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The Accountant Pt. 01

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Today was just another day, more of the same, but at least she enjoyed her work, keeping out of the way in the office and just keeping her head down, going over the accounts. It was tomorrow she wasn’t looking forward to, when she had the client meeting.

It wasn’t that she was shy by any means, it’s just that client was different. He distracted her from her work, not intentionally, at least it seems that it was never intentional. Tomorrow was going to be a difficult day for her.

When she got dressed, she chose an outfit that was a plain as she could put together, nothing at all on display, she was going to concentrate on the accounts and he wasn’t going to put her off this time.

She arrived a few minutes early, as usual and busied herself going over the prepared notes before being called into the meeting room. And there he was. Tall, broad, those piercing blue eyes. She sat down, doing her best to focus on the report and not look up unless she really needed to.

He sat down next to her, his scent, gentle and masculine drifted towards her and she almost shivered. “Concentrate”, she told herself and carried on going through the details until it was time to leave. They stood up together, almost the same height and she was caught by those eyes that seemed to look deeply into hers, as though searching for something.

They shook hands, his strong yet gentle hand, his voice as he said goodbye reminding her why she really didn’t want to be here, feelings she worked so hard to suppress bubbling up to the surface.

Safely in her car, she drove home trying to shake him out of her head, a night out with the girls was needed to be able to relax and forget all about it.

Three months later, she received an email from him. He needed to go over the business plan in more detail to make sure everything was covered before getting started with his new venture and the meeting was to be at the new building. She felt herself getting flushed at her desk, the thought of seeing him again, “it’s just work” illegal bahis she told herself all the way to the new building.

When she got there he was alone in the office, surrounded by paperwork and what looked like a picnic lunch. “I took the liberty of bringing some lunch, I thought we could eat as we go over all this” he said, motioning towards the piles of paper on the desk.

“That’s fine, I’m OK actually,” she said dismissively, “let’s just get started shall we?” They worked almost in silence, going over the documents and making notes or corrections and without noticing they had moved closer together, so that when she looked up she was staring right into his eyes. His pupils were huge, she tried to look away, at the desk, the paperwork, anything but those blue eyes kept bringing her back each time. She could hear herself starting to breathe more heavily, the room closed in on them and he was all she could see.

Her skin tingled at the thought of their hands touching, she could feel her heart racing as he leant towards her, and as his fingers brushed over hers she shuddered, the feeling was electrifying. The simplest of touches made her want more, her hand gently moved along his and she moved his hand onto her waist, her mouth opened and she gasped slightly at his touch.

He put his other hand on her waist and gently pulled her closer to him, their mouths inches apart now, heart pounding in her chest and a deep longing taking over every part of her body. She slid her hand down his body, running her fingers over the buttons on his shirt until she got to his jeans and she hesitated for a moment, and looking deep into his eyes she moved her hand down a little more.

Through his jeans she could feel how hard he was, and she teased at him with her finger nails through his clothes, now it was his turn to gasp slightly, his eyelids fluttered a little with each brush of her fingers. She ran a finger along his zip and he quivered as the intense feeling washed over him.

She could feel herself illegal bahis siteleri getting wetter and her nipples were so hard, she could feel his chest against them as she moved a little closer, just as his hands moved from her waist, behind her, feeling the line of her bottom, then slowly back up to the zip on her skirt.

Her skirt fell to the floor, she was aware of how wet she was now, her delicate lace underwear completely see through, her shaved pussy almost visible, swollen and tingling with desire. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers up and down his chest, she could feel his heart beating, sweat already forming, and she moved her hands back down, down to his zip.

She hesitated again, feeling how hard he was then slowly unzipped his jeans, undoing the button and letting them fall. His boxers could hardly contain him, he was harder than he could ever remember being, as she slid her hand inside, feeling his smooth cock. Her fingers ran along his shaft, down to his balls, gently squeezing and then she dragged her nails along him, pulling him towards her. He nearly tore her blouse off, just able to undo the buttons and threw it to the floor, then in one quick move he removed her bra, her breasts were in his hands now, her nipples hard against his fingers, she nearly cried out as he moved so their bodies were touching, his hard cock now pressing against her pussy, just a thin layer of wet lace between them.

Their lips met in a kiss so passionate it nearly knocked her of her feet, she was breathless and wanted to consume him, their tongues together before he spun her around and in one move pushed her against the desk and pulled her thong away, his powerful hands around her, one cupping her breasts, her nipples sending waves of ecstasy through her body, the other slid down her and found her pussy, swollen and wet. His fingers began to enter her at first, one at a time before he slid his hard cock slowly into her from behind. She cried out as he penetrated her in one long slow movement, canlı bahis siteleri his fingers now gently stroking her clit as waves of desire pulsed through her body. She pushed into him, wanting him deeper inside her, pushing his fingers onto her clit, harder and harder, sweat now dripping from them both as he thrusted into her pussy with everything he had.

She had never felt this way before, she needed to be taken like this, to be fucked, breathless and wanting him in every part of her, she could feel her orgasm rushing up inside her, she begged for it to wait, but his cock, deep inside her soaking pussy wasn’t going to let it wait, and she was overcome with pleasure. She had never cum so hard, wave after wave, so much that her senses could hardly take it, her eyes closed as she lost herself in the heat and intense pleasure.

She pushed him away, and felt him slide out of her then turned to him and fell to her knees. She took him into her delicate mouth, sucking his hard cock, tasting herself on him, which turned her on even more. She could feel him getting even harder, his breathing had changed, he was almost panting, eyes closed, he was close. She teased, using her tongue around the end of his cock, licking down his shaft and then sucking his balls, until he moaned above her. Again she teased him, gently running her finger nail under his balls and towards and over his ass, he shook uncontrolled, and she took him into her mouth again, sucking harder, her tongue licking his delicious cock as she felt him get harder still, and heard him moan louder and she pulled him out of her mouth, just as he exploded over her, hot cum squirted across her breasts as she buried his cock between them.

They collapsed together on the floor, entwined with each other, still breathless and covered in sweat and cum as the daylight began to fade outside, the winter afternoon giving in to the evening and early dusk.

She tidied herself up as much as she could, and left for home. That night as she showered, her hand moved down her body, across her breasts and down to her pussy, wet from the shower and her reminiscence of the day. Gentler touches now, as she lay on the sofa in front of the fire, drifting off to sleep. Work would never be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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