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Sweaty Sex with My Daughter

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This is my first submission. Please try to ignore any writing errors. I will appreciate any feedback, but please be respectful.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living or deceased is pure accidental.

This story involves graphic descriptions of sexual acts. This story is about incest. All characters are over the age of eighteen. All sexual acts are by mutual consent of the characters.


When my daughter, Lynn, was eighteen we discovered that we had a mutual sexual fetish.

Lynn was on the volleyball team.

I picked her up after practice one afternoon.

When she got in the truck she said, “I know that I stink, Daddy, but the water was off in the locker room so we couldn’t shower.”

I could smell her sweaty scent. I liked it. I had never before thought of her in a sexual manner.

“You don’t smell bad to me,” I told her.

“Really Daddy. I stink,” she said

“You smell fine,” I said thinking her scent was better than anything I had ever smelled.

Once we got home I sat down on the sofa. Lynn came and sat with me.

“Hug me Daddy, Then I need a shower,” Lynn said.

This was unusual. Lynn usually didn’t sit with me right after we got home.

I put my arms around her and gave her a hug taking in the warm sweaty scent from her body. For the first time I felt her as a woman. Her firm breasts pushed against my chest.

“Oh Daddy, I’m getting my sweat on you,” she said.

“That’s ok baby, I don’t mind you sweating on me. I sort of like it,” I said.

Lynn looked at me with a somewhat quizzical manner.

“You like it, wow, kinky. Daddy I love you,” she said.

I hugged her tighter pressed her breasts closer to me. I stroked her dark hair as we held each other.

“I need to shower,” she said, finally breaking our embrace and going upstairs.

I picked her up the next day after practice. Her wonderful odor assailed my nostrils as she got in the truck.

“Is the water off again?” I asked.

“Daddy, I just didn’t want to keep you waiting so I skipped the shower. I hope you don’t mind,” she said grinning at me.

“I don’t mind at all,” I said. “You smell just fine.”

“I started the truck and stated to turn on the air conditioner.

“No, leave it off,” she said. “I like it really hot. It makes me sweat more for you to smell. That is if you want me to sweat for you.”

“I like you sweating for me,” I said.

“Anything for you Daddy,” she said as she kissed my cheek.

Lynn sweated more as we drove getting her shirt wet with perspiration. I could clearly see her bra through her wet white jersey.

“Daddy, do you honestly like how I smell when I am sweaty?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie. I like it very much,” I replied.

“Daddy I need to know something. Does my smell turn you on?”

“It does and I should be ashamed at being at being attracted to you,” I said.

“I am glad to know that because I am attracted to you

too. Daddy, it is my fantasy to have a man that wants me sweaty.”

Lynn moved close to me on the seat.

“Now you can get better whiff of me,” she said. “Would you like to taste my sweat?”

“Yes baby I would,” I said.

She took her index finger and wiped a damp spot on her face and rubbed it on my lips.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Very good,” I said.

“Do you want to do something really kinky Daddy?” Lynn asked.

“What kind of thing are you thinking about?”

“Would you like a taste of my armpit sweat?” My sweet daughter asked.

“I won’t tell if you won’t,” I told her.

Lynn rubbed her index finger in her armpit and held it to my nose.

I sniffed the musky smell on her. I licked her armpit sweat from her finger.

“Do you want to taste some more, Daddy?” asked my daughter.

“Yes, Lynn please give me more. You taste wonderful.”

Lynn gave me several more tastes of her musky armpit sweat.

My cock began to react to her sweaty taste by getting hard.

“Lynn?” I asked. “How kinky are you willing to be?”

“How kinky do you want me to be, Daddy?” she asked.

“Would you let me taste your pussy sweat?” I asked.

Lynn put her hand down the front of her pants and rubbed her crotch.

She brought her fingers to my nose. Her fingers smelled fantastic.

Lynn then offered her pussy scented fingers to my mouth.

I almost came from the musky taste of pussy on her fingers as I licked them.

“Daddy does doing this make you horny?” she asked.

“Yes, Lynn it makes me very horny,” I told her.

“Good because I want to fuck you. I have wanted you for a long time. I am so glad I can make you horny. My friend Jackie fucks her daddy and Lee is doing his mom so it would not be like we are the only ones,” Lynn stated.

I guess not,” I said.

“Daddy, can I touch your cock?” she asked.

“If you want to,” I said.

Lynn unzipped my pants. She found my erect cock and took hand it in her hand.

“Daddy you are so big. Do you want me the way a man wants a woman? “

“Lynn ataşehir escort bayan I want you as a woman.”

She kissed my cheek keeping her hand on my stiff shaft.

“We will find a way. That is if you really want to have me.”

“I really want to honey. I want to fuck my beautiful, smelly daughter.”

When we got home Lynn went to her room. I assumed she was going to shower. Good bye sweat.

“Daddy come up here,” she called.

Lynn was sitting on her bed.

“I am getting ready to shower. Would you like to smell of me and taste me a little before I do?” Lynn asked.

“Yes, Lynn I would love to,” I replied.

Lynn took off her jersey and lay back on her bed. I could see her erect nipples pushing against the fabric of her beige bra. She raised her arms above her head exposing her lovely pits.

“Hurry and do it before mom gets home,” she said.

I lay beside her and buried my nose in her armpit. God how intoxicating it was.

“Lick my sweaty pits,” she said.

My tongue went to her pits. My cock felt like it would explode as I licked the sweat from her armpits.

“Oh Daddy, this is getting me so hot,” she said.

“This is making me really horny too,” I said.

“Smell of my sweaty pussy,” Lynn said as she removed her pants.

The crotch of her panties was wet with her sweat and juices. I could see the outline of her pussy and a dark bush of pubic hair.

I buried my nose in the wetness and inhaled her sweet odor.

“Lynn you smell so damn good. This makes me horny as hell,” I told her.

“To bad mom will be home soon,” she said. “I am so hot. I want to fuck you so bad.”

“I want to fuck you too,” I said.

“Daddy I am a virgin and I want you to break me in,” Lynn said.

“We don’t have time now,” I said. “Mom will be home in about five minutes and breaking you in right is a serious thing. I want to take a long time with you when we do it.”

“Mom is going to visit her sister Sunday. I won’t go. I will tell her I have a movie date or something. Then you can fuck your sweaty, smelly daughter all day and break her in right,” Lynn said.

This was on a Wednesday. I picked her up Thursday and Friday and drove home in the broiling heat of the truck. This made Lynn very sweaty and smelly.

On the drive home she let me lick her armpit and pussy sweat from her fingers.

She fondled my cock as I licked the sweat from her fingers.

We had about fifteen minutes alone before my wife got home. I used those few minutes to smell and taste her armpits and pussy.

On the way home Friday, Lynn started asking questions about having sex with me.

“Daddy,” she asked. “Do you want me to shave my pussy before you do me?”

“No, I want you hairy,” I told her.

“Do you want my armpits hairy too?” she asked.

“Yes, I want your pits to be hairy as well,” I said.

“I only have a little hair on my pits. I haven’t shaved since you licked them but hair doesn’t grow fast,” she said. “I won’t shave them anymore without asking you.”

“I want you to butt fuck me,” she stated. “Will you do that daddy?”

“Yes, Lynn I want to have you in the ass,” I said.

“Do you want me to suck your cock and let you cum in my mouth?” was her next question.

“Lynn I want to fill your mouth with cum. I want you to swallow it all,” I told her.

“I want you to use your mouth and tongue on my sweaty pussy till I cum,” she stated.

“I will do that,” I said.

“Daddy promise me that you will be gentle when you fuck me,” Lynn said.

“I will be gentle with you darling,” I promised.

“Daddy I don’t want you to use a condom when you do me and I am not on birth control. I want to have your baby,” Lynn said bluntly.

My cell rang as we pulled in the driveway. It was Mary, my wife, telling me she was going to do some shopping before she came home. She said she would be about two hours late. I asked her to call when she started home.

“Lynn we have more time to play tonight,” I told her. “Mom is going to do some shopping before she comes home.”

“Let’s go to the basement bedroom,” Lynn suggested.

In the basement we had a very small bedroom as well as a bathroom.

I got an electric heater and started it in the bedroom.

“This will help you sweat,” I told Lynn.

It didn’t take long for the room to get hot as Lynn lay on the bed.

Lynn took off her shirt.

“Smell of your sweaty daughter. Lick the sweat off my body,” she invited.

I licked the sweat from her armpits. Lynn removed her bra exposing her lovely 34B breasts to me for the first time. She had erect rose nipples which I proceeded to suck. Lynn moaned in pleasure.

“It feels so good having you suck my tits,” she said as I continued to suck her nipples.

I continued licking the sweat from her body concentrating on her armpits and nipples.

“Daddy do something. I need to cum,” Lynn pleaded.

I removed her pants and panties. Her musky scent almost made me cum.

Her pussy was covered with dark wet pubic hair. Her escort kadıköy sweat mixed with pussy secretions had soaked her pubic hair.

“Face down,” I ordered. She obeyed.

Gently I massaged her butt cheeks. “Hold your cheeks apart,” I told her.

I dipped my forefinger in her wet pussy and used it to oil her ass. I gently inserted my index finger into her sweaty ass hole.

Lynn moaned in pleasure as I fingered her ass.

“That feels so good,” she said.

Noting that time was short I withdrew my finger from her sexy butt and licked it.

Her ass tasted fine, so I began to lick it relishing the taste of her virgin butt.

“Please Daddy make me cum. I really need to cum,” Lynn stated.

I tongued fucked her ass hole. Lynn screamed as she had an ass orgasm.

“Daddy that was so good. I can’t wait for your hard cock to be in my hot ass,” Lynn said.

“Lynn I am going to ream your ass good when we have more time,” I promised.

“Right now I need to cum too. Give me a quick blow job before mom gets home.”

I took off my pants and briefs.

Lynn, without being asked again started to suck my cock. She had only gotten her mouth on my cock head before my cum shot into her virgin mouth. Lynn gagged but swallowed it.

“Was that good Daddy?” she asked.

“It was fantastic.”

“I promise to try not to gag next time and I will take more of your in my mouth,” Lynn said.

“I love you Lynn. You did just fine. I came to quick so it was my fault.”

“I love you Daddy,” Lynn stated.

While we dressed Lynn started asking questions about my love life with Mary.

“Daddy does mom do things like this with you?” she asked.

“No she doesn’t.”

“You mean she won’t suck your cock?”

“No. She has never used her mouth on my cock or let me take her orally,” I said.

“Have you ever had her in the butt?”

“No I have never had her butt,” I answered.

“She isn’t very good to you. She doesn’t treat you like a good woman should,” Lynn stated.

“Lynn,” I told her. “Mom and I have not had sex of any kind in a year.”

“Oh poor Daddy. I will have to start taking care of you. Just imagine your sweaty baby girl doing all those things. I will make you feel so good. I really want you to make me your woman,” Lynn said.

“Lynn you are my woman,” I told her. “You have done more today than Mary has in two years.”

She kissed me. “Thank you Daddy. I love you.”

Mary left Sunday morning going to visit her sister who lived an hour away.

Lynn had not bathed since Thursday and was beginning to have a lot of body odor.

“Lynn take a bath before I get home. You stink,” Mary said as she went out the door.

“Daddy,” Lynn said. “Finally we are alone. Now make me a woman.”

“Let’s go to the basement bedroom,” I suggested.

We sat on the bed. Lynn snuggled close to me.

“Lynn I need to explain some things to you before we do anything,” I told her.

“OK Daddy.”

“First, what we are about to do is illegal. We could both go to jail or prison if anyone finds out and goes to the law about it,” I informed her.

“I understand Daddy,” she said. “I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

“Second, what we are about to do is going to be a bit painful for you. I will be as gentle with you as possible but some pain the first time is natural, especially if I fuck you in the butt. If it hurts to bad and you want to stop we will. The things we have done so far have all felt good, but full intercourse will not be all pleasure the first time,” I explained to her.”

I have read about intercourse and know it might hurt. I am prepared. I want you to fuck me,” she said.

She and I both stripped naked.

Lynn lay sweaty and smelly spread eagle on the bed. I took my time licking her hot, sweaty armpits and sucking her sweet tits.

“Kiss me daddy. Kiss me like the woman I am.” she said.

We kiss our tongues each seeking the others. Our passion continued to build.

“Daddy I want you to fuck my ass first,” Lynn said.

“Okay, baby turn over on your belly,” I told her.

Lynn did presenting her sweaty ass to me.

I kissed her sweaty neck and back. My lips found her butt cheeks. I lightly bit her.

“Daddy brand me. Bite me enough to leave a mark. Give me a hickey on both of my butt cheeks.”

I nibbled and sucked the softness of her buttocks until she had marks on both.

“You are mine now. You have my brand,” I told her.

I licked her sweaty crack drawing soft sounds of pleasure from her. I tongue fucked her ass hole enjoying the taste of it.

Lynn moaned as my tongue probed her butt.

“Enough Daddy, don’t make me cum yet,” she said. “Put you big hard cock in my ass.”

I took a tube of personal lubricant, which I had bought earlier, from the night stand. I applied it liberally to her butt hole and to my cock. I placed my seven inch cock against the brown star of her ass hole. I slowly pushed my pulsing cock into her virgin ass about an inch. Sweat trickled down her back.

“Daddy I am bostancı escort really sweating. I am so turned on. Give me a little more cock,” Lynn said.

I gave her about two more inches of cock. Lynn winced as I broke through her sphincter ring.

“Daddy it hurts. Hurt me more. I like the way it hurts when you fuck my ass. Give me more of your cock. This is so depraved. My daddy fucking my ass. Oh fuck, I love it. Make me cry,” she said.

By now my cock was half way into her tight hot ass.

I thrust again sinking my cock fully into her sweet ass. Lynn screamed when I did this.

“Yes. Hurt me. Make it hurt. Fuck my ass hard. Ream me. Break my hot ass in right, ” Lynn said.

“Give me your sweet ass. Take my cock up your butt. I am reaming you so good,” I said as I took her ass.

Lynn cried and moaned while I butt fucked her. “Do you want to stop?” I asked her.

“No, I can take it. Break my ass in good,” Lynn said tearfully.

Her tight, hot ass gripped my cock like a vise. I licked the sweat from her neck and shoulders making her shiver.

“Lynn I am about to cum,” I informed her.

“So am I Daddy! Fill my ass with your spunk.”

I spewed cum into her ass.

Lynn was still crying when she said, “Daddy I love you. I wanted it to hurt.”

“Be still I’ll get a warm cloth and clean your butt,” I told her.

I wet a soft bath cloth with warm water and gently wiped her bung.

Lynn went to the bathroom to finish cleaning her butt.

When she returned I went to pee and wash my balls and cock.

Lynn and I lay naked fondling each other waiting to recharge before resuming our love making. Lynn was sweating from our sex and the heat of the small bedroom. I was sweating as well.

My cell rang It was Mary letting me know she was at her sister’s.

“Now Daddy since you like to lick me I want to lick you,” my darling daughter said.

Lynn had a talented tongue. She licked my body all over paying special attention to my armpits.

“Fuck, you taste so damn good,” she said.

“Turn over,” she said. “You did me so I am going to do you,”

Lynn found my ass hole with her hot wet tongue. She tongue fucked my ass. This was pure heaven as this was an experience I never had before.

“Oh daddy I love the taste of your ass,” she said.

Lynn stopped using her tongue and inserted a finger up my ass. I moaned in pleasure as she fingered my butt.

“Lynn I like that,” I told her.

She continued to fuck me with her finger until I was close to cumming.

“OK, baby, stop. I can’t take any more of that without cumming. I don’t want to cum yet.”

“Lynn said. “Let’s do it orally. You do me first then I will suck your cock.”

“First let me lick your sweaty armpits again,” I said.

Her armpits were wet with musky smelling sweat. She had started to get light stubble of hair in her pits.

Lynn moaned in pleasure at my attentions. “This is so hot. I love it. Lick my hot pussy. It needs your tongue on it and in it.”

“Lynn spread her legs revealing her hairy snatch. Her sex glistened with sweat and girl juice. Beads of perspiration were showing on her dark hairs. She had an erect clit nub peeping out of her hood.

I put my face against her naked, sweating crotch and for the first time inhaled the musky, sweet, sweaty smell of her unclothed pussy. I started kissing her smelly cunt.

“Yes Daddy, do it,” Lynn said. “Take my pussy with your mouth. My mouth filled with her sweaty, musky taste as I licked her slit. Lynn wiggled her hips against my mouth grinding her pussy against my face.

“Daddy that feels fantastic. Tongue my hot, sweaty cunt,” Lynn said.

I spread her engorged pussy lips to gain better access to her tasty snatch. Lynn moaned in excitement as I orally took her pussy. I found the pearl of her clit with my tongue and licked it.

“Suck it Daddy,” she said. “Make me cum.” Lynn climaxed as I sucked her nubbin. To my surprise and enjoyment Lynn secreted a transparent sweet tasting fluid.

I had heard of and read about female ejaculation but had never experienced it. My own darling daughter honored me with her nectar.

Lynn lay exhausted and sweating on the bed. “Daddy did I do what I think I did? Did I have squirting climax?”

“Yes darling, you did. It tasted marvelous.”

“Daddy I am so glad I can do that for you.”

“I am glad you can cum that hard,” I told her.

“Are you ready for your smelly daughter to suck your cock with her hot mouth?” she asked.

“Yes baby. I want your mouth on me.”

Lynn began licking my sweaty balls. “Your balls taste so good,” she said.

Lynn licked and kissed my stiff shaft. Her sweet mouth engulfed my cock head. Lynn gradually took more of my cock until she had three of my seven inches in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down my rod taking a bit more each time. Lynn managed to get five inches in her mouth before she gagged. She pulled her mouth from me and began to cry.

“I am sorry Daddy. I just can’t deep throat you. Please don’t be mad,” She said.

I stroked her dark hair that was now wet with sweat.

“It’s fine baby. Just do what you can,” I told her.

Lynn managed to keep four inches of my cock in her mouth. She had her hand on my balls as her mouth worked my shaft. She had a hot mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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