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Tabootopia – A Nation of Incest Ch. 05

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Copyright © 2011, Surt, ALL Rights Reserved.

There is no need to read any previous Tabootopia chapters before reading this as everything relevant is explained throughout the story. Anyone involved in ANYTHING sexual is of the legal age limit (18 or over). Feedback is always appreciated and replied to. Thanks for reading and enjoy! The Celebrity Templates are:

Shohreh Aghdashloo is Farah Azim
Susan Sarandon is Miss Bolovey
Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin
Madeline Zima is Vivian Keentucker
Brenda Song is Soyo Banks
Necar Zadegan is Raina
Alexa Nikolas is ‘Rocket’ Pocket Polly
Natalie J Robb is Carla Woroalman


Farah Azim wore many hats: business negotiator, high school teacher, lesbian sex instructor and qualified massage therapist. During her masseuse training, she wondered why she had to wear restrictive clothing when massaging customers, considering the clothes hindered her movements and invariably got dirty from oil stains. So, Farah delivered her standard massages in the nude – to both male and female customers. To no surprise, not one person complained, every customer approved; her tips were way above the average; All this from giving the same massages as everyone else, just without clothes. She used those skills to seal many a business deal and now, in Tabootopia, she was using them again, this time on her very own son…

On this blissful Tabootopia dawn, the early morning sunlight was peering out the curtains, the open window letting in a warm breeze. This lucky boy said yes to the mouth-watering incentive that got him up so early: a relaxing nude massage. So there he was, naked, laid out on the leather table, with the masseuse sitting on his behind, that woman, of course, being his mother, herself without clothes. She was rubbing her son’s back with her oiled-up hands, soothing his morning aches.

“Oh sooo good, Mom,” said our boy Sami as his legs shook from his mother’s touch. Sami was a short, tan-skinned teenage boy, originally from Michigan, USA.

“I’m pleased you approve, dear,” said Farah. “It has been a while since I have done this. I’m considering offering this service to my students.” Farah was a buxom, age-defying, Persian-born beauty, her full raven hair flowing as she gently rocked back-and-forth on her son’s body.

“Yeah, yeah, they’re going to like this,” replied her son. He could feel the room getting hot: very hot; the morning sun was filling them both with a warm glow, mother and son’s bare shining bodies glistening in the sunlight.

Farah carried on working his back, reaching every sore spot of her boy’s shaven hairless body. When she moved to his shoulders, Sami could feel his mother’s nipples poke his back.

“Does that feel good?” she asked with her hushed, husky, highly-erotic accented voice bellowing in his ear.

“Ohh, soo good, Mom.”

“Good. You have a big day today, a fieldtrip to the farmlands. Do you remember my request, dear?”

“Y-yes Mom,” he said as he gritted his teeth, his mother’s burning hot fingertips digging into his skin. The sticky leather was starting to sizzle, the heat was increasing.

“Good boy. My sister will be so pleased to see you; she’s never met you before. Hmm, it’s been so long since I’ve seen here, two decades perhaps. I constantly wondered where she moved to, turns out she came here, isn’t that amazing?”

“Yes, yes, Mom.”

“I made the arrangements with your teacher; she said it would be all right for you to leave the group and go visit her.”

“Ok, M-M-Mom,” he let out a sharp intake of air as he felt his mother’s breasts bouncing off his back. It then dawned on Sami that his mother was only giving him this nice treat so that she could get this favour out of him. Sami didn’t mind.

“Good boy,” she whispered into his ear while grinding her prickly bush on his backside. That it was it: he couldn’t stand anymore of his mother’s skilled hands. The raging inferno was roaring, his mother, the delectable scion of tantric pleasure, had succeeded: he cummed.

Seeing the dripping white liquid on the floor, Farah dismounted from her son, her objective complete. She patted him on the butt. “That will be all. Thank you for letting me test my massage skills.”

“Any, anytime, Mom,” he said with the smallest of whittled voices, him boiled, sweating, the sheeting stuck to his body.

“Oh Sami dear, could you please replace the sheets?” she asked while rubbing her oily hands on her sizeable breasts.

“Yes, Mom.”

“Thank you, dear,” she smiled, then, went onward to the bathroom. Sami cleaned himself up, got excited thinking of his mother’s naked oiled-up sweaty breasts, cleaned himself up again, and then replaced the sheets.

On any other day Sami would’ve stayed in his room and reused this experience for his own personal enjoyment – but he did not. That’s because on that day Sami and his school friends were finally being allowed outside of Our Haven – to the greater areas of Tabootopia. Sami was also excited (in a perverse way) to meet the aunt he’d heard so much about yet never, pendik escort ever met. He only knew her by one name: Raina. If she was anything like his mother, it was to be well worth the journey.


A group of nine students (split into three groups of three) were ready to go to the farmlands via a minibus. That along with their adult supervisor made a total of 10 passengers. Already in the car was the first group.

“I feel forgotten!” exclaimed Brian, a heavyset African-American teen wearing a bombastic pink shirt and cargo shorts. “How long’s it been, huh? How long? I’ve seen these other motherfuckers try and do the same shit that we do! Motherfucker what? We ain’t done nothing in weeks, what’s up with that? We gotta stay strong bruthas!”

“Yeah, umm, yeah,” agreed Björn, a short, slim Swedish male, wearing an avant-garde sweater and skinny jeans combo. “It has been a while since it has been, umm, all three of us together, yes, like this. Daniel I, ahh, blame you.”

“Hey you can’t blame D-Nova!” interrupted Brian, “He’s been living with that mom and daughter! How can you stop a motherfucker from that kind of set-up! D-Nova, they let you out for this huh?”

“Yeah,” said Daniel Nova, a half-Mexican, half-Causation, with remarkably plain looks and style with standard issue short dark hair. “Ma – Ruth said it would be educational.”

Björn spotted Daniel’s miscue: “You were about to call her mom, ah-ha! Yes! Please, umm, feel free, yes, ahh, live the fantasy! You may call her mom in my presence, I understand these, umm, fetishes.”

Brian agreed: “Fuck, I’d call her momma all day! That ass is righteous. Speaking of big-booty mama’s, we got the best at the wheel, ha-ha! How you doing you sexy, sexy white lady?”

“Quiet you!” she said from the front of the wheel. “Drop that tone young man, speak out of line with me and I’ll backhand slap you so hard that you’ll be pleasuring yourself with your pinkies!” The one-of-a-kind Miss Bolovey was a red-haired, bespectacled, large-breasted mature woman who spoke in an accent resembling an olden-times American housewife. For this jaunt she wore a tight-fitting frilly white dress shirt and a long grey skirt.

Quietly sitting behind Daniel and co was the next group. This trio featured brothers’ Jay and Evan and the aforementioned Sami.

Jay, a light-brown skinned, tank top wearing teen from New Jersey, whispered to his group: “Bro, I wanna bang Bolovey so badly, so badly.”

“Me too, yo, me too!” gushed Evan, an energetic, orange shirted, blond-haired teen. “Yo I’m just going to tell it all to her straight from the heart yo, see what she says.” He raised his voice and spoke to his teacher: “Miss Bolovey, I’m such a big fan of yours yo, you’re so hot for an older woman, not saying you’re old, and not saying you’re just hot in your age-bracket, you’re fucking hot in any bracket! Fuck, you’re so hot, yo can we have sex? Like now? Can I sit on your lap? Can I sit, can I sit? – “

“Hush! Hush I say!” she shouted to the group of boys, her face beetroot red. “Stop running your mouths and listen: if you insufferable, hormonal gooses manage to behave for this whole car ride, I will consider giving you some oral or physical pleasure – but only if you keep the yatteering and masturbatory actions to a minimum! That means you do not fondle me, you do not ask me to touch your privates, you speak amongst each other at a decibel level that I can tolerate. Do you understand!?”

“Yes Ma’am,” they said in unison.

“Good, right-o. Now sit and wait patiently for the last group.”

After being told off, the two groups of guys introduced themselves to each other.

Björn recognized Sami. “Hey, I saw you at the, umm, Hottest Mom contest! Brian, remember? That mother of his.”

Brian bit down on his hand. “Uhh! Fuck! Your mom is fucking inferno, blazing, wildfire hot! Uhhh! Can you feel me!? She’s fucking sexy!”

“Umm, thanks,” replied Sami.

“Brutha I’d wreck your mother,” said Brian with absolute seriousness in his voice. “Wreck her. She got the big tits, the big booty going on, just wanna get my hands on it and shake, shake, shake! Uhhhh! Can you feel me!? Can you feel me!?” he tagged hands with Sami. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

After a few minutes of polite talk between the boys – covering such topics as Sami’s mother’s vaginal grooming, Daniel’s surrogate mother and Björn’s strange fetish with rubber ducks – the last group came in from the backdoor. They threw their bags in the bus and wiped the sweat of their brows.

“Hey what’s up with you two not helping your sis out, huh?” shouted Soyo – a short, boisterous tanned Asian girl – at her brothers Jay and Evan.

Jay shrugged. “We didn’t pack anything, besides you get so mad when we’re around your friends.”

Soyo adjusted her little black shorts and tank top. “Please~ I know you all about checking out the pussy range –” Soyo paused when she saw three familiar faces peering out the bus. “Oh hey Brian, Daniel, Björn.”

“Hey,” they said in unison.

“Hey, you guys banged escort pendik my sister?” Jay asked them.

“Not yet,” Brian said in all honesty.

“Right on, Bro,” they slapped hands.

Regina, a brown haired, tight blue shirt wearing, ample-breasted, frowny teenage girl, quietly took her seat. In contrast, Vivi, a tall, shapely, cheery teen girl, squealed when she saw one of her favourite playthings.

“Sam-sam!” she leapt like a gazelle and grabbed Sami, holding him close to her breasts. “Oh my little kitty! Oh baby, baby!” she stroked the back of his head. “We had so much fun that night, when you rolled around dressed like a –”

“Hey, hey Vivi!” interrupted Sami, “I don’t think they need to know all the details!”

“Ok Sam-sam,” she kissed him on the top of his head and scuffled his hair. “Oh hey Born!” Vivi reached over and patted Björn on the top of his head.

“Hello, umm, Vivi,” he said with a sly grin.

Vivi adjusted her tiny jean shorts, then, sat in her seat. “Hi everyone, I’m so excited! We’re going on a trip! Eek! What will we see!? I wanna see some cute animals! Coolzees!”

“Oh she said coolzees!” Evan marked-out over Vivi’s catchphrase.

“Right-o,” said Miss Bolovey, “Stop your dilly daddling and listen: We will take this vehicle to the outer areas and reach the farmlands by midday, understood?”

“Why can’t we go further?” Regina asked unexpectedly. “Why are we going to just the farm area? Why can’t we go all the way to New Babylon?”

“Yeah, yeah,” muttered the class.

Regina carried on: “I asked my dad and he said we could only drive there, we can’t take the train because we’re not allowed to, so why can’t you take us all the way there? I wanna see what the big city is like.”

Miss Bolovey turned to look at the disobedient little girl: “Young woman, I implore you to get yourself fully factual before asking such a question, because if you had even the slightest of ideas you’d know that there is a vast wilderness area beyond the farming lands where very little, if any, exploration has taken place. So, do you want to get lost in a place you may not return from?”

“N-no, it was just a question.”

“Little missy, I applaud your adventuress sprit, I like you and think you’re a slight shade above some of the little cum droppers we have in this group, I also did quite enjoy your love-festival with the Korean girl. I, personally, do not want you going missing, as the repercussions fall on me: Mr. Sanchez requested that I only need return with, and I quote, ‘the Jersey Asian girl, the hot white daddy girl and Regina with the boobs.’ The rest he did not specify, so, little missy, don’t you dare try wandering off, because if you do I’ll track you down, rip down your underpants and make that tight little butt of yours red as an apple! Do I make myself clear!?”

“Yes Ma’am, crystal.”

“Good, tallyho, let’s get going.”

The group went silent, wondering if their teacher had just coined a new insult with “cum droppers.” Finally, the bus started and they were on their way.

Five minutes into the journey, Evan turned to Regina and said, “Yo props for speaking up, you dropped some sick knowledge yo. I didn’t even know we had a train!”


Three hours of paved road, with the only scenery being trees and outgoing cargo trucks, turned out to be less than stimulating to the teens, so they passed the time by talking amongst themselves. The group got along well, especially when the boys found out that all six of them were members of the same incest website, which got them talking about their favourite stories and pictures from the old website. So absorbed they were in conversation that none of them even tried anything with the girls – for an hour.

“Yo Regina, can I kiss you?” asked Evan.

“No,” she said bluntly.


“No, you big-boy kiss and I don’t like big-boy kissing.”

“Aw…how about you, Soyo?”

“I’m your sister!”

He turned around and sat back in his seat. “Oh well.”

Jay consoled his brother: “Bro, I’m sure there’re hot girls in this…what’s this place we going to called?”

“Gaudium,” said Daniel.

“Ah, right on, right on…Bro, did you just say we’re going to Gay Dom?”

As the minibus made its journey out of the paved forest path, the vast farmland area that is Gaudium came into view.

The most stunning scenic aspect of Gaudium was how overflowing it was with lush green grass, stretching as far as the eye could see. There were only half-a-dozen houses and those were all huge, brick-made vestiges. In addition there were barns dotted around the landscape, cows, bulls and pigs moseying in the pens and, over the horizon, were small hillside valleys. It was indeed a huge shift from the urbanized Our Haven, even the air smelled different, fresher. The group got out of the bus and looked around.

“Damn!” said Brian, “This place is huge! Look, a bull!”

Soyo was not impressed: “Yees, I suppose it’s aight.”

“Hello there!” said a manly voice from out in the distance. “Ah, you must be pendik escort bayan the town’s people!” a tall, grey shirted, slacks and straw hat wearing blond white man approached the group. “Me name’s Tobias Woroalman, pleased to meet you all,” he shook Miss Bolovey’s hand. Tobias spoke in an odd mix of a South African and a southern American accent.

“Charmed,” replied Bolovey. “So, where will these younglings be staying for this trip? With you I’d guess?”

“Oh yes, plenty room down in the house, just right over there on the left. Go on inside and I’ll show you around –”

“Mister: shut the fuck up,” Soyo had heard enough: “Take me to the bedroom, the barn, the hay, whatever the fuck you got and jizz, jizz all over me,” Soyo took him by the arm and dragged him away.

“Quiet the little firecracker ain’t ya?”

“I’m wet, I need some cock,” Soyo nonchalantly put her hand down his slacks. “Oh! You ain’t told me you packing pythons? Motherfucker I ain’t letting you go till you’re empty!”

“I won’t complain.”

“Bye-bye Soyo,” said Vivi.

Soyo gave the peace sign in response.

While the group was digesting what they just saw, another surprise hit them right after. A long grey haired, nude, petite white woman, her hair covering her breasts, patted Brian on the shoulder.

“Oh hello there, you’re perfect,” she handed Brian a tribal spear.

The group stood in stunned silence. Brian, composed and calm, tried articulating his feelings:

“Okay… this right here: this is fucked up, this is fucked up, am I right?” his friends nodded.

“Now, I’m a chill brutha, I ain’t gonna blow-up or anything, but this is fucked up, really fucked up. Nah, this ain’t right, I can’t be down with this, nah, nah, I’m sorry hunnie but this is just too much –”

“I got three daughters.”

“Let’s go.”

Without missing a beat, Brian put his arm around the woman and walked away with her.

“Oh what’s your name, dear?” she asked.

“Call me Zulu,” he said in a mock-African accent.

“Oh, oh my.”

Evan scratched his head with both hands: “What just happened!? Soyo left with a farmer and Brian left with a white witch woman!?”

“Yea, Bro!” his brother replied. “Damn these village people are horny! I gotta get some of that pussy! I’m gonna be fucking all night long! Yeah –”

“Stop the dandyness at this moment!” shouted Bolovey, “Now hush children, hush, let me lead you to the house.” Bolovey pulled at her collar while walking. “Heaven’s it’s gotten hot,” she unbuttoned her dress shirt to reveal a loose-fitting turquoise tank top, her heavy breasts jiggling along nicely. “That’s better.” She tossed her shirt in Evan’s face. “Hold it for me, boy.”

He held it with both hands and sniffed, “Ahhh! Smells like hot punishment, yo.”

They turned a corner, reached the barn area and were greeted by a huge surprise: a snarling horse.

Vivi’s eyes began to sparkle. “Huh! Horsey! Yay!” she ran towards it and nuzzled her face into it. “Horsey, horsey!”

Björn smiled sinisterly at Vivi and the horse’s interaction.

“Urgh, please say we are not going there,” Regina said to Daniel.

“Just hope we don’t,” he whispered back. For official purposes it should be noted that no bestiality took place.

Thankfully, out of the stables a female of the human variety came rushing out. She ran towards the group with much excitement.

“Hello! Hello! You the school people we’re expecting?” she said in a quick, sparky tone.

They nodded.

“Hey, I’m Sally!” Sally was a long legged, bare footed, blond haired farm girl – yes, the farmer’s sexy daughter. She wore pigtails, a vest which did nothing to hide her protruding nipples and a long frilly skirt.

Evan stepped forward: “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck you, no not fuck you, fuck me!”

Jay shoved his brother aside: “Hey baby, hey, how’s it going? I’m Jay and I think we should get-to-know each other better…by having sex~!”

Bolovey slapped them both upside their heads, grabbed them and pulled them back with ease. “Dirty, filthy, filthy boys: Do not speak to a young lady like that!”

Sally smiled, giggled and clapped: “Funny! Funny! Did you guys practice that?”

Before they could respond, Daniel stepped forward: “Umm yeah, sure. Hi, I’m Daniel.”

“Hey Daniel, hey everyone. Gosh, gosh I’m so nervous.”

“Sally!” shouted a Scottish woman’s voice. “Sally, who’re you talking to?

“The people from the big town, Mom.”

“Oh they’re here,” out she came from the adjunct room, walking while wiping her hands. “Hello, glad to meet you all, I’m Tobias’s wife, Carla. Welcome to our farm.” Mother Carla had a warm smile and a charming accent, and, like her daughter, possessed killer sex appeal, with a truly feminine figure, creamy white skin, wavy dark hair, large breasts packed neatly into her blue shirt, not forgetting her so-good-you-wanna-sleep-on-it ample behind.

“Hey,” replied the kids.

Carla looked at her daughter: “Sally, go fetch us some milk from that dairy farmer bloke.”

Sally bent down, put her hand in her skirt and casually took off her cotton panties. She held them, looked at the group, then dropped them in the hay. “Sure, Mom.” She skipped away, all eyes on her. Thank God it was windy.

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