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The CMNF Cabin Ch. 04

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I woke up to find my dick in a different warm, wet hole than I had left it in the previous night. Anna must have woken up early because all I could see was a mass under the blankets, bobbing up and down. I yawned ostentatiously, stretched (not so inadvertently pushing my dick deeper into my girl’s throat for a moment), and folded my arms behind my head as I settled in to enjoy my wake up call. I stared at the ceiling, and marveled at my unbelievable luck to be on such an amazing vacation with such an amazing girl.

Now that I was clearly awake, the lips around my dick started working harder and faster. The throat started taking me deeper and deeper on each pass. I could feel my orgasm building. I was just about to mentally switch from trying to hold back to letting myself go…when the door to our en-suite bathroom opened and Anna walked out.

“Hey!” Anna yelled. I instinctively jerked halfway to a sitting position, which dug my ass into the mattress and pulled my dick halfway out of the mystery mouth. “I said you could warm him up, not that you could make him cum! Jessica said teasing-only this morning.”

I lifted the covers to find a beautiful blonde (but not my beautiful blonde) looking up at me sheepishly, with half my dick still in her mouth. She pulled off the rest of the way and apologized to Anna. “Sorry, I got carried away. This whole weekend has got me so turned on and this dick seemed extra yummy this morning.”

“You’re telling me,” Anna responded. “I never thought I’d be doing half the things I’ve done since I got here. Now, get out from under there and let’s go hit the lake. We’re running out of time at this cabin.” Lauren started to climb out from under the covers. Anna looked directly at me as she made one last sly comment to her roommate, “And if you love the taste of Darren’s sausage this morning, I might be willing to let you taste the marinade later.”

“Eww.” Lauren answered. “Why do you have to phrase it like that? But also, yum, I think I’d love that.”

As if I wasn’t already hard enough. I couldn’t believe these girls were gonna leave me like this. I was hoping to slip off to the bathroom to finish myself off, but Anna stopped me short. “Come on, babe. You don’t need to get cleaned up. You can pee in the lake. Let’s go.” And with that, I was pulled out of the bedroom by these two perky blondes.

At first, my cock ached all morning. After so much temptation and teasing without getting to finish, and then having to spend the next few hours watching my hot girlfriend and her equally hot roommates prance around naked on the water. I could tell the other two guys were equally frustrated. But eventually, I settled into it and got used to the parade of flesh. Well, not completely used to it. Something about watching two shaved blondes, one trimmed brunette, and one bushy redhead splash and play was gonna keep me hard no matter how long I was invited to watch.

When the girls had finally had enough of the water, they each pulled themselves dripping onto the dock and then offered their respective boyfriends a hand to pull us out as well. We followed the girls to an outdoor shower area attached to the side of the cabin. A five foot tall dog ear fence surrounding two shower heads allowed us to rinse off the lake water, while still enjoying the view. Boy, did I enjoy the view. The girls were apparently still committed to Jessica’s directive to tease. They pushed us guys’ backs up against the inside perimeter of the shower area and ordered us with a look to stay. Then, the girls got to teasing.

It started with some light touches and giggles as the four friends fought over the two shower heads. The water took forever to warm up, so the girls’ nipples were all as hard as I’d seen them all weekend. Jessica took every opportunity she could to pinch and pull on those nipples as she danced around the tiny enclosure. Lauren and Callie quickly partnered up and began making out, as was becoming their habit. Jessica made a move toward Anna, but Anna put her fingertips to Jessica’s chest and held her at arm’s length. I could tell by Jessica’s face that she worried, as I did, that their sapphic fling would be a one-time thing.

I was relieved and immensely turned on, when instead, Anna used her other hand to grab Lauren’s arm and turn her away from Callie and toward herself. Anna put her left hand on Lauren’s shoulder and her right hand on Callie’s, gently pushing them to their knees. The girls took the hint immediately and dove in. Lauren knelt at my girlfriend Anna’s feet and stuck her tongue in Anna’s pussy. Callie did the same to Jessica. It was a marvel watching these four former besties pair up for more. Anna and Jessica stood back to back, using each other for support as their knees weakened to the pleasure provided by Lauren and Callie. The girls all had their eyes closed, and yet, any time any of the guys would start to stroke themselves, one of the girls would inevitably point him out and order him to stop. It ankara bayan escortlar was outrageous watching my girlfriend succumb to her second lesbian experiment ever. She threw her head back onto Jessica’s shoulder as she ran her fingers through Lauren’s hair. I could see her grip tighten as she tried to pull Lauren deeper into her pussy; I could see her hips undulate as she ground herself against her roommate’s face. Anna’s face contorted as she took in quick, gasping breaths without breathing out in between. When she was full of oxygen, her whole body tensed for a full minute before she shuddered forward violently in staccato bursts of orgasm. Meanwhile, Callie managed to bring Jessica to a more muted orgasm, signaled by Jessica moaning with a noise like she was talking into a fan. The two standing goddesses held their captive disciples against their pussies for another couple of minutes before finally coming back to earth enough to separate.

I was rather interested to watch Anna and Jessica return the favor, but it was not to be. Cumming had cleared Jessica’s mind enough to notice the sunset and she assumed her role as ringmaster of tonight’s proceedings.

“Come along, boys,” Jessica ordered. “I need your assistance with preparing tonight’s dinner and festivities.” We all gazed forlornly at the now kneeling Anna and then pleadingly back at Jessica. “You guys won’t survive Act II of this show. I promise, there will be plenty of fun to be had later.” Reluctantly, we followed Jessica out of the shower area and into the house, leaving the squeals and moans of passion behind us. I would need a full report from Anna later.

“Tonight’s dinner will be light. We don’t want anybody feeling sluggish when the games begin. So, just a salad tonight. Darren, chop the cucumber; Charlie, chop the tomatoes; Mark, chop the onions.”

This did not seem as fun as what we imagined must be going on outside. We were all still painfully erect just thinking about it. Luckily, Jessica’s promise of more fun to be had later came sooner than we expected.

It only took us a couple minutes to prepare the salad, when we all worked together. Jessica then split the salad into two giant bowls. For the first bowl, she poured some supermarket salad dressing all over it and then set it on the dining table. I was confused when she put the lid back on the ranch and returned it to the fridge. I didn’t have the wherewithal to remain confused, though, when Jessica sank to her knees and took me balls deep into her throat in one motion. This wasn’t the first time I had my dick in Jessica’s mouth this weekend, but it would quickly become the first time I finished in Jessica’s mouth. After being edged by these four vixens all day, I didn’t last long. Just as I was about to cum, Jessica stood up quickly, grabbed the second salad bowl and directed my spasming cock toward it. I had never shot so much in my life. I nearly passed out from the ecstasy and relief. Jessica then turned 90 degrees to Charlie and gave him the same treatment, followed by Mark. We all agreed later that it was a pretty amazing blowjob from someone who had only tasted silicone before this weekend, but we also hedged that we were pretty well primed, so it didn’t take much to make us cum.

When Jessica was finished, she directed us to “Remember which salad bowl is which.” I looked at the cum-splattered salad and was surprised at how well the effect played. We each took our seats at the dining table, just as our three girlfriends joined us, looking frazzled and a bit dazed. Jessica served each of her roommates a plate full of the special salad, while the guys served ourselves from the normal salad. Jessica seemed quite pleased with her prank, and I was quickly re-hardening at the sight of the four girls absent-mindedly chewing on what they thought was a mediocre salad with an overly salty dressing. Anna, in particular, seemed exhausted and dreamy from everything that had happened outside and couldn’t quite get her bites in her mouth consistently. There always seemed to be a few drops of “dressing” hanging at the corners of her mouth.

I was waiting for Jessica’s big reveal, but she seemed content to keep this part of the evening just between us. As we finished eating, she stood up and announced the beginning of Phase II. Lauren and Callie frowned momentarily as they tried to figure out what Phase I had been, but Jessica rolled on and didn’t leave time for much consideration. “Tonight’s entertainment is: charades!”

Lauren and Callie groaned. Anna didn’t react. I noticed she was now chewing more thoughtfully on her final few bites of salad, and I think she may have started to notice the unique dressing.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun! I promise.” Jessica cleared the table and replaced the two salad bowls with one bowl full of little scraps of paper. “It’s simple: you pull a random piece of paper, act out whatever it says, and the rest of us have to guess! The only rules are that you’re not allowed elvankent seksi escortlar to talk, but you’re allowed to use whatever or whomever you want as props for your scene. Mark, you go first.”

Mark dug into the bowl and pulled out a scrap of paper. He read it silently to himself, wrinkled his nose, and then resigned himself to the game. He stood up and began miming jerking off. The girls all laughed and called out the obvious answer. Mark confirmed they were correct and sat back down. I noticed Jessica hadn’t explained any sort of point system, but I guess it didn’t matter. We were just having fun.

Callie went next. Upon reading her slip of paper, she grinned, apparently no longer disappointed with the nature of the game. She didn’t stand up, but raised her hands to where we could see them above the table, and mimed jerking off two dicks at once. We all laughed, and somehow, we each seemed to reach the same brilliant idea independently. “Skiing!” someone called out. “Using a shake weight!” called someone else. “Rolling dice!” “Cleaning bicycle handlebars!” Callie laughed harder and harder as we forced her to prolong her pantomime with our ridiculous guesses, until she finally gave up and yelled, “You bitches know I was jacking off two guys!”

“Tut, tut!” Jessica admonished. “No talking! Also, I’m disappointed in the lack of use of props from our first two contestants. Here, I’ll go next.” She rooted around in the bowl quickly. When she had chosen and read her prompt, she sat and thought for a moment. Finally, she ran to the kitchen, grabbed an unused cucumber, laid down on the table, and began fucking herself with it.

“Whoa whoa! That’s not pantomiming!” Lauren accused.

“Shut up!” Anna interjected.

Again, we didn’t call out the right answer right away, so that Jessica would be forced to continue her performance. Actually, we didn’t call out any answers at all. We just sat and enjoyed the titillation. When Callie got anxious for the next act, she finally stated plainly, “Masturbation,” and Jessica reluctantly returned to her seat.

It was my turn next. I pulled out a slip of paper and silently read to myself: titty fucking. I looked around for fruit or pillows or something I could use as props for my act, when my eyes settled on Lauren’s actual tits. I looked to my girlfriend, who gave me an encouraging smile, so I got up, rounded the table, and turned Lauren to face me. I reached out and grabbed her luscious 34Ds, placed by cock between them, squeezed, and began humping her chest. Lauren looked shocked for a fraction of a second, but then her face softened. We’d already done more than this together this weekend – it was just the presumptiveness that surprised her. My friends let me fuck Lauren’s tits for a few minutes before calling out the answer and letting me return to my seat.

Before I sat down, Anna was already reaching for her own scrap of paper. She looked around the table eagerly, seemingly appraising each of the guys in turn. Then, with a devious smile, she turned her attention away from her male candidates. Anna retrieved Jessica’s discarded cucumber and made her way around the table to Lauren. She got Lauren on her feet and teased the cucumber against Lauren’s pussy lips. She slowly inserted it about halfway into Lauren’s pussy (using the end already lubricated with Jessica’s juices). Then, Anna got on her knees, put the other tip of the cucumber to her lips and began sucking the makeshift dick. After only a few seconds of fellatio, Anna grabbed Lauren’s ass and pulled her toward herself until the cucumber had disappeared into their respective holes. Anna manipulated Lauren’s hips into thrusting back and forth vigorously as Anna slammed the cucumber down her throat until her lips met Lauren’s shaved mound. Turned on by this performance, we all watched contentedly for a while, but eventually decided Anna’s turn was over. We tried to call out our guesses, but Anna wouldn’t stop her pantomime. “Blowjob!” “Sucking dick!” “Strap-on?” Anna ignored us and kept working the cucumber into and out of her throat. Her movements were so forceful, she actually ended up pushing the cucumber into and out of Lauren’s pussy at the same time, until she brought Lauren to a surprise orgasm. Satisfied with her work, Anna got back to her feet and walked back to her chair. “Face fucking,” she informed us simply.

“Not that I’m complaining, but why didn’t you use a guy for that?” Lauren asked.

“I didn’t want you all to guess it too soon.” Anna answered.

I swear I love this burgeoning nymphomaniac.

Charlie was next. His slip seemed to ramp things up another notch. He gently pulled Callie and Jessica to their feet and led them away from the table. Charlie lay on his back, parked Callie on his face and Jessica on his cock and began demonstrating what we quickly identified as a “threesome.”

Everyone looked at Lauren expectantly and she looked around the room uncomprehendingly. Suddenly, bayan etimesgut escort she caught on. “Oh! It’s my turn. I’ve been used as a prop so many times, I swear I already had my turn. Okay, here goes.” She reached in and drew out her slip. She frowned and pouted, but eventually got Callie to sit on her chair back, up where we could see her fully. Lauren then stood behind Callie and began running her fingers through Callie’s bush. We called out, “Fingering!” “Lesbians!” “Masturbation!” Lauren seemed to grow increasingly frustrated (although, Callie seemed to be enjoying the simple touches). Lauren stormed off to her room for a moment and quickly returned with her razor. She then resumed her position behind Callie and began dragging the razor (blades toward the crowd, away from the skin) through Callie’s bush. “Shaving?” Anna guessed. “Yes! How was I supposed to mime that? I’m fucking smooth shaven already!” Lauren spread her legs and thrust her hips forward, as if we didn’t all already know. “Also, how boring! I wanted a fun one like you guys got.”

“Well, you’ll just have to wait for your next turn.” Jessica chided. “It’s Mark’s turn again.”

The game progressed in much the same manner. Some prompts were hotter than others. Some required more props than others. Mark demonstrated a hair fetish by wrapping his dick in Anna’s hair. Callie demonstrated a blind date by putting on a blindfold and reentering the room and struggling to sit down next to her date, Charlie. Jessica demonstrated scissoring by actually scissoring with Lauren (which relieved some of her petulance, but also spurred her to complain even more about being used as a prop and not getting her own fun prompts). I demonstrated a double blowjob by getting Callie and Lauren on their knees in front of me, licking my cock together (again, Lauren complained about being used as everyone’s favorite prop). Anna’s turn took forever, but she demonstrated costume play by raiding the various closets and suitcases in the house until she could put on a fashion show in various makeshift costumes. Charlie demonstrated gangbang by getting the three guys to surround Jessica in a bit of a reenactment of the salad prep (an allusion which of course the other girls didn’t pick up on).

Finally, Lauren’s turn rolled back around and she finally drew a “fun” prompt. She asked Charlie to help demonstrate. She got on all fours with Charlie behind her in a classic doggystyle position. That wasn’t the right guess though, as Lauren continued her act. She began her act with Charlie’s dick sliding between her legs and along her stomach, and then she shifted so that his dick ran between her buttcheeks and onto her back. This seemed like a clear demonstration of switching to anal sex. Lauren apparently decided it wasn’t clear enough because she reached back and held Charlie’s dick in place at the entrance to her asshole and then backed herself onto it. I didn’t think she’d be able to manage it without lube and without moistening Charlie’s dick in any way first. But Lauren had the glint of determination in her eye and she forced it into herself.

Callie cheered as her roommate lost her final virginity. Lauren fucked Callie’s boyfriend all the more vigorously. She folded her arms behind her back and laid her face against the floor. Charlie fell into his role perfectly, putting one hand on the back of Lauren’s head and one pinning her arms against her back as he pistoned into and out of her asshole. Lauren grunted with each thrust, but managed to squeak out, “Mark’s turn.”

Jessica guffawed and pushed the bowl toward Mark, and so the game continued. I could barely keep track at the time and surely cannot remember now who did what in what order. Suffice it to say we each came a few more times that night and ended up in a heap on the living room floor.


I was apparently the last to wake up the next morning. The girls were each in a shower. The guys were each packing their suitcases. The cabin was quiet, and the tedium of cleaning up was a sobering reminder that our crazy vacation was coming to an end. I returned to my room and packed, until it was my turn in the shower. I spent a long time washing my entire body after a week of debauchery and spent an even longer time luxuriating under the hot spray. Damn, Callie’s family must be loaded to have this nice of a cabin with enough water heat for seven consecutive showers.

When I finally emerged from my personal spa, I dressed and wandered out to the kitchen, where I found my girlfriend and her friends eating a quiet lunch: the guys fully dressed and the girls still naked. As I watched them from afar, I realized I had misinterpreted the atmosphere. It wasn’t sobering. It was beatific. These were a group of friends who had encountered a new dynamic to their friendship – a group of people who had encountered a new understanding of themselves. They were quiet, not with regret, but with satisfaction. They weren’t awkwardly avoiding conversation as they remembered their roles in the real world – they were contentedly devoid of the need for conversation as they prepared for their new relationship.

I made my way to the table and found a seat in the sunlight streaming through the bay windows. I ate my sandwich in silence and I smiled.

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