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Steve Fucks Dana’s Brains Out

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My first time having sex was very exciting. It happened in school when I was eighteen and the girl, Dana, was also eighteen. Dana had just gotten a boyfriend, and it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to have her at first. However, one afternoon, during math class, the best thing of my life happened.

Throughout the week before the event, many exciting things happened between me and Dana. The first incident was when she, in math class, deliberately rubbed her ass on my arm when she walked over to grab a laptop from our class’s laptop cart. She then twerked about a few feet in front of me, pretending to be playing around with her best friend.

The next incident was in my afternoon ELA class, and this time, I was flirting with her and joking around with my friends, and I pulled up a chair behind Dana’s desk/chair combination. During the class, she bent over, purposely swinging to the left side of the basket under her seat which housed her books, and literally rubbed her ass on my thigh, getting dangerously close to my crotch area. This time, my friends noticed it too. About two weeks later from this incident, Dana got her first official illegal bahis boyfriend. This confused me, for I thought she wanted to hook up with me. However, in about a month, she and I had gotten closer, and not as friends. Then finally, one afternoon in math class the event happened.

There was a set of doors leading to the exit right outside my math class, and my math teacher did not care if we worked on our laptops outside his class. I went into the hall and behind the door, almost knowing that Dana would follow me. She did. When she got there, I got an uncontrollable hard on, an impressive nine incher. Her jaw dropped, and I could see her nipples rising. She had amazing tits, and had gotten her first period at eleven. Then, she stroked my dick through my pants, and after three minutes or so, she took off my pants and my underwear and licked the tip of my cock, and stuck the head of my prick in her mouth. In there, she swirled her tongue around it like a pro, and deepthroated me, while gulping, and it felt like pure heaven.

I then grabbed the back of her head, and forced her to bob her head up and down, and then I shoved my cock illegal bahis siteleri all the way in, and stopped there, for twenty seconds, until her face turned red. I let her head go, and she slowly came up, gasping for air. I didn’t cum yet, and the blowjob made both of us very horny.

I didn’t have a condom, but neither of us cared. We went on, and I held my cock under her pussy, and penetrated, thrusting up hard without any warning. She almost screamed but I clamped my hand over her mouth, and the blood from her popped cherry trickled, but it was a small quantity. I waited about three seconds, for her sake, and then pumped in and out of her in a smooth pace. She was extremely tight and wet, and I was in pure ecstasy.

After about fifteen minutes, we were both about to cum. I knew my constantly dripping precum may have gotten her pregnant, but for the moment I didn’t care. I pulled out of her pussy, and Dana panicked, and tried to stick my cock back in her pussy. She was gasping, and I could tell she was about to cum. She was also rubbing her swollen clit very, very fast. She thought I was done, but I wasn’t even close.

I canlı bahis siteleri jammed my dick into her ass, but immediately her sphincters contracted and stopped my entry. I forcefully shoved my dick halfway into her soft, hot and wet asshole. I was doing this for her sake, so she wouldn’t become pregnant by my upcoming huge load. I waited a minute and then shoved my dick all the way in. Her body trembled. She was very close to climaxing.

I pumped my dick into her extremely tight ass, and then she came, and as her sphincters contracted rapidly, I came as well, shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum in her ass. She groaned and gasped as she came, and then we both got up. She had cum dripping out of her asshole, and a large amount had gathered on the floor. I told her to drink it up, and she happily obliged, drinking my sweet cum off the floor and then she even fingered her ass and licked off her fingers, and then I licked her pussy and fingered her.

For the rest of high school we fingered each other and gave oral to one another, but we never really had sex again until after college. We even got caught by our math teacher, but he didn’t know what we did, just that we were making a lot of noise. To this day we remain as sexual partners, and we have sex on a daily basis. She is still incredibly tight. I look forward to fucking her brains out everyday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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