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Summer at the Lake House

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Amber is my niece, my sister’s daughter, and a spitting image of her mother. Ever since she was around 15 she would come over for a month every summer and spend it with us at our lake house. We’d spend the time doing summer lake activities like boating, swimming, tanning, water skiing, and, most of all, just relaxing. As the years went by my girlfriend become wife Janelle, and I watched Amber grow from an awkward little girl into a stunning athlete through high school. When she was in college she would call us on occasion to remind us that she was still coming, always looking forward to our month together.

My wife and I have always had a healthy sex life, our first time together coming after only a week of dating and never once using any protection. She and I have always been close and open-minded and our sex has always been together even if other men or women join in, either to watch or participate. When Amber comes over we always felt we had to hide our sex and, by no means, did it mean we had it any less frequent.

Janelle is a gorgeous brunette with hazel eyes, a full body tan, striking figure from hours spent in the gym, and perfect little b-cupped breasts. I’ve never been a big fan of large breasts as they tend to fall later in life, and hers are perfect. Even without a bra they’re still perfect at the age of 30. Personally, I think she’s one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. I’m 33 and tend to keep myself in shape working out and running regularly, tan all over just like my wife, and we both enjoy keeping our bodies completely devoid of any hair, which I take so far as to shave my head as well. It’s just what we’ve always done and it’s nice. Whenever we are out we get compliments from people telling us how good we look, both as individuals and together. It’s very flattering.

Being the ass and leg guy that I am, Amber was never far from my thoughts, especially after a day out in the sun watching her and Janelle in their bikinis. Much to my surprise one night after a casual day of swimming, the girls laying out and me offering up a few drinks and manning the grill, my wife came into our bedroom wearing my niece’s sun dress and heels. Calling me Uncle Dave, my old wife took on the role of the shy, horny little girl, feigning innocence, and driving me to the point of practically raping her all night, until I’d pumped my cum into her mouth, pussy, and ass. It wasn’t until that night that I realized, not only did I want my niece to join my wife and I, but she obviously did too.

I vowed to myself, and after a long discussion with Janelle the next morning, that we would not do anything with the girl until she was a full on grown up, over 21, no longer innocent, and then, and only then would we consider something with her. This was the summer after her 21st birthday, Janelle and I had been planting seeds since she was 18 and we had grown less restricted about our sex life, leaving doors cracked, allowing ourselves to be more vocal, and generally more open to “getting caught.” When she left the Uncle/Niece role plays between my wife and I persisted for months, and during her stays, she’d borrow clothes. Needless to say, we couldn’t get our fill of the fantasy.

On a brisk April morning I got the call. “Uncle Dave, it’s Amber. I’m so excited to come by this June I can hardly wait. Gas up the boat and clean the grill, this is going to be a summer we’ll never forget!” I told Janelle that the visit is confirmed and, with a naughty from on her face, my wife disappeared upstairs. The next thing I knew, I had my “niece” on her knees, begging me to fuck her mouth. Fuck it I did, with a wild abandon that left my wife teary eyed and gasping, working to swallow the cum I’d left in her mouth. After her recovery she smiled up at me. “I hope you’re not that rough with Amber the first time.” I laughed unsure of whether I would be able to, carried her upstairs, and returned the favor she’d given me, bringing her to a gushing climax after using my tongue to bring her to the edge and lower her back down a few times until she literally exploded. Janelle and I fell into a deep sleep that night, visions of Amber dancing in both our heads.

The months flew by, first a forwarded flight confirmation, then an email confirming how excited the girl was to spend June with us. Before we knew it, the time came to pick up Amber at the airport. The weather was perfect, 90°, no humidity, and clear blue skies as far as we could see. Janelle stood next to me in a sun dress that came to mid-thigh and 4″ heels. It was only the two of us that knew what was visible was all she was wearing and that my cum was dribbling down her thigh. What can I say, we couldn’t help ourselves once we’d found a place to park. The possibilities of this summer seemed endless. Wearing a pair of khaki shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt, I smiled at Janelle in anticipation. When we saw Amber coming out of the gate my eyes almost fell out of my head. This was, without illegal bahis a doubt, no longer the shy, innocent, clumsy little girl we’d once known, she was now a woman. Dressed in a black skirt that was just above mid-thigh, red halter top that showed enough of her mid-riff and cleavage and still leave a lot to the imagination, with black matching heels. Walking towards us was a stunner with raven hair in wavy curls, a glimmer in her brown eyes, huge smile on her ruby red lips, and her ass and legs flexing with every swaying step. To keep my eyes off her, not wanting to stare, I looked around and noticed all the other men, invisible to her, gawking. I understood, she’d grown up completely.

Janelle was faster on her feet than I was. As soon as she could she rushed forward and greeted Amber with a big hug and loving kiss, the type our family shares regularly. Coming from an Italian family this was completely normal. I recovered myself, so glad Janelle and I had just had our time in the car together, and gave the girl a big hug and the same friendly, familial kiss that her and Janelle had just shared. I grabbed the bags out of her hands and Janelle hooked her arm around Amber’s. The girls lead the way and talked the whole time as I listened absentmindedly, watching my two beauties walking ahead of me, a familiar shiver running up my spine. Just knowing I had a willing partner in Janelle, that she would help in the seduction of this girl, was enough to turn me on again. Packing the bags in the trunk I hopped in the driver seat after opening the passenger side doors for the women. Janelle took the back seat and Amber the front, riding shotgun next to me. I fired up the car and pointed it towards home with a quick glance towards Amber’s stunning legs, the skirt riding higher than normal as she got comfortable in her seat. Striking up a conversation, asking her about sports, she smiled and told me about her championship winning soccer team and how much she loved running track to stay in shape for the soccer season. Asking her about some games, she described in detail the major events and gave me the highlights of her season. She had always been an excellent soccer player. Despite being clumsy in her youth, you get a ball near that girl’s feet and she became a gazelle. As the conversation waned and the drive went on, Janelle piped in, asking the usual girly questions, a grin on my face since I knew her motives. “How are the boys treating you?” “Is there anyone special in your life?” As Amber expanded on her many failures in college, none of the boys were as serious as she was and, to me, it seemed as if she described a general lack of what she wanted. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and almost missed the small sidelong glance she gave me. Wondering if it had been my imagination I just kept driving and let the girls continue their talks, seemingly disinterested.

As the girls talked I drove home, pulling the car straight into the garage and closing the door behind us. We all got out and Janelle walked Amber up to her usual room as I grabbed the two cases of luggage and brought them upstairs. I set them down near the closet and gave Amber another big hug and smile, holding her close. “It’s so nice to have you here, I can hardly believe you are.” “Thanks Uncle Dave, I’m glad to be here too.” She replied, returning my hug and squeezing me tight, our bodies held together for a few seconds. I released her, kissed her cheek, gave her a smile, and headed downstairs. Before leaving the room I stopped and turned back around. “By the way, what do you drink these days?” She giggled and blushed a bit, being asked for the first time by her family what she drinks now that she’s legal. “Just a beer for now, please.” I smile and nod, then headed to my room to change. Putting on a pair of board shorts, a tank top, and flip flops, I went down the stairs to the kitchen, popped the two beers and mixed Janelle her usual margarita. Taking the three drinks, instead of heading back upstairs, I went outside and sat down, looking over the lake as the sun moved lower and sipped my beer. This was it. The air felt electric. It may actually happen.

I could hear the two ladies making their way downstairs and knew they’d be able to find me. When they came out and joined me I smiled at them both, handing them their drinks as I looked each of them up and down. Amber had on an orange bikini, the top strings crossing in front of her chest, then around her neck, a nice gap in the material showing off her chest, a thin string bikini bottom with a black wrap, flip flops, and a blushing, shy smile on her face as I handed her the beer. With a thank you she sat down at the table next to Janelle in her aqua string bikini, frankly surprised she hadn’t put a thong on, her bikini top only wrapping around her back and the bottoms still tinier than Amber’s. They both looked gorgeous as they joined me for a drink. Janelle slipped her foot out of one of her sandals and, as illegal bahis siteleri I talked to Amber, I felt her foot sliding up my thigh and noticed the grin on her face. My wife always likes to tease me and I don’t have a thing for feet, but feeling her subtly reaching up my leg into my board shorts was getting me going a little bit, especially in front of my niece. I leaned back and took another swig of my beer as Amber looked at us both and said again “I’m so glad to be here, I look forward to this every year. No stress, no school work, no drama, just fun with you two and the occasional night out in town.”

Smiling at her I nodded and agreed. “We love how serene and private it is here. Janelle and I have always hung out here and the neighbors have never bothered us. We skinny dip in the lake on a regular basis and are not the only ones that do it, so everyone has learned to mind their own business.”

Amber’s eyes lit up at that and she grinned as she asked “Skinny dipping? Really?! We did that when we snuck into a hotel but never in a lake where anyone could share and see. I bet it’s fun being out in the open where people might catch you. That’s kind of what it felt like at the hotel even though the pool was out of any room’s view.”

Janelle nodded and looked at her with a grin. “That’s exactly what it feels like when we go skinny dipping here, the only main difference is Dave and I just like to be naked in general, we don’t bother taking our clothes off at the lake, we usually leave the house nude and relax back here. It’s really really nice. Honey, could you get me another one please?” She asked as she held up her empty glass. I could use a refill too and Amber was taking the last swig of her beer. Grabbing the bottles and Janelle’s glass I got up and disappeared back inside.

Swinging her chair to Amber, Janelle smiles and Amber returns it. Taking advantage of the time it’ll take me to make her drink she leans over and puts her hand on Amber’s thigh just above the knee, touching her in a girly, loving sort of way, nothing seductive, and begins her well-thought out monologue. “Amber, your uncle and I have a very active love life, I don’t want there to be any confusion about that. You’re always welcome here, and I just want you to know that he and I, now that you’re 21, are going to be a bit more free about it. I might go topless, we may want to have sex somewhere, and I’m going to encourage Dave to do what he wants. It’s going to be within bounds, we will always respect your privacy, but it’s a big part of who we are and what we do, and we aren’t shy about it. I hope you don’t mind my putting it so blatantly, but I feel there’s no better way around the topic.”

Amber, listening intently, looked genuinely hurt as Janelle finished her little talk and, if it weren’t for the hand on her thigh, would have felt as if she were being scolded. “Aunt Janelle, I’ve never once wanted you and Uncle Dave to hide who you are. If you think that, by now, after having spent 6 summers up here with you, I don’t know what you two love to do more than anything in the world, you’re wrong. I’ve listened to and watched you both, I’ve….” She looks down and her voice cracks, then she looks up into Janelle’s eyes for support. “I’ve thought about you two. I’ve played with myself, I’ve even watched you two.” She blushes, still looking at Janelle and a big smile broke out on my wife’s face. “Amber, nothing is wrong with that. In fact, your uncle and I have hoped you’d think about us. What have you seen?”

Of course, this is when I unknowingly make way out the sliding back door with the drinks and I see Janelle lean back again, the two girls obviously discussing something. Placing the drinks in front of their respective owner, I fire up the grill and ask “What do you ladies want for dinner tonight?” Both look at each other, Amber chimes in with an “I’m just starving, I could eat a horse.” and Janelle grins. “How about your famous ribs?” A big smile comes across my face, proud of having won 2 of the last 5 BBQ cook offs that the county holds every summer. “Ribs we can absolutely do!” I say as I start warming up the grill. Sitting back down I look at the girls, feeling like something has changed. Not for the worst either, there’s a comfort in the air, like something got cleared. “Did I interrupt something when I came back out? This feels different.” I say and Amber gives me a soft smile. My wife looks at me and says “I just gave her the discourse on who we are when she’s not around and let her know because of her age, we’re going to be more ourselves.” She smiles at Amber and I look at our guest as she looks at me and repeats “I want you guys to be you. I’ve never wanted you to hide and I’ve always known. Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself.” Feeling as if I have to pipe in, I say “If you ever feel uncomfortable, even in the smallest way, I want you to say something, do you hear me?” “Yes.” Simply nodding, I look canlı bahis siteleri at my wife and give her a kiss on the lips. Playfully, I tug on her bikini top, and wink, not removing or untying the string. “And this is still on because….” I ask, getting up and removing my tank top, enjoying the nice, warm summer, and take care of the ribs, my head spinning as I hear the two girls laugh.

Grabbing everything out of the refrigerator, I stand in the kitchen, thinking about what Amber meant about wanting us to be us. She seemed very genuinely to mean that Janelle and I can do what we like, which is something we’ve always hoped for and, because of it, always looked forward to Amber’s leaving a little bit. The thought of potentially seeing Amber topless, maybe full nude, was very appealing to me and I fully supported this route. Popping a third beer as I finish preparing the marinated ribs, I put them all out and wash my hands glancing outside and watching the two girls talking, smiling, giggling and swatting at each other as they tease, both of them drop dead sexy. I couldn’t help but stare at them, noticing their little details as they talked, not realizing until I made my way back up to her face that Amber was looking right at me. She’d just watched me check out both women through the window in the kitchen and she gave me a knowing wink and smile before returning her attention back to Janelle. My brain didn’t register it, but my cock sure did, twitching towards her hungrily and pressing against the material of the shorts. “I want them, those two right there.” Is what it seemed to say and all I could do is smile, wave, and go back to the ribs. Yes, this summer would be one to remember.

Finishing the preparation, the grill now ready, I started to cook the meat, carefully turning each based on their cooking rate and sipping on my beer, listening to what the girls were talking about, Amber in the middle of recounting a story about college and how embarrassingly this guy hit on her, tried to pick her up, and just didn’t get the idea. I smiled and kept watching the meat, minding my own business and working. After Amber was done, Janelle got to her feet and took Amber’s beer bottle. “I’ll set the table, you stay out here and relax.” With that she disappeared and Amber turned towards me, looking up at me as I looked at her. “So, Uncle Dave, tell me, did you miss me?” She asked with a grin, uncrossing and recrossing her legs, my eyes following her soft inner thighs as she does. Looking back up at her, not being shy about it at all, I nod. “Of course I missed you, I always miss you. Our months together are the best.” Amber smiles and nods, then stands up and comes close. “Uncle Dave, I’ve wanted something. I’ve never known how to ask, I’ve not even known I could say anything, but Aunt Janelle’s talk about being ourselves makes me think it might be all right.” Looking at her a little confused, my mind jumping to conclusions, I look at her and nod. “We absolutely want you to be yourself, what is it, Amber? You know you can ask either of us anything.” Amber looks me dead in the eye and I can see her fear. She overcomes it, then leans in to my ear and whispers “I want to experience a woman.” Pulling away a little shocked, I look at her and her unwavering stare tells me it’s the truth. “With or without a guy there?” I ask, hoping I know the answer. “Well, I don’t know. I’m thinking with because I’m more comfortable like that. Do you think Aunt Janelle would be willing to help me?” I reach over and caress some hair out of her face then lean in and kiss her cheek. “Yes, I know for a fact she would. If you like, I’ll be right there the whole time too, whatever makes you comfortable.” Amber smiles up at me and bites her lower lip. “Since we’re on things I want, is it bad that I’ve always wanted you too?” She looks up at me and gives me the same wink she gave when she caught me checking her out. “No, Amber, that’s not bad at all either.” She looks at me, smiles, and pulls in close, hugging me as I close my eyes, put my cheek on the top of her head, and run my fingers down her back and arms, unable to help my hard-on pressing against her through my board shorts. She didn’t move, if anything, when she felt it, she held on tighter. I look up to find Janelle smiling at me from the kitchen window so I grin. She looks down at Amber’s ass and raises her eyebrows. I wink as my hand follows her glance and cups Amber’s tight, rock solid ass cheek, feeling it tighten up in my hand as she lets out a light little moan and looks up at me. “Oh, Uncle Dave, your hands are huge.” She whispers as she looks up at me. I smile and kiss the tip of her nose as Janelle comes out and Amber just goes back to the hug, me with my hand on her ass, fingers wantonly burrowing further south around the curve as Janelle sets the table. I lean down, put my fingers on Amber’s chin and pull her lips to mine, kissing her again, this time the kiss lingering for a few seconds, then I let her go. “Have a seat, dinner’s ready.” I say with a smile as she sits back down and looks at Janelle. Putting the ribs back on a plate I put it in the middle of the table along with the salad, extra drinks, and help Janelle organize the table.

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