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Strangers at a Concert

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Wearing khaki cargo pants and a light blue t-shirt, his brown hair cut short, he hands his ticket to the security guard and strides through the barrier. Walking outside the concert venue, he scans the crowd, looking for his friend. Wandering the past the concession stands, the t-shirt vendors, and the various teenagers getting stymied by security trying to sneak in alcohol, he pauses when he hears his phone ring. Glancing down, he sees a text from his buddy, “apologies for the late notice, I had something come up, I had to sell my ticket. Sorry man.” Disappointed, but not about to let that hinder his experience, he gets a beer, walks through the curtains of his section, and sets about finding his seat. He sighs upon noticing that his seat was not as good as he thought, and he heads up past the mezzanine and into the nose bleeds, then smiles slightly at noticing that he at least has seats on the main concourse and can stretch his legs out.

Looking down at the stage, his spirits lift a bit upon realizing that he actually has a better view of the stage and crowd. With the lights still on, he lets his eyes wander over the mass of people, picking out characters and drunks, obvious moshers and rabble-rousers. He sips his beer, enjoying the taste and the feeling of relaxation that washes over him as he finally has no other worries for the day. Slouching down in his seat, his legs extend in front of him and he lets out a deep breath.

He glances to his right and quickly does a double-take as she catches his eye. Looking her up and down, he admires her trim figure, walking in black flats, wearing hip-hugging jeans and a loose red blouse that hangs off her shoulders but doesn’t give much away. Her wavy hair is free, a dark-brown cascade flowing over her shoulder as she walks down the aisle with her head towards the sound stage, enjoying the view. As she gets closer, he turns away, not wanting to get caught staring. Keeping his eyes locked forward, his palms get a bit clammy as he realizes that she has come to a stop right near him. His heart starts racing as he turns toward her nervously. She timidly says “I think you’re in my seat.” He looks at his ticket, and quickly realizes that she must have bought the ticket from his friend. “I’m sorry, I’m just the next seat over,” he replies, as he shifts one to his left.

She sits down next to him, crossing her legs, and he sits up a little straighter, more conscious of his posture in front of the beautiful girl. She turns her head as she blushes upon noticing his jaw line, muscled shoulders, and biceps. Despite the obvious nervousness of both parties, they manage to start small talk and exchange some pleasantries to pass the time. He smiles constantly, trying to hide the fact that he is instantly attracted to this beautiful woman sitting next to him. She herself is struggling to not stare at the classically handsome face and disarming smile that is actively engaging her. Laughter is flowing freely between the young acquaintances as the time passes.

Having finished his beer, he offers to get her a beverage as well, and she takes him up on the offer. She sits anxiously in his absence, wondering whether it is normal to be this excited about someone she has just met. As she goes back and forth in her head, the lights dim and the crowd starts to cheer. Muse comes out on stage, opening up with the song Hysteria, and she joins in as everyone stands up. Her new friend scurries back just in time for the end of the opening riff, drinks in hand. As he hands her the drink, their hands touch and they both freeze for the quickest of moments, both electrified at the unexpected contact. His heart races, anxiously hoping that she felt the same thing he did, that she didn’t shy away. She pauses upon accepting the cup, letting her hand linger for a fleeting instant, enjoying the feeling that shouldn’t have been.

They each turn away nervously, forgetting everything that has been going on around them, instead consumed with determining the meaning of what just happened. He listens to the music, trying to forget the anxiousness that briefly took over his body, letting his muscles relax and trying to regain his composure. She blushes and smiles to herself as she lets the beat wash over her, calming her nerves and subconsciously shifting her body back towards the man beside her. They gradually come closer together as the set list plays through, until their arms graze each other. Neither wants to be the first to move from the precarious position, enjoying the physical contact that each has been craving all night. Settling into a comfortable spot, each makes subtle movements to keep in touch with the other, causing more and more overlap of the arms.

Emboldened by the fact that she hasn’t pulled away, he lets his right hand drift over towards hers, his fingers crawling over her thumb and into her palm. She tilts her head to the side and away, hiding a shy smile as she intertwines her fingers with his, their hands clasped together in a loose grip. Unable to hide his satisfaction canlı bahis that his advances were not rebuffed, he gently squeezes her hand and turns to smile at her. She grins in return and pulls his body closer to hers.

He is astonished at how comfortable he feels around this relative stranger, and with how comfortable she seems to be with him as well. His intimations are confirmed as she lets her head come to rest on his right shoulder. He withdraws his hand from hers and instead wraps it around her back, coming to rest on her hip, keeping her body close to his.

She brings her right arm across her body, snaking its way up across his chest until it pauses at his shoulder, just below her chin. She can feel his heart beat underneath her palm, and cannot help but wonder whether that is due to the loud music or from her. Based on her own feelings and heartbeat, she guesses that it is because of the physical contact and nature of the situation. Unable to help herself, an infections grin takes over her face, enjoying the serendipitous nature of it all. She thinks how fortunate the circumstances were, that she was able to buy the last-minute ticket, that she got to sit next to this handsome man, and that she feels safe with him, despite the raucous atmosphere around them.

As a piano rises out of the stage, he stands up straighter. He turns and brushes aside her hair, whispering in her ear “this is my favorite song, they’re about to play Starlight.” Sure enough, the opening piano sequence that is the life of the song rings throughout the arena.

She leans closer as he whispers to her, enjoying the feeling of his warm breath on her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. Moving her body closer to his, she wraps her arms around him until he is fully ensconced in her grasp. She squeezes, hugging his body as the music compels her to hold him tight. His body responds to hers, draping his arm around her shoulder and keeping her next to him, their bodies in sync as they sway to the beat.

Comfortable with the setting and her companion, she turns her head to look up at him. He gazes into her eyes, and decides to take a chance, oblivious to all that is going on around them. He brings a hand up to her ear, brushing her hair over it and cupping the back of her head. He brings his lips to hers and they kiss. Tenderly at first, each feeling the other out, she embraces him, pulling his body tight to hers. He withdraws slightly, grinning at her, only to find that she is smiling in return. Immediately their kiss resumes, tongues exploring each other’s mouths and nibbling on lips.

The song comes to an end, and they reluctantly release each other as the lights come back on. Their hands drop from around each other, but come together in between their bodies as their fingers think independently, wanting to touch and to hold. She nervously shifts her feet, debating what to do next. His eyes dart around, looking at her face, her body, her feet, taking it all in, trying to decide how best to proceed. She beats him to the punch, and before she can change her mind her mouth blurts out “would you like to come back to my place? It’s only a couple blocks away.”

He hesitates, taken aback by the invitation. She sees his surprise and mentally kicks herself for even asking. However, her spirits lift as he regains his composure and immediately responds, “I would love to. Since it’s so close, shall we walk?” She nods in agreement, and they head to the exit together. Once they get out of the arena and away from the crowd, she takes him by the hand and leads him in the right direction. As they walk hand in hand, they make idle chit-chat and laugh along the way. They are the spitting image of a young couple in love, hands swinging together, bumping into each other, and just generally exuding a happy atmosphere.

She walks him up the front steps of her apartment, and slings her purse off of her shoulder to dig for her keys. He takes a hold of her wrists, pausing her search and leans in to kiss her again. She brings her hands up and over his shoulders, wrapped around his neck to keep him close. She pauses, pulling away briefly, before quickly pecking him on the lips three times. Withdrawing her arms, she finds her keys and unlocks the door, leading him inside. Locking the door behind her, she flicks the lights on and tosses her purse on the table. He steps into the main room, admiring the decorations and furniture. She points out the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and tv area before letting out a deep breath, unsure of what to do next.

He smiles and takes her by the hand and leads her to the couch, before taking a seat and patting the cushion next to him. She smiles demurely, and shakes her head no. He pouts slightly, and she takes the chance to place a leg on either side of his, straddling him. Her hips sink down until she is resting in his lap. Both her hands find their way to his cheeks, and she moves close to him, kissing him again. His arms wrap around her back, gently running his nails across and up bahis siteleri and down her spine. She runs her hands through his hair, tousling the top while gently tugging on the back. They drift down, across his shoulders and around his arms, feeling his biceps before coming to a stop in front of her, resting on his chest.

She leans back, and as she does he lets his hand drop to her hips, pulling her further onto him. He looks into her eyes and smiles, before placing his right hand behind her head. He gently grabs a fistful of hair and softly tugs her close again, needing to feel the warmth of her lips upon his. Their mouths come together, and she feels him start to stiffen in between her legs. Inwardly pleased with herself, she can’t help but feel similar stirrings herself. They each subconsciously move their hips together, wanting to feel the excitement and keep it going. He reaches around her back with his left hand, up the back of her shirt, and searches for her bra strap. Using one hand to undo the clasp, he pulls the strapless bra back out with him and tosses it on the floor.

Feeling bold, his arms wrap her up in a tight embrace before drifting down to her backside. He cups her butt and pulls her close. As he stands up she lets out a small squeak of surprise at how easy he picked her up. She wraps her legs around him and grips tight, keeping their bodies close. With each step he takes she can feel his hardness shifting, pressing against his pants, struggling to get free. She feels herself getting wet with anticipation as he walks them closer and closer to the bed. As he gets close he turns around, sitting down with her once again on her lap. Upon sitting, she feels just how excited he is, and grinds herself upon his hardening member.

He leans back, and guides his hands up from her butt, around her hips, across her stomach, and up underneath her shirt, bringing them higher and higher until they find her soft breasts. At a handful in size, they fit perfectly inside of his cupped hand and he squeezes them as she sighs with contentment. He runs his fingers all around, feeling the edges, encircling her areolas, and finally coming to rest on her nipples, lightly pinching them before resuming their roaming. Not satisfied with simply feeling her breasts, he brings his arms around and lifts her shirt. She raises her arms over her head and he guides her blouse up past her shoulders, around her hair, and over the top of her head.

His mouth agape, he can’t help but stare at her beautiful breasts, hanging perkily on her chest. She is taken by his reaction, looking at the mixture of joy and lust on his face, reading his features as his gaze scans her bare chest. His eyes track back up to meet hers, and she decides that she is deserving of equal treatment, and wastes no time grabbing at the hem of his shirt. She slowly peels it off his torso, bringing it up over his abs, seeing the muscle definition of his abs, obliques, and pecs. She stares at him as he helps her out, pulling the shirt past his shoulders and over his head. As he does this, she takes the chance to feel his stomach, dragging her fingers across his abs and up his chest, back around his neck and finally to his hair, pulling his lips to hers once more.

He draws her in close, pressing his groin up into hers. He feels the warmth radiating between their bodies and he kisses his way from her lips to her cheek, down to her neck, and up to her right ear. Sucking the lobe in between his teeth, he softly nibbles on her ear for a moment, before moving back to her neck and resuming the process. She gasps quietly at the feeling of his moist lips upon her neck, getting more excited with each little nip. Continuing down, he kisses down to her chest, until his lips are resting on her left nipple. While playing with her right breast, he lightly bites at her nipple and surrounding skin, then repeats the process with her other breast.

Finding herself sufficiently aroused, she reaches down between her legs and grabs at his belt. Deftly undoing the buckle, followed immediately by his button and zipper, she stands up and grabs his hands, encouraging him to do the same. Standing in front of her, he follows her lead and undoes her jeans, sliding them down over her hips to reveal a black thong hiding underneath. He admires the curvaceous figure that her earlier attire had hinted at, but not fully shown off. She hardly pauses to give him a good look before she does him the same favor, pushing his khakis and boxers off of his waist and letting them crumple in a heap.

She gives a slight gasp of astonishment as she looks between his legs, taken in by the sight of his girth. She reaches out, running her hand up and down the whole length, getting a feel for what’s in store. Before she gets any farther, he picks her up, swiftly turns around, and playfully tosses her on the bed. She laughs at the move, but the laugh quickly turns into mixture of surprise and pleasure as his head drifts between her legs.

He lightly nibbles all around, not giving bahis şirketleri her the satisfaction of hitting the target just yet. He kisses her lips, nibbles on her inner thighs, and runs his tongue around the wetness, postponing her excitement. She finally can’t take it anymore and grasps his hair, guiding him to the right spot. He complies with her urges and dives in whole-heartedly. Running his tongue up and down repeatedly, he applies pressure intermittently, eliciting a moan from her lips. He runs his hands up and around her thighs, across her stomach, and up to her soft, milky breasts.

Interchanging between nibbling and licking, he continues pleasuring her as her breathing quickens. He rests a hand on her stomach, feeling the ebb and flow of each breath, using it to gauge his progress. As she moans, he realizes he doesn’t need the physical cues and redoubles his efforts, sensing her closeness. He glances up, watching her breasts heave and her face contort itself in pleasure, until she looks down and catches his eye, smiling in between the gasps for air. Finally, she grabs her breast with her right hand while using her left to focus him back to her as she goes over the edge. Moaning loudly, her whole body shakes and her hips press into his mouth with a furious need to reach climax. Her body convulses as continuous waves of pleasure wash over her.

As her orgasm subsides he crawls up from between her legs with a knowing smile, pleased with himself. She laughs at him, knowing exactly what the smile is for, and places a hand on his shoulder, pressing him to the side and rolling him over. Eager to return the favor, she straddles him before he’s even fully settled and locks her lips to his. He grabs her hip and tugs her hair, pulling her body up closer to his. She goes with it for a second, then relents and kneels in between his legs, taking him into her mouth.

She licks up and down his entire length, tugging gently at his balls before encircling him with her hand. Bobbing her head up and down, she takes as much in as she can, causing him to let out an involuntary sigh of contentment. His chest heaves as his breathing quickens. Reaching a hand down, he pushes her hair over her ear, causing her to look up at him. She sees his head tilted back as she runs her tongue up and down, her hand moving in time with her mouth. She puts a hand on his stomach, feeling his abs clench with each breath. Unable to take much more, he grabs her hair and pulls her towards him. She crawls forward, straddling him once more, and lifts her hips as she brings her lips to his.

Reaching down between her legs she guides him into her. Softly settling down, she lets out a moan as she gets used to his size. As her arms find their way around his neck, she slowly starts to bounce up and down, growing accustomed to the new sensation. His hands explore her body, running through her hair, lightly scratching her neck and back, squeezing her breasts, before coming to rest on her ass. He feels the firmness beneath his grasp, and gives it a delicate smack. He holds on tight and enjoys the feeling of her supple butt as her hips spring up and down, taking his full length as deep as she can.

As she nestles down, taking pleasure at having him fully enveloped, she hides her head in the crook of his neck. With her breath hot on his neck and ears he breathes deep as he brings a hand behind her head, holding her close. Unexpectedly, he grabs her hair and pulls her in front of him, putting her breasts on display. She beams, as the look on his face suggests one of pure awe. Glowing with pleasure, she is positively radiant in his eyes. He watches the deep swells of her chest, expanding in rhythm with the sway of her hips and pelvis as she rocks back and forth, up and down. She grinds faster and faster as she feels a familiar feeling emanating from their conjoined bodies.

He sits up and lifts his hips, allowing her to wrap her legs around his back. As she grinds into him he presses up into her, moving his lower body in time with hers to maximize the movement between them. He enfolds her body within his arms, pulling her onto him harder with each and every thrust. Her moans get louder as her pace increases and he attaches his lips to her neck. With a sharp intake of breath as she is put over the edge, he runs his teeth along her neck. Like the domino effect, she grinds into him hard and stays there, bringing about her orgasm, causing her body to shake with satisfaction, and him to bite into her neck.

Settling down, her breathing comes in ragged, short, bursts as she regains control of her body. He seizes the opportunity to turn them over, putting her on her back with her legs still wrapped around him. Pausing briefly to make sure she’s comfortable, he begins thrusting in and out at a slow and steady pace, staring into her eyes before kissing her full on the lips. Her neck craned upward, striving to stay close, her hands clawing at his back with each plunge of his hips. He grimaces slightly, enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure as her nails dig in, leaving scrape marks and causing him to exhale sharply. Lowering his head, his mouth finds her left ear lobe, nibbling it and returning some of the pleasure that she is giving him.

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