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Sister Sarah Ch. 09

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I am usually an early riser, but after a day of travel, shopping, and amazing sex with my sister, we both slept in until mid-morning. I was first to wake, and found my sister had snuggled up, and was lying on my arm, her hot naked body pressed against me. Her back was turned towards me, so I turned to spoon her, my morning wood pressing into her ass. I put my other arm around her, and rubbed her tummy, rousing her from her sleep. I worked my way up to her breasts, and gently played with them, lifting them, and feeling their weight in my hands, then tracing light circles around her nipples.

“Mmmm…” Sarah moaned. “I love waking up like this, with your hands on me.”

“Good morning, my sweet. Did you sleep well?”

“Yessss,” she replied, letting out a deep breath.

I caressed her body a while longer, resisting the urge to empty my bladder. Unable to take it any longer, I told her, “baby, I have to piss.”

“Me, too,” she replied. “If I didn’t have to go so bad myself, I’d let you do it in me.”

“Don’t tease me,” I said, pressing my erection into her even tighter.

She laughed quietly, and said, “go on. I’ll be right behind you.”

I reluctantly released my little minx, and went to take a leak. Sarah, true to her word, joined me in the bathroom before I could finish. She walked up and embraced me from behind, placing one of her hands on my chest. She kissed my back, then looked over my shoulder.

“Want some help with that,” she asked, as she ran her hand down to my cock. She took it from me, and lightly stroked it while I pissed, careful to keep the aim true. When I finally finished, she shook the dribbles off for me, then took a tissue and dried me.

“My turn,” she said, urgently pushing me to the side. She sat, and immediately emptied herself. As she sat there, my bobbing penis was easily in reach, as I hadn’t moved from where she pushed me. She leaned over, and took it in her mouth, hungrily sucking me. Growing harder now, I started flowing precum into her eager mouth as she sat sucking my cock.

“I’m hungry,” she said as she paused sucking only briefly.

Taking my penis back into her mouth, she sucked greedily, doing everything she could to coax a meal from my swollen member. Having finished peeing, she let me step in front of her, never getting up, and never releasing my cock from her wet lips. She bent forward, and took me down her throat and started humming. She reached for my balls, and gently pulled on them. They were pressed against her chin, as she had swallowed me to the root. Her humming didn’t last long, and didn’t need to. Within just a few seconds, I was ready to cum. Feeling my balls tighten up, she knew it was imminent. She looked up at me, my penis still in her throat. I saw lust in her eyes, and I started flowing. I put my hands on her shoulders, and looked into her gorgeous green eyes as I pumped cum straight down her throat. Her esophagus contracting around my cock as she swallowed worked every drop of sperm from my spamming tool, and she held me there, swallowing, until I was done. I stayed hard as she withdrew from my pole, sucking as she went, leaving me perfectly clean. After my penis had cleared her pursed lips with a pop, I took tissue, and wiped her pussy clean.

“I’m still hungry,” she said, standing and turning to flush. “I need real food, though. That was just an appetizer.”

“That means we have to go out. We should have bought groceries yesterday when we were in town,” I told her.

“Dammit,” she replied. “You’re right. Can we spend the day just laying around after that?”

“Of course! Let’s get this over with, and we’ll spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want to do.”

I put on my usual shorts and T. Sarah had slipped on flip-flops, and was standing there impatiently holding a flimsy dress as she watched me get ready. I knew what she was up to, my sexy exhibitionist sister. I opened the door, and she walked out towards the car, naked, and carrying her dress. I caught up to her, and opened her door. She climbed in, and I buckled her in. I love taking care of her like that. As I reached across her, I kissed her. After she was buckled, I made sure the belt was nestled perfectly between her bare breasts. It wasn’t necessary, but I wanted to touch them. She smiled, watching me fondle her for no other reason than that I just wanted to touch her. Satisfied that she was secure and comfortable, I went around to the driver’s side, and off we went.

When we arrived at the little country grocery store, I helped her out of the car again, and watched her as she hesitantly slipped the dress on. I knew she didn’t want to, and she just let it drop onto her, covering her nakedness. This was a rather short dress, sleeveless with low arm holes and a deep V in the front and back. She almost may as well have stayed naked, as she was literally barely covered by the dress. It was low enough in the front that you could see the bottom curves of her breasts. It brazzers porno would take little for her to be exposed, but the way it fit her, her tits remained hidden, even as she moved. The bottom part came just below the curve of her ass, so any little breeze would lift it, exposing her. I stayed a few steps behind her so I could see her pert little cheeks as the breezed did lift it for my eyes. God, she was so sexy. I found myself wanting to stop and fuck her right there, as I always did. It seemed that whenever I was with her, wherever we were, I wanted to fuck her tight, sexy body.

Inside the store, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of sexy Sarah. We lazily walked the aisles, loading our cart full of essentials, and other stuff that we might want. It was piled high with fresh meats for grilling, breakfast foods, and just anything we might want over the coming days. As we stopped to peruse food items, I would take advantage of my sister’s state of undress. Mostly, I fondled her sweet ass, as it was really easy to get to under her short skirt. A few times, I stepped in beside her as she took her time selecting the best of something, and reach inside of her top to cup her barely covered breasts, and tweak her nipples. I made them hard, and I knew she was super turned on. I could see her pussy flowing its juices down her legs, and she made no effort to hide it. My playing with her body got me wound up as well, and a wet spot was forming in the front of my shorts. They were a dark color, so it didn’t really show, but the tent I had formed sure did. Fortunately, I spent most of my time behind her, so it was hidden. There were only a few other shoppers in there anyway, and they were mostly engrossed in their own activity to notice us. Sarah had long ago become completely open to being publicly exposed. She had somehow unlocked her exhibitionism, and embraced it. I was coming along, but much slower than her.

Having our cart piled high, we headed for the checkout. With as much as we had on the lane, it took a while for the lady to scan everything. I took the delay as a chance to keep playing with Sarah’s body. She stood leaning on the cart handle, which made her perky little tush point at me perfectly. I took the opportunity to poke two fingers into her sopping cunt, and she gasped. The checkout lady looked at her briefly at that, but went back to what she was doing. I took my fingers out of her pussy when the bagger asked for the cart so he could load it. I stayed with her, and kept toying with her exposed parts. Having lubricated my fingers with her gushing pussy juices, I pressed between her cheeks, and teased her asshole. When the checker was almost done, I dipped again into her pussy, and licked her cream from my fingers before getting my wallet out to pay. We were both worked up into a horny frenzy, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before my sister was again naked, and giving herself to me.

“You have me so worked up and wet,” Sarah whispered to me as we exited the store. “I swear, it won’t take much to make me cum.”

“Let’s get going so I can do just that,” I replied, kissing her cheek, and patting her ass.

“I’m serious, J. Just that touch would do it.”

I patted her ass periodically all the way to the car. When we got there, I opened the lift gate, as my sister took the first bag out of the overloaded cart. When she bent to put it as far in as possible to make room for everything else, I seized the opportunity. I quickly dropped to my knees, and buried my face in her delicious ass. I bunched her skirt up, and pushed it up to her lower back as I feasted on her soaking wet pussy. My nose pressed against her ass as I tongue-fucked her sweet pussy, her juices rapidly escaping. She had dropped flat on her chest as soon as my tongue hit her cunt, but she raised up just long enough to remove the dress. She slipped it up over her head, and dropped it. My sister was complete naked in the parking lot, her brother’s mouth busily devouring her pussy from behind. She supported herself with her arms, pressing her breasts together for anyone to see if they happened by.

“Oh god, J. Eat my pussy. Eat my pussy. Eat my pussy,” Sarah said over and over. “Just like that. Lick my pussy. Oh god!”

Sure enough, I had only been tongue fucking her pussy for a short time when I felt her start to quiver. I lapped at her from clit to rectum, running my tongue through her ass cheeks. The second time my tongue contacted her asshole, she came. Her amazing pussy gushed its heavenly nectar, and I consumed as much as I could get in my mouth. My cock throbbed as I ate my sister’s twat, and drank its fluids. With every pulsing throb, a glob of precum was deposited into my shorts. When Sarah’s pussy started flowing, it joined my fluid, and thoroughly soaked my shorts. Sarah’s legs were wet from top to bottom, having been drenched by her uncontrollable orgasm. She remained laying the back of the car, recovering from her orgasm. I stood and leaned into her, and kissed castingcouch-x porno her ass cheeks, then up to her lower back. I rubbed her pussy as I leaned down to make sure she was ok.

“You good, baby?” I asked, running my hand up and down her steamy slit.

“Yes…just give me a second.”

I continued rubbing her gently, up and down between her pussy lips. I stepped in between her spread legs, and pressed myself against her. My hands were coated in her slippery fluids, and I started to rub her back. I would only have had to drop the front of my shorts, and I could easily have fucked her in that position. I just paid attention to her recovery instead. My clothed penis dragged across her snatch, soaking up more of the juices that came out of her. The contact, and my rubbing her back, made her cum again, but not quite as hard. She still juiced my cock, expelling enough of her nectar to saturate my shorts to the point her quim juices now flowed down my legs. I had only been touching her for a matter of a few minutes, and had already made her cum twice. My sweet sister was super hot and horny.

“J,” Sarah started. “Get me out of here. Take me home. I’m tired.”

“Ok, love. Can you manage to get up?”

I helped her up onto her unsteady legs. I spread out her dress on the seat, helped her in, and buckled her seatbelt before I returned to finish unloading the groceries.

“Not it for cooking when we get home,” Sarah teased.

“It’s ok, love,” I told her. “We’ll stop and get something quick on the way home.”

I finished loading, and we were away. I stopped in at Carl’s Jr., and got us some nasty fast food breakfast. It didn’t matter, because neither of us wanted to cook. We got back to the condo, and Sarah walked naked to the door to open it. She took the breakfast with her. I started gathering things from the back, and brought them in.

“Do you want some help,” Sarah asked.

“No, baby, I’ll get it. Go ahead and eat.”

She went to eat on the couch as I finished bringing groceries in. I wanted to stop and just watch her, as she looked so radiant in all of her nudity, sitting there eating without a care in the world. She clicked on the TV, and lazily ate her food. When I finished bringing things in, I took off my wet clothes, and went about putting things away.

“J, I can help with that,” Sarah said.

“It’s ok, baby. I got it.”

I ate my food as I put things away. I wanted to get with her as soon as possible, so I multi-tasked to make it all go faster.

“Can you bring me a drink when you’re done?”

“Sure, sweetheart. What would you like?”

“Just iced tea, please. Sweet, with some lemon?”

“Of course. I’m almost done, then I’ll come join you.”

“Thank you, J. I love you,” Sarah said, smiling beautifully at me.

I made us both an iced tea, then went to join Sarah. Before getting comfortable, I picked up her trash from the coffee table, and discarded it. Sarah watched as I worked, never taking her eyes off of me. When I returned, I sat next to her, and she continued to look at me. She turned on the couch, spreading her lovely legs, and giving me a perfect view of her amazing crotch.

“Can I ask you something, J?”

“Shoot,” I replied, turning to face her.

“Why are you so good to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You just cleaned up after me, you always help me in the car and buckle me in, you let me live with you, you’re buying me a new car…”

I stopped her. “Because I love you,” I said, reaching to touch her leg. I rubbed her thigh just above her knee, and just watched her. Her eyes never left mine, and I noticed hers fill with tears. I pulled her to me, embracing her. “What is it, sweetheart?”

She sobbed on my shoulder. “I’ve never been treated this way,” she started. “No one has ever put me first, and you ONLY put me first.”

“Because I love you, Sarah. You’ll always be first in my life, forever and always.”

“I love you J. Thank you for taking care of me,” she told me again.

“Always, baby girl,” I told her, squeezing her tight.

“Will you lay here on the couch with me?”

“Of course,” I told her, letting her go so she could get comfortable.

“Please come lay behind me. I need to feel you.”

She turned to her side and faced the TV, and I squeezed in behind her, our bodies pressed tightly together as I spooned her. She lifted her head and allowed me to slip my arm underneath. I didn’t want to block her view of the TV, so I lay my arm in front of her. When she settled back down, her heavy breasts rested on my arm. I stuffed a pillow under my head, and settled in against her.

“Touch me, J,” Sarah whispered. “Please just touch me.”

I settled lower behind her, and started stroking her. Her beautiful hair cascaded down her back, and I ran my fingers through it, making sure to caress her scalp. Her eyes closed, no longer paying attention to what was clips4sale porno playing on the TV. Her breathing was long and deliberate. I lightly ran my hand down her shoulder and onto her side, then down to her hip, and as low as I could reach without disturbing her. Back up the same way, then back down.

“More, please.” I knew she didn’t want me to fuck her. She just wanted to feel me touch her everywhere. I gradually made my way to her front, not leaving anything untouched. I continued to gently run my hands over every inch of exposed skin, eventually to the sides of her breasts. She moved to put her arm up over her head to allow me full access. I cupped her chin in my hand, then ran my hand over her throat, and to her chest. I ran my fingers between her breasts, perfectly pressed together as she lay on her side. Down her tummy to her inner thigh. Her bottom leg curled at the knee as she adjusted to give me some room to touch her between her legs. Back up to her neck. This time, I stopped to stroke her face. I ran my fingers over her temple, and down her cheek, brushing her hair back so I could see her face. She was purring peacefully as I touched her, happy to be perfectly connected to me. Back down. I stopped this time to pay attention to her lovely tits. I just pet them, tracing my fingers around all of them, noticing their perfect curves. A gentle squeeze. A light pinch of her nipples, then another squeeze, harder this time, making her nipple look even more extended. The same for the other breast, but I couldn’t see that one as easily.

Sarah turned more to her back, but not fully. Now, I could see her breasts perfectly, and continued to knead them, making her nipples tighten as stiff as they could be. Sarah watched. She caught my eye briefly, and smiled, then looked down at my hand touching her perfect breasts. I got hard. This touch was erotic and was turning me on. My dick stuck up between our bodies, just above her hip. I continued down her body, rubbing all across her tummy, down to her waistline. Sarah turned fully onto her back now, and dropped one leg off the couch. The other, she bent at the knee. My cock was now overlooking her vagina, and starting to drool. I touched her pussy, covering it with my hand. With the position her legs were in now, he cunt was perfectly positioned for me. I felt myself start to drip onto her torso near her hip. I gently stroked her pussy, then onto her legs, pushing the one on the floor farther, making her gap even wider. Her pussy wept. It leaked its fluids as it always does when she’s turned on. A pool of precum started to develop in the dip above her thigh. It filled, then started to stream down towards her pussy.

My sister moved again, this time fully on her back. The stream of precum diverted with her movement, and started to pool at the top of her mound. My cock now lay on her abdomen, and continued to pulse streams of precum. I put my finger in the pool atop her mound, and dragged it to where her lips started. I pulled more and more of onto her puffy lips, then pressed it into her. I scooped more down to her wet cunt, and pushed it inside of her with two fingers. As my fingers penetrated her, she started to meet my thrusts, raising her hips to encourage me into her steaming hole. Her breathing was becoming ragged now. I pulled my fingers out, and smeared our combined juices all around her thighs and tummy, making much of her middle body a slippery mess. Sarah reached down and squeezed my cock. Doing so caused me to eject even more fluids onto her. She grasped my shaft in her fist, and rubbed it on her body, dragging it through my fluids, and rubbing the head on her body.

“Hey J,” Sarah started. “I want to lay here with you all day. Can we do that?”

“Of course, love,” I replied, as I gently kissed her lips, my fingers dipping into her twat again, and staying there. I fingered her pussy while kissing her, feeling her deep breaths in my mouth. I brought my slimy hand up to capture her breasts, dragging a trail of our fluids up her body along the way. I circled her nipples with our juices, making her breasts shimmer in the light.

“Hey J,” Sarah said again, breaking our kiss.

I looked into her eyes, full of lust and want, and didn’t have to say anything. My look was acknowledgement that she had my attention.

“Hold me, and make love to me.”

She turned again to her side, and kicked her upper leg up on the back of the couch over me. I scooted down a bit, and let my cock flop in between her spread legs. I aligned myself with her honey hole, and gently parted her lips with the head of my cock. I put my arm around her, bringing it up to her breasts. I cupped the bottom one, and squeezed as I slowly penetrated her sloppy cunt with my pole.

“Oh god, oh god…” Sarah whimpered as my girth filled her canal.

I pushed in as far as I could and held it. Sarah twisted so I could suck on her tit as I started slowly pumping into her body. Slowly, almost painfully, I pushed in to the hilt, then pulled out so I almost fell away from her grip, then back in as slowly. I sucked on her pink extended nipple, and squeezed the other breast as I made slow, sweet love to my sister.

“J, I need to cum…”

“Go ahead, baby. Cum for me.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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