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The Date

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“Ok….It’s a date! See you there at 7pm.” Janice hung up the phone and looked at her watch. “Hmm, that gives me an hour to get ready before I have to leave.” She trotted off excitedly to the bathroom.

Janice quickly dried her wet body off and applied her skin lotion, a ritual she did daily which helped to keep her skin so soft. She grabbed the lacy bra and panties that she set on the counter then tossed them back thinking “I don’t think I will need these tonight!” A seductive little grin crossing her face and she thought about the night to come. She had been to this theater countless times before, but had only heard about the seats she was eager to get tonight. She told Rick to be there at 7p.m. so they could be the first ones in to theater for the 7:30 show. That would ensure that they got the seats she wanted.

She put on her favorite dress, a cute little black sweater dress that showed her 26 year old body off well. It hugged her curves nicely in much the same way a Lamborghini hugs a mountain road – tight in all the right places. While Janice was not athletic, she did have the body of someone that was. She looked in the mirror admiring herself and began to get excited thinking of Rick’s warm hands on her body, her freshly shaved pussy getting moist at the thought. She closed her eyes and gently slide her hands over her body thinking of what he would be doing if he was there. She then slide a finger over her clit and into her pussy – gasping at the feeling. She got lost in the thought of his hands following every curve of her body finally resting on her now soaking pussy and let her finger work faster and faster. She shocked herself at how fast she came with what she hoped to be the first of several orgasms that night.

She quickly regained her composure and finished getting ready before rushing out the door. The drive was a short one but she still found her mind racing at the events to come. Before she knew it she was squeezing her legs together to try to relieve the burning desire building within her as she raced to the theater. By the time she finished the short fifteen minute drive her pussy was soaked again and her heart was racing with the anticipation of the nights activities.

The movie theater wasn’t a very good one by today’s standards. There was no stadium seating, no high-end sound system and only had six screens. In fact there was nothing special about this theater. It was just your plain, run of the mill theater that had been in business for the past 30 years. Only now it shows movies at a discount to attract customers over the new, nicer, higher priced theaters.

However, what made this theater special was how the seats were arranged. Janice had been told by a few of her friends that this was a great place to have public sex, one of Janice’s fantasies. You see, there were two special seats in each of the theaters. These seats were located in the very back and to the side of the entrance. This meant that these seats could not be seen by anyone to the side and only by a handful of seats to the front. Seats that used to be for the attendants to sit at between changing the reels on the old projectors. With today’s new movie formats, that job was no longer necessary. Unlucky for the employees whose jobs were eliminated….but very good for those imaginative enough to think of other uses for those seats – as Janice had been told!

Janice parked her car as her heart pounded. She was so excited at what she was about to do that she almost came again just thinking about it. There at the entrance stood Rick waiting patiently. She had been seeing him for about a month now and while they had been very attracted to each other, they had yet to go all the way. Both worked hard on their careers which left little time for dating. It seemed that every time they could spend with each other was always interrupted by something that forced one of them to have to rush off. “Tonight… tonight’s the night!” she thought to herself.

She met Rick at the entrance and kissed him deeply as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The excitement evident by the passion in her kiss and how she ran her hands through his hair as she pulled him into her kiss. He reacted as she had hoped by wrapping his arms around her and reaching down to caress her ass as their embrace tightened, a low moan escaped her lips. He could tell that there was something different about her tonight. Something fiery as he noticed a lustful look in her eye. Little did he know…

Rick opened the door and let Janice go in. His eyes fixed on her body as she scampered by, admiring her dress which showing off both her chest and her ass nicely he thought. “Two tickets for the 7:30 show please.” he said to the woman behind the window. He grabbed the tickets and they went in. “Popcorn and drink?” canlı bahis he asked as he handed the tickets to the usher. “A drink would be nice.” she said. He purchased the drink and in they went.

As expected, the theater was empty except for an elderly couple and a mother and her two children. They looked to be twins, but Janice really didn’t pay that much attention. Her mind was elsewhere and she really didn’t care who was there! She looked up and sure enough, there were the two seats – vacant….secluded…inviting. A chill ran through her body and she immediately became excited thinking of what she was going to do. She grabbed Rick’s hand, winked and said “Lets get those two!” pointing to the two in the back.

As they climbed the stairs she felt herself getting hotter and hotter. Her chest pounded with anticipation and she felt herself getting wet. For the next 20 minutes they caught up on the daily happenings of each others life and playfully teased each other as they always had. Rick then leaned in and kissed her on her neck, something he knew would get her excited. He commented about her perfume and teased her by moaning softly in her ear which sent a chill through her body. She found herself squeezing her thighs together again trying to satisfy that burning desire she felt between her legs. As the movie started, Rick put his arm around her, pulling her to his shoulder. He noticed the smell of her hair and how soft her skin was as he lightly rubbed her arm. His heart began to pound and he realized that he was starting to get hard, something that Janice also noticed.

Janice looked around the theater as the previews began to play. “Perfect” she said in a low voice. Rick responded “I’m sorry?” curious as to what she said. She looked him in the eyes and with an evil little grin leaned in and whispered “I hope you really didn’t want to see this movie!” and with that she winked and kissed him deeply. Their tongues danced as she slid her hand up Rick’s thigh and began to massage the ever growing bulge in his pants. She thought to herself “My God, he’s huge!” and sucked on his lip before leaning back, sliding her hand over his chest. She wanted him…and she wanted him NOW!

She looked around one more time as her heart was pounding so hard she thought everyone could here. While the theater was over half full, there were only a few people seated in front of them. She took a deep breath and thought to herself “Here we go!”. With that she turned back to Rick who had been caressing her arm. leaning forward she kissed his neck working her way to his ear where she whispered “Have you ever made love in public?” Before he could even respond she slide her hand down to his now fully erect cock and said “I want you…right here….right NOW!” and slide her tongue into his ear.

Rick moaned and began to caress her body much like she had fantasized earlier by sliding his hands over every inch of her body. Finding her thighs, he quickly found that she wasn’t wearing any panties to which he whispered “You naughty girl you!” as he slide his hand over her soaking pussy. She almost came right there and then as he lightly ran his fingers over her lips to her clit and back again, teasing her as much as she was him.

Rick pushed her back in her seat and moved down in front of her. From his knees, he leaned in and kissed her passionately sliding his hand behind her head and pulling her to him. Their tongues danced as his hands began to explore her body again. First her arms, then her sides before finding their way to her breasts and aching nipples. Janice quickly became lost in the moment enjoying his every advancement. Her desires so strong that the movie could end and the lights come on and she wouldn’t care.

He could feel her erect nipples through the thin sweater material of her dress and began to roll them in his fingers. Janice arched her back pushing her chest to meet his touch and moaned softly. Her head fell back and her eyes closed as she reached out and grabbed his hands following every move he made. Her pussy burning now wanting so badly for him to be inside her. He leaned in and sucked on one of her nipples through her dress as he pinched and rolled the other in his fingers. She was in heaven.

Rick then parted her legs as he began to slowly kiss his way down her body. Her breathing heavy now as he worked his way down. This was driving Janice crazy so she reached for his head and began running her fingers through his hair as he continued. She was so hot with desire that she thought about pushing his head down to where she wanted his lips….but then he slide his hands down to her ass to pull her to the front of the seat which shot sparks through her body making her forget what she was thinking.

Rick slowly slide her dress up her thighs letting bahis siteleri his fingers lightly slide over her skin as he did it. He felt the goose bumps raise on her skin and lowered his head to her thighs and began to kiss his way to the source of her desire. Janice’s heart was beating fast now, her hands running through his hair uncontrollably pulling it to her drenched pussy. He lightly kissed his way around her lips and over the top of her pussy intentionally missing the very areas she wanted him to concentrate on. He looked up at her right when she opened her eyes and ran his beard over her skin from one thigh to the other letting it lightly glide over her clit. She reacted by moaning, her eyes rolling back in her head as she leaned back. Her hands now grabbing his hair on both sides as she guided him to her throbbing clit. He greedily sucked on the little nub pulling it into his mouth causing her to let out a small scream. Luckily this was during a scene where several people had done the same thing.

Rick continued to tease her pussy by sucking on her clit while his fingers found their way to her soaking lips. He slid first one, then another finger in before pulling them out and running them up and down her lips. He then reached up and took a sip of the drink, sucking some of the ice into his mouth. Lowering his head and kissing his way down her clit, sucking on it and rolling the ice around in his mouth with his tongue. The mixture of his warm lips and the cold of the ice driving Janice to the edge.

Reaching under her, he pulled her ass out a little further so that he had full access to both her pussy and her ass. He raised each leg, resting it on the back of the chair in front of them. He then looked at her, reaching up with both hands grabbing her head, and kissed her deeply. He then let his hands slide down her body over her tits and hard nipples, down her tummy finally sliding over her pussy and clit. She responded by arching her back again. He lowered his head and slide his tongue into her pussy before moving further down to tease that sensitive area between her pussy and ass.

Not being able to take any more, Janice arched her back hard and came pulling Ricks head deep into her pussy. He slide his tongue into her pussy and then flicked it over her clit as her body tensed beneath him. He looked up at her and watched as her chest rose and fell rapidly. He leaned back and admired the view of her there in the chair, sexy little dress on, legs spread wide, pussy all wet and panting. He raised up on his knees and leaned forward wrapping his arms around her and kissed her softly, still feeling her heavy breathing. She held him tight as she tried to regain her composure and whispered “OH MY GOD…..THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!” then looked him in the eyes and said “Your turn!” and pushed him back into his seat.

Janice was now hotter than before and wanted so badly to not only see his hard cock, but to have it in her mouth as well. Janice leaned over and kissed Rick’s neck, sucking and biting her way from his neck to his ear while her hand worked on his belt trying to release the object of her desire that was confined in his pants. Getting frustrated with how long it was taking her, she slide out of her seat and knelt in front of him, never taking her eyes off his. She then used both hands and undid his buckle and unzipped his pants reaching in and releasing his stiff cock. She watched his expression as she lowered her head to his cock and licked the pre-cum off the head. He grabbed her hair, pulling it back so he could watch her skillful lips go to work on his fully erect cock.

She continued to look him in the eyes as she slide her tongue up and down his shaft making it glisten in the flickering light of the movie. She then sucked on his balls taking one into her mouth at a time, using her tongue to dance across it in her mouth. The sensation was driving Rick crazy and all he wanted was to have her mouth around his cock. But this was her turn to tease now, and she was going to enjoy it! She grabbed the base of his cock admiring the length that was still visible above her hand. She slapped it against her tongue then began to suck on the head while sliding her hand up and down its length. Rick began to move his hips to the rhythm of her mouth. This excited Janice more and she began to take more and more of his cock into her mouth, sucking harder. While her one hand was sliding up and down his shaft she used her other hand to massage his balls causing Rick to now moan as her head went up and down on his cock.

She knew that he was getting close and wanted to ensure that he would enjoy this. While she had never deep throated anyone before, she had always wondered if she could. She had even read several articles on the subject. As excited as she was she was eager bahis şirketleri to try. With that, she began to take more and more of his cock into her mouth until it began to hit the back of her throat. Surprised at the fact she had not had any gag reflex, she continued and felt herself open her throat to take more of his cock in before pulling it back out. Rick was amazed at not only the fact that she had done it, but at the feeling as it went down her throat. She looked him in the eyes as she continued to slide her hand up and down his shaft and massage his balls. Again she lowered her head only this time she took his full length into her throat until her nose touched his abdomen.

Rick moaned louder now and she could feel his balls tighten as he was ready to cum. He reached down and grabbed her head, pulling it to him as he pushed his cock deep into her throat as he came violently pumping load after load into her throat. She reached for her pussy as she felt his cum going down her throat fingering herself to her third orgasm of the night. As she ran her finger over her clit she began to clean Rick’s cock by licking the shaft and head as she looked him deep in the eyes, swallowing every drop of his nectar.

The site of her lustful look and the attention she was paying to his cock keep him hard. With a quick motion Janice raised up, turned around and lowered herself so she could rub his still hard cock back and forth over her pussy lips. With a single motion she sat down sinking his rigid cock deep into her pussy. They both let out a moan only this time the theater was silent. She remained motionless in Rick’s lap, his dick deep inside her. Her pussy juice running down her thighs onto his balls. He reached around and with one hand began to caress her breast, rolling her nipple in his fingers. With the other hand he reached down and found her swollen clit and teased it with is finger. She squeezed her pussy muscles which Rick immediately felt and responded with a low moan. He leaned forward and kissed her neck whispering “You are so incredibly hot. I have never been so excited as I am right now!”

With that she grabbed the arm rests on either side of the seat and began to slowly grind her hips on his cock. Rick’s hands moving to her hips as if to help steady her as she road him. She would raise up slowly and then go back down before moving her hips in small circles on his lap causing her to arch her back at the feel of his cock hitting every inch of her. The mixture of having sex in public, the possibility of being caught at any time, the people being unaware around them and the purely erotic feel of her soaking wet pussy mating with his rock hard cock pushed them both closer to yet another orgasm.

Their actions quickened and Janice leaned forward holding onto the chair in front of her as she bounced on top of Rick’s cock. Rick tightened his grip on her hips, pulling her down harder trying to go deeper into her soaking pussy as his hips raised to meet her thrusts. Fully engulfed in their passion, neither of them wanted the feeling to end. Lost in complete erotic passion, they both were about to explode.

Rick reached up and pulled Janice back to his chest, reaching around to her massage her breasts again. His hips bucking wildly now and she ground her hips into his. She reached between his legs and caressed his balls. This drove Rick over the edge and he began to spasm in uncontrollable passion. His balls tightened as he began to cum yet again. Feeling the warm fluid entering her pussy caused Janice to also go over the edge. With one last push down on his cock, Janice’s pussy began to contract around Ricks cock. They both moaned out loud as each of them reached the most powerful orgasm yet.

As the last of their orgasms rocked through every inch of their body they sat there completely spent, chests rising and falling as if they had been running a marathon. Rick wrapped his arms around Janice and kissed her neck softly while his hands lightly ran over her arms just barely touching her skin. As he stroked her arms he whispered into her ear “That was amazing! I have never done that before and oh my GOD what a feeling!” Fully content, Janice whispered back “It’s a double feature!” They chuckled and she moved back to her seat. Some of their juices still running down her thigh.

Shortly after she sat back in her seat they realized that they had been at it the entire length of the movie. When they finally regained their composure the credits where beginning to scroll up the screen. As the lights came on, they both got up to make their way to the car. On the way down the steps they approached the woman with the twins. As they stopped to let the woman out she looked at both of them and said “Those are great seats aren’t they?” and with a wink and devilish smile, she gathered her children and walked out.

Janice and Rick looked at each other in amazement and then they both began to laugh. “I need a shower!” Janice said to which Rick replied “sounds good to me, lets go!”

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