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Sister Act Ch. 02

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Hi readers, thanks for the votes and comments on the first chapter.

This was always envisaged as a multi-part story, I just forgot to title it as such. Rookie mistake I guess.

I feel that these characters are too much fun for me not to continue exploring their story.

Feedback suggested I need to ramp up the sexy side of our sibs’ lives so that’s what this chapter is for. I was going for outrageous hyperbole — I hope that comes across. If not, let me know. This is for fun but I want to learn.

We’ll be back to more breezy stuff in chapter 3. If you haven’t read chapter one (just titled Sister Act) I recommend you do as it introduces the characters in (I think) a fun way.

I got a great piece of anonymous feedback which I sadly couldn’t reply to, but, you, know, who, you, are, and, I, just, wanted, to, say, thank, you 😉 I hope I can learn from your advice; it was surprisingly difficult!

You’ll be delighted to hear I’ve found an editor, big shout out to no1Uno. Any mistakes you find are totally his fault! Anyway, those aren’t screw ups they’re finely honed literary choices, all on me!

Please forgive the tortured metaphors in this one. I blame the characters — they were a little distracted at the time!

Obviously all sexual interactions involve characters over 18 years of age.



Some of us are morning people, whilst some prefer the peace and quiet of the early evening. Others still are real night owls. But you know my favourite time of day? You guessed it; BJ time and luckily for me it had just rolled around again.

I was still on a high from the wonderful bout of cunnilingus that I had just enjoyed with my younger sister Lauren. I was somewhat surprised at how easily our sibling relationship had slipped from its previous platonic character into this deliciously carnal adventure. I had vaguely lusted after her for a long time but had never really dared entertain thoughts of us ending up here. Life is strange and I’m not going to question my good luck!

I bet you’re wondering why I was thinking of this during BJ time. Well I was really just trying to distract myself so I didn’t blow my wad too soon like a spotty schoolboy. Lauren was munching on my tingling ball bag whilst jacking off my swollen knob. She was rooting around under my sac, grunting like the world’s sexiest little piglet hunting for a delicious truffle. Her tireless tongue was currently fluttering delightfully between my perineum and the ever-tightening skin of my scrotum.

“Oh Lauren that’s so good honey. I can’t believe you’re still so hungry! Please baby slow down. I’m like really really excited.”

She was kneeling on the floor (the stupid bed really was comically small) and lifted her head to look at me. Her face was red, nostrils flaring. My balls felt refreshingly cool as she paused her relentless assault. Lauren blurted “you just about blew my head off with those cums before. I’m only trying to return the favour. I don’t care how long it lasts. We’ve got the rest of our lives for long, slow loving but tonight I just want us to cum and cum.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Carry on then” I said, relaxing back on to the mattress, selfishly resolving to just enjoy the ride.

Lauren seemed fascinated with the pre-cum bubbling out of me. Using her thumb with exquisite tenderness she smeared it over the head of my penis. Swooping down like a hawk she moaned in pleasure at her first taste of my oozing goo. My knob slipped into her mouth, her pointed tongue digging for more of her favourite new snack. Her deep red lips were stretched over my tip, her lipstick smudging the shaft.

“Oh Lauren that’s perfect, swallow it. Oh you filthy minx I love it.”

Then she began to suck lightly, nursing on my overheated dick. My balls jumped as she ramped up the suction. Her cheeks puckered and her tongue began to slide around its sensitive cap. I shuddered uncontrollably as her left hand clutched at my nut sack and began massaging the bloated orbs within. I couldn’t keep my ass on the bed as my hips rose up to meet her powerful sucks.

I was unable to move much more but I did manage to twist around a little so I could reach her head. I didn’t want to redirect her efforts; I just wanted more contact with her feverish skin. Obviously she took this move as an instruction to work her way further down my cock. Twisting her body so that she could look me right in the eyes, Lauren’s lips slid inexorably down my length. I could just feel a slight resistance at the very end of it when she paused and slowly reversed direction back up the shaft. Her flailing tongue and pulsing suction never wavered in intensity.

Lauren had confided that she was not very sexually experienced but it was clear that she loved to suck me like this. Some girls I’ve street blowjobs porno been with have done it mechanically, almost as if they’re following a set of IKEA instructions, just hoping it will soon be over. Lauren clearly loved it, she was having fun for herself and my pleasure was a happy bonus.

She began to slide up and down my sensitive prick with increasing speed. Her suction increased as her lips moved back towards the crown. Her tongue was fluttering around the sides until she stopped at the coronal ridge where it began swirling over the glans. Then her lips moved steadily back down, repeating the move in reverse.

“Get ready baby I’m not going to last much longer. Are you going to swallow my sperm? Are you going to take it in your tiny belly?”

“Yes; give me what I need, give me all your dirty cum. Paint my tonsils!”

That was all she said as she redoubled her efforts, silky hair flying as she twisted her head back and forth, offering me a whole raft of new sensations. She was jacking the base of my cock steadily now and holding her lips on the ridge, creating a tight, vacuum seal. Her tongue flailed over my knob as she sucked for all she was worth.

I could hold out no more. Deep below my balls my favourite feeling was building. That nebulous impression of… weight, of… potential. Building, building, building. A sensation of swelling, from down in those depths, up through my bloated balls and finally on towards the expanded glans. And then finally the blessed release…

“Aargh Lauren baby here it comes. I’m gonna shoot it. Right in your mouth. Take it baby. Here it comes… HNNGH! AARGH! WOOHOO!”

Lauren gripped my twitching ball sac lightly, delighting in the little pulses she felt as my sperm raced up my tube and splashed rampantly into her eager sucking mouth.

“Mmm mmm mmm” she moaned, never letting up her luscious lip-lock or delicious suction. I could feel her swallowing every blast of my cum; one after another. After six or seven clenching contractions I was spent. Lauren sucked gently for a few more seconds before disengaging from me and licking up what little of the greasy fluid she hadn’t already swallowed.

I sat up and pulled her shoulders towards me. “Stop Lauren please. It’ll be sensitive for a sec just come here and let me thank you.”

“Wait I’m all spermy” she said trying to swipe her forearm across her mouth.

“Don’t care” I growled before devouring her lips and mouth in a sloppy kiss. My tongue ran along her teeth and then met up with her own wriggling tongue. I desperately wanted to demonstrate my gratitude for her wonderful loving. I knew I didn’t have the words so I tried to send those emotions to her with my mouth.

“I didn’t know boys did that.” She seemed genuinely shocked.

“I’d crawl across molten lava to kiss you; a little bit of stray sperm isn’t going to stop me” I joked.

As we separated, our faces just inches apart, nose to nose, both panting hard, we smiled and then laughed heartily together.

“Woo that was amazing. Thank you Lala. That was a thing of beauty. Yeehaw.”

She nestled down beside me, clinging to my side with a goofy grin on her face. “You can thank Miri for a lot of that tomorrow. I tried to do all the things she told me. I really hope you liked it. You’d tell me if you didn’t wouldn’t you?”

“That was our deal sis. No guilt no shame no embarrassment. I loved everything you did. I wish I’d been able to tell you more at the time but you were blowing my mind… as well! Please don’t ever change.”

She rolled up on top of me, both of our chests heaving as we recovered our breath.

“You wanna keep going?” I asked, raising my eyebrows in what I hoped was a suggestive look. “I know you want to take it slow.”

“Fuck that! Mum was talking nonsense. Pile driving is an absolutely essential element of any bona fide sibcest first date.”

“Sibcest? What’s that?” I asked bemused.

“Oh, it’s short for sibling incest; everyone knows that! I might have read a couple of stories about it online. Just for research purposes of course; method acting you know dahling!”

“You’re one sick puppy. All day I’ve been worried that I was taking advantage of my innocent baby sister. Now I find out she’s been doing fucking research and picking up the technical jargon. Jeez. And you called me a rampant sex beast. Well well well, how the turntables. At least that means I feel a lot better about doing… THIS!”

I twisted my body to the right while pulling hard with my abs. This pivoted me around and under her body so that as my feet hit the floor I was now sitting up with Lauren across my lap. This tiny bed was brilliant! I made a show of spitting on my palms and rubbing them together.

“Right! What do big brothers do to naughty, foul mouthed, cock sucking slutty little sisters?”

“Fuck the shit out of them I hope?”

“Well obviously yes but first…” I brought student sex parties porno my right hand down firmly across the wobbling cheeks of her peachy bottom “we must teach them some respect!” I gave her nine more hard slaps as she burst into action, wriggling and squirming far more actively than when I had tickled her earlier. I used my left arm to hold her upper body in place. Despite her volatile movements she was suspiciously easy to control.

“Don’t you fucking dare you bastard. Stop that. Ow that hurts. You utter beast. Ow stop it. No! Ach. Bastard. You shit headed wank faced cunt bag! Ow.” She was shrieking now, that semi hysterical sound she made when I tickled her. I gave her two more lighter blows and then reversed my twisting motion and lay back down with Lauren atop me. I caressed her glowing buns gently, soothing away the sting. Her eyes were bugged out, face red, trying desperately not to flash me that megawatt grin. I knew I had just found a new game that we could explore in the future.

I took a beat to see if she would object to this rougher treatment but all she did was drip sweat on to my face and kiss me hard on the lips. Onwards then.

“Now, did I hear you mention that you had some excrement you wanted removed via the medium of vigorous sexual intercourse?” I said with an almost straight face.

After taking a second to decode my torturous pun Lauren did flash me her smile on full main beams, almost blinding me.

“Oh yes please Mr RSB.”

This time it was me who had to translate. Quite pleasingly I knew she meant Rampant Sex Beast! I wondered if I could swing that as my new nickname. Much better than the tour de force of “Big Lad” that I had been stuck with for the last few years.

“No, RSB is not here tonight you’ve got the BFG instead. It’s just you and me. You’ll never forget this first time and I want those to be warm, comfortable, safe memories. Mum was right. Pile driving will have to wait, until tomorrow then twice on Sunday!”

“Ok spoilsport, but you’ve got my engine all revved up now.”

“Right, I just need to check your oil level and we’ll get cracking.”

I rolled over banging by elbow on the wall. Aargh, fuck this tiny cunting bed. Tom Thumb would have struggled to screw Tinkerbell in it. I held on to Lauren as I rolled and rose to my knees and laid her on her back, thighs spreading lewdly. I grabbed my dipstick which was still pretty firm despite the miles we’d put on it tonight. I moved into position to check out Lauren’s engine bay. It was the only way to be sure she was ready for the next leg of our epic journey. Turns out I didn’t even need the dipstick to check, there was oil fucking everywhere! Perfect.

Basking in that sublime view my cock rose quickly to full hardness, I was absolutely ready. I lowered myself over her body, fitting my flared prong to her sweet lips, still supporting my weight on my knees and forearms. I had planned to enter her very slowly to avoid any risk of causing undue pain but after a couple of delicious inches Lauren growled “oh for fuck’s sake Miri’s dildo is nearly as big as you and I’ve been practising all week. Get it in there and fuck me!”

“Thank god, I was losing my mind going that slow” I said before pushing steadily into her boiling box. I felt a wave of slippery girl juice fountain out on to the base of my prick as I bottomed out, my overwrought glans gently kissing her cervical lips. The fit could not have been more ideal. Every square inch of my surging phallus was tingling from the exquisite pressure exerted by her slippery elastic walls.

I knew Lauren was a fit young woman but as we started to move together in that ancient dance I began to appreciate just how much of an understatement that was. She was strong, athletic and fierce. Her pussy gripped me firmly, tight and warm, it’s walls pulsing with rhythmic energy. Her arms were clasped around my neck, her legs locked around my hips, urging me to move ever faster.

Well I suppose she’d done her bit by being absolutely perfect; it was time for me to shut up or nut up. I chose the latter. I began sawing in and out of her. Slowly building my pace, ensuring I stayed snug within her clutching pocket, not wanting to interrupt our rhythm for anything. Slowly I realised that the BFG had gone home and Mr RSB was back with a vengeance.

I lowered my body on to hers squashing her tits under my broad chest. I could feel the hardened bullets of her excited nipples poking into me. Her sweaty breasts created delicious friction between us as I moved on her. Her legs came up to wrap around my pistoning hips, urging me on.

Maybe there was something to this method acting lark. After just a few minutes we were absolutely in sync. Her body undulated below me as we cavorted erotically against each other, seeking out any little sensation we could find to enhance our pleasure. Stroke for stroke her hips withdrew and crashed back on to me submissive cuckolds porno in a syncopated rhythm aligned exactly with my thrusts. And boy was I getting the feedback I’d asked for. As best as I can remember it went something like this:

“Oh Jesus god that’s amazing. Oh fuck you’re kissing my womb. That’s where our babies will grow.”

I stopped dead and shouted “Oscar!” Lauren didn’t quite realise what I’d meant and continued to hump desperately against me for a few seconds. Looking back I love to tease her about how cock crazy she looked back in that moment. Soon she lay still, opened her eyes and gazed up at me.

“What’s wrong? You said the magic word,” she asked worriedly.

“No, I said the safe word Lauren. You said the magic word. The ‘B’ word. We haven’t talked about protection.”

“Is that all? I’ve been on the pill since we were the same height you feckless prick. Get back to work you lazy bastard!” I began to move again, once my heart lurched back into life.

She pulled my head down beside hers and whispered in my ear “thank you for that, it was beautiful. You’re so brave. Just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more.” A tear ran down her cheek. I kissed it away and started to screw her properly.

She was leaking her fuck fluids copiously. I now knew how C3PO felt in that oil bath on Tattooine. Her slippery muck was running down her ass crack and had become smeared obscenely over my groin and hers. It allowed me to let my full weight fall on her as we writhed together in search of whatever tiny spots of delicious friction we could find. As we continued to bump and grind together our levels of stimulation and excitement soared. Lauren kept her running commentary going, becoming increasingly frantic as we both climbed towards the release we so craved.

“Fuck me with that big baby maker. Slam your fuck-pole into me. Deeper. Come on deeper. I want your spunk. I want it in my cunt. I want it IN MY WOMB. Come on Big Lad you can do it. Fill me. Fill me up. Make me yours. Own me. Own this cunt. Split me with that donkey dick. Pile drive me sisterfucker, pile drive me through this stupid bloody baby bed. Bore me out with that big pussy stretcher and give me your sperm. I need every fucking drop. I want everything your balls have to offer. Fuck me, fuck your SISTER!”

My face was buried in her neck under her hair. I could barely process the torrent of tastes and smells that I was experiencing. Her perfume smelled strong here, rich and heady with oriental spices. Her skin was moist and sweaty, tasting of stolen moments at the seaside. Her hair had her usual light vanilla and jasmine scent but it was wet and clammy from our exertions. It created a hot and humid pocket for me to burrow into. I never wanted to leave.

Lauren was moving spasmodically below me, wrapping my much larger frame in her dainty but vital arms and legs. She ensured that our greasy sex organs were in constant contact, rolling and sliding, humping and bumping against each other. Periodically she seemed to slow down and rest for a minute before redoubling her efforts to achieve our mutual goal. I became mesmerised with the whole experience. I never wanted any of it to ever end or even change. I tried to increase the force of my thrusts and apart from her brief rest periods Lauren continued to match me stroke for stroke.

Her voice was quieter now, mewling and pleading with me to let her come. I could smell her arousal now. Her lubricating juices coated us both now from knees to belly. I wondered idly if she had squirted, I didn’t even know if that was a real thing or just fake internet news. I was splashing into her now, our soaked torsos making an obscene wet slapping sound as we mashed them together.

All too soon it was time. I didn’t want to come yet. This was her first time. Had she even cum yet? I had promised her the moon and all I had given her was crushing disappointment.

“I’m sorry Lauren. I can’t hold on any longer. I have to come. I have to!”

I pushed myself up and looked down at her; shocked. I had been in a world of my own. Conjuring up my own fetid images in my mind based on her lurid commentary. I was lost in the endless grinding rhythm of fucking this delectable creature. I had somehow lost track of her but in that moment my attention snapped back. She looked utterly rampant. She looked like… sex… personified. Her face and upper chest were spotted scarlet, her makeup was smeared, her hair a spiky dishevelled mess. Her eyes were wide and staring, drool running from the corner of her mouth. Her staccato breaths were interrupted by panting screams.

“I’m cumming again! Dear Jesus again! Please come Dani… Come now. Come in me. In me! Deep inside me NOW! I need it NOW!! Cum in your baby sister NOW!!!”

Oh thank fuck for that. Music to my ears.

I slammed my hips forward forcing my shaft as deep within her as I could get it. My balls were boiling, filled to bursting with searing semen under unbearable pressure. And then the dam broke.

Great geysers of liquid love surged out of me, splattering into Lauren’s defenceless steaming depths. Again and again huge ropes of brotherly jism erupted from the deepest recesses of my body. My love poured into her, over and over, emptying me from the very depths of my soul.

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