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The Acting Agreement between friends

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The Acting Agreement between friends
The acting Agreement between friends

After having dinner one night with me, my girl Jessica and our sexual swinging friends James and Samantha were sitting around the table chatting sexually as usual. We soon came to agreement to download a porn video involving 2 men and 2 bitches and watch and act out the video exactly.
My laptop came out and a few minutes later we were just about ready to get down and dirty. Up to the room we went. Connecting the laptop to the TV and switch on the porn video.

Blonde and a brunette girl rather petite and sexy. Two well built guys with tattoos, the girls sitting on the couch drinking wine as the guys walk up to them taking off their shirts immediately, Jessica and Samantha commenting on their well built bodies, James and I removed our shirts as we continued watching on. The guys sat down next to the girls and soon their hands started wondering canlı bahis şirketleri over the bodies, girls touching their chest as they grabbed their boobs and ran their hands over their pants crotch area, the 4 of us done the same. Soon during the video the girls were naked and the guys between their legs eating away at their pussies. James ate Samanthas cunt while I munched away at Jessicas, making them moan.

Soon it reached the stage where the guys stood up and dropped their pants, releasing throbbing cocks to be sucked. Jessica immediately deepthroatting me and I looked over to see how Samantha was enjoying sucking my mates cock. The sucking soon stopped and my cock was soon deep inside Jessicas cunt as I pounded away making her moan. Samantha moaning as well as James fucked her. The video soon reached a twist where the guys pulled out of the the ladies pussies, and swapped around. We canlı kaçak iddaa two swapped as we watched as it were to be I moved to Samantha bending her onto all 4s as per the video.

James and Jessica watch on as I spat my saliva down onto samanthas ass. Lubing my cock up with my spit, I slowly penatrated my friends girlfriends ass. She moan as my cock fully penatrated her ass. James shoved his cock into Jessicas cunt and started fucking her while I started pounding my cock in and out of Samanthas ass. While fucking and watching it reached a stage for me to ly on my back, Samantha mounted me in reverse cowgirl,her tight ass on my throbbing cock. She laid down on my chest as James moved over us, he entered his cock into her cunt as she got fucked double penatration. As Samantha moaned from being fucked by us, Jessica move over her, lowering herself onto Samanthas face so her cunt could be eaten. canlı kaçak bahis

Jessica soon moved off samanthas face and laid on her back. James pulled out of his girls cunt and moved to sit over Jessicas chest. Samantha moved off me my cock sliding out her tight ass, she moved to kneel over Jessicas head. I got up and kneeled next James taking my cock into my hand. James and I jerking our cocks back and forth as we aimed at my babes beautiful face. My cock exploded shooting my load onto my babes face, James moan as his cock to exploded, and we covered Jessicas pretty face with our cum while Samantha kneel on watch us after getting double penatrated fuck.
The video ended with girl kneeling licking the cum off her friends face and then giving each other a kiss. James and I watched on as this happened, being sexually satisfied after enjoying acting out the video we decided to watch.

Once the ladies cleaned up and we all got dressed. Samantha admitted that she got fucked good and solid and mentioned her that her ass was sore from my cock pounding in and out. We all discussed and agreed to do it again someday but where James can get to enjoy fucking Jessicas sexy tight ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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