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Teasing Daddy

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Big Tits

It was one of those days that are so humid your clothes stick to you. It was mid July, thundery and school was out. I was showering for the second time that day, and oh god, did the water feel good on my tan skin. I stood under the spray in the upstairs bathroom. The door was wide open, letting the breeze from my room fan into the room. No one was home, and I was enjoying the freedom that an empty house gave me. I knew I had to hurry though, Daddy would be home soon, and he’d be desperate for the shower.

Thinking of my daddy gave me naughty thoughts, though. He was graying around the edges, with deep brown eyes. I felt my pussy moisten. Daddy always got me wet. How long had this been happening? I thought back. I remember being a teenager and seeing him naked in the shower, masturbating. I was enthralled, his huge cock glistened, then long strings of cum poured forth, and sprayed the very walls of the shower I stood in. After that, I masturbated every night myself, fingers deep in my pussy dreaming of that sticky white cum coating my throat, my skin, my snatch. At first, I was ashamed, daughters should not think of their Daddy’s like that, but god I could not stop them.

I drifted back into consciousness, as I heard my father’s car pull into the drive way. I moved to jump out, but a second thought hit me. I was a red-blooded woman, he a red-blooded man, and I wanted him. Believe me, I kartal escort bayan always get what I want. So that day, I decided daddy would be seeing a lot more of his baby girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a healthy, if not promiscuous sex-life, but my partners only ever got me truly off if they used my daddy’s special name for me – Babydoll. I wanted my dad to scream that, while he was ball deep in my cunt. So, I stayed in the shower, back to the open door, singing.

Daddy always came straight to the shower when home from work. I began to soap myself, the steam getting thicker. I heard his footfalls on the steps, and him come to the bathroom. my heart was pounding…


It had been hell at work in this heat. My shirt was soaked in my sweat, and the site had been so busy, I hadn’t had chance to even wash my face all day. I drove home, eager to jump in the shower, freshen up before confronting my daughter on how lazy she had been since breaking up for the summer from school. Pulling into the drive, she had given me more than enough ammunition, as I stepped through the door, the house was a tip. Plates were left dirty, and rubbish all over the kitchen. I made for the stairs, to drag her from her room and make her tidy, but heard the shower. I trudged the steps, and when I hit the landing, the steam hit me. Damn that little bitch! She never shut the door!

I escort maltepe moved to the open door to shut it, but something caught my eye…namely my daughter, Angelica. Back to me she was soaping her legs, and boy were they legs! I stood, gobsmaked, my baby showering. I wanted to leave, shut the door, but her rhythm made me stop. Up, down, she moved over her legs like she might have done a fat cock, squeezing and massaging. I felt my own prick harden in my work jeans. Hell, I blushed with shame. I was getting off on my teenage daughter. But that body.

She was tiny, 5’3, but built so good. She turned, her wet hair sticking down her back. I caught a glimpse of her 34c breasts, her erect nipples as the rinsed the suds away. My cock was so rigid I had to loosen my jeans. I should leave, I kept thinking, but she looked so good in the steam skin glistening. I wanted to masturbate right then. God, this was a site for sore eyes. Ever since Angelica hit puberty she’s drawn looks off men – including me, but that was fully clothed. Seeing her naked… god.

Then she bent over, having dropped the soap or something, and that ass! I couldn’t hold off, my hand gripped my prick and I began to roughly jacking myself off. Her hands began to soap her firm globes, kneading the flesh, tracing her cheeky tan lines, rubbing in between her legs, lathering her pussy. I didn’t think this could pendik escort get any better, when she reached for my razor, turned slightly in the bath and began to shave that sweet 18 year old cunny. That was it, I blew my load, shooting over the nearest towel. I bit on my hand to muffle the sound, trying to catch my breath. I don’t think she heard me, but I beat a hasty retreat. The glows of orgasm fading, the guilt hit me. I couldn’t masturbate over my Babydoll…it was so wrong…but this wasn’t the first time. I watched Angelica alot, praying I’d get to glimpse her panties…my wet dreams were realise today, with my beautiful babydoll shaving her twat infront of her father. Yes I’d watched her many times before…this wasn’t going to be the last


I grinned to myself as the door shut softly. Daddy wanked over his baby, in the way I fucked my fingers over him. That was just going to be the start.

I shut off the spray, and wrapped myself in a white towel. I made my way down the stairs, fresh and shaven and let my hair drip over the carpets. I walked into the living room, where daddy sat, newspaper in hand, looking quite flustered. I bent to kiss him

“Hey Daddy, good day?”

He stuttered – “Um…” his eyes raked over my body, I stood up straight

“Daddy, I’m going to change, see you dinner soon”

I made my way from the room, bending to pick up my shoes, making sure I almost gave Daddy and eyeful.


I managed to regain my composure just on time

“Yes young lady, and then you’ll tidy this hell-hole”

She smiled back at me…flashing her tight bottom. She was not going to get away with it…

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