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The Best is Yet to Cum Pt. 02

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After being hired by Senator Milford Lussenhop to photograph his campaign, Sylvia was summoned to attend a staff meeting. A limo was sent to take her to the Senator’s summer home. Sylvia’s first surprise was the chauffeur. His name was Victor, but he told her to call him Vick. He had a pronounced Italian accent, dark wavy hair, tanned skin, and he was very charming. Sylvia knew only one word to describe him, “hot.”

During the half-hour drive from her place, Sylvia had the distinct impression Vick was making a move on her. She welcomed it and used her own devices to suggest the feeling was mutual.

Her second surprise was that the summer home was the mansion she photographed earlier with the real estate agent. The “For Sale” sign was down. The third surprise was that there were no staff members, only her.

“Senator, I thought you said there would be a staff meeting today.”

“Yes, and the staff is here. I wanted to talk with you privately without Bubba around.

“You know I think the world of the boy, but I think your relationship with him has become a distraction to my re-election. I don’t want to fire him but it’s getting to the point where it is difficult to have him around.”

“But Senator, it’s as much my fault as his.”

“You are quite right. That’s why I’ve invited you here. You can help him save his job.”

“How can I do that.”

“You are an incredibly beautiful woman, Sylvia. Every man would love to be in Bubba’s place as your lover. I feel the same way.”

“I think I’m beginning to understand the reason for this meeting, Senator. It isn’t fair for Bubba to lose his job because of me.”

“So, we understand each other.”

“Yes, Senator, I think we do.”

“Upstairs in the bedroom I’ve laid out a beautiful negligee. I think you’ll like it. Put it on and I’ll join you in a few minutes.

It was a beautiful red satin gown but rather sparse. It was a crotchless shelf cup baby doll held up with spaghetti straps. Somehow, it fit perfectly. Milford walked in the room naked except for a thong with a sleeve for his cock. She thought it would be sexy except for the spare tire around his waist.

“Well my dear, you look marvelous. Let’s get to it. Sit on the edge of the bed and let me help you get your juices flowing.” What the Senator didn’t know was her juices were already flowing after meeting Vick.

Delicately spreading her legs with his head between her thighs exploring her clit and two fingers slithering in and out of her pussy, he murmured, “Oh, you are so delicious. I love it when a woman gets aroused so easily like this.”

Yanking down his thong, the Senator pulled her head to his erect shaft. He was curved like a sickle and wore a cock ring. Even at his age, he was hard and pulsing, but his moderate length made it easy for deep throat.

The Senator’s precum was flowing and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he shoved his cock inside her. Three, then four, and five strokes made her forget she was fucking a senator. Sylvia closed her eyes imagining it was Vick, not Milford who was satisfying her. His curved dick did wonders as it hit her g-spot time and time again.

The man huffed and puffed, producing thick guttural sounds until he finished. The Senator didn’t explode like younger men. His cum just oozed out like ketchup from a bottle. What he lacked in explosiveness he didn’t lack in volume. It just kept cumming. Sylvia imagined he hadn’t had sex for a very long time.

Sylvia waited for him to pull out. He stayed on top of her until he rolled over and fell asleep giving her time to go to the bathroom to clean up. Finally, after getting dressed, she gently jostled him awake and asked for a ride home. He grabbed his cell on the bedside table and called the chauffeur.

“Give me a kiss dear. I’ll be back in town next week. We’ll get together then and stay away from Bubba.” Sylvia kissed him and went downstairs anxiously waiting for the chauffeur.

“How was it?” Vick asked her when she scooted into the back seat of the limousine.

“Okay, I guess, nothing special,” she said as if disappointed.

“You deserve something better, signora, someone special,” he said sympathetically.

Sylvia didn’t respond to his remark right away, then said, “Do you have someone güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in mind that is special?”

“I can only say that you are the most beautiful passenger I’ve brought to the mansion. A lady like you deserves a younger man when she is looking for romance.”

“You mean romance with someone like you.”

“Si signorina, someone like me.”

Sylvia knew enough Italian to say, “It’s Signora, signor. I’m divorced.”

He glanced at her in the rearview mirror then said, “I think you have some hidden treasures of your own, signora.

Sitting with her legs apart in a less than lady-like fashion she asked, “Okay, then what is so special about you, Vick?”

He parked the limo in a secluded empty lot and joined her in the back seat. Unzipping his uniform and taking out his dick he said, “I think you’ll find this is something special.”

He unbuttoned his trousers. She pulled up her skirt. Sylvia looked at him and said, “Yes Vick, you have something special.”

He held Sylvia’s legs over her shoulders and hammered her like a pile driver. It was carnal lust that drove them, nothing more Vick hadn’t been bragging. He fucked her with the biggest cock she had ever felt inside her, and he lasted long enough for her to reach a powerful climax before he filled her ‘figa bagnata’ with an abundant supply of his ‘sperma caldo.’ She was still leaking cum when she stepped in the shower at home.

Bubba wanted to know if Sylvia was angry with him. They hadn’t had sex together for over a week. “Is it something I said or something I did? Are you seeing someone else?”

“No. No nothing like that. It’s just that I think the Senator is on to us. We need to do our jobs without me looking like your plaything.”

“Okay, let’s go to your place now. Starting tomorrow, I’ll pretend you are only a colleague, but right now, I need you.”

They fucked like rabbits for the rest of the afternoon and onto the night. From then on, Bubba kept his word and was very professional when he was around her. The problem was that it made both of them hornier. So, when Senator Lussenhop called and said he was sending over the chauffeur, Sylvia was curious to know what the Senator had in mind. She guessed that he was expecting her to become his mistress which wasn’t far from the truth. That might be the price to pay to save Bubba’s job.

“Hello Vick,” she said with a flirtatious smile. “The Senator has some ideas for another photoshoot.”

“I guess so and you’re doing it without a camera,” the chauffeur replied.

“Okay, I should have said he has ideas of another kind of shoot.”

Victor continued driving to the mansion without saying another word.

The situation was quite different this time in the bedroom. It was early afternoon when he took her directly upstairs where Milford asked Sylvia to help him with a little experiment. “Take off your clothes and don’t bother wearing the lingerie. “I’m going to the bathroom and when I get back, we’ll play.”

He returned naked and brought her a slender beaded tube and about a half foot long. “What is this?” she asked.

“It’s a penis plug called a urethral sound. Here, let me put the batteries in this end. The slim end goes in my cock.”

“Okay but what does it do?”

“You’ll see. I need to get hard to get the best effect. Blow me until I’m hard but I don’t want to cum yet. Slide the beaded end down my cock. When it’s all in, turn on the vibration and pay attention to my balls and cock until I cum. Got it?”

“I think so. It sounds kind of kinky. Does it hurt?”

“It feels great if we do it right. But first, turn around. I’ve got a toy for you too. Have you used a butt plug?”

“Sometimes. My ex liked me to wear it before we did anal.”

“This is special. It’s a vibrating plug like a woman’s vibrator but for the other hole. I think you’ll like the tingles and impulses it gives your tush. Here, let me help you put it in.”

With her ass plugged and the toy turned on, the odd sensations took some time before she felt comfortable with it while spending a few minutes sucking his dick. Then she used a gob of lube on the slender silver toy. “How far do you want it to go before I turn it on?”

“I want the slim end all the way but go slow. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri This is only the second time I’ve used it.”

The first inch went in easily. He told her to move it back out and start again going deeper each time. She repeated the process over and over until the beaded sound disappeared inside his cock. “Can I turn it on now?” she asked.

“Wait a minute until it settles in. It takes a little time for me to get accustomed to it.”

After a minute or two, he wanted the vibrations to start. “Oh, oh,” he groaned. “Suck my balls, ahh, ahh.” Droplets of precum oozed from the toy trickling down his cock. The Senator’s face was turning red; he was breathing rapidly like he was having convulsions as the vibrations pleasured him. “Oh shit, ahh, ahh, I’m cumming,” he growled.

With her tongue circling his balls and the butt plug buzzing her back end, it was time to enjoy his climax. “Suck the cum out of me whore,” he demanded.

Sylvia didn’t enjoy being called a whore when it came from Milford. It only made her horny when Harvey said it. With his sound removed, she cleaned him up feeling that the taste of a man was her reward for giving him sexual pleasure.

“Oh, that was so intense,” he said. “We’ll continue with this after dinner. The property here is private so you don’t need to dress for dinner. Your adorable body will add to the natural beauty of my yard.

Senator Lussenhop napped for an hour while Sylia roamed the house looking at family pictures and the citations Milford had earned. The heat of the day had passed as they sipped wine and he talked about the campaign and what he wanted to accomplish in Washington. Finally, Lussenhop lit the gas grill wearing an apron over his otherwise naked body. The steaks were tender and medium-rare. The salad was fresh from the Senator’s garden. The dessert was from the local bakery. Cognac finished the meal.

It was getting dark when Milford took her hand and kissed her on the forehead. There’s something about your tits, Sylvia, that mesmerizes me. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off them during the whole dinner. Let’s finish our little interlude out here under the stars. The bedroom can wait for another day.

He rolled out a soft alpaca fleece blanket on the grass and gently lowered her on top. Sylvia’s nipples were first to feel his anxious lips before he slid down between her legs. A moment later he straddled her face draping his balls and soft cock over her mouth. She gave him the attention he needed and soon he was hard enough to penetrate her swollen pussy. As he mounted her, he said, “You are so fuckable, honey. I’ve been waiting for days to cum inside that hot cunt of yours again.”

The Senator didn’t wait long to pound into her. He was on top banging furiously and Sylvia had to give him credit for fucking like a much younger man. She also was gaining pleasure having several mini orgasms as he lasted a long time, too long she decided, like his speeches. In the end though, he came like an old man, dripping rather than shooting his seed inside her.

“My goodness you’re a horny slut. Most of the women I know don’t cum as easily and as often as you.”

“You’re pretty affectionate too, Senator.” That was the best compliment she could think of.

They rested drinking more wine under a full moon that glowed like a streetlight. It was romantic, Sylvia thought, except for the fact she wasn’t with Vick or Bubba. The Senator was feeling rested, too rested when he fell asleep. Sylvia called Uber and arrived home just after midnight.

Sylvia didn’t hear from Senator Lussenhop for two weeks. She hadn’t seen Bubba either. The two must have been in DC. When the Senator called, he said it was time to get together. She was indeed becoming his mistress. When she arrived at the mansion after a short stop with Victor, Sylvia was surprised to see that Bubba was there.

“Look, Sylvia, this wasn’t my idea.”

“What idea, Bubba?”

“The senator wanted us together.”

“Well you and I could be together at my place.”

“By ‘us’ he meant the three of us.”

“The three of us,” she repeated. “The three of us how?”

“A three-some. He said I needed to do it to save your job.”

“My job? Why do you think I’ve been güvenilir bahis şirketleri fucking him?”

“To save your job, right?”

“No. I don’t need this job. I tried to save yours! Lussenhop said I was the only one that could save your job.”

Bubba just turned away in disbelief. “Anyway, let’s do it and never see him again.”

The senator walked into the room with three glasses and a bottle of wine. “Let’s celebrate!”

“Celebrate what?” Sylvia asked with a sneer.

“The three of us together.”

“So, you two are going to fuck me. Is that the idea?”

“You are smarter than the average whore, Sylvia.”

“Don’t call me that. I’m a photographer.”

“Alright, your boyfriend and I are going to fuck our favorite photographer.”

“I need more wine,” and she raised her glass for a refill.

“Me too,” Bubba said.

They finished two bottles of the senator’s finest wine before they took turns undressing Sylvia. She was naked except for her thong when they escorted her upstairs to the bedroom.

Sylvia felt used but did it anyway. She had to admit, the whole situation excited her. With the men on either side of her, she sucked one and gave the other a handjob. Then she switched making them very stiff and ready to plug her two holes.

Sylvia knew what was expected. She had done DP once before with Harvey and his buddy. Harvey liked to call it wife sharing. So, Sylvia straddled the senator’s cock and leaned over him while Bubba came up from behind. She was accustomed to him in her ass but never had it while another cock was riding her pussy. The two men were too impassioned to hold back and fucked her hard. Sylvia was dizzy with lust crying out, “Fuck, fuck, fuck me faster! Ooh, aah, oh my god oh my god. Cum in me. I want to feel your cum!”

The men were not quiet either, grunting and growling their way to spontaneous orgasms. Lussenhop filled her cunt first. Bubba followed a few minutes later balls deep in her butt hole. The three of them stayed linked together for the next few minutes savoring the glow of satisfaction. Milford’s cock soon shrunk back out while Bubba stayed hard and continued to impale her ass for a while longer. Eventually he pulled out falling on his back with his cum stained cock, still rigid, and ready to go again.

Milford left the bed to take a shower and get dressed. Bubba stayed with Sylvia. They spent the rest of the afternoon giving them both a second and third glow.

After showering together, they dressed and said goodbye to the Senator. “We’ll see you in the morning, Senator,” Bubba said.

“We have an early press conference, Bubba. I’m announcing a suspension of my campaign.”

“Why, Senator?” Sylvia asked.

“You can hear all about it in the morning and I don’t want you there. Today was your last day.”

“Really Senator? Usually a girl gets a raise for doing what I did today.”

“You got a good reaming out, something that a whistleblower deserves.”

“What are you talking about, Senator?”

“You can ask Bubba.”

Bubba walked Sylvia to his car. “I’m not going with you, Bubba. I’ve called Uber.”

“What’s going on Sylvia? Did you leak this to the press?”

“Of course not. I was trying to save your job before I realized this was a setup.”

“What do you mean, a setup?”

“You knew all along that Milford would lose the election and step away from the campaign. He had you hook up with me so I would care enough about you if you lost your job. Bubba, you were going to lose your job anyway when he bowed out of the election. Then the two of you set up this little party pretending you were trying to save my job. He just hadn’t gotten around to firing me yet, not until we had this little orgy.”

“That’s not how it happened, Sylvia.”

“That’s exactly how it happened. You must have thought I’m a fool and couldn’t figure it out.”

Senator Lussenhop’s story was all over the news the next morning. Several women accused him of inappropriate touching, and he was having an affair with a staff member. No names were mentioned. Of course, he denied all accusations. Bubba did his best to put the best spin on the situation, but it wasn’t enough. It ended the Senator’s campaign and his career.

As for Sylvia, she phoned Vick the next day and asked if he was free that night. He said now that the Senator had resigned, he was free every night. She invited him to her house. She bought a bottle of Montepulciano to go with a dinner of linguine. The wine accompanied them to the bedroom. The pasta was left to grow cold in the kitchen.

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