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Step Daddy and Me Ch. 01

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Completely fantasy. All characters are over 18.


So, growing up, I knew something was different about me. I liked girls. With only a few exceptions…Male relatives. I found my dad’s incest porn pretty young. And, I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Fast forward a few years, and I was living with my mom and step dad. I had started liking guys my own age by now. But I still liked my dad and brother and a male cousin. My step dad seemed to always have a thing for me, but I was a hellish child, always being taught that my mom was the spawn of Satan, I treated my mom and step dad like utter crap.

Because of this, I found my life hell for 3 1/2 years after turning 18. I ended up on the streets in New York, and was in one abusive relationship after another.

Until I fled New York, and headed for a small town in Washington State. Where I met my current husband. My best friend, and the love of my life. He and I were best friends for 10 months before we got together. He was a traveler.

Mathew was originally from Los Angelos. And he even gets a bit of an accent when he’s pissed illegal bahis off. But he is amazing! He is my best friend, and he and I connect on many many levels. And in bed. Every time we cum, we cum together. We feel so connected. Mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

A month before we got married, my mom got in contact with me to help me out with some food money. And I found out, little by little, how amazing she actually was. My husband and I were living on the streets in Los Angelos. And she asked us to come and live with her and her husband in New York. We said yes.

So here I am, sitting at my laptop. And I am typing this. yep. Got a lot on my mind. My step dad has been flirting with me not so subtly since my husband and I got here. And I had a dream last night. A weird one, but, I liked it. Now, I had never thought of my step dad in a sexual way, and I still don’t, which is why I am wondering why I liked this dream so much.

In the dream. My step dad and I were supposed to go grocery shopping. Now, my mom is disabled, so she is always at home. Mathew is also disabled, but not illegal bahis siteleri to the same degree, so he is always at home too. I am the one working on getting work.

My Dream

On the way to the grocery store, he took me to an abandoned lot, and no one was around.

He told me in the back seat, and when I tried to argue, he took my face in his hand and said “No one is around, now get in the back, when I am done with you, you will tell no one, or else you and your husband will be back outside. Besides, with your past, I could tell your husband you fucked me willingly, and he’d probably believe me.”

I got into the back reluctantly, with tears in my eyes, and full of shame. The only man I had slept with for almost a year was my loving husband, and I had never wanted anyone else after we got together… What we had was too sacred. But My step dad Unhooked my bra, and despite my protests, took my size DD tits in his mouth expertly. He sucked them and blew on them lightly, and got me aroused. As much as I knew it was wrong, and as much as I didn’t find him attractive. canlı bahis siteleri My body was betraying me. He slipped his hand down my stretchy pants, and started fingering my hot gash, slipping a finger in, and kissing my neck. He called me baby, and I winced. He pulled down his pants, and yanked out his cock, I never saw how big it was, because he forcefully pushed my head into the back seat. As he stuffed inch by inch into my flaming hot cunt, I moaned and whimpered into the seat, and tried kicking in protest, crying hysterically. But he laughed and knelt on my legs. And he fucked me doggy style. Soundly. He fucked me for all I was worth, and came deep inside my slippery, hot cunt. I cried in protest, and tried to get away. He kissed me on the lips.

“Get up and get in the front seat Nadia.”

After doing so, he said “You’re a slut for liking daddy’s cock. You liked daddy’s cock so much, you came all over it!” He grinned. “I liked fucking my only daughter so much, we’re going to take another drive like this, very very soon! Go ahead and fuck your husband, but I doubt you’ll have the energy now that I’m using your delicious pussy! Man, why didn’t I start doing this when you were 13?”

With his words, I passed out in the car.


I am hoping my next dream is more vivid.

I will tell you guys more details next time.

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