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Step Mom Took Me

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Step Mom Took Me
My step-mom’s fingers slid in and out of my vagina with a slowly growing urgency as she cradled me on the big leather couch in her and my dad’s living room. Her mouth hung over mine, her breath filling my nostrils with a minty fragrance, laced with the red wine she’d been drinking. Softly, wetly, her lips lay against mine, her tongue tickling out every once in a while as I lapped back at her. Every now and then I would gasp. She wanted to feel all of it, I could sense it, taking me and my responses in as she fingered me. Deeper and deeper she probed, the pleasure and forbiddenness mixing into an erotic euphoria. My hips rocked with her thrusts as we clutched at each other, locked in a sexual embrace, my first ever with another female.

I’ve never been with a woman before. Nicole is very beautiful and only married my dad about a year ago. I could tell right away she was into me, the way she watched bahis siteleri me cross a room, walked in on me dressing, came into the bathroom unannounced to ask a question, etc. So, when we were alone for the evening, chatting and laughing like classmates, I asked if I could try some wine with her. I intentionally wore no panties, letting my legs fall open to flash her every now and then. I didn’t really think anything would happen. Honestly, I just enjoyed the fact that she was attracted to me.

We were sitting close on the couch, talking about what movie we wanted to watch. The wine made me feel floaty and dangerous. She laughed in a way I hadn’t heard before, sort of girly and loose. She was clearly distracted by me. I made a move to scratch myself under my skirt and her eyes were instantly down there.

“What if we didn’t watch a movie?” I asked.

“What, then?”

“What if we found something perabet else to do? Liiiiiiikkke, I don’t know. Maybe we could…” Before I finished my badly planned suggestion that we fuck, she kissed me out of nowhere and we just fell into each other. I had her shirt off in a few seconds, pushing her back and having my first taste of nipples. Hers are perky and they hardened quickly in my mouth when I sucked on them. She moaned softly and felt me up as I kissed up and down her chest.

I felt her hand feeling me all down between my legs through my skirt. Then she lifted it and began to explore me underneath. I spread them for her so she could touch me there. Her touch awakened something amazing in my body that began to blossom in a beautiful, feminine, sexual way.

“Have you ever done this before…?” I asked, my breath quick.

She shook her head. “No, but I’ve been fantasizing about you. Touching perabet giriş myself, imagining it was you.”

The image of her masturbating and fantasizing about me was so erotic. My vagina was slippery and oozing when she pushed two fingers inside and began to drive them into me slowly. It was so amazing, her softness, the way she knew how to touch me. My entire body responded to her fingers easing in and out of me.

“Ohh, uhh, you’re gonna make me cum….” I whispered, licking her mouth hungrily.

“I want you to…” she answered, licking back at me.

She sped her thrusting motion, banging her palm against my clit. I rocked my hips forward into her hand as the wet sucking sound got louder and faster.

“Fuuh, fukkkkk. ohhhhhhhh…” and the orgasm hit, waves and waves of pleasure. She held me close, watching me arch back into the couch, twitching and cumming. I folded into her, my face clenched until the waves began to ebb. I opened my eyes to find her smiling at me as her fingers slowly caressed my vagina. She drew them to her mouth, licked them, then put them in my mouth and said, “Now it’s your turn.” I couldn’t wait to see her cum face…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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