the floor with a black guy on top of her steady pumping his big black penis in her and she was hugging and kissing him. I shot some video one of the cops pulled me back and said don’t worry k** she is having fun we will give her back tomorrow when we are done with her and he showed me his gun. My brother-in-law was standing their mixing drinks and says she’s a lot fun go find another woman to do tonight.

Tina’s lawyer speaks up and says OBJECTION YOUR HONOR we have no evidence of this event, Jakes lawyer your Honor we would like to submit plaintiffs exhibit 7 the video where the cop is telling Jake they were going to use his wife all night and her having intercourse, also over two months ago we subpoenaed the six officers but they have avoided all attempts to serve them. The Judge tells the Bailiff, I’m issuing bench warrants for these six officers call the State Police have them arrested and before me in chains by 1:00 pm. I am also issuing warrants for their cell phones. The Judge then says OBJECTION DENIED, Mr. Baker please proceed, well after I was forced away, I went in got my wife’s purse took the check book, the credit cards got her keys took the apartment key and car keys I put my coat on my two buddies and their wives all joined me the cops had hit on their wives several times they were all carrying guns so we all just all prepared to leave, Tina’s sisters husband saw us leaving and I told him to tell Tina she could pick up her stuff from the storage bin and I’ll see her in court. My apartment was closest we all went there once we got there, they all helped me put her stuff in trash bags and put the bags in the storage bin in the basement of the apartment building.

Jake’s lawyer says your Honor I am finished with this witness but reserve the right to recall the witness at a future time. The Judge says Mr. Bowie the witness is all yours. Mr. Bowie says Your Honor permission to treat the witness as hostile, OBJECTION YOUR HONOR, the judge says Objection Sustained, Bowie asks Mr. Baker isn’t it true you abandoned your wife shortly after you were married, Jake says I don’t understand the question. Bowie says well let me try and dumb it down for you, OBJECTION YOUR HONOR HE’S TRYING TO INTIMIDATE THE WITNESS! The judge says OBJECTION SUSTAINED Mr. Bowie your treading on thin ice don’t try my patience, now proceed cautiously! Ok Mr. Baker is it true when you got off work you would go directly to a garage and work on a race car till after midnight? Jake responded no not at all, when I worked day shift I would come stright home get cleaned up fix dinner for us, but shortly after we got married Tina started working late every night, she said the store had to do weekly inventory and ordering after the store closed, she was rarely home before midnight most of the time it was around 3am. I was always home from the garage long before she would come home. When she did come home she would take a shower and come to bed. Mr. Bowie says so you admit you were never home when your wife was there by abandoning your wife and marrage. NO THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID SHE WAS NEVER THERE, NOT ME.

Bowie says and there it is the reason your wife stayed away from you, your violent outburst and tendencies she is afraid of you and your berating her she is a battered spouse, Tina yells out NO STOP HE NEVER ABUSED ME, OBJECTION YOUR HONOR there is not one thread of evidence what so ever my client ever battered his wife! The Judge says Mr. Bowie where is your evidence of abuse do you have any? In good time your Honor. The Judge Mr. Bowie do you have any more questions for this witness, Bowie none your honor. Ms. Dennis your Honor redirect please, the judge says go ahead. Jake during Mr. Bowies questioning you responded that your wife was going to work in the morning and not getting home until after 2:00 am due to having to do store inventories, is that correct Jake says yes that is what she told me, your Honor we would like to submit plaintiffs exhibit 8, this is work the record for Mrs. Baker from July first 2017, to Jan. first 2018. These records clearly show Mrs. Baker worked Monday Thru Friday nine to five. Also, we would like to canlı bahis siteleri submit plaintiffs exhibit 9 it is the inventory policy for the store that clearly shows the store she works in only inventoried once a year in January. You Honor we wondered about the discrepancy of nine hours every night when she got off work, so our investigators looked into Mrs. Bakers work records and discovered she had a second job and we obtained those records also we would like to submit plaintiffs exhibit 10 her work records for the Kit Kat Club that shows she works Monday thru Friday 5:30 pm to 2:00 am every day and various hours Saturdays and Sundays. Your Honor this completes my examination of this witness. The Judge Mr. Bowie any thing else for this witness. Mr. Bowie no your Honor. Mr. Baker you may step down.

Ms. Dennis you may call your next witness, Ms. Dennis your Honor I call to the stand Jayson Cook, the Bailiff swears him, Ms. Dennis asks Mr. Cook please tell me where you were on July 19, 2017. He said he was working as a waiter at a wedding. Mr. Cook do you see the bride here in this court room, he answers yes and points to Mrs. Baker. Ms. Dennis asks how is you remember her? He says he was assigned to service the brides dressing room, just before the wedding was to start the bride’s maids had gone only the maid of honor and the bride were left in the room. He said the maid of honor told him she would watch the door for him to go have intercourse with the bride then she watched and told her to bend over a chair and pull up her dress up and told me to take off her g-string and keep it and to do her and I did. She kept telling me to hurry up she was getting married in a few seconds, when I was done, they were playing the wedding march she rushed out the door and that was it. Later after the wedding the maid of honor told three of my buddy’s also working the wedding the bride was waiting for them in the brides dressing room and they went and did her for hours, Ms. Dennis says no more questions for this witness your Honor. The Judge says your witness Mr. Bowie, he says no questions.

The Judge says Ms. Dennis you may call your next witness your Honor I call Buddy Tomas to the stand, he went to the stand and the Bailiff swears him, Ms. Dennis asks him how he knew the plaintiff and defendant, he said he was married to Tina’s older sister. Then she asked him where he was the night December 31, 3017, he states he was at the New-Years-Eve Party. She asked him if he observed anything unusual, he said that night there was a really bad snow storm, we were all susposed to spend the night but later on I saw Jake and the two friends and their wives he came with putting on their coats I asked him where he was going he said home and to tell Tina her clothes and other belongings will be in the storage bin to come get any time and he would see her in court. When I walked back out, to the main room I saw Tina stand up from behind the bar nude with a big fresh hicky on her boob, one of the black cops got up from behind the bar pulling his paints up and all six of them took her nude into one of the back-bed rooms. They never closed the door, you could hear them in there going at it hard. He said he went to bed about 1:00 am he was in a room right across from them when he went to bed there were three guys doing her at once one doing her anal, one doing her virginally and one orally, when the three of them were done she looked really exhausted they got her up then fed her a pill, had her snort some coke, then smoke some meth, after that she was back at it, I even saw her brother go in there twice that night and coming out pulling his paints up! The Judge says just a second are you sure the cops were feeding her d**gs yes, your Honor, ok you can continue.

Well they stayed in that room till about 1:00 the next afternoon the cops all took off, Tina came walking out nude she was covered in suck marks she walked behind the bar got her dress went into the bathroom took a shower came out with her dress on, lit a cigarette by then it was 2:30 she finally relized Jake wasn’t there and asked where he was, I told her he left last night when he found her behind the bar fu having intercourse with the black cop. Then I told her he said her clothes would be in the storage bin in the basement and he would see her in devorce court! She came over sat down at the kitchen table put her elbows on the table her face in her hands crying I could see she was truly hurt. My wife checked her she had crashed she was sound asleep, we put her to bed. Than my wife and I went home. It was all planed you know! Ms. Dennis says excuse me he said it was all planed by the sisters and their brother, they wanted to see how long they could cockold him with her before he snapped, the party was a test, they though Tina could get him back any time they wanted her to. Guess that all kinda blew up in their face didn’t it. The sad thing is she really loved him, go figure. Ms. Dennis says you mean they conspired to fraudulently marry Jake to perform some sick experiment on him, he says my wife and her brother did, Tina really loves him yes. Ms. Dennis says Is there anything else, he says isn’t that enough! Ms. Dennis says it should be, your Honor I have no more questions for this witness. The Judge says Mr. Bowie you may question the witness. He mumbles I have no questions your Honor.

The Judge says Ms. Dennis you can call your next witness, Ms. Dennis says the plaintiffs rest your Honor. The Judge says Mr. Bowie you can call your first witness. He says your Honor we request the case be dismissed and the parties be ordered to counseling! The Judge says denied now proceed with your defense. He says the defense rest, but I still request these k**s be given a chance and be ordered to counseling your Honor.

The Judge says something is not right here, Mr. Bowie I know you, is this the best you can do for a defense? He says it all my client will permit me to present. The Judge says very well. Mr. Baker I am sorry not all women have the sick mind like hers I dare not say your wife because she was never a wife, I grant you an annulment, Bailiff please take the wedding and engagement rings from the defendant and give them to Mr. Baker the Bailiff does as directed. As far as the baby goes it’s obvious these two never consummated their marrage so I am issuing an order preventing Mrs. Baker from naming you as the father. I am also issuing an order that Mrs. Baker you immediately have your name changed back to your maiden name. Farther more I am directing Mrs. Baker pay all of Mr. Bakers legal fees and all court fees. As far as property distribution as this is an annulment normal devorce property distribution does not apply so possession is nine tenths of the law so what you have as of this date is yours. Case closed and she brings down the gavel.

Her lawyer is herd saying that’s all I could do I can’t force the Judge to order counseling when you have not given me a reason to do so!

A year later Jake walks into the Kit Kat club carrying a gym bag he knows Tina is in room 6 he goes up to the bar tender and says 6 he nods to a big bouncer and says six. The bouncer says that will be a hundred for an hour Jake gives him three hundred and took a blind fold out of the gym bag hands it to him and says have her wear this I don’t want her to see me, he says sure you can have her till we close at 2:00 for this! The bouncer goes in comes back out says ok she is ready have fun! Jake walks in she is sitting on the bed looking rather hangered well he was her f******nth customer today! He took her hand walked her into the bathroom sat her on the toilet took the hose and washed out her cunt, she hadn’t bothered after her last four customers. Globs of cum plopped out of her, than once it ran clear, he squirted a mixture of alum and female disinfection in her pussy then he douched her with a fresh smelling solution. He made her get in the shower and thoroughly wash herself he got her out dried her off powdered her then sat her down put a note in her hand, a bag of makeup, hair brush and hair dryer. He turned off the lights took off the blind fold and walked out of the room. She turned on the lights read the note it said fix your hair, put on your make up, then put the blind fold back on, knock on the door and walk out. Tina didn’t know if this was creepy or romantic but she proceeded, once she was ready, she knocked on the door walked out the door he took her hand and walked her to the bed, then put on the a white lace strapless open cup corset, with stocking straps, a pair of white lace topped thigh highs, a white G-String and last a pair of white six-inch heels. Jake had purchased her G-String back from the witness at the devorce hearing, the rest of the outfit were from their wedding he had kept them when he packed up her clothes.

He stood behind her ran his hands over her body, she could feel his huge cock pressing against her ass and though I have never felt a cock so big before. He gently kissed the side of her neck and she just melted back against his body realizing he was completely nude and could feel his hard body, she was thinking with such a big cock he had to be black, he cupped her ample breast and rolled her nipples between his thump and four finger she moaned, my god he knew just how to roll her nipples to provide her the max pleasure, he should he had done it repeatedly while he ate her almost every night many times unknown to him she was full of her lovers cum. She turned her head and they kissed, he slowly turned her in his arms, her hands were on his hard smooth chest as they continued to kiss, but this kiss it was not musky like a black man, who was this how did he know exactly how to touch her to turn her on, she could feel her pussy dripping down her leg! She moved her hands down across his six pack abs, oh god can this guy be real, she reached behind him cupped his ass cheeks and though I gota get this guy to take me home and keep me! He edged her back to the bed had her sit on the edge, knelt before her spread her legs and kissed his way up to her pussy, she grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as she could, Jake took the tip of his tongue and circled her pussy lips round and round he watched as her lips swelled open exposing her wet inner lips and her clit swelling, then he circled her little pink star her body was twisting and moaning as he licked her right up the center of her open pussy lips and flicked her now fully engorged clit, her back arched and cried out in pleasure! She reached down and grabbed his hair and pulled him tight against her pussy as she always did when he ate her, he reached up twisted her nipples as he always did to make her cum and that did it, he felt her body shake and she screamed out OH GOD JAKE YES I’M CUMMING YES OH GOD YES then suddenly she relaxed she had fainted she didn’t even relize she had called out his name as she was cuming! Jake lifted her into the center of the bed layed beside her, this was all new territory he had never been this far with her or any other female for that matter! He kissed the corners of her lips and she smiled, Jake moved between her legs, she reached down slid the g-string to the side and slowly inched his huge cock head into her now tight hot wet pussy, she says please go easy on me for some reason my pussy is tight, and I have never had a man as large as you. Jake says to himself yes she’s tight he saw to that by rinsing her pussy in the alum solution, kissing her hard and hot now as his cock continues to travel deeper in her body, She yells STOP as he felt her pussy clamp down tight around his cock, her whole body shuttered then she relaxed his cock slid in another two inches, then they worked together and he finally felt his balls bounce off her ass. He layed there clutched her against himself, a tear ran down his cheek, he still loved her with all his heart and soul. He felt her hips start to move below him and he responded by meeting her pace than taking over and totally dominating her, Tina could only hold on and enjoy the ride. She didn’t understand what was happening canlı casino she was always in charge no man had ever controlled her but slowly she totally gave herself over to him! Then he twisted a bit and he was rubbing her clit and hitting her g spot every stroke, her nails are dug into his back, she was screaming at the top of her lungs her pussy was clamping and rereleasing his cock every few seconds, he couldn’t hold back any longer and explodes inside her pussy and she passes out in his arms.

Jake takes her blind fold off, looks down at her beautiful face and he cries and says to her I still love you with all my heart and soul why couldn’t you love me as much as I love you. Jake goes to get up she grabs his arm and pulls him back to her and crying she says I love you I have always loved you it’s just Jake YELLS JUST WHAT TINA! She turns buries her head in the pillow. Jake gets up, slowly starts getting dressed once he’s done, he walks out the door and closes it behind him. Outside he falls back against the door, he hears her moving inside the room, he hears her cell phone she has it on speaker he heard her sisters voice Tina says you bitch you ruined my life, her sister Vicky says shut up you stupid slut I got you that job there and your getting more cock than that wimp you married could have ever given you. I would never have let you stay married to him you know I would have showed him the videos of you fucking our big brother and all his friends at all the swinger parties, YOU BITCH YOU KNOW HE HAS BEEN ****ING ME SENCE I WAS 12 AND YOU HELPED HIM. We all love your sweet little body so much we aren’t about to let you go, at least we let him and his family live! Well bitch you two have fucked me for the last time you made me torture the kindest most loving man I could ever hope to love, you made me make him hate me no more no more no more Vicky says what have you done slut I’m taking pills one by one my life isn’t worth living without Jake he was all I ever need all I ever wanted he was the only person that truly loved me here goes number three!

Jake throws open the door rushes in knocks the pills out of her hand looks around finds a dress and says put this on, he asks her what she took she says EX he says how many she says two so far. That’s when they relize her sister is on the phone they hear her yelling on the phone, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING YOU STUPID SLUT. Jake grabs the phone and says Vicky this is Jake one thing you don’t know about me is my Uncle is a Senior FBI agent, I recorded your conversation I figure you and your brother have about an hour to get to a country that doesn’t have an extradition agreement with the US. One other thing if you or your brother ever try to see Tina again, I will kill you!

Jake looks at her and says get dressed we are going home. Tina says Jake really he says yes, now get dressed. Once she put the dress on Jake had her sit on the bed and he looked at her and said I just need to know where is the baby, she burst out crying and says I don’t know. I was taken to a clinic when the baby was born, I never saw it, from what I was told they sold her for a lot of money. Jake pulled her into his arms and says I’m so sorry Tina it’s going to take some time, but we will get all these bastards.

The door opens the bouncer comes in and says times up. Tina says it’s ok Tom this is my husband he’s taking me home I’m quitting! He smiled and says you never belonged here to start with, let me help you get your things. He gets trash bags they pack her clothes Jake takes her out to his truck opens the door for her, gets in pulls up to the front of the club and puts her stuff in the bed of his pick-up and they drive to Jakes new house. As they pull in the drive the garage door opens, Tina says I thought we were going home, Jake says this is our house now as they pull in the garage and the door goes down.

Jake gets out walks around the truck opens the door for her takes her hand and leads her into the house and to the kitchen asks her if she wants anything to eat or drink she says yes a sandwich and milk please, he says peanut butter Jelly and BBQ chips and chocolate milk right, a tear runs down her cheek and says you remembered he says of course, now get over here and give me a hand from now we do everything together, she gets up hugs him they have a quick peck he tells her where things are they put together their sandwiches get their drinks sit and eat together. It’s six am Jake pulls out his cell puts it on speaker and calls his Uncle John, he answers Jake says Uncle John this is Jake sorry to call you so early, John says you know you can call me any time, whats up. Jake goes on to tell his Uncle, Tina’s story, being continually ****d from the age 12, being forced in prostution, baby being sold. He asks where are you Jake he says at the new house, then he asks where is Tina she says I’m with him, he says good, now did you put in the special room in I sent you the plans for Jake says yes, he says take Tina and get in there and secure it, then call me back GO NOW QUICK, Jake grabs her hand and leads her to the safe room as they do he hears his back door being kicked in, once in the safe room he pushes a button and a thick metal door closes off the room, they hear pounding on the door, then gun shots bouncing off the door. Jake calls his Uncle back on the tells him what going on he says hold tight help is on the way. Then he says they were involved with a very dangerous human trafficking ring and were lucky to be alive.

Jake looks at Tina and says Uncle John says to hold on help is on the way. She looks at him with a funny look and says OH SHIT Jake says what, she says the EX is kicking in! Jake says oh shit not now she smiles shakes her head yes then drops to her knees unzips my fly reaches in pulls out his cock kisses it and says I love you baby then slides her lips over his cock and sucks his cock head swirling her tongue round and round his cock he says baby please I can’t hold out much longer she stops gets up walks over to the cot takes off her dress slides off her g-string lays down takes her finger jesters for him to come to her, Jake walks over to her she says take your clothes off as he does she fingers her pussy looks up at him and says make love to me baby make me yours I love you I want you I need you please don’t ever let me go again I was lost without you. He climbed between her legs she says baby make love to me he slowly slid into her. Her breathing became deep and rapid she was searching for the next breath of air then she felt his balls touch her ass her pussy was full and then started pumping his cock in and out of her this time he held her tight against him he had positioned himself so he was pressuring her clit and g-spot with every movement, Tina was working her pussy to give him maximum pleasure then they both exploded at once and collapse into each other’s arms. Jake slid off of her pulled her pussy to his face and licked and sucked and cleaned her out, then pulled her down to him kissed her shareing their combined love nectar.

There was a banging on the door a voice says Jake it’s Uncle John open up. They jump up Tina throws her dress on Jake his shirt and pants. He is about to open the door sees her g-string on the floor grabs it and stuffs it in his back pocket. Jake pushes the button and the metal plate covering the door opening, slides aside. Jake walks out holding Tina’s hand behind him she sees her g-string hanging out of his back pocket reaches up and stuffs it down into his pocket. Uncle John says are you two ok Josh says yes we are good, he says these US Marshals they are going to take you two into protective custody, right now you are going down to the court house to meet of our analyst, then you will be, questioned to fill in some holes we have in our ongoing investigation. John said I’m going to give your Dad a call have him come over and with his guys and replace your back door, Jakes Dad builds high end homes he had built this home for Jake. Before you leave get me into the surveillance system so we can see who broke in, Jake gave him the password. Jake asked how did they know where we were, I just moved in here last week, none of Tina’s family know about this house? He said my guess Tina’s cell phone, oh turn off your cell phones, he took then put them in an electronics bag and told Dan and his partner Alice the two US Marshals to get them to IT to see if they were cloned or tracked. John says see that Josh and Tins get to HQ safe and sound, use the inside garage!

Once at HQ Tina and Jake get to HQ they are taken to the top floor and are ushered into an outer office and told to sit on a sofa. They are introduced Dr. Joan Wolford, and Dr. Jeri Banks. They say they are going to separate us and speak to each of us individually by each of them then together. They say we are going to be intensely interrogated and they wanted to make sure you were up to it! Dr. Joan counseled Tina first, and Dr. Jeri counseled Jake after forty-five minutes they changed, then they brought us back out to the outer office. My Uncle John came in and asked where the shrinks were, we laughed and said in that office. A few minutes later they came out it was obvious they had been crying. Uncle John asked whats wrong with you two? Dr. Joan said this poor girl has been put thru hell most of her life the only reason she is still alive is because this young man gave her a reason to live, he restored her faith in mankind, he showed her what true love is, even thru her being forced to torture him during their marrage he never stopped loving her and she never stopped loving him. What you don’t know Jake is Tina’s brother, older sister and the six cops threatened to kill you and your pairents if she did not agree to go along with their plain. John says that would have been interesting Jake shot expert in the Marines with everything from a pistol to a bazooka, he has fourth degree black belts in three martial arts, I saw four big black guys jump him one night and he wrecked all four, three were taken to the hospital. I would not want to be the person that tried to separate them! Then Dr. Jeri says Jake is a sweet loving man and smart too, his whole world is Tina. BUT he would, no let me say he will brutally kill any one that would attempt to hurt her! What they want and need is each other. I recommend they be immediately remarried.

Dr. Joan says we are having lunch with a newly appointed Federal Judge in just a bit why don’t you take them to lunch and pickup a marrage license down stairs and meet us back here at 1:30 and we can get them remarried. John asks them if that’s what they wanted to do, and Jake said more than any thing in the world. Tina says the sooner the better. John looked at Dr. Joan and says please make it happen. Jake says wait, he lifts a chain from around his neck it contains two rings, Tina’s wedding and engagement rings, he removes the engagement ring gets down on one knee and says Tina I love you with my whole being will you marry me again and be my wife forever! She says of course put my ring back on my finger where it belongs Jake does! He stands up takes Tina in his arms and they kiss a deep loving kiss. John looks over and the two Dr’s are hugging each other crying.

John says pizza ok for you two? Tina says great if you can throw in a chocolate shake! Jake says make that two shakes! John calls down has his assistant order in the food and get them a marrage license. As Jake and Tina sat eating their lunch, new Federal Judge Doris Jenkins walks up to Tina and says please stand up, when Tina stands Judge Jenkins pulls her into her arms and says please forgive me, I said some very harsh things to you, I didn’t know the dresses you were under, but now I’m going to correct that! Just then Dr.’s Joan and Jeri tumble into the room and say damn Doris I didn’t know you could move that fast! The Judge says good you’re here, you can be witnesses, Jake, Tina you ok with getting remarried here and now they say sure, she asks are you ok with me marrying you they say yes of course, Doris asks do you have the wedding ring Jake, kaçak casino he says yes and removes the wedding ring from the chain around his neck, and says I’ve kept them close to my heart sence that day in court. The four women in the room all start crying Judge Doris says damn you Jake you had to go and make us cry, all right you two hold hands The Judge takes their hands in hers and performs the wedding ceremony, when she says you may kiss the bride even John had a tear run down his cheek. The Judge signs the wedding license.

Jake asks would you all like some wedding pizza we have plenty, the Judge and Dr.’s say yes we didn’t get to eat lunch! Judge Jenkins pulls John aside and says I have had all the defendants in their case to come before me and I am not feeling at all forgiving towards them! John says Jake is my nephew, we are working with a south east Asian country that they sell their girls to and we are getting extradition papers from them for these people. Doris asks why would we want to extradite them? John says their judicial system is a bit more direct, within a week of arriving there, they will be convicted and imprisoned for life. The k**s won’t have to testify, and heavens knows they have been thru enough. Their prisons are very cruel life expectancy in their prisons is five years! As they were eating Tina suddenly looks uncomfortable, she leans over and whispers to Dr. Joan, Joan says I’m sorry baby come with me we’ll get you fixed up! Joan says we will be right back, John says she can’t go anywhere without a Marshall, Joan says you better have a female Marshall because we are going to the lady’s room! Both Doris and Jeri say OH NO! Joan shrugs her sholders and has a frown on her face, Jeri asks do you have. Joan says I got it covered but we are going to need to get these k**s some clothes and personal items! John calls in Alice the US Marshall to go with them, then a male and female FBI agent to go to their house and pick up some clothes for them, Jake says all her stuff was in the back of his truck in the garage in plastic bags, Doris whispers to the female agent to stop and pick up some tampons for Tina. She laughs and says I can’t wait to put that on my expense account!

Jake says can someone tell me whats going on, Judge Doris says Jake I’m afraid your going to have to wait a week to comsomate your marrage, Jake says why, John says she has her period son! Jake says oh shit! Tina was walking back into the room and stands next to Jake as every everyone was laughing and Jake says that ok, she gave me a down payment last night and this morning, Tina elbows Jake and says you better be ready after I have rested for a week! After everyone gets done laughing at them again. John says well we need to get these two to safety until we round up this bunch. John yells for Dan and Alice to come in they say yes Sir, John says we need to get these two out of town and to a safe location far away I’m going to have the jet fueled up and I want you and Alice to take them to our safe house in the US Virgin Islands. Go get packed for at lease two weeks and be back here in two hours to get to the airport.

They landed in St Croix at 10:00pm. They would be there for three and a half weeks before the last of the ring had been captured and extradited. As it turned out Dan and Alice had a thing for each other! The first week Alice and Tina spent most of the time shopping, the first night, Tina modeled the bikini, she had purchased Jake says too safe way too safe. Every day that week she would model another bikini and every day it would get smaller and every night he would say too safe! Thursday evening no fashion show Jake asks you didn’t buy a bikini today she says yes, I did he says so when do I get to see it she says tomorrow after lunch we are all going to the beach! What are we doing in the morning? She says Alice and I are going to the SPA you and John are putting up two cabanas up out front on the beach think you can handle that, Jake says I have a degree in residential structural engineering I can handle a tent, she says good turns and walks away kinda swaying her sweet ass at him!

The next morning, they all have breakfast together then the women say we are off to the SPA Alice says make sure you get the floor in cabanas properly! We will see you on the beach after lunch make sure you have a cooler and wine for us! The girls walk away, Don says now that’s a pair of great asses! Don and Jake walk back towards the beach house and Don says to Jake you ever put up a cabana? Jake says nope, Don asks got any idea how to do it, Jake says I haven’t got a clue, Don says hope there’s instructions! Jake says I got us covered but we do need to handle the cooler and wine, then I think we need to go snorkel the reef, then get some lunch later. As they turn down on the beach Don sees that the cabanas are set up on the beach in front of the house. He says how Jake cuts him off and says I paid the cabana boys at the resort around the bend to put then up after we left for breakfast this morning. Don says are we going to tell the girls? Jake says and I’m trusting you to protect my life, no Don we need the girls to think we are manly men!

That afternoon Don and Jake are sitting out on the beach in lounge chairs drinking a couple of root beers and Don says somethings up! Jake asks why do you say that? They are spending the morning at the SPA getting their hair and make up done then they are coming down here get in the water and wash it all away, that doesn’t make sense! Jake says we are about to find out the girls walk out on the beach wearing beach robes and looking HOT! As they walk towards them Jake pours them each a glass of wine they stand in front of them and chug their wine down Tina says I’m hot I need to go cool off Alice says me too they are facing the guys as they drop their robes and are wearing matching white bikinis that consisted of some strings holding two little triangles barely covering their nipples and one slightly larger tringle camel towed around the pussies! Tina says looks like they like our bikinis from the size of the bulges in their shorts! They walk down to the water and walk in up to their boobs they turn around and walk back to the guys the three little white triangles had turned transparent as they walked back to their guys they were basicly nude when Tina walked past Jake she said my period is gone and she went into the cabana Jake was close behind her! Alice asks Don are you coming as she went into the second cabana and of course he followed!

Don pulled Alice into his arms they kiss, Alice says I have wanted you for, OH JAKE DAMN I FORGOT YOUR HUGE, Alice looks at Don he almost burst out laughing she puts her hand over his mouth and whispers shh! Then whispers to Don you put the cabanas too close together, Don says they herd her in St. Thomas OH YES JAKE RIGHT THERE OH YES BABY SUCK MY CLIT! Alice and Don are each biting a pillow to keep from busting out laughing! Oh Jake go slow you have to stretch me OUTTTTTTT AGAIN, OH AGAIN OH GOD AGAIN BABY, oh god yes Tina you feel so good, yes baby yes baby, your soooo hottttt and sooo wetttt yes suck my neck, OH JAKE OH JAKE YES Jake baby you gota pull out Jake I’m not OH I’m NOT OH GOD YOUR SO DEEP YES YES DON”T STOP RIGHT THERE! Yes Don yes Baby it’s been so long don’t stop you don’t have to stop! Some where along the line Jake and Tina’s love making went from laughable to loveable and HOT, Don and Alice managed to tune them out and Don came deep inside Alice who thank god was on the pill. Then OH GOD JAKE HOW MUCH DID YOU PUMP IN ME! Hand me the towel, no the bath towel, that one is too small! Jake what are you doing no wait oh my god after all that your still hard, oh damn that went in easy that timmmm god your so big oh yes so long oh yes baby fill me up!

Alice grabs Don hand and leads him out of the cabana, Alice leads him near the beach house and says looks like they are going to be at it for a while! I need a shower, by the way have you seen Jake’s, Jake says NO! Alice says I was just wonder how big he is? Then she makes a call hello Doris this is Alice, Jake and Tina are no longer eligible for an annulment! Well they have been consummating for the past few hours and still going strong no signs of them slowing down! Ok sure let please let Joan and Jodi know I know they will want to know. Doris they are so in love and joke with each other constantly and they are so much fun to be with too, don’t know I have seen to people more in love! Ok let Jodi and Joan I’ll call them ok thanks, OH yes Don is great, ok I’ll tell him, yes buy.

Doris says hello Don, why don’t you keep an eye on them while I get a shower, then I’ll watch, and you can shower! Don pops open a beer and sits back thinking how lucky he is to have pulled this assignment and thinking long-term about Alice. She goes inside to shower then suddenly NO! Alice yells out, Don pulls his gun and runs into Alice’s bed room, she is sitting on her bed nude holding two containers one in each hand, Don says whats wrong, she says Don I’m really sorry, Don asks about what as he puts his gun back in his holster and sits beside her. These are my birth control pills I packed as we were leaving they aren’t open, these are my birth control pills I packed five years ago and these are the ones I have been taking all week and they expired four years ago, so we have been having unprotected sex all week I’m so sorry and she puts her arms around his neck and hugs him. She says it gets worse, I’m ovulating, Don says does that mean your horny she says yes but I’m supper susceptible to getting pregnet, she says Don he says yes, what are you doing, kissing your neck, Don, yes baby, why are you fingering my pussy? Am I, oh god yes you are get your paints off I need you in me NOW! Don drops his paints and is on top of her in a flash!

Jake and Tina walk in the house as they walk past Alice’s room she hears and sees them together and says damn Al close the door and Tina closes her door to give them privacy! Jake and Tina go take a shower and are sitting on the porch Jake drinking a fruit punch Tina a white wine, when Alice and Don come out fresh out of the shower. Tina says I think the guys liked our wicked weasels! Don says what Tina says our bikini’s! Jake says did you know they turned transparent when they get wet, Tina said that’s why we got our bikini wax done this morning!

The next morning, they were all out on the front deck having fresh fruit for breakfast Don and Tina went inside to refill coffees. Don asked Tina to keep Alice busy this morning he wanted to go into town and buy a wedding ring set, he said he hoped she would say yes, Tina says it’s a wise investment! Don smiles gives her a hug and says thank you, Tina says we can go out on the beach and sun bathe in our new bikinis! Don says NO not unless Jake and I are here! Tina says not those we got some tan thru, or we could just walk up to the nude beach! Don says NO! Tina says just k**ding! They go back out Tina says Al my big guy here kinda wore me out yesterday I think I’m just going to sun bathe on the beach in our tan thru suits care to join me, Alice says love to, actually she has to, but we enjoy each other’s company! Don says Jake we need to go to HQ this morning for a meeting they head to town, on the way there Jake asks Don whats going on, he said you will see.

When they hit town Don heads stright for the jewler, Jake says really congrats pal! The next morning as the sky started brightening Don takes Alice for a walk on the beach as the sun broke the horizon, Don got down on one knee and proposed to Alice. Of course she said yes they hugged and kissed then Alice took Don’s hand and pulled him running towards the beach house got inside throws open Tina and Jakes bedroom door, unfortunately Jake was on top of Tina in the process of cuming when Alice flung open the door Jake spun around pulling his cock out of Tina spraying cum all over the room and up to the ceiling! Alice says holy fuck that’s a huge cock then looks up at the ceiling says and a lot of cum! Look I’m engaged! Don pulls her back out of the room Alice says woops!

Three weeks later all the bad guys had been captured including Tina’s Brother and Sister, Tina and Jake, Alice and Don all loaded on the plane along with two stowaways’, although they didn’t know it both Tina and Alice were pregnet!

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