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This is my first time submitting a story for others to read and as such I would appreciate feedback, if for no other reason than it will let me know it’s been read and I hope, appreciated by a few of your readers. Please feel free to pass on whatever comments, either good or bad you feel may be of help.

As for some history to the tale itself. The basic story contains a mix of both fact and fiction. The relationship you are about to read about, (at the time of writing 2005) does indeed still exist…

I have taken a few writers privileges by making one or two amendments, though these should not affect the readers enjoyment.


It was late Friday evening. Lin had just finished reading a message from her cyber lover. It was something she did every Friday and without doubt, something she looked forward too. She turned to look at Mike, her hubby, aware her nipples were already standing out like stalks beneath her top, a sign of both how aroused the message had left her feeling and of what she had planned for the rest of the evening.

She leant forward, picked up her glass and took another long sip of wine before placing it back onto the coffee table, then sitting upright she smoothed her hands down her lithe body, down along the sides of her breasts as if checking herself out. Not that there was any need to do this for she both felt and looked good and what’s more, she had been feeling good about herself all afternoon, all week in fact. Her positive feelings along with the message she had just read had left her feeling far far hornier than usual.

She sat back against the sofa for a moment and found herself, not for the first time, pondering over how this change in her life had all started and how good life was at the moment.

At forty four years old, she’d been married to her hubby Mike for more years than she cared to remember, though even now she had to admit, for the most part they had a very happy relationship.

She’d always kept her five feet three frame in excellent trim for, quite apart from the benefits of keeping fit, she also enjoyed wearing figure hugging clothing, something she knew, a good many women her age were no longer capable of carrying off. She enjoyed wearing sexy clothes both for herself, because it always made her feel good, and if she were honest, for the benefit of the guys who, when they would give her admiring looks, would add to her own “feel good” factor.

Tonight she wore a sleeveless, beige, poloneck top. A top which had the type of soft material she loved feeling against her flesh and one which she knew, hugged her body like a second skin.

Below this, she wore a short, beige, sexy. mini skirt. Not entirely appropriate for a woman of her years but again, it made her feel good, plus she had the legs for it, legs that tonight were encased in a pair of cream stockings together with matching suspenders, the whole ensemble finished off with a skimpy pair of black mesh thongs.

She swept back her shoulder length auburn hair and caught her hubby glancing sideways at her. She smiled to herself for she was aware he was under the impression she’d dressed this way for him, which was her usual way of a Friday evening. What he didn’t know however, was tonight she had other ideas and even bigger plans in mind.

He was busy looking up something on his pc so she leant back against the sofa and closed her eyes for a moment, allowing her mind to wander. Her thoughts, not surprisingly, turned to Andy, to a few days previous when he’d called over.

Ohhhhh God! She only had to think about what had happened that day for her pussy to start to respond…

She remembered it all explicitly. How the hell could she not?

In truth she didn’t need to be told it was something that should never have come to pass, but neither she nor Andy had been able to resist the temptations and of late, each had grown hotter and hotter for one another, moreso since she’d gotten back from her trip to Florida, when it hadn’t taken her long to realise Andy had missed her as much as she’d missed him.

With her eyes still closed she recalled how good it had been.

Oh yes she knew it was naughty, especially given this was her son-in-law she was having fun with. It was something she had sworn she would never do. She knew it was completely out of order, but somehow, after all this time there was something about it that made it seem “just right”. It was almost as if it was destiny that the two of them should be together. After all, she thought to herself, didn’t what they were doing just seem to get better and better?

If Lin had needed any proof she only had to remind herself what took place that day she had arrived back from her two week break.

He’d called round that very same afternoon and had made it clear how much he’d missed her. She remembered the kiss he’d given her that day. Not the usual son-in-law, Mum-in-law peck, but a full on the lips passionate snog that had simply seemed to go on and on forever, arousing and stirring the fires within them

The two of them duly aroused had taboo heat porno stood in the middle of this very room. Andy’s shorts had somehow found their way down to his ankles by then, his raging hard erection had somehow gotten under her skirt where his bulbous knob had begun rubbing against her pussy lips.

Lin tried to close her mind to what had happened that day…

Ohhh God she was so Fucking horny!!! A Friday night and here she was having such horny bloody thoughts…

She looked over at hubby once more and knew then, even though she loved him, even though they got on so well together, she knew, given the choice, it was Andy she’d want sat next to her right now, for it was he who had the ability, almost without trying, to get her feeling so so aroused …just as he’d done that other day.

Without looking and without having touched them, she could sense her nipples had risen again. She could feel them pressing out against her sexy top. It was as if they were letting her know they wanted to feel Andy’s hands or his fingers or lips or indeed, all three over them.

She even remembered trying to tell her hubby that night what had happened that afternoon, but by the time she had told him of the foreplay fun they had had, she’d been so bloody aroused that she didn’t have the energy to tell him the rest..

It didn’t matter, he’d know soon enough.

She glanced at the clock and to her surprise saw it was 22.40. Her cyber message had been so absorbing it had taken her longer to read than she’d expected. Now, seeing the time had moved on so much, it caused her pussy to flutter. She leant forward and picked up her glass of wine once more. She took yet another long sip, draining the glass of its contents before getting to her feet and announcing she was going for a refill.

“Mmmm don’t you think you’ve already had enough tonight?” her hubby said, glancing up from his PC.

Lin simply smiled. “Not at all!” she said, as she made her way out of the room.

Outside she opened another bottle, filled her glass and came back into the lounge. She stood there in the middle of the room looking down at her hubby.

He sensed she was watching him and looked up from what he was doing. He could tell she was just a shade tipsy, yet there was no denying it, she was looking altogether hot.

“Hmmm you look sexy tonight Lin,” he told her.

She smiled at him. “Good! And would you like to know something else?”

“What?” he queried.

“I’m feeling sexy!!!” she paused, then added, “And horny as hell!!!”

He smiled up at her. The sound of those words alone enough to cause a stirring in his trousers.

“And do you want to know something else??” she continued.

“Go on!” he replied, curious to hear what she was about to say. Convinced she was going to suggest they retire to the bedroom for an early night.

He watched as she slid her hands to the hem of her short sexy skirt. Watched as she lifted it up to reveal the sexiest of black mesh thongs. He groaned as she pushed a hand over her panties where he could see her fingers teasing at her pussy lips over the lace material. God she was so bloody horny when she did that for him.

“I need to do something about it!” she told him, as this time her hand disappeared in through the side of her skimpy panties, where he could see her fingers through the sexy mesh, manipulating the lips of her pussy.

“Do you agree?” she asked.

He grinned at her, the stirring in his crotch growing all the time.

“Ohhh yes!” he groaned as his mind filled with visions of that pussy of hers smothering his face.

She smiled at him then turned. For a moment he wondered if she was headed for the bedroom and this was his cue to follow. Instead she made her way towards the phone and he watched as she picked up the receiver.

“What are you doing?” he asked, unsure quite who she had in mind to ring this late at night.

She turned to face him and leant back against the wall, punching the last few digits of whatever number she was calling into the handset. She held it to her ear looking right into her hubby’s eyes.

“I told you! I REALLY need to do something about this horny pussy of mine. I thought you agreed?”

“Yes I did…but…”

His voice trailed off as she cut him short. “In case you’d forgotten, it’s Andy’s birthday today and right now he’s out with a few of his friends celebrating. I thought he might like to come over and get his prezzy personally from me!!!”

If there was any doubt about what it was his wife meant it was all too soon apparent. He watched open mouthed as she slid a hand back to her skirt, lifted it up and began to play with herself once more.

As he was about to say something the phone at the other end of the line was answered.

“Hello Birthday Boy!” Lin purred down the phone in her sexiest voice.

“Hi!” Andy replied, at which point Lin reached down and pressed the button on the handset that would allow her hubby to hear all that was being said.

“Hmmm teach that bitch porno and what are you doing calling me?” he asked.

“It’s your birthday isn’t it??? I had to call and wish my hunky son in law a happy birthday didn’t I?” she purred. “Aren’t you pleased to hear from me then Andy?”

Her hubby watched as his wife’s fingers toyed too and fro inside her thongs.

“I’m always pleased to hear from you Lindy…You know that.”

Lin smiled..”And I’m always pleased to hear you as well lover. Especially having been thinking about the other day. Have you been thinking about that Andy?”

“Christ yes!”

“All naughty thoughts I hope?” she laughed.

Her hubby heard the sound of his son-in-law’s laughter “Oh yes…plenty of those.”

“Good! And have you had a good time drinking with your friends??”

“Yes!” he answered.

“Not too drunk are you Birthday Boy? she teased, a part of her willing him to say no.

“No! Not drunk. But… Mmm! Will have to get a taxi back home.”

Lin’s face lit up as she heard those words…she glanced to the clock…it was nearing eleven, the time the pubs would start asking everyone to drink up and leave.

“And what time did you order the taxi for?” she quizzed.

“I didn’t. Will have to ring them in a minute.” he answered.

Again Lin smiled. “No you don’t! There’s no need for that. Not when I can come and pick you up instead. Would you like that Andy? Lindy picking you up. Maybe bringing you back here where we can carry on with your Birthday celebration? I know Simone won’t be expecting you back early…will she?”

“No she won’t!” He replied, as he thought of his wife back indoors, almost certainly in bed by now.

“So what time do you want picking up?”

“Hmmmm I don’t know what we are doing. We might all go back to a mates”.

“Ohhh!” Lin sounded down all of a sudden, then said, “So you’d rather pop round to a mates than have your prezzy?”

Andy’s ears pricked up. “What prezzy?”

Lin looked over to her hubby and purposely dipped her fingers a little deeper into her now wet pussy.

“The prezzy my fingers are playing with right now Andy. And I think you know what that is don’t you? You got a taste of that the other day didn’t you big boy?”

On the sofa her hubby groaned quietly. He was also sure he’d heard Andy groan at the other end of the phone line.

“Ohh Christ Yes!!” he moaned, then suddenly remembering who he was speaking to asked, “Where’s hubby at the moment?”

“He’s out in the kitchen”. Lin lied. “Making us a drink”.

“Hmmmm! So right this minute you are on your own, playing with yourself for me?”

“Ohhh yes! And just like the other day Andy, I am nice and wet for you.”

Both Lin and her hubby heard Andy groan.

“How wet Lin?” Andy asked, eager to know how aroused his Mother-in-law was getting for him, while at the same time getting more and more aroused himself.

Lin adjusted her position and closed her eyes for a moment as she played with herself.

“If I told you I’ve got three fingers up there right now Andy, would that give you some idea how wet I am?”

“Ohhh God yes!” he moaned.

“Well that’s what thinking about that lovely big cock of yours does for me big boy! All that delicious precum you produce for me.”

Lin looked over at her hubby once more, enjoying the look of discomfort on his face.

“Did you enjoy that Andy?” She went on. “Did you enjoy seeing that cum sticking to my lips as I sucked on that lovely fat helmet the other day?”

Andy didn’t answer. His groan was answer enough

“Is it getting nice and erect for me right now Andy? Is it getting nice and stiff inside those briefs of yours?” She teased. “Go on! Let me pick you up Andy. You don’t want to go back to your mates. You want to come here instead and receive Lindy’s prezzy.”

At the other end of the line Andy was feeling more than a little aroused.

“What about hubby?” He asked. “He’s hardly likely to approve is he?”

“That’s ok Andy. It’s not his approval we are after is it?” she purred.

“True! But what is it you had in mind?”.

“Oh I’m sure we can think of something Andy…don’t you think? In fact I’m sure your mind is already thinking of something isn’t it Andy? Of where my fingers are right now.”

Her hubby looked towards her pussy and could see her fingers delving deeper. He could see the damp stain on her mesh panties.

“Ohhh Andy!” Lin moaned. “I bet you’d like to be between my legs right now, wouldn’t you? You like that Andy! Sucking out Lindy’s horny little cunt?”

“Ohh Shit! Yes!”

At the other end of the line both Lin and hubby could hear Andy talking to someone.

“Hmmm who are you talking to Andy?” Lin asked.

“A mate. He just asked who was ringing me?”

“Ahhhh!! And did you tell him it’s your horny Mum in law?” she teased.

Andy laughed. “I did say it was you…yes.”

“Hmmmm! Did you also tell him I’m feeling horny?”


“But team skeet porno I am Andy. My fingers are sopping wet! Pussy is hot for cock Andy! Your cock.”

“Ohhh Fuck Lin!!! Don’t tease…”

Lin smiled, knowing full well his friend would have heard his reaction.

“Who’s teasing Andy? Let me come and pick you up. Then you can see if I am teasing or not.”

Lin gave it a few moments for her comment to sink in before adding, “Or is it you’d prefer to go back to your mates?”

At the other end of the line Andy was mentally weighing up the pros and cons. With his cock steadily rising and with the thoughts she’d instilled into his head he knew one way or another he would have to relieve himself . He quickly decided the best solution was to take her up on the offer believing if nothing else, they might get to have some fun in the car on the drive back.

“What about hubby?” he asked.

Lin’s eyes turned towards her hubby who was still sat on the sofa.

“Oh I’m sure it won’t be long before he goes off to bed, and when he does, it will leave the rest of the evening for you and me.”

“Go on then Lindy! Pick me up.” he told her, a very definite eagerness in his voice now.

Lin grinned, pleased she’d been able to use her wicked ways to win him over.

“See you soon then Birthday Boy!” She blew a kiss down the phone before replacing the receiver, then turned to face hubby.

“What the hell was all that about?” He asked.

“Hmmmm! You’ll find out soon enough,” she purred as she finally withdrew her hand from inside her panties. She made her way over to where hubby was sat. She pushed her wet fingers to his lips, teasing them back and forth.

“Is that nice darling?” she taunted.

Her hubby groaned.

“See! I told you Pussy needs a good seeing too and as Andy’s the cause of pussy being like this, it seems only fair he should be the one to do that for me.”

Hubby looked her straight in the eye as she continued to tease her moist fingers over his lips.

“Yes I know you have told me about this…this…thing you have for him, but I don’t it Lin! He’s your son in law for God’s sake!”

“And as I told you the other night darling! His being my son-in-law makes it all the more special. Plus he’s young, virile, with the stamina of an ox!”

“Christ Lin! It’s one thing to flirt with him, but quite another thinking anything else will happen and if you think I am going to let it, you can think again.”

Lin leant back slightly, a wicked grin forming across her face.

“Too late darling!” She cooed. “It already has!”

“What?” her hubby gasped.

Lin thought back to the other night when she had meant to tell him all about what had happened. Suddenly she was pleased she hadn’t.

“You heard!” She almost spat at him this time, now finding she was beginning to enjoy telling him all this.

“He called over two days ago, which was the first time we have been able to see one another properly since I came back from America. The way he kissed me that day was unreal! It felt like I had been away forever and we both needed to show one another how we had hated being apart.” Lin took a deep breath.

“Maybe it was that…Maybe it was the fact we both needed to prove something to one another, or maybe it was always going to happen. I don’t really know… He lifted me up in his arms and bought me in here where we continued to kiss…snog…as I say, with a passion I didn’t believe possible.”

“I think we both tried to resist but deep down we both knew it was going to happen…and it did. Do you hear darling? He Fucked me! Your horny son-in-law Andy Fucked me!”

“Ohhhh God! I’m not hearing this!” was all her hubby was able to moan.

Lin was on a high. “Oh but you are darling! Cos I’m right here telling you this.” She grinned down at him, part relief she had got this off her chest, part if she were honest, in triumph.

She took a step back and lifting her foot placed the sole of her shoe firmly on his knee.

“What’s it like darling?” She cooed once more, her tone lightening to the mood she was feeling. “What’s it like knowing your son in law has “HAD” your wife?That he’s had his fat cock in this hot little cunt?”

Lin didn’t wait for his answer, instead she removed her foot, stepped closer and pressed her lips over his, able to taste her own juices on his lips from where her fingers had alighted earlier. At the same time she reached for his crotch.

“Hmmmmm! Just as I thought,” she remarked as she felt his swollen cock. “It turns you on doesn’t it darling? It turns you on knowing he’s finally Fucked me!”

“There’s a good boy!” she teased… “Now come on! We don’t want to be late do we? Not when we’ve got a date with a big fat cock! ” she laughed.

Lin reached down and pulled him to his feet. “You’ll have to drive cos I’m too tipsy.” she told him.

Hubby was too dazed to do anything other than let her pull him up. As she made her way to the car, as they set off into town, they sat in silence, for he had far too many thoughts going around and around in his head., and when they did speak it was only for Lin to remind him what pub they were headed for.

They arrived outside the pub ten minutes later. Hubby switched off the engine only to hear Lin telling him he was to remain in the car. That she would go in on her own to get Andy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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