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Some fun after Adult Book Store’s fun

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Some fun after Adult Book Store’s fun
I had sucked in a very wild way that huge black cock in a glory hole booth at that filthy adult book store. But I wanted more; I really needed more than just sucking a hard piece of dark meat…
Victor was there with me inside the cabin and, after the black dick filled my hungry mouth with warm semen, he just dropped to his knees and asked the stranger across the wall to stay still.
Then my lovely husband took that still hard black cock in his mouth and sucked that stranger nigger dry. When he came for a second time, Victor swallowed all that cum and smiled at me.
We heard some knock at the door and a huge handsome black man appeared in sight. He introduced himself as Aaron and he offered us to go to his place; so we could continue that nice sex session in a very comfortable way.
So, Victor and I followed him to his nice place.
Aaron offered my husband to get a warm shower and get ready to be used by his mates.
As I licked and sucked that nice hardened black cock; Aaron made some phone calls. Then he grabbed my hair and made me look into his eyes. He told me some of his black friends would come to give me what I deserved…
I purred like a cat and asked him how many and was told that another three well hung canlı bahis siteleri black men were on their way.
I smiled and got again on my knees, to suck Aaron’s hard cock.
Victor came out from the bathroom and he was already naked. Then I was told to sit down and just watch like a good little slut.
Aaron made my hubby to kneel in front of him and he took Victor’s head with both hands, making him take that huge cock head in his mouth. My lovely hubby gagged a little, but he finally managed to swallow and eat the entire black dick.
Then the door was opened and three huge handsome black men came in. They smiled as they watched my bare ass hubby on his knees, sucking a huge black cock.
One of them ordered me to strip off my clothes.
I obeyed him and soon I was fully naked in front of those well hung black men; just wearing my sexy stiletto heels.
I offered my both holes for those black men´s enjoyment and soon I had my wet pussy and my tight asshole filled with black meat.
Those black bastards pounded me, stretched my tight holes and made me squeal and scream in delight, as they fucked me with no mercy.
Aaron finally filled my husband’s mouth with his warm semen and the he ordered Victor to watch at his black buddies sliding canlı casino in and out their huge black cocks from both my cunt and anus…
After the guy in my ass came inside of me; he pulled out and my husband was ordered to lick my stretched asshole with his tongue; which he did eagerly.
As soon as my hubby licked my asshole clean, another huge black cock filled my used cunt; slamming and jamming in a very wild way until I came having several orgasms again and again.
When that last guy came in my womb; Aaron replaced him and pushed his hard cock deep inside of my sore cunt. I soon screamed in ecstasy, as my new black lover filled me up again and again…
Some of the guys said they wanted to feel my husband’s asshole.
Victor just smiled and braced himself on all fours.
A Vaseline jar came out from any place and soon I watched as those huge black dicks took turns to fuck my lovely hubby’s asshole. Victor cried in pain sometimes; but I knew he was enjoying the sensation of being wildly sodomized as well.
Another guy grabbed Victor’s head and made him eat a hard piece of black cock. The black guys laughed as my cuckold husband grunted in pain and pleasure.
All of a sudden, both guys came at same time in Victor’s mouth and asshole. It kaçak casino looked so hot for me and I just felt another orgasm going down my entire body.
As the black guys took a time to recover themselves; they ordered me to straddle Victor’s lap and impale my anus on my hubby`s nice thick cock. I had just made a few back and forth movements onto Victor’s hard dick; when one of the guys grabbed my waist and made me pull out from my husband’s hard cock.
One after another, those well hung men filled my both holes with their warm semen. Meanwhile, Victor kept taking them in his now stretched asshole.
Finally they left Victor alone and those black bastards took me to Aaron’s bedroom and everyone took turns on my stretched holes for the rest of the night until the sun came up in the horizon…
My cuckold husband was told to stay in an adjacent bedroom and listen to me get fucked by those wild four black men.
I lost count about how many orgasms I had experienced that night.
Around noon I woke up next to Aaron and sucked him off as a friendly good bye. His mates had been gone already.
Victor was lying on a couch at the living room. He was snoring quietly and I saw his naked body was covered in fresh cum.
Aaron smiled and he made me bend over that same couch; close to my sweet passing out hubby. Then my black lover grabbed my waist and buried his hard cock deep inside of my stretched anus.
As he pumped me while; he reminded me next time I should came alone to meet other black friends…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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