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Skate park quickie. Wife with skater boy.

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Skate park quickie. Wife with skater boy.
We were out enjoying the beautiful weather and doing some shopping. Having dressed for the weather, and being naughty, Erin wore a short summer dress with no bra or panties and with her hair tied back. She looked delicious as always. We made a few stops and as usual I caught men sneaking peeks at her when they thought no one was looking.

It was getting very hot out and we were getting hungry so we decided to grab some food to go to a local park area to enjoy our picnic. While we ate we started to play footsies and soon I had my foot between Erin’s legs, rubbing her bald pussy. She was getting very turned on by this attention.

I noticed her looking over my shoulder a few times and finally I looked back to see what she was looking at. Not too far away was a skate park filled with k**s but her eyes were following one person in particular. I couldn’t tell who she was watching so I moved to her side of the table and sat next to her. I placed my hand in her lap and started to caress her pussy just under the hem of her dress. I was able to follow her gaze to one person in particular. He was around 20 with medium length hair tucked under a flat brim baseball cap, no shirt on although he had one stuffed half way into a back pocket, and was wearing skater shorts. He was very lean with an easily visible 6 pack. He was skating all through the skate park, doing some interesting stunts. Erin was moaning quietly while I played with her but her eyes never left this guy.

I asked her if she liked what she saw and she merely smiled so I knew she did, so rather than finishing her off with my fingers I withdrew them and suggested she do something about it. At first she giggled and told me not to stop but I repeated my suggestion. She contemplated it for about 3 seconds before standing up and straightening her dress. “Okay smarty pants” she said, “How do you suggest I go about it?”

I looked around and noticed a trail leading into the woods at the far end of the park. We’d hiked there before and there were lots of side paths with heavy vegetation with small openings here and there. We’d once stopped in one of the openings and had sex. I reminded her about the place and she was able to recall how to get there. The beauty of this location was the heavy vegetation. A person could go there and have relative privacy and at the same time someone could be watching from the bushes without being seen and I had every intention of watching. She still wasn’t sure of how to approach him but I knew she’d figure it out so I reminded her about the condoms in her purse and I headed out to be near the start of the trail so I could watch and see if he was interested and then rush ahead to get into a hiding place. canlı bahis şirketleri

I sat at a bench near the trail entrance and watched. Erin waited a few minutes, then wandered to the park and sat on a bench for people wanting to watch the activities. She was staring at this guy and finally he noticed. I saw him looking towards her, then skate over and sit next to her. They had their backs to me so I really had no idea of what was going on but I later found out that she simply told him that he was hot and that she wanted him. He gulped and then said “let’s go!”
As soon as they both stood up and turned in my direction I got up and headed into the trails to get to the opening we had discussed and then find a place to watch from. The grass was longer than I’d remembered when I got there but it was still a great spot. The opening was only about 15 feet across but that was plenty. I cleared a small spot in some bushes where I could see the opening and then I sat quietly in wait.

I was only sitting for about a minute before I heard some voices and then saw Erin step into the opening with this “k**”. He was shining with sweat from his activities and was carrying his board. They walked into the middle of the opening and Erin turned to face him, then immediately slid to her knees as he dropped his board to the ground beside him. She undid his shorts and pulled them down in one quick movement, releasing his cock which was already hard. It was average in size but appeared to be as hard as steel. Erin immediately pulled him into her mouth and started to suck him as his hands went to the back of her head. His ass was flexing as he started to rock forward and back, fucking her mouth.

My cock was begging to be released but I decided not to touch it and just enjoy the show. After a minute or two she released him and stood and they kissed. His hands groped all over her body and finally went between her legs. I saw his eyes open widely when he discovered her uncovered and shaved pussy. Erin moaned loudly as he started to rub her. Then I watched as she reached into her purse and handed him a condom, then she took his hand and walked over to a tree only a few feet from me. When she arrived at it she stayed facing the tree and put her hands against it for balance, then bent partially at the waist and wiggled her backside at him, hiking her skirt as she did.

He ripped open the condom package with his teeth and pulled it out of the package. I saw him bring the condom to his cock and start to roll it on as Erin looked over her shoulder at him but as soon as she looked forward again I saw him stop putting it on and then quickly toss it to the side, landing right in front of me. He stepped forward so that he was right canlı kaçak iddaa behind her and with his hand he guided his cock to her wet opening and pushed in quickly, then grabbed her by her hips and started to fuck her hard and fast.

That is when I noticed movement at the opening to the little meadow. There were 2 other k**s there with boards in hand watching and whispering. One was rubbing his groin. They’d obviously followed to see what was up.

Erin was in heaven, being pounded hard by his bare cock although she was unaware of him having discarded the condom. I could hear his breathing getting faster and faster as was his pace. Then he looked over to the trail opening and motioned for his buddies to come over. They quietly did so and were standing at his side enjoying the show up close as he fucked my wife. One of them said something in a hushed voice along the lines of “ya, fuck her” and as soon as he did Erin looked back over her shoulder to see him standing there. Rather than trying to cover up she let out a louder moan and bent over even more. She loves being watched and having 2 more young studs there to watch was sending her over the edge. She started to push back hard into this k** fucking her and almost immediately started to shake with an orgasm. The k** didn’t slow down at all and within seconds of her orgasm he pushed hard into her and released his seed, pulling her hips hard to ensure he was as deep as he could be. He was leaning forward against her back until his spasms stopped, then he stood upright again and stepped back, pulling his cock from her.

Now she felt the flood of sperm leaking from her and asked “what happened to the condom?” He shrugged his shoulders and said “dunno” as he tucked his cock back into his shorts. She shook a finger at him in a scolding fashion “bad boy”, as she grinned at him showing she wasn’t actually mad.

I figured things were done now until one of the other k**s pulled his cock out and stepped behind Erin. She was just starting to stand up more and release the tree when he pushed her forward again. This surprised her a bit and she looked back to see the next k** standing there. She shook her head at him but he pleaded “Please? I won’t take long.” She giggled and looked forward, bending at the waist again. Within a second he’d pushed into her sloppy used hole and was pumping. The 3rd k** now stood next to her, pulled his cock out and started stroking himself. With his free hand he started to grope her tits by reaching down the front of her dress. She didn’t resist and soon he flipped her straps off her shoulders and pushed her dress to her waist as she slipped her arms out of the holes and grabbed the tree again. The first k** was now sitting on his canlı kaçak bahis board watching his buddies with my wife and encouraging them. She was essentially naked with her dress bunched at the waist. She took one hand away from the tree and grasped the 3rd k**s cock and started stroking him while she was getting fucked from behind.

The k** getting the hand job slipped under her arms so that his back was against the tree she was holding on to. With her being bent at the waist her mouth was almost touching his cock and she then bent a bit more and took the head of his cock into her mouth. The k** fucking her was going at a frantic pace so she wasn’t able to do much with the k** in her mouth other than to hold him there as the fucking made her head bob on him slightly. Apparently that was all he needed though because within less than a minute he started moaning, then pulled his cock out of her mouth and started jerking it frantically. She closed her eyes as he shot ribbons of cum and painted Erin’s face with it while she was still getting pounded from behind. I watched in excitement as a big gob of his cum hung from her chin. She braced against the tree again with her free hand while that other k** slipped out of her way and went and sat next to the first k** to watch the last one still fucking her.

She looked back at the last one still inside her and said “hurry up and come in me before someone catches us”. He needed no more encouragement and within a few more strokes he too pushed hard against her ass and released into her pussy.

Like his buddy, as soon as he was done filling her he pulled out and tucked his cock away. Erin stayed braced against the tree for a minute, her legs shaking like dried leaves on a tree. The guys all stood, giving each other high fives and giggling. Erin finally stood up, pulling her straps up to cover her breasts and letting the bottom of her dress fall and cover her privates. I could see the semen running down the insides of her legs with some simply falling to the ground as it escaped her pussy. “You boys go ahead, I’ll be fine” she said to them and they turned to leave, mumbling thank you to her as they left.

Erin tidied herself up a bit, wiping semen from her face with her hand and then sucking it from her fingers before calling out to me “Well? Did you enjoy the show?”

I stood and walked into the opening, smiling, then assured her that I most certainly did enjoy it. I took her hand and we left the area, heading back up the trail to our vehicle. Once in the truck and before I even started it, Erin leaned over and pulled my cock from my shorts and proceeded to suck me until I came in her mouth. She swallowed my load as usual, then said “It didn’t seem fair to leave you all pent up”. I smiled and we headed home with my hand between her legs, rubbing her clit with the young semen that was leaking from her and bringing her to another 2 orgasms before we got home.

I hope we can make this happen again, but maybe next time with a DP involved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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