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The Clan Ch. 15

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Chapter 15 – Jason

Jason and his mother Bec drove home from the camp as they had done all those many years before, chatting as the other pairs of mothers and sons were on the way home. Although Jason had the words of Jeremy ringing in his ears, he was still able to keep his focus on what his mother was saying. Bec was most interested in what the guys got up to this year, as she was every year. She had always been a mother who took a keen interest in her only child’s life no matter now small or trivial, she wanted the details. Jason had always found himself having to go over what was said and done a number of times, just so Bec could have the details straight.

Jason had been able to give her more than enough detail of the previous two weeks, and just what all the boys had got up to. However, he obviously neglected to tell his mother of ‘that night’ and Jeremy’s little talk with The Clan. Yet, he was able to give her more than enough to keep her motherly curiosity satisfied. As she listened to her son, Bec became a little teary eyed as she though once more of her deep and powerful love for her son, and its inappropriateness. This was not lost on Jason, who had guessed what the tears were for.

When they arrived home they both went into ‘home coming’ mode, which meant a little celebration of sorts. Bec always enjoyed showing her son how much she had missed him, and loved to have him at home. For his part Jason loved it too, because he enjoyed the fuss his mother always made over him. As Bec bustled about with the special food she had prepared, Jason knew Jeremy was probably right, but he wanted more proof. How he was going to get that proof he had no idea, but he had to have it before he would make a move on his mum.

Mother and son sat on the couch together with the food in bowls on the coffee table in front of them, and they both had their favourite drink — vanilla Coke. The discussion from the car continued as they ate, but this time Jason was telling Bec the funny things that had happened on camp. His mother laughed at each story her son told her, and they both felt the thrill of being with each other.

Bec had remained in the clothes she had picked Jason up in, while he had changed into his favourite long short that he wore around the house. Bec was wearing a short skirt and a top that showed her midriff. Jason was surprised to see that when his mother rocked away from him with laughter, he saw her black, satin panty covered butt. At first Jason thought it was his imagination. In truth it had been an accident as Bec had just leaned too far away from her son, but when she saw his reaction and the thrill it gave her, Bec continued to reveal her most intimate clothing.

However, after about the fourth time his mother’s panties were revealed, Jason could see she was doing it on purpose. Besides, each time she showed her panties, his mother would give him a quick look for his reaction. Jason knew that expression on his mother’s face each time; he knew her too well. Now he had to have ‘corroborating evidence’ before he moved on his mother, and he just realised were he could find that evidence.

Jason thought he would sneak into his mother’s room that night and look for something, anything that would support what Jeremy had said. He was desperate now to find something, because he wanted to make a move on his mother so badly now he could taste it. Jason had decided on this course of action, as he had been doing it for years. It all started when he was very young, but not young enough to believe in Father Christmas. He was looking for his Christmas presents, and he found them the first year he looked.

Jason had just crept into his mother’s room as she slept and began looking, which took more than an hour and Bec hadn’t woken up. He found he could be exceptionally quiet when he wanted to be. In fact Jeremy would use Jason to spy and sneak for him on camp. The two boys had a very close friendship because of it. So that night Jason would sneak into his mother’s room as he had done so many times before, to see what he could find.

In the meantime, Jason enjoyed the show his mother was putting on for him, and he let her know by his long stares and appreciative, bedazzled grin. The attention from her son thrilled Bec more than she had know for many long years, and she felt the powerful urge and desire to show him more, but something prevented her. This saddened Bec a little, because she wanted to be more for her son and she wanted them to be more than just mother and son.

After they had eaten their fill, laughed themselves out and Jason had run out of camp stories, Bec announced it was time for bed. She had thought Jason would protest and want to continue their time on the couch — especially with the show he was watching so intently, but no, Jason was more eager for bed than his mother. After their nightly ritual for bed, Jason waited in his room knowing his mother would be asleep within ten minutes as she always was. He waited twenty minutes just to be keçiören escort on the safe side.

Jason silently got out of bed and crept to his mother’s room, where he found the door slightly ajar as always. He pushed the door open and entered the room which was dimly lit by a small lamp she kept on in the far corner of the room. Bec liked some light if she woke during the night, although she rarely woke as Jason could attest to.

He began with his mother’s tall boy draws, beginning with the bottom draws and working his way up. He found jumpers, jeans, tops, and although his mother had small nick knacks squirreled throughout her clothes, he found nothing that he could consider ‘corroborating evidence’. However, when he got to his mother’s top right draw he found her lingerie. Jason had deliberately left this draw to the last, because he knew what was in it after years of searching for Christmas presents. However, this time he took his time going through his mother’s most intimate apparel. Her panties, bras and the like, but he lingered on her panties as he was drawn to them.

Jason quietly commented to himself on each pair of panties as he felt their texture and held them up to the half light, to see how see through they were. As he was looking at the fourth pair of his mother’s panties he heard her stir, and he spun around to see if he had been found out. Bec was restless in bed and mumbling to herself. Jason watched feeling turned on as his mother moved in bed, because Bec was moving seductively — to Jason’s mind.

As though mesmerized by his mother’s slow sultry movements, Jason watched while still holding the pair of her panties in his hand. He had not seen this before. Bec began to moan and sigh as she stretched her arms above her head, and then she slowly brought them back under the covers. Jason could see the path her hands took as they moved slowly but surely under the covers and down her body. He was sure he knew where they were going and moved close to his mother’s bed. Sure enough Bec’s hands moved to her tummy and then stopped just below. If Jason could have seen himself, he would have seen his mouth hanging open.

Now he saw the tell-tale up and down motion on his mother’s hands right where her pussy would be, and he was rooted to the spot in fascination. Bec moaned and signed again, but she sounded sad, rather than being satisfied. Then to his astonishment Jason heard his mother whisper just audibly enough for him to hear,

“Oh Jason, Jason I need you.”

With that his mother stopped her hands and brought them out of the covers again, while Jason stared at his mother’s face because he could see tears rolling down her cheeks. Bec would usually speak incoherently while asleep, only saying words that were understood very infrequently. This was another reason Jason was stunned by what he heard; the message was clear, and so was his resolve now. He may not have been holding the proof he sort, but he certainly heard it and saw it straight from his mother. He returned her panties to her draw, and returned to his room and bed. There he pondered what he would do tomorrow, because unless the world ended that night he was going to make a move on his mother first thing in the morning. Jason would seduce Bec the next day. Once his mind was made up, he found sleep easy.

As always Bec was up before her son, but to his dismay she was dressed in her ‘walking gear’. Bec was wearing tight fitting black shorts that clung to her every contour, a tee-shirt underneath a zip-up-the-front windcheater, with little white socks and expensive white and pink walking shoes. Of course, it was Saturday morning, and Bec would be walking in the national park that their property backed on to. For a few seconds Jason was crest fallen, and Bec could see he was and puzzled by it.

“Sleep well,” Jason asked his mother and she nodded, trying to work out her son’s expression when a though suddenly hit him.

“Can I walk with you this morning mum?”

Bec’s concerns left her as her son’s expression changed from gloomy to its usual brightness. Bec’s heart soared at Jason’s request; she just loved her son’s company.

“Yeah I’d love that,” she answered enthusiastically.

Jason only had to put his running shoes on, as he wasn’t too concerned with how well his tee-shirt matched his long board short, which was what he was standing in. He stared at his mother’s tight shorts, and could just make out the contours of her pussy — at least he thought he could. His stare was not lost on his mother, who was pleased that her display last night had not spoiled their relation, but rather Jason seemed to want to continue with it.

Jason ran off to get his runners as Bec checked herself in her reflection in the class door of the stove. She felt a little light headed and giddy, and she knew why. Her son had not only showed an interest in her, a sexual interest, but he wanted to follow up on his interest. Her son wanted to go walking with her and keçiören escort bayan she had seen the bulge of his hard, erect dick in his board shorts. She knew that she had made her son hard, a fantasy come true.

Jason literally ran back into the kitchen, ready to go walking with his mum.

“Ready whenever you are,” he announced with that smile which never ceased to bring Bec to wetness, and she felt her body respond yet again to her son.

“Let’s go then,” she invited.

They walked out the frond door, which Bec locked behind them and headed for the national park. The park was untouched Australian bush, with its scrub and tall trees, where you could see Kangaroos most times of the year. However, neither mother nor son was interested in the flora and fauna of the bush today. As they walked to the entrance of the park some one hundred yards from their house, each was lost in their own thoughts.

Jason couldn’t get over how good his mother looked, and why he hadn’t noticed this fact earlier. While Bec wondered what the morning walk would bring, feeling quite sure within herself that her son had an alternative reason other than just a walk. She felt her body thrill to the thought that finally her son might make a sexual pass at her.

Bec chose the path she usually walked down and for about ten minutes they headed into the heart of the park, passing other walkers of which the older ones smiled to see a son walking with his mother. When they came to a fork Bec stopped.

“That’s the way I usually go,” she said pointing to the left fork.

“Were does that one go?” Jason asked nodding to the right fork.

“To a much more secluded part of the park,” Bec grinned at her son.

“I usually stay on the more populated paths for safety,” she continued.

“Well let’s try this one then,” Jason nodded to the right fork again, “you can be adventurous with me today.” He grinned back at his mother as he saw the twinkle in her eye indicate she had caught his double meaning.

Without hesitation Bec moved to the right fork and Jason followed his mother, deliberately walking behind her so he could admire her butt. Owing to her tight, body hugging shorts Jason could see his mother was wearing a thong underneath and his dick hardened considerably. After a few seconds of admiring the cute butt in front of him, Jason moved next to his mother and took her hand. Bec loved her son’s first attempt to express his feelings for her; now that she was quite sure Jason wanted her as no son should want his mother. She wanted to respond.

Within only a few minutes they were hidden from the path they had first chosen, as the bush around them was high and thick. ‘No wonder mum doesn’t come this way on her own; no one could see if anything happened to you,’ Jason thought. Bec interrupted her son’s thought by releasing his hand and sliding her arm around the small of his back, and so Jason responded by placing his arm around his mother shoulders.

Mother and son walked holding each other for a further few more minutes until Jason got up enough courage to take another step, and he allowed his arm to slide over his mother’s shoulder. Once there he cupped her breast gently, and felt the shiver of pleasure run through her. Bec wanted to respond to every advance her son would make that morning, as an encouragement and to show him he had her permission. Yet more than that, Bec wanted more than anything for her son to take the lead, and she would follow him. At heart Bec was a shy woman, and had been shy since she was a child.

Emboldened now Jason felt like the shots were his to call; and although theirs was not text book Abbotts, their mother-son sexual relationship was about to begin with the son taking the lead and not the mother. However, in her heart of hearts Bec knew she would never had been able to take the lead, besides she preferred strong men who took control and she so wanted Jason to be her strong, leading man.

Jason was running his thumb over his mother’s zip-up windcheater trying to feel her breast and nipple, but through three layers of material it was useless. However, as if reading his frustration, Bec unzipped her windcheater as they rounded a bend in the path. Her actions were understood by her son as total permission to be sexual with her, and he felt now was the time. Jason stopped and faced his mother, who was tingling with anticipation. He pulled her to him and their lips met, open and hungry for each other. It didn’t feel strange for either of them, as they thought it might. Their mouths wrestled each other, and Jason couldn’t hold back any longer. Any fear or trepidation he had been feeling melted away, as his mother abandoned her mouth to his. He could feel she had surrendered to him, and now she was his absolutely.

Jason took hold of his mother’s shorts, pulling them down with ease even though they gave the appearance that they would be difficult. However, Jason quickly realized he had had help, from escort keçiören his mother. He understood that she too was as turned on as he was. With her shorts around her knees, Bec reached for her son’s shorts but Jason had them down already. As she felt her son’s hand cup her pussy through her white cotton thong and she spread her legs as wide as her shorts would allow, she reached for Jason’s dick to find he wasn’t wearing boxers.

Bec’s hand was shaking as she took hold of her son’s dick, and then unable to contain herself any longer she dropped to her knees. When she had been married all those years ago, she had loved to kneel in front of her man and have him fuck her mouth. Bec loved the image of being in front of her man like this. She took Jason into her mouth without any kissing or slow licking of his knob; Bec knew what she wanted, she wanted her son to fuck her mouth. Jason obliged as if knowing exactly what his mother wanted, and thrust his dick to the back of her mouth to her throat.

Bec almost came at the sensation of Jason’s dick hitting the back of her throat for the first time; it just felt so right and so good. Jason had his hands on his hips which were pushed forward a little, and his mother’s hands were on his butt cheeks and she pulled herself back and for, so she was fucking her own mouth with his dick. Lost in their arousal for each other, neither had an eye on the path they were on, and anyone could have discovered them. Maybe it was this knowledge that pushed Jason to such a quick and thunderous climax or the vision of his mother on her knees being fucked in the mouth by him. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was he came hard, very hard and his mother slammed his dick as deep as possible into her mouth as he came.

Bec drank down her son’s cum as he shot time and time again into her throat. She too hit a climax as she knelt in front of her son while he fucked her mouth, with shot after shot of warm cum pulsating into and down her throat. The whole time mother and son had stared into each other’s eyes, revelling in the sight before each of them; and so their new rolls for each other were formed. There in the national park, a mother on her knees before her son as he fucked her and she being fulfilled as only she wanted to be.

Once they had finished and Bec had sucked her son dry, they kissed passionately again, pulled their shorts up and straightened their clothing, they resumed their walk. However, they didn’t get more then one hundred yards when Jason once again walking behind his mother, pulled her shorts down to admire her bare butt with just her thong dividing her butt cheeks. He had been walking behind her and was desperate to see her naked from behind, especially the pussy he had fantasized about for so long.

Bec responded immediately, knowing instinctively what her son wanted. She stopped and took her shorts and thong completely off, not caring any more if someone did come up the path after them. She spread her legs for her son, giving him a great view of her clean shaven pussy lips, which were very full and open for him. Bec turned and placed her hands on the tree in front of her for support and waited patiently for her son. Jason didn’t disappoint his mother.

His shorts where already off, and he was lining up his six inch iron hard dick behind his mother. Bec was so wet from their previous encounter, and so wanting to be fucked by her son that she was literally dripping wet as her pussy juices ran down her inner thighs. Jason was able to slide straight between his mother’s pussy lips, and found her love tunnel was tight, but so inviting. He could feel his mother’s juices slopping over his dick as he slid slowly into her, and the feeling was amazing — for both of them.

Jason wanted to fuck his mother hard, so when he reached her full depth with an inch of dick to spare, he began a thrusting motion similar to when he fucked her mouth only minutes earlier. But this time he pushed hard into her.

“Yeah baby, fuck me hard, real hard, I love it like that,” Bec encouraged her son as she loved to be fucked this way.

“Yeah you like it hard do you?” Jason questioned his mother as he slammed into her at a quickening pace, knowing he would last this time.

“Oh yeah, mummy loves to be fucked hard and she wants her beautiful son to fuck her real hard. Fuck me real hard Jason, fuck me hard baby,” Bec replied through gasps of heightening sexual arousal.

They couldn’t believe how good this felt as they both made noises that voiced their pleasure, derived from having sex for the first time with each other. Bec sounded a little like a steam train, as he son grunted and growled. Neither had a thought for who might come up the path and discover them, nor did they cared if they were found out or not, as mother and son together.

Bec was straining against the tree as Jason’s thrusts into her boarded on violent, as he gave way to his lust. To better accommodate her son, Bec squatted a little to open herself up more to Jason’s iron hard dick that filled her so completely. He changed the position of both his feet so he could drive his dick more from underneath his mother, rather than from behind. These moves increased the pleasure for both mother and son, as Bec began to hit the peak of her quickly building orgasm.

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