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Table for Two Ch. 05

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Stephanie was looking into her laptop, just idly browsing.

After Samantha was done, Emily and her friend talked about their school assignments, which Stephanie didn’t really care about. She found it a bit funny to really reenact the scene as she took out her laptop and sat on her bed, still in her panties. It paid off though, because Emily noticed and laughed. Stephanie got dressed before dad came home, of course, but for the rest of the day, the sisters would share a laugh whenever one of them imitated the gestures from their phone call – puckering lips and displaying their bottoms to each other. Stephanie once tried to make the pussy licking gesture again, but Emily’s nervous laugh gave away this was too much for her. She was always the shy one, but Stephanie also realized this was probably crossing the line.

Past bedtime, she was laying in her bed as she realized that after all of this, she was still horny. She had not come since Saturday’s visit at the club and now the steaming hormones in Stephanie’s young body again demanded love and attention to her sensitive areas.

She didn’t want to seek relief in the bathroom. Now that dad was home too, she was in danger of being caught in the act, like it almost happened a few times before. The warmth and comfort of her bed also made it much more enjoyable than the cold bathroom. At least that’s what she was telling herself. Secretly though, she somehow wanted to try it with Emily in the room. It was wrong, but being the rebel that she was, that fueled Stephanie even more. That, or Sam’s damn kinky fantasies had more of an effect than she thought.

But Emily wanted to talk.

“You asleep, Steph?” she heard Emily’s quiet voice from behind her.

Stephanie remembered Emily’s smell in their room. She probably already took care of herself and was in a more relaxed state than Stephanie’s charged body.

Stephanie turned away from the window, laying on her right side to face her sister. In the darkness, she couldn’t really make out anything except a fuzzy dark silhouette, almost blending in with the furniture behind her, surrounded by a slightly lighter white of the walls. From Emily’s voice however, she could tell the older sister was laying on her side towards Stephanie.

“No, not yet,” Stephanie replied.

“Wanna talk?”

“Sure, about what?” Stephanie replied again, although that was probably a moot point.

“Today,” Emily answered, “I said I’d tell you all about it, on the phone. Do you want to?”

“Of course,” Stephanie replied right away, burning with a mix of curiosity and desire, “I do.”

Stephanie listened as Emily explained how Samantha called her in the afternoon. How she told her about her accident and how that led them to discuss the events at the Zeal.

“You really told her about us?” Stephanie asked, feeling a little betrayed. Until now, she didn’t realize Sam could only have known from Emily, “I thought we wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“Sorry Steph, I didn’t want to at first, but Sam is my best friend. She understands,” Emily defended herself, “But I also talked about it on my therapy. You didn’t mind when I told you about that?”

“But your therapist has to keep it confident, right?” Stephanie continued, “That’s not true for Sam. What if she tells someone?”

“I know Sam, she wouldn’t,” Emily said as if she was trying to reassure herself.

“But I thought this was going to be our secret,” Stephanie complained, then chided herself for how childish she sounded.

“I know, I thought so too. But when I got excited I spilled the beans, sorry,” Emily replied, then continued, “But actually it may not be all that bad, in a way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess Sam made me see it in a different light, a bit,” Emily said in a careful tone.

“She did?” Stephanie asked again. This was getting interesting.

“Yeah, the way she saw it, it was different than I expected,” Emily continued, “But I’m not sure if we should talk about that.”

Stephanie was too intrigued to let it just go. If Emily spilled the beans to Sam, maybe she could get her sister to open up to her as well, “But I want to know, Em! Please, you’ve talked to your therapist, and Sam, but my friends would freak out. I don’t have anyone else to talk about this-“

“OK, OK, relax, I was just teasing you. Just try not to freak out when I tell you,” Emily answered.

Now Stephanie was definitely interested. Her heart was beating heavily, “Em, no offense, but after I found out what I did on Saturday, nothing you could say will freak me out.”

She heard a thoughtful Emily say, “I guess so.”

“Anyway,” Emily continued quickly, “Sam said that even if we did it, it didn’t mean we are lesbians or perverted or anything like that. Not that there’s anything wrong with being lesbian.”

“Or perverted,” Stephanie added with a chuckle.

“Yeah. Sam said most women think about sex with other women, even if they don’t think of themselves as lesbian. And that because we only met later in our lives, we are not so escort ataşehir disgusted at being together as normal siblings are. I looked it up when she told me about it. It’s called the Westermarck effect.”

Stephanie noticed how serious her sister’s opinion sounded, compared to when they talked about it previously. She didn’t want to be left behind, “So we don’t have this effect?”

“I’m not sure. You have to ask yourself if you’re more disgusted at having sex with me than with another girl.”

“Huh? I mean, I wasn’t disgusted back then,” Stephanie confided, nervously.

“Yeah, but back then you didn’t know it was me,” Emily responded, “The question is, now that you know, are you?”

It was a strange question for Emily to ask her sister, but if she didn’t mind the awkwardness, Stephanie wouldn’t either.

“I don’t know. It’s just so weird.”

“Yeah, we don’t have to talk about it,” Emily suggested.

“Wait wait, I want to talk,” Stephanie said while moving her right hand beneath her covers just to check the state of her pajama pants. Sure enough, a warm dampness made its way through at the crotch. Realizing her sister wouldn’t be saying more, she continued, “It’s weird, but not that bad. Back at the club, it was anything but bad. I mean, I definitely enjoyed.”

“You did?” Emily asked, “But didn’t it bother you that you were with a girl?”

“I wasn’t sure about that at first. I’ve thought about it before, but didn’t know how far I could take it. I sort of just went with the flow. But it was good, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Emily agreed reluctantly.

“Come on, don’t be shy, I deserve more praise than that for sure,” Stephanie joked.

“OK,” Emily groaned and added in a theatrical tone, “You did great, OK? It was the best sex ever and I’m now a real lesbian!”

“That’s more like it,” Stephanie said with a smile, “And it sounds almost like an ad.”

“Hide your daughters, here comes Steph,” Emily continued and Stephanie could hear her smile, “She’ll turn them in no time.”

“Are you saying I’m a walking anti-gay conversion therapy?” Stephanie teased.

“I wish it worked that way,” Emily laughed and replied.

“And I wish, I could’ve seen you back then,” Stephanie replied in kind, “I bet you made all kinds of kinky faces.”

Emily laughed nervously, “Trust me, you’d make faces too.”

“It felt that good?” Stephanie pressed on.

“Yeah, it was actually-” Emily started, then after a pause, she continued, “It was just really good.”

Emily was probably not so comfortable in admitting it, but Stephanie was still weirdly proud at her accomplishment. Rather than in a sexual way, this was more about their sibling rivalry. It meant a lot to be praised by Emily.

Before she could respond, Emily moved on, “You may have actually spoiled me, because no guy will measure up now.”

Stephanie knew it was supposed to be a joke, but now, her hand gently rubbing her pajama pants, she smiled at the compliment, “Sorry about that, I’ll try to be rough and insensitive next time.”

It felt nice when she heard Emily chuckle.

“But not all guys are like that, Steph. I guess. I hope?” but then Emily asked, “But, ‘next time’?”

Stephanie froze when she realized what she said, but decided to be honest about it, “Yeah, sorry. I guess I was thinking about the club. I imagined it was a start for me and the girl at the table. I mean, seeing how well it went between us, I did expect a next time.”

Then Stephanie added, provocatively, “And you just admitted it did go really well.”

Unfortunately, Emily decided Stephanie had enough praise.

“What did you think about that girl?” Emily asked, evading Stephanie’s point.

Stephanie thought about her girl at the table, trying to ignore the fact that they were actually talking about Emily, “I knew she was a bit shy. And adorable in a dorky way. And sensitive. But not just physically, emotionally too, the way we connected. Maybe a bit lonely. Am I making any sense here?”

“Damn, that’s pretty accurate,” Emily concluded and Stephanie smiled.

“See? It’s simply meant to be!” Stephanie said theatrically.

Emily made an exaggerated disgusted sound, then continued, “Also, do you actually want to be in a relationship with a girl?”

“I wasn’t really thinking about relationships yet I guess,” Stephanie answered, “I was never in love with a girl. I just knew we clicked. I wanted more.”

She just heard a hum of acknowledgment from Emily, so she continued, “Maybe that’s why I was so angry at first, when I found out it was really you. I realized there wasn’t a chance of it going on and felt like you stole that girl away from me. Like you have a really nice dream and then someone wakes you up,” then she quickly added, “But of course it’s not your fault.”

“Yeah,” Emily replied.

“So, what did you think of the girl beneath the table?” Stephanie asked carefully.

“I was really nervous at first, I think,” Emily confided.

“So was I, of course.”

“Yeah, kadıköy escort bayan but Sam didn’t tell me it was going to be a girl, because it was supposed to be a guy. So I was really surprised. I wanted to run away.”

“So why didn’t you?” Stephanie spoke her mind.

“I almost did, remember?”

“Yeah, I wondered if I did anything wrong.”

“You didn’t, that’s just when I found out it was a girl down there. But you actually did everything right. It felt so nice I couldn’t resist giving in, even with a girl, even just once.”

Emily continued, “What did I think about her? That she was bold, but still gentle. And I though she considered me a lesbian. I knew it wasn’t fair letting her do it, but it felt too good to stop. And sometimes I even thought like I was falling in love with her.”

“No way!” Stephanie exclaimed. She wanted to move her hand beneath her pants, but talking to Emily made it a bit difficult to concentrate. Still, her hand kept touching her crotch unconsciously, enjoying the feeling.

“Yeah, Sam said the same thing. But I think it was just a feeling. Maybe I’m naive, but I just thought I’d only have good sex with someone I loved.”

“Hey, turns out, you did!” Stephanie teased.

“Smartass,” Emily replied and Stephanie couldn’t resist chuckling.

“I think it’s nice, just as a romantic idea. But…” Stephanie started. Her desire started fires inside. Her teenage body craved release, in whichever way possible. But the thoughts of sex and Emily just didn’t belong together.

Still, just for the forbidden kicks, she wanted to ask the question. Emily would never have the nerve, “Do you think there will be a next time?”

“Wow, you actually said it,” Emily said with a small chuckle.

“Yep. You could say I don’t like to beat around the bush,” Stephanie answered.

No reply from Emily though. Stephanie had to know, “So?”

Emily was fidgeting in her bed. She wanted to talk to Stephanie to sort out her thoughts, to come to terms with what has happened, but things were taking an unexpected turn. It was unbelievable that Stephanie would be really serious about her proposal. Despite what they’ve been through, the thought of doing anything sexual with Stephanie still seemed alien to the older sister.

“I don’t think so, Steph,” Emily said. It just seemed too unreal to think about it seriously.

A short pause. Was Stephanie having second thoughts as well?

“You’re no fun,” her sister replied with a groan. She could only shake her head. Stephanie was always more adventurous than Emily, but this was too bold even for her.

Emily didn’t reply, but realized she was getting sweaty under her cover, so she pulled her legs from underneath, laying on top.

“Finally getting hot?” her sister said in a seductive voice.

“Yeah, right,” Emily said with a sneer. There was no way she’d be caught getting hot talking to her sister, not in a sexual way at least, “It’s just warm in here, that’s all.”

With the approaching summer the nights were growing warm, but when Emily thought about it, it really was the dangerous topic that made her restless.

“I know. Me too,” Stephanie replied and Emily heard her move, her sheets rustling. She turned her head left to see Stephanie’s silhouette. She was on her back as well. Did she just have her hands on her stomach, or was that lower? Could it be she was actually touching herself? Emily turned her head back to look at the ceiling and closed her eyes for a second. The image of her sister pleasuring herself in the same room was just too weird.

“Em?” Stephanie asked again.

Emily hummed a high tone to indicate she was listening.

“Say, what if I just did it to you again? Like at the club?” Stephanie suggested, making Emily’s heart skip a beat.

Despite her intention to stay calm, Emily was surprised to feel a wave of arousal at that image. She tried to clear her head. It wasn’t more than a response to being reminded of their experience. Her body responded before her mind could. Just an evolutionary imperfection, as Jennifer said. It didn’t imply anything about her true desires.

Then the younger sister added with an audible smile and in a playful tone, “Do you think you’d enjoy that?”

Emily chuckled. Stephanie liked to do these little mind games, acting some way, just to see how her sister would react. She almost got her this time. After realizing Stephanie wasn’t serious, her courage was back.

She wasn’t going to make it that easy on the younger girl, “And what if I did? You’d never have the balls.”

“You think?” Stephanie asked playfully.

“Sure, why don’t you just come over and we’ll find out,” Emily replied in a seductive voice.

“I can do that anytime I want,” Stephanie said with a chuckle.

“Still waiting,” Emily kept teasing her.

“Oh, I’m going all right. Watch out, pervy stuff is going to happen,” Stephanie replied confidently, but of course didn’t move at all.

The room went silent. escort bostancı Just as Emily thought, Stephanie was just teasing her. She understood Stephanie didn’t want to actually do anything any more than her older sister did. Now Emily was almost sad it was over. She was starting to enjoy this little game of chicken.

Just then she heard sounds of movement from Stephanie’s bed. She looked to her left and her heart skipped another beat when she saw Stephanie’s dim figure, approaching her bed. She was wearing her two part green pajamas, although in this light they just looked gray, just a bit lighter than Emily’s blue ones. Her sister sat down on the left side of Emily’s bed, keeping her feet on the ground, turning to her left towards Emily. The older sister immediately sat up in alarm, folding her legs beneath her, her knees now almost touching Stephanie’s left side.

“Hey there,” Stephanie said in a quiet voice.

Emily didn’t expect this. Her heart started beating heavily again and she felt light-headed. She tried to focus on Stephanie’s face, but since the dim light in the room came from the window behind Stephanie, she could barely recognize her features, surrounded by her hair. She also noticed a hint of Stephanie’s sweet scent.

“I thought- I thought you said you weren’t trying to get into my pants,” Emily said as if joking, but couldn’t hide her anxiety. Stephanie giggled, seeing she had the upper hand now.

“I wasn’t. That time,” Stephanie said with a smile, “But you still didn’t answer my question. Do you think you’d enjoy it?”

Surprised by her sister’s sudden closeness and still thinking about her words, Emily felt Stephanie’s hand on her left thigh, squeezing lightly. She quickly grabbed her sister’s hand with her left, startled by the unexpected contact. She looked down at the invading hand, now covered by her own, then back at Stephanie’s face, trying to read her intentions. What’s going on here?

“What- what are you doing?” Emily asked in a shaky voice, almost feeling violated. Would her own sister assault her?

“Just relax. Doesn’t this feel good?” Stephanie said slowly in a seductive tone. The thumb of her right was now just gently rubbing inside Emily’s left thigh. Even through her pajamas, she could feel it quite well. The distraction was making it difficult to concentrate.

“But, why?” Emily asked, trying to ignore the teasing finger.

“So you do enjoy it?” Stephanie asked deviously.

“Don’t evade the question. I’m asking what you’re doing. I mean, why?” Emily insisted, trying to ignore the tickling sensation.

Emily’s muscles tensed up. Stephanie’s hand, with a single moving finger in a sensitive location, was sending jolts all over her body. The 20-year old could feel herself quickly getting moist. Considering what it would mean to give in, Emily did what she could to resist the temptation. It was a good thing she already came once in the afternoon.

“Because it makes you feel nice. Isn’t that reason enough?” Stephanie replied, with a hint of frustration in her voice.

“No! Of course not!” Emily shook her head, then lowered her voice. She was afraid to be heard, even though voices didn’t carry well through the thick walls of the old apartment house, “We are talking about sex here, right?”

She heard her sister swallow nervously, then shrug, saying, “Yeah?”

“So it should be just with someone special,” Emily said resolutely.

“How romantic,” Stephanie said in a cold voice and stopped the movement of her finger.

Emily couldn’t understand her sister. Then she remembered the phone call and it dawned on her.

“Wait, Steph, when I said I love you, on the phone-” she started slowly.

“Let me guess. You didn’t mean it that way, just as a sister.” Stephanie said as if it was obvious.


“Yeah, that’s how I understood it. I’m not in love with you either, Em. That’s silly.” Stephanie continued casually, but moved her hand away from Emily’s thigh.

Emily could finally relax, breathing out. Stephanie’s teasing touch, though unexpected, was seriously starting to remind her of what she experienced at the club. The raw physical bliss was still something she couldn’t believe to be possible and at that time, that was all that mattered. But not only was she also reminded of the consequences of their meeting, doing it again would mean to knowingly engage in incest. Emily could never do that.

“I just want more than sex in a relationship,” Emily started again, “And don’t say we can have that too.”

“I’m not saying that. I’m not talking about relationships,” Stephanie said quickly, then with a swift touch of a finger against Emily’s knee, she continued, “Just a helping hand, is all.”

“Sorry Steph, but I don’t think I need your helping hand in this way,” Emily kept trying. Was Stephanie really offering to do it to her?

Her sister seemed to ignore her protest though. A few seconds later, Stephanie continued, thoughtfully, “Just think of the possibilities. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone you could do all that stuff with, anytime you wanted? And that there’s no risk of disease, or getting pregnant?”

“I guess that’s one way to look at it-” was all she could say. Although the idea of Stephanie being that someone was just surreal.

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