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Sooner Rather than Later

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“Oh, well…” she was hesitating. They’d talked this far, why not go on? “I guess I wanted to, but never really found anybody willing. Maybe it was me who wasn’t willing.”


“Then I remembered that Woody Allen quote, something like ‘masturbation is sex with somebody I love’, so I went out and bought a dildo.”

“And you used it.”

“…yeah…” she was removing herself. “It wasn’t good at all.”

“Well have you had sex with a person?”

“No, but it has gotten better with the dildo, much beter,” there’s the smile. “And I guess you lost it with Meredith?”

“Yeah,” my dick was sneaking through my waistband. I rested a hand on it. “When aunt Carol was visiting.”

“Right next door?”

“Well we were quiet. At least she left me some copies of the Watchtower when she left. I guess she wants to save me.”

“How was it?” heavy breathing, chest rising and rising again.

“It was real nice. Kind of what I expected from sex. I put it in and she was real warm and moist, and we pumped at each other for a while…”


“And…” could I tell her? “And I didn’t come,” there it is, the flaccid truth. “But she sure enjoyed it.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” she looked down my arm toward the bulge pointing at my belly button. “Without that, it’s not really worth it is it?”

“It’s nice. It’s hot, I like it. teen porno I liked her boobs,” I reached towards my sisters chest, she watched. Her boobs were even better than Meredith’s. Big enough to fit my dick between at least.

I lifted her sweater up and massaged her bra. We both looked up when we heard steps on the stairs. She put her sweater down and picked up the book by her side. The steps came towards the door.

“How did Mendel’s experiments help biologists understand the flaws of Lamark’s theory of inherited traits?” the footsteps kept down the hall.

“Have you come since then? From sex I mean.”

“…no.” She took off her sweater and took the hand from my lap under her bra. She snapped it off. Her nipples were pink, like they’d never seen the light of day. I kissed it and she got up, clothes in hand.

“Well, I wish you the best,” she winked out of the room.

Damn. It should be a crime to leave a man this hard. I took my clothes off and lay on my bed. I masturbated, slowly thinking of Eve’s tits, and working up when mom popped into my head. She was the fox of the family. She was short and had tits, I thought, like Eve’s, perfect. I’d seen her pussy when I was younger, it was hairy then and since then I know she’d shaved, or at least trim it down. I’ve seen the hairs around the drain in the shower. She must be horny. Most single tricky masseur porno women were I thought, since she’d been getting it so often from dad.

It was a relief when I got past the shock of divorce, when I realized I would never again hear their sex. I stood up, hard and stroking and walked to the door and listened. Everything was still. I opened it and walked to mom’s room. Shit! She’s also masturbating! Low moans came through the thin door and stopped. I imagined her mouth open in a silent scream, eyes clenched and pussy gaping at the cock that wasn’t there. I came on her door and walked back to bed.

I ate breakfast and caught the bus for school. It was a day like any other. Home again, my sister gave me a sexy look and walked upstairs. I stayed downstairs and read till mom got home.

“Need some help with those?”

“Thank you, that’d be nice.” I set the book down and put the groceries away as fast as I could. I hugged her from behind as she was stretching her back. “Hmm. That’s just what I needed.” I moved my hips and hard dick into her. She didn’t notice.

“Glad to help,” I sat down, legs spread and picked the book up again. I felt her eyes on my crotch. I looked up. She blushed and kept looking. “Nice, huh?”

“Hmm,” she started to rub her tits. I saw her nipples poke through her thin silky shirt. türkçe alt yazı porno She unbuttoned it, staring still at my cock. I stood up and took my pants off. “Oooh, what’s that you got there?” She kneeled, shirt off. Her tits were terrific, big enough to hold in your hands and tight enough that they only sagged enough to sway with her body. I moved forward, naked from the waist down.

She reached out for it. I let her play her little hand games and when her shock was registering on her open mouth, I moved in, trapping her head in my hands. She squealed.

I’d had blowjobs before, but never anything like this. I guess older women really know what to do. She went at it while her hands reached into her pants and rubbed her cunt.

I could tell the blowjob was going nowhere, so I took it out and stood her up to take her pants off. She wasn’t wearing panties and christ! There was a wire running from a hole in one pocket to her pussy. I pulled at the wire and a little vibrator came out all shiny and pink. She was more a freak than I’d have guessed.

I laid her out and rubbed her clit till her eyes rolled back in her head, then I mounted.

I gave her a good fuck I thought. Slowly building, like a rock song, till she screamed with eyes clenched. I knew my sister would hear, it would probably deafen her. I kept at it, feeling constantly like I was going to come. I pulled it out, thinking this was as useless as with any other girl. Then she put it back in her mouth. She really knew what I needed.

Finally, I came on her tongue, shooting a rope straight down to the back of her throat. She sucked my dry. Christ, that was catharsis.

“You did what?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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