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Son Becomes My Gurl

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My wife and I had lived a cuckold life and were able to do it for a long time as the kids would go to their biological father’s every other weekend. Now that the twins were both 20 they were not always willing to go to their father’s house for the weekend so it was only a matter of time before they discovered their parents’ secret.

For the longest time I had suspicions that my son was either gay or at least bi but had never confirmed those suspicions until one Friday night when I came home unannounced and caught him dressed in his sister’s old cheerleader outfit. I must say he looked hot as hell and it was not possible for me to hide my hard on as I checked him out head to toe.

“Wow son” I said. “Pretty sure you look hotter than your sister does in that outfit. How long have you been a cd?”

Robby looked at me and down at my crotch and smiled. “Seems you like what you see daddy, I bet you want to give your little gurl oral don’t you, you little pervert?”

I didn’t need an embossed invitation and was on my knees him pushed back on the bed and spreading his shaved thighs ripping off his lollies (those are the red panties that they wear so that they don’t show the whole world their junk when they are doing their cheer thing.) I always knew he was hung since I saw him showering but damn he had almost 9 inches of thick girth for me to do my best to swallow. I did my best to get the whole thing down to the pubes which were finely trimmed. He grabbed the back of my head and did his best to help me swallow his unit as I bobbed up and down seeking the juice I knew was coming.

He held off for a good marks head bobbers porno half hour making me work hard for his prize. Robby talked to me like he must have talked to his many girlfriends along the way. “Yeah that’s it suck me good bitch, suck my balls you whore” he then switched to me specifically and it became personal.”Kaycee was right daddy, she has always told me you were a cock sucker but I didn’t believe her,” he lamented.

Suddenly there was a bright light and some flashing forcing me to close my eyes, Robby’s meat still shoved down my throat. Off to the side it was my daughter Kaycee taking a video on her iPhone. Her friend Britney was there also and she was snapping pics on her phone as fast as she could. What the hell was going on I thought to myself. It took a few minutes but I realized that I was soon going to be blackmailed by my two “evil” kids. Damn.

Kaycee laughed at me and called me a faggot.

Robby kept slamming my head down on his cock until he shot what seemed like a cup of his sperm down my throat gagging and choking me, forcing me to swallow it all.

So there I was on my knees, throat freshly raped burping up cum. Both my children looking at my daughter’s phone laughing and smiling. “We own your ass now daddio” they smiled.

Kaycee demanded my keys and gave me hers. I guess she will be driving my Lincoln and I get her Altima. “Don’t worry daddy we will go easy on you” she said. “Robby just likes his morning wood blowjob and now you get to give it to him.” She evidently was his previous suck bud. “Oh yeah and you massage porno will be blowjob Bobby whenever we decide.” “Understood daddy?” Kaycee waited for my acknowledgement and came in for an unexpected kiss diving in with her sexy tongue. Upon pulling out she said “yep not going to miss Robby’s cum taste in my mouth every morning. That is your job now daddy.”

“Let’s go Brit” she called to her friend and off they went.

Robby was texting on his phone and announced that he had a few “friends” stopping by and that I should catch my breath because I was going to be servicing five or six of his circle jerk buddies for the rest of the night. He stayed dressed up as a cheer leader and within half an hour as predicted six of his friends came by.

He introduced me as his cock sucking father and I spent the next three hours on my knees sucking off his friends as they sat on the couch and love seat waiting their turns patiently. Due to their age some of them were able to get it up again and got back in the queue.

They watched Anime while I worked on milking every drop of jism I could manage to suck out of their young loins. Life as I knew it had changed and I was now not only cuckolded by my wife who was out fucking who knows who but now my children also were going to cuck me. I was in heaven.

After servicing all his friends, three of the twice, my son was now ready for another go. He stood in the middle of the room as I blew him. He had me by the ears and brutally throat fucked me almost making me pass out due to lack of oxygen as he buried his cock all the way down meet-suck and fuck porno while his buddies “cheered” him on. No sooner did he pull out and blow an epic facial that was quickly captured and posted on snapchat and whatever other sites the kids use now but the door opened and in walked my cuckoldress wife.

She looked as if she took it long and hard all night long but instead of the walk of shame she turned it into my begging for shame. “I brought you something cucky” she smiled as she walked over to her sissy husband, kneeling on the floor in front of his cross dressing son, wearing his cum as a trophy, throat raw from having young cocks shoved in and out for hours. She pulled three used condoms out of her purse and held them over me resting them on my face. “You know what to do fag boy” she laughed.

“Please Mistress, please feed me you black lover’s sperm” I begged her.

She made me beg for a few more minutes before carefully feeding me their cum from the rubbers one at a time. Making a spectacle of it all. Robby’s friends got quite a show that night and I’m sure our fucked up dysfunctional family was the talk of the town for weeks to come.

Robby’s friends thanked him with high fives as they bailed leaving the three of us alone. The wife seemed relieved that the kids were now aware of our arrangement although obviously Kaycee had been aware for quite some time.

I went to the kitchen for a bottle of water to try and hydrate and five minutes later I headed to bed. There on the bed were my wife and my son engaged deeply in a 69 eating each others loins like there was no tomorrow. Holy shit I think to myself, how long has this been going on?

“Sleep on the floor cucky” the wife laughs. We will let you know if we need your cum dumped mouth loser.”

I crawled to the corner and watched my son take his alpha male place as he violated all of his mothers holes that night. Ahh the life of a cuckold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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