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Sunny Tours The Model Homes

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Big Dicks

Sunny was my own sex goddess for several years. Those of you who have already read my prior stories know that I met her while I was still a cop and that our relationship continued for a number of years on a purely friendly and sexual basis. There never was a future for us. She was a cute and engaging kid and we each served a purpose for the other from the time she was 18 until a few years later when she found a boyfriend that she met at the gogo joint she worked in. To get a sense of Sunny and my relationship with her, the reader would do well to read the first two stories in the series. Please feel free to comment on them and be sure to vote.

When 1983 rolled around, my relationship with Sunny was virtually over. I had left the police department to seek my fortune in the world of real estate. Sunny’s hours and mine were not compatible and it was difficult to find a time to get together. But, I thought of her often and reminisced about the time we had spent with each other. I missed her sparkling smile, blonde hair and enormous tits with the most perfect nipples God had ever created. We stayed in touch by phone but had little opportunity to get together in the flesh, so to speak.

Once, in the fall of 1983, I called her on the afternoon of her day off, Tuesday. She was her usual bubbly self as I suggested we make more of an effort to see each other. I worked in new construction sales of condos and townhouses. Our sales office was constructed adjacent to our beautiful model homes that were tastefully decorated and appointed. I was free that night, so I invited Sunny to join me for dinner at the local tavern, which was always packed, no matter what night. Unfortunately, Sunny had a date that night and couldn’t go to dinner.

“But, I could meet you at five for a drink, if you’d like,” she volunteered.

“Done,” I said. We arranged to meet at the tavern at five o’clock sharp. Sunny’s date wouldn’t be picking her up until eight, so we had a couple of hours to spend together.

I drove the mile and a half to the tavern precisely at five o’clock and was surprised to see Sunny waiting for me. I was flabbergasted. In all the time I knew her, Sunny had never once been early for anything.

I parked the car and hurried to the doorway where Sunny was waiting for me. I reached out and embraced her. She felt so good in my arms. I kissed her on the cheek and she did the same. She was wearing a long sleeved pink knit top and a pair of dressy jeans. As I hugged her, it became apparent that she was wearing no bra. It felt wonderful to have her press those melons up against my chest. In an instant, Sunny was back. It was like I had just seen her yesterday. We broke our embrace and I opened the door to the tavern. The usual crowd had not yet arrived and Sunny and I were alone in the bar area except for a guy who appeared to have been there for quite a while. I ordered a vodka martini; Sunny had a gin and tonic. We were both a bit hungry, so we agreed to split a dozen oysters and a shrimp cocktail. As we sat there waiting for our drinks and food, Sunny filled me in on what she had been doing lately. It was classic Sunny. Worried about what she would wear; whether the guy she was interested in, returned the feeling; whether she and her best girlfriend would ever speak to each other again after a major fight. I canlı bahis şirketaleri listened patiently, reminding myself that our age difference was the biggest reason we had no future together. Nevertheless, Sunny never really bored me. Her personality was always positive and pleasant and, damn, it was good seeing her again. We sat on barstools, almost facing each other. She kept her hand on my thigh as she chattered on.

Two drinks and a couple of plates of food later, Sunny and I were ready to leave. I paid the bill and we both half-staggered to the door. I wasn’t used to drinking and I admit to being a bit tipsy, though not really drunk. The brisk evening air woke me up a bit as we walked to Sunny’s car. Sunny grabbed my arm as we walked, pressing her boobs on my arm in a deliberate attempt to excite me, which wasn’t really much of a challenge for her. My dick got hard just thinking about her.

I backed Sunny up to her car when we got to it, wrapping my arms around her firmly but gently. I kissed her with passion as we stood there in plain view of the world. Our tongues entwined. She grabbed my cock; I reached under her top and caressed her tits. We were putting on quite a show, but there was no one there to watch us. I suddenly had a great idea.

“Have you ever seen our model homes? They’re quite beautiful and they are fully decorated, with beds and everything!”

“No, I haven’t, but I sure would like a guided tour of them.”

In seconds, we were in our cars heading back to the model complex. We parked and headed immediately to the front door of one of the larger models. I fumbled for the key for a moment, and then opened the door to what was now a dark house. I didn’t want to attract the attention of the security guard by turning on all the lights. So, we had to let our eyes become adjusted to the darkness for a short time before proceeding up the stairs. By the fourth step, Sunny had her top off. She preceded me up the stair and I enjoyed the gentle sway of her ass, which was now about at my eye level. This girl always new how to tantalize me; my cock was ready to explode. Straight ahead, at the top of the stairs was the master bedroom. In a matter of seconds, Sunny was naked and lying on the bed, a delight to the eyes in the soft shadows of darkness that enveloped the room. I got naked as quick as I could and joined Sunny on the bed. I put my arms around her and drew her close. It was a pleasure just to be naked with her, feeling her body against mine, my throbbing cock teasing her abdomen as we kissed. She drew her hand to my mid-section and she took my cock first in two fingers, then engulfing it with her fist while beginning a pumping action.

“I love the feel of your hardness, Curt. It makes me happy to know that I give you pleasure this way.”

“It gives you pleasure? You should be on my end of it! Now, that’s pleasure.”

By now I had maneuvered my own right hand down into the vicinity of Sunny’s now dripping pussy. The intoxicating musky aroma of her passion wafted past my nose as I spread her legs, giving me access to her most tender parts. I stopped at the entrance to her vagina to coat my fingers with her lubricant before moving slightly upwards to find her clit. Sunny’s love button is about the size of a dime and it was standing at attention when I got to canlı kaçak iddaa it. I caressed it, slowly at first, then with increasing speed and pressure. Sunny was transfixed by the pleasure she was feeling. She let go of my throbbing cock and lay flat on her back, giving total attention and total access to me and my ministrations. She closed her eyes and began to rotate her hips in time with my motion on her clit. I took her left nipple into my mouth, licking it like a popsicle. Sunny’s breathing began to give me early warning signs of her coming orgasm. She clutched my head as I sucked on her, pulling me even closer than before.

She was no more than a minute away from cumming. In one quick and smooth action, I turned Sunny’s body toward the side of the bed while jumping off myself, right between her legs. I plunged my mouth toward her pussy, spreading her lust engorged lips and latched on to her very swollen pink clit. In effect, I was giving her a blow job and she was loving it. I licked and I sucked. With my fingers I entered her pussy and pumped in and out of her in cadence with my stimulation of her clit. She was on the edge and about to burst. She grabbed me by both sides of my head and pulled me closer to her. I was relentless. Finally, she arched her back, screamed aloud as she mashed her pussy onto my face and she came; in one wave after another. Her body convulsed as her insides enjoyed the pleasure that her clit passed around to the rest of her. I didn’t stop licking and sucking her until her orgasm subsided and her clit became ultra-sensitive. Then, her entire body relaxed and she lay there, with my head resting on her mound, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Good God, that was awesome! Your tongue should be in a hall of fame somewhere. I don’t think I can move.”

“Glad you liked it, madam.” I took a quick glance at my watch and saw that it was almost seven thirty. Sunny’s date would be picking her up in a half hour. I mentioned the time to Sunny.

“Fuck him, if I’m late, I’m late. But there is no way I’m leaving here until I have sucked you off. After what you just did to me, it’s the least I can do.”

“Who can argue with that logic,” I commented.

Sunny continued to lie there, enjoying the afterglow for another five minutes. She was almost in a trance. Then, in an instant, she was back to normal, bubbly and sexy.

“Okay, now it’s your turn. Let’s switch places. You lie on your back and I’ll get between your legs.”

I did as I was told. My cock had returned to its flaccid state but I had every confidence Sunny would remedy that.

“I love to suck your cock when it starts out soft and I can feel it growing and hardening in my mouth as I suck it. It usually doesn’t stay soft for long, though.”

“No kidding, I wonder why that is?”

“Just lie back and enjoy. I see he’s getting hard already. I have to get to work.”

Sunny is truly a master cock sucker. Only once have I encountered another woman with superior technical skills. My fantasy has been to have them both sucking me off in a sort of tag team fellatio match. But, I digress…

Sunny took the base of my cock in her thumb and index finger, which she had configured into an “O”. She began to stroke me up and down for a few seconds before lowering her mouth onto the head of my cock. canlı kaçak bahis She did this thing with her tongue where she caressed my cockhead with the underside of her tongue, which was even softer and moister than the top. My cock responded and within a minute, was fully hard and aching for more of Sunny’s luscious lips and tongue. Sunny was kneeling on a pillow while she sucked me and was able to lean into me a bit as she did. The result was those monster tits were resting on my knees and thighs as she worked me over. This, I decided, was as close as one could get to heaven, without actually leaving the earth.

Sunny is the only woman I have been with who could make me cum using nothing but her mouth. Sure, she held my cock with one hand but that was to steady it. For her, all the action came from her mouth. My cock ached for release as she sucked. I could actually feel the tongue bathing the underside of my cock with each in-out motion. I was getting stimulated on an up and down motion as well as side to side. As she sucked my cock Sunny looked me in the eye, I suppose to verify that I was having a good time. She actually smiled sweetly as she sucked.

Before long I was readying myself to cum. I generally tried to fight it in order to string out the pleasure. But Sunny’s mouth was so talented that I rarely succeeded making it last more than thirty seconds longer than if I hadn’t tried. Sunny knew just how to speed up and slow down, how to heighten the pleasure and back me down from it. For a relatively young woman, she played my cock like it was a cello and she was Yo Yo Ma.

I never had to ask Sunny if it was okay to cum in her mouth. She all but demanded it. As I lay there, she had to know I would soon be spraying my love pudding down her throat and she actually looked forward to receiving it. Sunny now had me on the brink. We both knew it wouldn’t be long. She increased the speed of her motion. I gave into the pleasure and just let it rip through me. My spasms were strong and I filled her mouth with hot semen in one monstrous gob, followed by five others in decreasing power. Sunny handled my enormous orgasm with no difficulty at all, swallowing what must have been a pint of love juice fired with some force into the back of her throat. When I finished shooting my load, Sunny kept my dick in her mouth as it deflated. She explained to me later that she likes feeling it grow in her mouth and after I have shot my wad, she likes to feel it soften in her mouth. This is, I suppose, an affirmation of her skill and femininity. Whatever, it sure felt good to me. Now, though, it was my turn to enjoy the afterglow. Like I did before, Sunny rested her head on my leg, releasing my cock from her mouth when it fully softened. As had been her practice, she gave it one final stroke, resulting in the appearance of the last drop of cum on the head of my cock. Like a frog capturing its prey, Sunny flicked her tongue out and cleaned off that last bit of fluid.

We never had a chance to fuck that night. It was already past eight and Sunny had a date, who was probably already fuming over her standing him up. We got dressed and left the townhouse; me hoping we didn’t leave any staining on the bed. I let Sunny use the phone in the sales office and she called her home. Her date had arrived. She made up some excuse, apologized for being so late and asked him to return in an hour. He seemed okay with that and Sunny drove off into the night to go home and get ready for a date who would never know that Sunny would great him at the door with another man’s semen in her belly.

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