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The final, complete Sleepy Head Saga. Thanks for everyone who read and voted on the first three* chapters! I know this was a long time coming, but as I work two jobs, and do all of my own writing and editing… it’s not a fast process. I’m sure I’ve missed one or two items, but I think the story is publishable by now.

For Clarity, this is a seven chapter story bound as one document. I had the original, separate, chapters removed as to not duplicate writing.


Sleepy Head

Welcome Home

It was a pretty typical autumn day at my home in Massachusetts. Summer was drawing to a close and even though the days were warm, the nights were cold. I was hurrying to get the last bit of yard work done before those cold nights turned to cold days and eventually snow. Our house was sitting on just shy of two acres of land and I had spent most of that day clearing the back of our lot for firewood. I heard my wife driving up our long driveway and decided to call it quits; I left what I was doing and went to greet her home.

We had been together since our twenties, when we lived down south, and were still very much in love. Back then I had a steady job as a firefighter that supported the two of us as she went to med school. After school she got a job offer in Massachusetts that we couldn’t pass up, so we packed up and moved north. I still miss the fire department, but once we got settled I stayed away from regular work in lieu of raising our daughter and maintaining the house. A lot of guys I know wouldn’t have liked it, but I enjoyed the chance to spend more time with my family and we wanted for nothing.

“Hey babe,” I grabbed Emily firmly by the waist and gave her a kiss as she walked up our driveway. “How was work?” I held her in front of me, pulling her hips into mine while she put her arm around my neck, holding her briefcase.

As I looked into her eyes I couldn’t help but think to myself how beautiful she is. I held her slender body close and took in the smell of her jet black hair. I nibbled at her neck, causing her toned body to bristle with resistance. I went in for another kiss, this time slipping my tongue between her soft lips. I pulled her tighter and felt her ample breasts press against me.

“Great!” she replied, finally breaking my kiss with a lick of her lips. She arched her back and looked up, pulling her chest away but leaving her hips locked to mine. I moved one hand from her petite waist to grab her firm ass. My large frame enveloped her and I very easily wrapped my muscular arms around her while massaging her ass.

“We had a pretty busy day surveying different hospitals’ reporting procedures for suspected viral outbreaks. I got lunch with Jennifer around 1 and then wrapped up a few more things at the office before coming home.”

“Sounds very busy indeed,” I replied, “let’s get inside and get some dinner, eh?” I gave Em one last squeeze on the butt for which I got a brisk but playful slap on the chest. As we walked inside I watched her ass sway back and forth—at 39 she still has an amazing teardrop ass.

Em caught me eying her butt and gave the air between us a quick swat to tell me to stop. It didn’t deter me in the slightest and I sped up to harass her as we continued on into the kitchen. Our daughter, Stacey, was sitting quietly at our dinner table playing on her phone when her mother and I walked in. She paid us no mind and I continued to covertly attempt to grope my wife’s ass while she playfully batted me away.

Stacey is a pretty reserved girl; she very much reminds me of her mom when she was younger—hard working, athletic and petite; she does very well in school despite having my poor study habits and plays midfield for her field hockey team. Stacey is tiny, even compared to her mom, but anything she lacks in presence she makes up for in speed—she clocked a 4.3 second 40 at her last practice making her the only freshman on her collegiate team. At this moment she seemed entranced by her phone—most likely trying to coordinate plans for the upcoming weekend.

“Hey Stace,” Em called, suppressing a laugh as I caught her ass again.

“Hey Mom,” Stacey replied, not looking up from her phone.

“How’s your homework coming sweetie?”

“It’s done.”

“Already? Very impressive. Let me see it.”


“Don’t “mo-om” me, I suggest you go double check and make sure that homework is actually done.”

Stacey kept chugging away at her phone without looking up. I glanced over and noticed she was wearing her favorite shirt, a red “Flash” tee that hugged her perky C-cups. Even I had to admit that she had some impressive breasts, especially for a girl her size.

“That means now Stace. I want to see your homework after dinner,” Emily continued.

With an exasperated sigh Stacey pushed away from the table and headed upstairs. My gaze trailed down and I saw she was wearing a pair of her varsity pt shorts, also a bit on the small side, hugging her teenage amatör porno butt quite nicely.

“Dinner’s ready in 30!” I called after her. Truthfully it was ready then, but I had other ideas about how to kill 30 minutes. Turning back to Emily I saw she had set down her briefcase and was taking her shoes off. I went to the cabinet and poured her a glass of red wine. Gently swirling the glass, I set it down in front of her and moved behind to begin massaging her neck.

“You’re tense babe.” I slowly worked circles into her shoulders while also giving her a slight stretch.

Emily gave a slight moan of agreement. I leaned over and kissed her neck while tracing my hands to the front of her blouse. She turned to kiss me as I unbuttoned her top and began massaging her pecs. Reaching my fingers into her bra, I gave her nipples a couple of soft rubs before slowly retreating to her back. Emily smiled and started to stand so I cupped my hands under her arms to assist her to her feet. She tried to turn around but I pulled her into my body and hugged her into place.

“Oh it’s like that?” Emily giggled.

I kissed her and started moving my hands to her skirt, unclasping it swiftly and continuing my hands into her panties.

“No no, bad boy! Let’s go upstairs.”

“Stace is upstairs,” I kept working my hands down to her pussy and could feel she was already wet with anticipation. “Besides, feels to me like you’re ready now.”

Emily tried to pull away but I bent her over the dining table and pressed her chest down with a soft crash. Keeping one hand on her back while she wiggled and giggled, I used the other to reach under her skirt; I pulled her panties down to her ankles and flipped her skirt up to reveal her gorgeously bare pussy. I pressed the growing lump in my pants into her mound, framed perfectly by her exposed ass.

“Jack—not here…” Emily’s plead trailed off as she backed harder into my hips. Reaching behind she started to undo my belt—a task I eagerly helped her with—and freed my cock from my pants. She began stroking my cock, already swollen to its full nine inches, and a small dribble of precum oozed from my shaft. Emily lined my tip up with her slit and pushed back, but couldn’t get me inside just yet. My head ran slick with her juice as I held her at bay and leaned forward, nibbling her ear, our signal for her to turn around and kiss me.

As she turned her torso I clutched her throat and craned her neck back further, bringing her tiny mouth to mine. I rolled my tongue around hers, exploring every corner of her mouth while her tongue danced playfully around mine. As we kissed she continued squirming back, attempting to envelope my cock. I continued to tease her, keeping my tip just barely pressing onto her swollen pussy. Occasionally I’d let my tip part her lips but then withdrew immediately. I could feel her juices beginning to drip onto the floor. I began sawing my log between her legs, using my shaft to stroke her slit. I let her linger in anticipation for a few more moments while we kissed, until I could feel her hips flinching with each stroke.

I pressed my tip between her lips once more, this time allowing her hungry pussy to swallow my cock. Emily let out a soft moan as my engorged shaft slipped effortlessly inside her tight pussy. I advanced slowly; gliding my cock another two or three inches until I felt her pushing back—I stopped her backwards motion and slowly retreated.

“Ummph!” Emily grunted in frustration, bucking her hips backwards. As I withdrew I felt her aching pussy contracting around my head begging it not to go. I picked that moment to plunge deep into her and within moments I was filling her petite body with my huge cock.

“Aeii!” Emily’s girlish yelp was followed by a muffled laugh, “you fucking tease!”

I reached under her blouse and unclasped her bra before tugging it down, exposing her lovely breasts.

“Hey, no n—”

Cutting her off with a sudden thrust, I methodically began pumping into her. I slid the full length of my shaft in and out, massaging her pussy; a slow steady withdrawal—a sudden forceful penetration.

“Mmph.” Emily bit her lip and laid her head back down on the table.

Like a locomotive building steam I kept pumping her from behind, Emily’s skirt flapping around her ass with each thrust. I lubed my fingers with her juice grabbed at her closest breast. Her perky breasts weren’t huge, but a definite handful. I began rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, taking the time to feel every bump on her slick areola while my penis felt every contour in her tight pussy. I moved my hand from her back to clench her ass as I continued massaging her with my cock. After several minutes of controlling the tempo I could feel her rocking back slightly before my thrust.

I let this continue for a minute or so before slamming her one last time as deep as I could. With my shaft buried as deep as I could reach, I flexed my pelvic muscles anal porno to move my cock the tiniest bit. Emily let out a deep moan and savored my cock as it wriggled inside of her.

Just then I grabbed a first full of hair and roughly jerked her to the left while keeping her impaled on my shaft. Her briefcase flew from the table and scattered papers on to the floor. I stamped her head down on the closest chair and used my extra leverage to begin railing her in earnest; my tempo increased to a steady pounding; a faint slushing sound could be heard as I plunged into my gorgeous wife. I kept pounding faster, pulling her hips into mine as I thrust forward. Emily cupped her mouth and squeezed her eyes shut, bucking against me as I continued to plow into her.

At that moment I caught movement from the corner of my eye. Looking up I saw Stacey, laid back on the stairs, her blue shorts around one ankle while she furiously rubbed her clit and watched me rail my wife.

I froze.

Impaled deep inside my wife, I stopped. For a moment I didn’t know what to do. Should I say something? I felt my dick throbbing against Emily’s pussy.

“Ugggghmmm,” Em groaned.

I clutched her hair again and yanked her head off the chair. She arched her back and I immediately began pounding her again. Emily groped behind, feeling for my waist. Her mouth was frozen open, eyes shut, attempting to let out a groan or a gasp but unable to find the air. Continuing to hold her hair with one hand, I grabbed her hand with my other and groped her breast with it.

Looking up again I could see that—while I saw Stacey, and she us—I was looking at a reflection. She didn’t know she’d been caught.

“UGHH,” Emily moaned as she found her breath with a shudder.

I let go of her hair and cupped her mouth, bringing her back against my chest. I moved my other hand to her clit and began stroking her in sync with my pumping. Emily kept clutching her breast and began rocking on her tip toes, each thrust pushing her off the ground momentarily. She arched her back, letting me hit her g-spot as I penetrated deep inside her. I was pumping into her petite body at a maddening pace and could feel her pussy contracting around my shaft; I felt my balls tightening with an impending release and I clutched her mouth harder, muffling her screams as I railed her.

“Eemmph,” came a faint yelp from the stairs. I turned to see Stacey clamp her legs tight around one hand while silencing her mouth with the other. I watched her reflection as her nubile body shuddered with a familiar release.

Emil’s pussy continued milking my cock as she screamed into my hand. I felt each of her velvety spasms with ecstasy.

“Fuu…” I let out as I slammed Em onto my shaft one last time. I lowered my mouth to her shoulder and bit hard into her soft skin. I pressed her tiny body down on my cock as far as she would go; she desperately tried to clamp her legs shut as I pumped thick ropes of cum deep into her pussy. She buried her ass against my hips as wave after wave of cum unloaded inside of her; she shuddered again with another rolling orgasm. I could feel her pussy milking me dry and I pressed into her until I was weak.

We stood there for what seemed like ages, in a cool sweat and oozing with our intermingled fluids. My mouth was still sunk into her shoulder; my hand cupping hers, cupping her breast; her hair matted to her head, blouse disheveled and skirt crooked; her bra was somehow trapped around one arm with her breasts hanging out. We slowly began kissing.

After a long while I lifted my wife to let my softening member withdraw and turned her body towards mine. Caressing her breasts as we kissed, I slowly massaged her mouth with my tongue until we both drew a deep sigh. We stood holding each other another minute or two before a final peck on the lips signaled the hurry to get clean. As we cleaned up I noticed Stacey had retreated upstairs.

“Dinner time!” I called out once Em and I were reasonably decent.

Quarterback Sneak

Stacey came down for dinner in her same flash tee but had changed into some flannel pajama bottoms. On closer inspection I could tell she had removed her bra—her eighteen year old titties were punctuated by tiny nipples pushing tents into her shirt. Her raven black hair was now in a sloppy bun and her bottoms clung to her ass. I stared at the fabric stretched taut over her tiny labia as she approached; after she passed I took in the outline of her lush butt. I allowed my eyes to linger over her body longer than usual; I noticed my sweet girl as a beautiful woman for the first time.

After visually ravaging her petite body, my eyes rose to her cute face—a mirror image of her mom when we met. Stacey’s perfect skin glowed with a soft look of satisfaction. She seemed cheerful and beamed a smile from her pert mouth. She bounced down the hall and plopped her school work onto the table. Stacey took her seat for dinner next to ana breakers porno Em and started chatting about field hockey and school.

I brought out the Sheppard’s pie I had made that afternoon and set it on the table. As we ate and continued talking I noticed Stacey seemed to be staring at her mother’s breasts. Every so often Em would shoot me a glance; I suppose she noticed too. I mulled this over in my mind and considered some way to bring it up, but decided against it. For the rest of dinner I occupied myself with covertly playing footsie with Emily, who was now shooting me the “behave” look while Stacey wasn’t watching.

After cleaning up the three of us moved to the TV room to enjoy ice cream and watch Monday Night Football, Pats vs. Giants. Em and I cuddled up under a fleece blanket on the couch; Stacey curled into the love seat adjacent to us.

Under the blanket I returned to my usual antics, stealthily slipping my hands into Emily’s panties as she lay supine on my chest. It was a strategic game of groping her in a manner that her reaction would be more telling than mine.

Emily silently resisted at first, trying to shift her legs or guard her breasts, but my persistence won out. I cupped her mound with my palm and Emily let out a sigh of resignation as I discretely held my trophy. Looking up I saw that Stacey was busy on her phone, either unaware of Em and me, or pretending to be. I kissed Emily gingerly on her neck and slowly rubbed my middle finger up and down her slit while keeping her labia cupped with my hand. After several minutes of this, when she had become slick, I stopped rubbing and slipped my middle finger into her wet pussy.

Emily let out a gasp that betrayed our actions. Stacey looked over to investigate only to be met with Em and me staring even more intently at the game. I held my finger inside my wife’s wet pussy under my daughters prying eyes for quite some time; once everyone was focused back on the game I began fucking Emily with my finger. Slowly and silently I rocked in and out, savoring the slurping suction on my finger. Occasionally I paused to massage her spongy g-spot. Soon the slow stroke had become a steady pulsing and I could feel my cock swelling against my wife’s back. Em was now rocking her hips, ever so slightly, to the rhythm of my stroke.

Emily stealthily reached behind her and freed my cock, allowing it press into her back. With precum oozing onto my wife I knew it was time to make a move. I tapped Emily on the shoulder:

“Sit up babe.” I said loud enough for Stacey to hear. I withdrew my wet finger and we sat up in unison; I moved my legs as if they had been falling asleep. Emily held the blanket close to keep us covered—

“That’s better,” I pushed Emily up slightly, allowing my dick to fall between her ass cheeks, then patted the small of her back to signal her to sit back down.

As Emily sat, I made sure my rock hard cock was sticking straight up. With my free hand I tugged her panties to the side just in time to impale her on my shaft. My cock slipped seamlessly into her wet pussy.

“Aeih!” Emily yelped in shock, quickly trying to stand back up and off my cock.

I quickly grabbed her hips and slammed her back down my rod.

“Uhhhumm!” she moaned again. Stacey turned to us, openly bewildered.

“Sorry babe, let me move my foot again.” I quickly called out, picking Emily up and thrusting her back down on my shaft.

“Mmph-kay” came her muffled response as I railed into her.

She tried to stand again—and again I sat her onto my throbbing cock, burying it deep inside of her.

“Careful babe, I’m sitting here.” I pushed her up again as if to reposition one last time and just as she thought she could stand—

“There!” I thrust her onto me one last time. “Now let’s watch the game,” I smiled at her, my cock ready to explode with our daughter only a few feet away.

Emily started to turn around—obviously angry. As she twisted her torso my cock rotated inside of her, massaging her pussy, momentarily turning her brow from anger to pleasure.

“Love you,” I gave her a quick peck on the lips and simultaneously slipped my hand to her cooch, still under the blanket. Emily grabbed at my hand to stop me but I was already in place. I looked over at Stacey to catch her enthralled stare; her supple teen body was frozen in place, jaw agape with nipples like tent poles in her red shirt.

“I guess we need a bigger couch,” I commented before turning back to the game.

I started massaging my wife’s clit and savored the feeling of her pussy contracting around my cock. I felt her juices running down my shaft and onto the couch. She began squeezing her pussy rhythmically to match my strokes, keeping every other muscle in her body tense to avoid the urge to bounce on my cock in front of our daughter. Her breathing was getting deeper and I could feel my own pleasure beginning to crescendo again.

There we sat, motionless save our imperceptible pulsing as we masturbated each other a few feet from our daughter.

Our rhythm was broken by a large stretch and yawn from Stacey.

“I’m going to turn in I think. Pats have this one in the bag.” Stacey got up and began to gather her blanket to take upstairs. We both froze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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