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Starting Over

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Big Tits

“I just don’t think we can be together anymore.” That one sentence broke my heart completely. For so long I had known it to be true but never wanted to admit it. Something I was trying so hard to fight against, to keep what was good, what was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

My girlfriend Maddy and I had together for three years. She was the only girlfriend I had ever had and now after hearing those awful words, I was alone.

I had never been much of a ladies man. A lot of people may think by looking at me that I would attract a lot of girls, but I have always been slightly awkward and never had that charisma and confidence that a lot of other guys used to attract girls.

Although I am shy, I have always been confident in my body. I began lifting weights at about fourteen years old before all of my other friends. I also have a very healthy diet and extensive skin care routine. This meant that now, at the age of twenty five, I had broad broad shoulders, a wide muscular chest and solid abs that formed a v-shape which pointed down below my waist line. Genetics blessed me with a 6 foot 2 frame, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.

To say I was inexperienced with girls before I met Maddy would be an understatement. Maddy and I met in our first year at university. Fate would have it that we were paired up in a group assignment in our first class together. I remember thinking about how lucky I was to be paired up with the most beautiful girl in class. Those things never happened to me, and I knew I would never be able to talk to her if left to my own devices.

Our relationship started off great, to be honest I didn’t know any better. Maddy was kind and generous and installed me with self-confidence. After about six months into our relationship we lost our virginity to each other. From the beginning, Maddy was indifferent about sex and seemed only rot do it as a favour to me rather than something she enjoyed.

It wasn’t until about two years into a relationship when we both started realising we were just two different people. Maddy was super outgoing and friendly and cared so much about pleasing other people. She was also quite reserved when it came to anything remotely taboo or risqué. I, on the other hand, have always been a lot more introverted. I prefer to stay inside on a Saturday night and watch a movie snuggled up next to someone than to go out drinking all night with my friends.

Thats where a lot of our problems started. I have always had a really high sex drive, ever since I was exposed to porn at an early age. I loved women and I loved sex. I would often try and talk to her about all my sexual desires. To Maddy, this meant I was just like all the other guys who just wanted sex and don’t care about her as a person. In fact, that was far from true. Although I had an insatiable desire and curiosity about sex, I care deeply about the important people in my life.

Towards the end of our relationship, Maddy rarely wanted to have sex. I became increasingly frustrated and eventually my self-confidence began to dwindle. I longed for her to look at me with that wanting desire that I saw other partners share. By the end, I began to feel guilty for even wanting to have sex.

I have always been a hard worker and had financial nouse. I had worked hard through high-school and university and was able to save quite a bit of money. After graduating, I got a job as a sports physiotherapist at one of the top practices in the city.

I always imagined that at this point in my life I would buy a house and move out with Maddy. Now that we weren’t together, I felt lost in what to do with my life. It wasn’t that I had a bad life at home, in fact, my parents were great. It’s just that my family home was beginning to become over-crowded and I needed my own space and independence.

My sister Sarah lived at home with me and my parents. At twenty, she was five years younger than me. Although I tried not too give it too much consideration, my sister was beautiful. I was constantly teased by my so called friends about how they wanted to fuck her. Truth be told, I couldn’t blame them. Thankfully, Sarah never slept around with guys and steered well clear from dating anyone which would cause me embarrassment.

Like me, Sarah always kept active and healthy. She had perfect smooth olive skin and bright blue eyes to go with her long blonde hair. For a skinny girl, Sarah had the perfect perky c-cup tits and the most incredible ass that filled out jeans and leggings amazingly. When she wore tight clothes I would find it extremely difficult not to stare at her ass. Although Sarah was quite correct and well-mannered she somehow exuded a certain sexual quality that I find hard to describe.

Sarah and I have never been overly close. We got along fine like a normal brother and sister but never had that strong sibling bond. I am am unable to think of exactly why that was, maybe because we were both introverted and struggled to communicate. Maybe it was because I felt guilty about how attracted I was to my illegal bahis own sister. Maybe I made Sarah feel uncomfortable by seductively staring at her anytime she wore anything slightly revealing. Our limited relationship had always been something that played on my mind.

The next few weeks after Maddy broke top with me were the most difficult of my life. I was in the depths of despair wondering if I would ever find anyone again that could love me. It was one Sunday morning when that all began to change.

Laying on the living room couch I stared up at the ceiling pondering how I would keep myself occupied for the afternoon and avoid those familiar feelings of anguish to creep in again.

“So mum tells me you are wanting to move out and buy a house,” Sarah said, startling me in the process. “Yeah, well that isn’t happening anymore, I’m not going to live by myself and be more of a loner than I already am now,” I replied.

“Jack! Listen to me. You are a smart, funny, good looking guy who any girl would be lucky to be with”, Sarah immediately retorted with a look of seriousness on her face. Sarahs response took me by surprise. She had never complemented me like that before. I actually felt good about myself for the first time in weeks. Even though she was my sister, to have an attractive girl like Sarah tell me this nice things meant a lot to me. More than she probably knew.

“Besides, why do you have to move out with a girlfriend. You could always buy a house with your sister. I’ve been saving a lot of money as well and you know I also want to move out. I’m not so bad to live with am I”? Sarah continued.

It wasn’t something I had ever considered before, by my fist reaction was an unusual feeling of excitement. I couldn’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work, we had lived together our whole lives and had got along just fine. In fact, it might even give us a chance to become closer like I always wanted.

Sarah had been working at our Dads IT business since she was about 16 and had since become a regional sales consultant and was now earning pretty decent money. A lot about it made sense.

“Are you serious?” I replied. “Don’t joke around about this.”

Now sitting on the end of the couch next to my feet Sarah responded, “I am very serious! Maybe we can go look a a few places next weekend… If anything it will get you out of the house.”

A big smile wiped across my face as I thought about the idea. Maybe this will be really good for me and it will be a step forward in moving on from Maddy. As if she was reading my mind, Sarah got to her feet, walked over to me and placed a small soft kiss on top of my forehead, whispering into my ear “Everything is going to be alright, I am here for you.”

I lay there for the next ten minutes thinking about that kiss and what Sarah had said to me. How can one small action mean so much to me. That feeling of support was unfamiliar to me during my relationship with Maddy. It wasn’t something I knew I longed for but after experiencing it I knew it was what I needed.

The next couple of months I spent most of my free time researching apartments for sale in the area with Sarah. The more time we spent together the closer we became. We would often stay up late talking about our failed relationships. I never knew Sarah cared so much about me and could provide me with so much support. Although she still had that baby face teenager look, Sarah was surprisingly wise and mature for her age.

Finally, we found a small two-bedroom apartment that suited our budget and lifestyles perfectly. One month later we were moved in. The first few weeks living at the new place were a blur. Our time was mostly spent moving our things in, furniture shopping and having friends and family over showing them our new place. I was happy and Sarah seemed happy as well. It just felt right.

When things began to settle down and we had finally finished moving all of our stuff in, Sarah and I were able to spend more time together doing things we both wanted to do like cooking food, drinking wine and watching movies.

Sarah and I became each others confidants, telling each other everything. As my emotional connection with Sarah began to grow so too did my sexual attraction. As we became more comfortable with each other, it made it harder to mask my attraction to her.

Our apartment was small and only had one communal bathroom. I would often try and sneak a glance as Sarah walked from the bathroom to her bedroom in just a towel. I hoped one day it would fall from her body and I would get just a small look at her naked body.

Most days I would wait impatiently until Sarah had returned to her room after her shower before I would go to have my own. It was my favourite part of the day. Every so often Sarah would forgetfully leave the clothes she had been wearing that day on the bathroom floor. If I was really lucky, amongst that pile of clothes would be a pair of her panties.

Ever I since I started watching porn and masturbating I have been obsessed with illegal bahis siteleri women’s panties. Just seeing a pair made my cock achingly hard. I loved all types, but my particular favourite were the lacey G-sting panties which perfectly accentuated a women’s ass and hugged their pussy tightly. These are the types of panties that Sarah wore and it drove me absolutely crazy thinking about how they must have looked on her.

The smell of my sisters panties was intoxicating. Every time I lifted them up to my nose and inhaled the musky aroma that protruded from the gusset of her of panties I would immediately become dizzy and weak at the knees. It wouldn’t take long before I was ejaculating streams of cum all over the bathroom. Just the anticipation of smelling her panties would make my eight-inch cock rock hard within seconds. Over time, I had memorised every single pair of panties that my sister owned.

About two months after moving in Sarah and I sat down on the couch with a glass of wine each in preparation to watch a movie. We both loved these types of nights after a long week at work. To my surprise, instead of going through the usual frustration of attempting to find a movie that we hadn’t yet seen and looked semi decent, Sarah said she wanted to talk for a while first.

Sarah was wearing a tight wight crop teeshirt which exposed the straps of her bra over her shoulders and grey tracksuit pants that hugged her ass perfectly. So much so, I could make out the faint panty lines at the top of her ass as they were engulfed by her glorious cheeks.

We had talked a lot about my relationship with Maddy but we had not yet discussed the issues that arose from our sex lives. “How was your sex life with Maddy”? Sarah abruptly asked. “She never seemed like the type.”

I was immediately flustered and unable to give a straight response to her question. Sarah had never been so straightforward. My cheeks felt red and hot and I could tell Sarah noticed. “We talk about everything Jack, I think we should be able to talk about this stuff as well, you’re my big brother”.

“Okay I suppose you’re right,” I replied. After a few big breaths I summoned up enough courage to continue on.

“Sex with Maddy was good”. Sarah could sense my hesitation and pleaded with me too elaborate. “It’s just that I didn’t always feel comfortable expressing my desires with Maddy because she was a little bit of a prude.”

“Yeah I guessed that,” Sarah responded. “What sort of desires do you have?”.

Again I began to fluster and become embarrassed. If Sarah knew how much I liked sex and all of the cravings that I had she might find me disgusting.

I sat awkwardly next to Sarah on the couch refusing to meet her gaze as I spoke. Sensing my embarrassment, Sarah leaned over and rubbed my forearm with her hand and said “you can trust me, I do not judge at all. I probably have all the same desires as you do”. My cock jumped to attention thinking about the words that came out of her mouth.

I lifted my feet up onto the couch to hide the growing protrusion inside my tracksuit pants breaking the silence that filled the room. “Well its just that I wanted to have sex a lot more than Maddy did and she made me feel like a creep for it”.

Sarahs face dropped with a genuine look of empathy. “You should never be made to feel that way, a women should always encourage your appetite for sex and be there to service your every desire”, Sarah replied.

“Yeah well there was one thing in particular that I told her I liked that really turned her off,” I said. My heart was beating fast and I felt the temperature of my body begin to rise as I contemplated opening up to my sister about my panty fetish. Maybe it was the bottle of wine that I had already drunk or maybe it was the comforting aura that my sister gave off as she leaned towards me continuing to stare directly into my eyes. Her moist lips parted slightly as she listened with intent. I felt a sense of confidence, like Sarah would be able to understand anything I could say to her.

“Women’s panties turn me on…” I said quietly, almost hoping she wouldn’t hear.

“Jack.. don’t be scared, it’s okay.”

“I told her that women panties turn me on and that it gets me really horny to smell them after they have been worn and she immediately shut me down and told me that there was something wrong with me for thinking that”.

Sarahs mouth dropped wide open. The few moments of silence as I tried to gauge my sisters reaction to what I had just told her felt like an eternity. Eventually, Sarahs wide open mouth turned into a seductive smile.

“That’s really sexy Jack!” Sarah said, breaking the silence. “It turns me on to think about a guy smelling my dirty panties.”

I was overcome with a combination of relief and arousal. My own sister had just told me that it turns her on to have guys smell her panties. My cock was now throbbing with pressure. I needed to cum so badly I couldn’t think straight.

“Really?” I questioned.

“Yeah definitely, canlı bahis siteleri she is a bitch for making you feel that way!”.

“Thank you is much Sarah, that makes me feel so much better… You are the best sister ever.”

Sarah didn’t have to say anything, I knew by her smile that she was happy to help me.

“Im really tired, I think I might just have a shower then go to bed”, Sarah interrupted.

“Um yeah sure no worries i’ll probably go to bed as well”, I replied somewhat relieved knowing I could now go to my room and relieve my aching erection.

As I lay in my bed I could hear the shower turn on and my mind began to again picture the naked body of my sister. I began imagining what panties she was wearing, wishing her wet pussy was sitting right above my face as I liked her to orgasm.

“JACK! JACK! CAN YOU GET ME MY TOWEL? I LEFT IT IN MY ROOM AND IM ALL WET,” I heard my sister call out from the bathroom.

Excitedly I rushed to my sisters room and retrieved her towel which was draped across her bed and waited patiently at the bathroom door.

“Sarah, I’ve got it ill come in with my eyes closed and give it to you”, I said through the door.

“Okay” She replied.

I was prepared this time and tucked my hard cock under the waist band of my tracksuit pants to avoid the potential embarrassment of my raging hard erection being visible to my sister. I slowly entered through the door with my hands out, searching for the vanity to place the towel down.

“Jack, it’s okay you can open your eyes I don’t mind”, My sister said softly.

“Are you sure? You’re my sister it’s a bit weird.”

Sarah laughed briefly before reassuring me, “Jack, I want you to open your eyes.”

As I opened my eyes I saw my sister standing there in the shower completely naked with one arm held across her chest, squashing her breasts and hiding her nipples from view and the over spread delicately over her pussy. The shower screen had not yet fogged up and I could see her fully naked form as the water from the shower rolled delicately down her golden skin. I couldn’t say anything, all I could do was stare.

“It’s okay,” Sarah said, slowly dropping both her arms by her side exposing her most intimate areas.

Her breasts were better than I imagined. They were perfect globes standing upright with small pink nipples pointing straight out from her body. I followed my eyes down her flat stomach towards her pubic region. Her hairless skin become slightly more pale as I ventured below her belly button.

There it was. What I had dreamed about for so long. Her beautiful pink pussy tickled neatly away between her thighs. Her bald pussy protruded slightly from her body with a perfect slit running down the middle. From where I was standing I could just make out her tiny jacketed clit sitting at the top.

Sarah smiled as I continued to stare taking in every ounce of her body that I could. “You can take those with you if you want, they might still be a little wet,” She said as she looked down at her white lace panties that lay open on the floor between us.


“I meant what I said, I think its sexy having a guy smell my wet panties.”

“Bu.. Bu.. But you’re my sister..” Was all I could bring myself to say.

“Yes I am, and I’m nothing like Maddy, I want to look after you”.

I didn’t need anymore convincing. I quickly bent down and picked up her panties from the floor and rushed back to my room leaving the towel behind. As I opened up the delicate lace to find what was left inside I noticed a thin white slime across the gusset of the panties. My room filled with the pungent smell of my sisters pussy. As I touched the wetness with my fingers my mouth began to salivate.

Without bothering to close the door of my room, I lay on my bed and lifted the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. I was in euphoria. I couldn’t get enough of the sent into my nose as I lay there stroking my cock. Within seconds, my cock erupted with cum as I bucked my hips up and down on the bed. Endless jets of cum landed back down on my stomach as I continued the most powerful orgasm of my life.

A few moments later I came too, almost breathless, with a pool of cum across my stomach and my sisters panties held firmly against my nose.

“Im glad you enjoyed them”, my sister said from the doorway of my room. I looked up startled the presence of my sister standing there in her towel, still wet from her shower. She lingered momentarily examining the white hot cum plastered across my body. Her tongue traced the edges of her upper lip.

Before I could answer Sarah returned to her room leaving me still laying on my bed stunned by what had just happened. I wondered why Sarah looked for so long. Could she have possible be turned on by what she had just witnessed? A few months earlier my Sister and I barely spoke and now here we were living together, exposing our most into mate areas to each other.

There next morning I awoke wondering if what happened last night was just a dream. I quickly leant over to my bed-side drawer to check if Sarahs panties were still where I left them. To my delight, I found them just as they were. I quickly closed the drawer before I was overcome with the need too masturbate again.

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