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Sun Salutations

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This is an entry into the 2019 Winter Holiday Story Contest. Please vote if you like the story. Thanks for reading.


Sofia had her eye on David since he joined the law firm. She was a young vivacious tax attorney, he was a paralegal. Whenever they worked close on a case she invariably get aroused. She would need to excuse herself and clean up in the ladies room so her wet panties wouldn’t get so soaked they would show through her pants.

“That’s a great draft of the disclosure statement,” Sofia complimented David the day before Thanksgiving. “Doing anything over the holiday?” she asked trying to learn more about him.

“Not really,” he replied. “I usually help out at the homeless shelter preparing Thanksgiving dinner,” he added.

“Well, that’s something,” Sofia responded to his selfless act of giving his time to help those less fortunate. “How about we go out for a drink after work?” she asked boldly.

“I have a yoga class on Wednesday evenings,” David replied. “My sister teaches the class and she sort of looks to me for support. It’s kind of an unusual class. I really can’t miss it. Some other time, though.”

“Now you have me intrigued,” Sofia said. “What could be so unusual about a yoga class? Do you herd the goats?” she asked jokingly.

“Not goats or puppies or anything like that,” David responded. “My sister likes me there in case anyone gets, well, unruly,” he explained.

“Now you’ve got me really wondering about this yoga class,” Sofia told the good looking paralegal.

“It’s a clothing optional yoga class,” David explained further. “Everyone is mostly nude. There hasn’t been an incident where someone has misbehaved but my sister likes me there in case someone does.”

“Wow,” Sofia said surprised. “So there are men and women in the class?”

“Yes, more women than men but that’s the case in most yoga classes.”

“Can anyone go?” Sofia asked.

“Sure. It costs fifteen dollars for a single visit,” David told the stunning lawyer. “You should come. It’s at the Barefoot Yoga studio on Ninth Street.”

“I’m not a prude but I don’t know about being naked in front of strangers,” Sofia responded to the invitation.

“It’s clothing optional. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable with. You don’t have to strip all the way,” David explained. “Most of the folks are nude but a few are in their underclothes and one guy is always in shorts and a t-shirt.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Sofia told him.

“Class starts at six-thirty if you’re interested,” David told her as he went back to his desk to do some more work.

Sofia pondered the situation. She was proud of her body. Her large firm breasts and bubble butt would certainly impress any man. Still, if she was going to be naked with David she would want it to be in an intimate situation, not in public at a yoga class.


“Sofia. Glad you could make it,” David greeted the young lawyer as she approached.

“Well. I was a little hesitant. It’s pretty bold to be naked in front of people you don’t know,” Sofia said.

“Don’t worry. It’s perfectly alright to stay clothed,” Ally the instructor said to Sofia. “I do this class so people can be comfortable with themselves.”

“Sofia, this is my sister Ally,” David introduced the two women.

Sofia rolled her mat out next to David’s. She looked around and there were about twenty people in the studio all shapes and sizes and ages. She thought that these people must really have a lot of confidence.

“Class is about to begin,” Ally announced as she locked the entrance for safety purposes. This was the signal for everyone to undress. Sofia noticed David beginning to strip down along with the others. She took a deep breath and pulled her top off and then her bra.

David undressed completely, his firm body and thick cock were on display. Seeing him naked sent a rush of arousal through Sofia so she stopped short of removing her panties in case she began to drip. She glanced around the room and noticed that no one seemed to pay attention to anyone else.

As the class began Sofia was drawn to Ally, the instructor. What struck her was the way her lean body gracefully moved through the positions. Sofia had never felt an attraction for women but something about Ally stirred one.

The class ended with the traditional ‘Namaste’ then Ally made an announcement.

“Winter Solstice is coming up,” she informed the group. “Several teachers that do these clothing optional classes and some of our Pagan sun worshippers are sponsoring an event that day, Sunday December 22nd. We’ve rented a ballroom and plan on an all-day event. The celebration is going to be themed on ancient pagan traditions so we are going to do our Sun Salutations in the nude. I know most of you here are comfortable with that. The cost is going to be seventy-five dollars and will include a luncheon. It will be at the Embassy Hotel and we have a group room rate for one hundred and twenty dollars. See you all next week,” she concluded.

David güvenilir bahis turned to Sofia as she was getting dressed. “Since we don’t have to work tomorrow, would you care to join me and my sister for a glass of wine?” he suggested to his coworker.

“That sounds good,” Sofia replied.

David, Ally and Sofia walked the three blocks to the wine bar. They sat down at a table where the server came by to take their order.

“I must say that I really enjoyed your class this evening,” Sofia said to Ally. “I was a little self-conscious at first but that melted away and it all seemed so natural.”

“Thank you,” Ally responded. “I really try to put everyone at ease so they can relate to their bodies in a natural way.”

“Ally is all about natural,” David interjected. “We share an apartment and I have to remind her to put some clothes on if we have visitors,” he joked.

“If I don’t need clothes to keep warm then I don’t see why I shouldn’t be in my natural state,” Ally quipped back at her brother.

“I think you are very beautiful in your natural state,” Sofia commented not knowing what made her so attractive to her. Ally’s long light red hair highlighted her fair skin. She was natural in every sense that she didn’t shave her armpits or her pubic hair. The silky light strands accented her milky smooth skin.

“Thank you again,” Ally responded. “Do you have any plans for tomorrow?” she asked the dark haired, light brown skinned Latina lawyer.

“Nothing planned. My family is back in Arizona and I haven’t really gotten close to anyone here yet,” Ally responded.

“How long have you been here?” David asked. “I think they told me you have been at the firm for two years now.”

“Yes, that’s it, two years,” Sofia. “I came here after answering a call from a national recruiter. The firm needed someone who specialized in tax law and I thought it would be an enhancement to my career to come to a larger city like Tampa.”

“Where are you from originally?” Ally asked.

“Tucson,” Sofia replied. “How about both of you? Are you from Florida?”

“No, we grew up in New York,” David answered. “Long Island.”

“So, have you ever eaten Vegan food?” Ally asked Sofia.

“Not really,” Sofia answered. “Lots of beans and rice and corn meal, but that was usually along with meat and cheese. I grew up with traditional Mexican foods.”

“Well, if you would like to give it a try come over to our place tomorrow evening for a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner,” Ally offered.

“I will,” Sofia answered. “I would like that very much.”


The conversation over dinner on Thanksgiving was mostly about social justice which was one of David’s favorite topics. Sofia was pleasantly surprised how filling and favorable the food was that Ally prepared. After dinner the three of them settled in the living room with a glass of wine for some more conversation as they were getting to know each other better.

“You will have to excuse me David but since we have all seen each other naked or nearly naked, I don’t believe I need to wear these clothes anymore,” Ally told her brother.

“I agree. If that’s your tradition in your home to go naked, I believe we all should,” Sofia chimed in.

“Well, if our guest is for it I say we get out of these unnecessary clothes,” Ally stated joyously.

“Alright then,” David conceded.

Ally slipped out of her sundress to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any underwear anyway. She went over to help Sofia undress. Ally unclasped Sofia’s bra releasing Sofia’s large breasts.

“These are so lovely,” Ally told Sofia. “Can I touch them?” she asked gesturing toward Sofia’s tits.

“Yes,” Sofia replied. “They are very sensitive. I like them to be touched.” Ally ran her hand all over Sofia’s upper body. David came over to the two women, reaching around Sofia’s waist, David unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to her ankles. He followed by taking a hold of the waist band of Sofia’s panties and slid them down as well. He then helped her step out of her pants and panties.

Sofia and Ally were exploring each other’s breasts, taking hold of each other’s nipples and pinching them lightly.

“It’s getting warm in here,” Sofia commented. David stood behind Sofia, his erect cock rubbing against the upper crack of her ass, his arm reaching around to lightly touch her vulva.

“Nice and warm,” Ally whispered in Sofia’s ear. Without effort on either woman’s part their lips met. David moved alongside Sofia and reached his hand to feel her pussy. It was wet, very wet. He stuck a finger inside her to take a taste of her fluids.

Sofia felt David beside her and reached down with one hand to get a hold of his thick hard cock. She started stroking him gently. Ally and Sofia kissed more passionately, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

“Let’s go to my room,” Ally suggested. They went tacitly, the sexual energy building in all three.

Ally had Sofia lay in the middle of the bed with her legs türkçe bahis spread open. David knelt beside Sofia’s head so her mouth could consume his cock. Ally’s tongue ran up and down from Sofia’s butt hole to the top of her slit. The sensation of Ally’s tongue on Sofia’s sensitive protruding inner lips sent a wave of pleasure through her body.

“Oh yes mama,” Sofia cried out as Ally brought her to a climax using her mouth and fingers. Sofia gushed her cum all over Ally’s face. Ally delighted in being bathed with Sofia’s hot juices.

David moved to position himself to enter Sofia’s pussy as Ally lowered her pussy down to Sofia’s mouth.

“Oh my god,” Sofia cried out again feeling David’s girth stretch her pussy open. “Oh David, fuck me,” Sofia called out.

Sofia’s massive tits bounced with each hard thrust from David. Ally hovered above Sofia’s face, rubbing her own clit until she had an orgasm that let go a stream of womanly juices all over Sofia’s face.

“I’m going to cum,” David shouted out.

“Cum in me,” Sofia cried.

Sofia yelped at the sensation of David’s hot sticky cum spraying the inner walls of her pussy. She came to another powerful orgasm.

“Let me go get our glasses of wine,” Ally said. “While you both catch your breath.”

Ally returned with three glasses and a fresh bottle of wine. They sat on the bed and took a few sips to refresh themselves.

“That was nice,” Sofia spoke out first.

“Very natural and organic,” Ally added.

“Do you two, uh, ever do anything, I mean, this is an awkward question,” Sofia began to ask. “You know, get it on with each other since you are naked around each other a lot?”

Davis laughed. “Once when we were teenagers Ally caught me jerking off. I convinced her to help me out,” he started to tell Sofia the story.

“It was so gross,” Ally chimed in. “It spurted up on my face and all over me. No thanks. I’m strictly a pussy girl, no cock for me.”

“I’m sure you could tell I had the hots for David but how did you know I was attracted to you?” Sofia asked Ally.

“Just something I sensed yesterday at the yoga class. The way you looked at me. I felt it toward you,” Ally told Sofia.

“We’ve never been in a situation like this before,” David confessed. “I was never attracted to any of the women Ally dated.”

“Yea, I never was interested in any women David brought home. Until you, of course,” Ally agreed.

“It didn’t feel weird at all being naked in the same bed as my sister having sex with the same woman,” David said.

“The three of us must have great chemistry,” Sofia opined.


After Sofia, Ally and David checked in at the hotel the night before the Winter Solstice, they went down to the lobby bar to wait for Lisa, a friend of Ally who lived and taught yoga in Sarasota.

“I think you both will like Lisa,” Ally said to them. “She isn’t a total Lez like most of the girls I dated.”

“I wasn’t expecting anything awkward,” David said. “I don’t expect anything sexual to come about.”

“I was looking into the pagan ritual we are getting involved in after doing our one hundred and eight Sun Salutations,” Sofia added. “There are some fertility rites that involve sexual acts.”

“We’re not actually going to be participating in them, are we? I thought we were just going to observe them as part of the ceremonies,” David said. “I don’t think I could start fucking anyone after doing all those Sun Salutations anyway.”

“There’s a luncheon and a couple of hours to recuperate before the pagan rituals begin,” Ally warned. “You’re a pretty handsome guy and well equipped. I can see you getting chosen to perform in some of the ritual,” she warned her brother.

“Look, there’s Lisa,” Ally perked up when she saw her friend. Ally waved at her to come over to the table where they were sitting.

“Lisa, this is my brother David and his friend and coworker, Sofia,” Ally introduced everyone. “Do you want to grab a drink before we head up to the room?”

“Sure,” Lisa replied. “I’ll just have a white wine.”

The four of them chatted at the lobby bar for a little while and then went back to the room.

“I think I’ll take a shower and freshen up,” Lisa said quickly discarding her clothes. She had light brown hair and a nice darker bush down below.

“I’ll join you,” Ally spoke out having already undressed.

The two women stepped into the shower and after getting wet rubbed body wash all over each other.

“Your brother is really hot,” Lisa commented to Ally in the shower.

“He has a nice thick cock too,” Ally told her.

“Are you fucking your brother?” Lisa asked.

“No, but I watch him fuck Sofia,” Ally shot back. “We’ve been together as a threesome.”

“Sofia is a knock out too. Those Latin girls are very sexy,” Lisa said.

“She’s a great fuck too,” Ally told her.

They stepped out of the shower and started to dry each other off. Ally invited David and Sofia to take a shower next so they could all get güvenilir bahis siteleri ready for the opening reception for the Winter Solstice program.


“Can I have everyone’s attention,” a tall woman in a black gown spoke into the microphone. “Tomorrow evening we will celebrate the sun and fertility in a ritual. Lisa and I will be selecting our Sun God and Goddess during the morning Sun Salutations. We will be looking for a man and a woman to perform the ultimate act of fertility here on the stage. Afterwards we encourage everyone to join in the celebration with their partner. The Sun God and Goddess will remain unknown to each other until such time as the act is consummated. Then they can return to their partners to celebrate further. I encourage everyone to be free open with themselves to fully embrace the ceremony of new life on this Winter Solstice.”

Lisa stepped away from her group and approached the tall woman on the stage.

“Margot,” Lisa said to her. “I have just the two who would make the perfect God and Goddess.”

“Really? You don’t want to wait and see everyone naked before making a selection?” Margot responded.

“I have seen them both naked and they are both beautiful,” Lisa told her. “Ally is totally natural, her fair skin and light red hair are perfect for a Celtic Goddess.”

“And the man?” Margot asked. “Is he also a representative our Pagan forefathers?”

“Absolutely,” Lisa answered. “David is strong, manly and also fair like his sister.”

“Are you telling me you want a brother and sister to perform the ritual?” Margot asked in disbelief. “Don’t you think that would be too much for them when they find out?”

“I don’t think so. Ally is very much a lesbian and besides she shares a lover with her brother. They have sex with Sofia together in the same bed. I don’t think it will be a problem for them. Ally hasn’t had a cock inside her in many years so she will react like a virgin. It will seem more authentic.”

“Alright then but I still want you to scope the group for any alternates in case you change your mind about them,” Margot concluded.

Lisa went back to join Ally, David and Sofia sitting at a table drinking some wine.

“Are the three of you fairly open about your sexual relationships?” Lisa asked. “I know you are Ally but how about David and Sofia?”

“I think we are. We don’t have any hang ups and of course we are not in a traditional monogamous relationship,” David answered.

“Yea, I agree with David. We’ve only been together a month so we haven’t really talked about anything serious but we are open minded when it comes to sex,” Sofia confirmed.

“Then you wouldn’t mind if I took David up to the room and we fucked?” Lisa asked Sofia.

“No. Not at all. Can I come with you and watch?” Sofia replied.

“Me too,” Ally chimed in. “I really like watching my brother.”

The four of them went back to the room. They undressed quickly ready for some pleasure before sleeping.

“You have a very nice cock,” Lisa whispered in David’s ear. “I haven’t had one inside me for a while,” she told him. “Please take it easy.”

“I will,” David assured her.

David went down on Lisa to make sure she was wet before attempting to penetrate her. She moaned with delight at David’s oral skills. He brought her to an orgasm, her fluids flowing freely onto his face.

Before letting Lisa come down off her climax, David pulled her closer to him pinning her legs back. He entered her slowly feeling the tightness of her pussy, stretching her open as he inched his way in.

“Oh, that feels good,” Lisa moaned from the sensation of having her pussy filled with David’s thick cock. Slowly he pushed his cock deep into her and then pulled back, setting a moderate rhythm.

“That is so hot,” Sofia commented observing her lover gently fuck another woman.

Lisa was breathing hard and her moans were getting louder as she succumbed to the waves of pleasure overcoming her body. Her body writhed as David continued to pound his stiff cock inside her.

“I’m going to cum,” David warned.

“Inside me,” Lisa cried out. “Holy fuck!” she screamed as she felt David’s sperm shoot far into her cervical opening. She squeezed her vaginal muscles so hard she forced David’s cock out, the last of his cum splashing on her vulva and then on her thigh.

Sofia looked down at the wet spot on the sheet underneath her. “I never thought I could get off so hard watching other people fuck,” she said.

“I get that way all the time,” Ally said pointing to her own wet spot. “Especially watching you and my brother,” she added.


“I never thought I could do that many Sun Salutations,” Sofia remarked as she laid down on the bed. It had taken her the entire morning complete the one hundred and eight representing the one hundred and eight sacred points of the body.

“David knocked them out early,” Ally commented. “I was trying to keep up with him but I had to take a few breaks to rest.”

“Where are David and Lisa?” Sofia asked.

“They went to a seminar in one of the break out rooms after lunch,” Ally replied. “Something to do with the ancient Celtic symbols and how they relate to modern Paganism.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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