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Step Father Surprise Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

“Now Mindy, take two steps closer to Craig,” said Veronica. Mindy inhaled deeply, and exhaled slowly, moving towards Craig so that she was just inches from him.

“Mindy, I want you to take each finger now, and touch them to Craig’s nipples… make them hard.” Mindy hesitated, then moved her hands to Craig’s chest, and gently touched his nipples… then squeezed them slightly between her fingers. “Squeeze harder,” said Veronica, and Mindy pinched hard. Craig gasped.

“Mindy, now take your pointer finger, and touch it to the head of Craig’s cock.” Mindy shot a glance at Veronica, then looked up at Craig, stared him in the eyes, and moved her hand towards his cock. Her fingertip hovered near his cock for what seemed like ages. He closed his eyes, and then felt the lightest touch of her fingertip on the head of his cock. He whimpered. Mindy giggled.

“Don’t move your finger away!” Veronica ordered. “Keep it right there for a moment. That’s right… right there on the head of his cock. Don’t move.”

Craig thought he might scream. He could feel the tip of her warm, finger right there… not moving.. he wanted her so badly to grab his cock and stroke it. He looked down at Mindy, naked in front of him, and was tempted to throw her on the bed and fuck her hard. But he couldn’t. He closed his eyes again.

“Now see that nice shiny pool of pre-cum forming? Mindy, take your finger tip, and slowly rub that around the head of his cock… that’s right. Now to that sensitive spot just under the head… little circles, yes, just like that,” Veronica instructed. Craig’s knees buckled.

“Oh my,” Veronica said. “Craig might fall down if we don’t let this poor pervert have a rest. Mindy, wrap your hand around Craig’s cock now, and slowly pull him over to the bed.” Craig felt Mindy’s warm hand wrap around his cock and gently pull… then slowly stroke up and down for a couple of strokes. This was not an order by Veronica. He opened his eyes, and Mindy was staring up at him, smiling. He was desperate for more, but she started walking backwards, pulling him gently by the cock towards the bed. He moved towards her. “Lie down, Craig,” Veronica illegal bahis ordered. He laid down.

Craig wondered if he was in a dream — an amazing dream. He knew this was terrible, but it was the most erotic moment of his life. Veronica got up from the couch and started looking through Mindy’s drawers. “Here we go, this will do.” She pulled out a handful of scarves.

“Now Mindy, I want you to tie Craig’s hands and feet to the headboards. Tightly.” Craig suddenly got very nervous. What if they left him there? What if this was all a plot for him to get caught? What if they took photos and blackmailed him? He started thinking about how wrong this was, when he felt Veronica push his legs far apart. He didn’t stop her. He inhaled deeply, as each girl tightly tied his feet to the footboards… then his hands to the headboard. He was completely spread eagle. Completely vulnerable.

Veronica checked and tightened each knot, then tied a scarf over eyes and said, “there. Now you won’t know what’s coming next.” But Veronica didn’t realize that Craig could just barely see through the fabric.

Mindy stood at the end of the bed, staring down at Craig, spread eagle. Veronica was whispering something in her ear, while stroking one of Mindy’s breasts. Veronica’s hand slowly moved down Mindy’s stomach to her thighs, where she pet her lightly, sweeping over her pussy to her other thigh, then circling back gently over her pussy. Mindy’s eyes were hungry and full of passion, as she stared down at Craig’s hard cock. Veronica whispered something else in Mindy’s ear, and Mindy’s hands touched Craig’s feet, then slowly started moving up his thighs as she climbed over him. His cock was raging. He felt Mindy straddle him, her pussy just inches from his cock. He felt her hand wrap around his cock and move it towards her pussy. He felt her wetness as the head of his cock touched the opening of her warm pussy. She was going to fuck him right then and there! “Yes,” Craig thought. “Fuck me hard right now.”

Then Veronica then broke the silence. “Mindy! I did not say you could fuck him. Get off of him right now.”

Mindy sighed deeply and climbed off. “Lie down illegal bahis siteleri beside him. Now.” Mindy lay down beside Craig, her chest heaving with every breath.

Veronica lay down on the other side of him. “Do as I do.” Craig looked down at the two gorgeous teens lying beside him — one completely naked, the other in only underwear. Then he felt two hands gently caress his thighs. Fingertips on each side of his body lightly ran up his thighs to the crease in his thigh, then gently over the sides of his balls, then just barely touching his cock, then back down again. They seemed to tease him like this forever. Eventually their teasing fingers moved to his stomach up to his chest. Each girl teased and then pinched a nipple. Then he felt a warm mouth on each nipple. He squeezed his eyes tight and tried to get out of the restraints, but he couldn’t. He felt fingertips again flutter over his cock. He moved his hips to get more. He felt warm mouths on his neck, then his ears. He was in ecstasy now — completely out of his mind. One mouth moved to his cheek then his mouth and started kissing him hard –He didn’t know who he was kissing.

He then felt something warm and wet wrap around his cock and he moaned loudly and moved his hips towards it as he realized it was someone’s mouth. He kept kissing one girl hard as the other kissed and licked and sucked on his cock. He didn’t know or care who was doing what. He felt his cum building and building as the warm, wet mouth continued sucking and kissing his cock, and the other kissed him hard. He was seconds from cumming, about to explode, when the kissing stopped suddenly. Veronica yelled out, “Don’t let him cum! Stop now.” Everything stopped. The room went silent, aside from the sound of his heart pounding in his chest. His cock ached and twitched. He whimpered, and heard Mindy giggle again.

Craig tried to get out of the restraints again, now super frustrated. If they untied him, he wasn’t sure if he could stop himself from forcing one or both of them down and fucking them. He opened his eyes again, and could see Veronica move to tighten the restraints. Did she have rubber gloves on? Where did canlı bahis siteleri those come from? “Don’t resist, Craig. It will only make things worse,” Veronica said.

Veronica turned to Mindy, “now Mindy, go grab that coconut oil from your dresser.” Mindy obliged.

“Now squirt it all over Craig’s cock. That’s right… more…and now hand it to me. He felt someone bend his knees slightly and push his legs further part so that he was completely open and vulnerable. Then he felt several more squirts of warm coconut oil under his balls and in his ass crack. “That’s right,” Veronica said. “Get it nice and slippery. Rub your hands all over him.” He felt warm, slippery hands moving over his body and his cock and thighs.

He tried to get a better look through the blindfold again, and he could see Mindy on his left, on her side, completely naked. Veronica leaned over Craig’s body and whispered something in Mindy’s ear, and Mindy grabbed Craig’s cock and slowly started to stroke it. It felt unbelievable. He needed this so badly. Veronica was on his right, and started caressing his inner thighs with her gloved finger tips, now very lubed from the oil. Her fingertips fluttered inside his thighs and over his balls, while Mindy kept a steady and slow rhythm, stroking his cock. Veronica’s fingertips then moved to his ass crack under his balls, and he felt them slide gently up and down the outside of his ass crack…then a little inside his ass crack… then a little deeper until her fingertips were directly on his asshole.

He moaned loudly, as Veronica teased and circled his asshole, while Mindy kept pumping his cock. He felt himself spread his legs even further. He could feel the oily finger apply a little pressure, and he craved more. Veronica’s gloved finger then pushed a little deeper and slowly filled his asshole… deeper and deeper. This girl knew what she was doing. He could feel her fingers tickling his prostate. Nerve endings were firing off. Mindy kept pumping his cock, squeezing a little tighter now, and picking up speed. It felt incredible. He was seconds from having what may have been the biggest explosion of his life, when he yelled out, “I’m going to cum!”

He regretted it immediately. Mindy let go of his cock. Veronica slowly slid her finger out of his asshole. And he heard both girls laugh.

Veronica said, “I told you I was going to punish you. Are you starting to understand?”

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