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Shower Scene

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Diana greeted Justin at the bathroom door.

She was dressed in a short tank top that just barely covered her full breasts, and a pair of panties. She already looked ravishing.

Wordlessly, Diana stepped back and waited until Justin removed his clothes, then, as per their previous arrangement (Diana was not allowed to say anything)–she held out her hands to him, wrist against wrist. He reached into a bag he’d brought with him and removed a small length of soft cord. He wrapped it around her wrists. Diana gazed at him, looking helpless, yet she trusted him implicitly. He led her to the shower and she followed obediently.

He turned on the shower, adjusted the water to a bearably hot temperature and motioned for Diana to climb in. He followed. He grasped and raised her tied hands and slipped them over the showerhead so that she seemed to be dangling. The water cascaded over Diana–her hair became dark and stringy, her nipples stuck out from behind the soaked tank top and the lips of her pussy were outlined against the soaked fabric of her panties.

Justin kissed Diana tenderly, and she returned the kiss with ardor. He thrust his hand down her panties, cupped her crotch and felt the wetness running through his fingers. He poked a finger through the folds of flesh and found her clitoris. He rubbed it until Diana begin to twist and turn, wanting to be free from the bonds that held her to the showerhead, yet unable to do so.

Justin knelt before Diana, grasped her panties and ripped them from her hips. He tossed them to the floor. He buried his face in the wetness of her cunt, pushing through her labia with his tongue. Diana lifted her foot to the sidebar of the shower stall, desiring more tonguing, but instead, Justin grabbed the sweet-scented soap and begin to lather her cunt and her bum, running his soapy hand back and forth from front to rear. Diana squirmed, began to moan for him to let her go, but he told her to be quiet, giving her ass a strong but playful slap. Wide-eyed, Diana stared at him , but said nothing.

Now he began to spread the lather up her stomach, up beneath her tank top and spread the slippery soap illegal bahis over and around her full breasts, encircling her nipples again and again.

Once more Diana begged him to release her, but he did not. Instead, he slapped her ass again, grabbed her shirt and pulled her to him, crushing his lips against hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth and finding her own tongue.

Now he grabbed her shirt with two hands, tore it apart so that it hung down on either side of her breasts. He watched as the rushing water rinsed the soap from her body and trickled down her legs.

Diana gazed at him as he reached up to remove her hands from the showerhead. She thought he was finally going to release her.

But he did not.

He turned Diana around, bent her over and tied her wrists to her ankles.

He knelt behind her, gazed at the water as it streamed in rivulets through the clean gash of her cunt. Holding the flesh of her buttocks apart, he leaned forward, flicked his tongue around her labia, slid up and ran it around her anus, twirling and stabbing at the tiny, puckered hole. He thrust his tongue back down through her vaginal lips until he reached her clitoris. He licked it, sucked it, nibbled it tasting her own sweet nectar in between the streams of water.

Eventually, he reached over and turned off the water. Diana waited expectantly, thinking he would finally release her.

But he did not.

Instead, Diana felt a cool liquid being spread around her anus and her cunt. Then, after a moment’s pause, she felt a stiff shaft of some sort begin to enter her cunt. At the same time, a smaller, rougher probe eased itself slowly into her bumhole.

Diana moaned. Justin began to pump the double-headed dildo back and forth as the two rods slid effortlessly in and out of both entrances. He continued alternately thrusting and pulling, slowly at first, then moving a little faster.

Suddenly, he pulled both shafts out. Diana gave a little cry of regret, but he slapped her ass and told her to be quiet, for then he rammed his hard cock into her cunt and shoved it back and forth; a moment later, he eased his finger illegal bahis siteleri into her asshole. Now as he began to thrust each in and out. Justin felt his hard cock rubbing against his finger through the wall of her cunt and ass. In. Out. In. Out. Each sliding in and out in perfect contrapuntal rhythm until finally Diana started to come, and this time Justin allowed her to cry out her ecstasy.

He felt his own orgasm building and as Diana finished hers, he pulled his cock from her cunt and slid it firmly into her ass, feeling the hole contract over the head of his cock. He banged against Diana, feeling her asshole widen as his shaft thrust into her. Then, he , too, came quickly, spitting his hot juices deep into her netherhole, and he left his cock there until it shriveled and slithered out.

Then, he loosed her hands and ankles, turned her around and took her in his arms, holding her close, lavishing her face with kisses…

They stepped from the shower stall and began to dry each other off. Suddenly Justin felt her fingers caress his balls. He grabbed her wrist. “Sorry,” he said with a smile, “but I’m not finished with you yet.”

A puzzled look crossed her face as he proceeded to tie a cord around each of her wrists again. Then he led Diana naked into the bedroom.

“Lie down,” he said, “on your stomach.”

Diana prostrated herself on the bed and Justin tied one hand to one corner of the bed, the other hand to the other corner so that Diana lay Y-shaped on the covers.

He climbed on the bed, straddled Diana so that he sat on her buttocks. He began to massage her shoulders and, moving down, her spine to her waist, the small of her back, then he got off and massaged her buttocks, feeling the firmness of her naked flesh, the sensuous roundness. He bent down and kissed her neck, ran his tongue up and down her spine, then continued down across her bum. He bit her buttocks, nipping them tenderly, then kissed them, running his tongue down the crack of her bum. Diana raised her hips, spread her legs for him to go further, but he pushed them back down.

“Not yet,” he whispered.

He massaged and canlı bahis siteleri nibbled and kissed his way down one leg slowly, then up the other. As he reached her inner thighs, he parted her legs, licked his way to her cunt, flicked lightly across it with his tongue.

Now he sat between her legs, lifted them up and put her thighs on his shoulders. Her cunt was close to his face and wide open to his gaze. He plunged in with his mouth, munching on her vulva, sucking and licking and nipping her clit, thrusting his tongue deep into the hot wetness of her cunt. Diana wriggled and squirmed, trying to free herself from the cords, but she couldn’t.

Justin continued to massage her clit with his tongue, ran it firmly back and forth. He twirled a finger around her anus, poked it in, then pulled it out. More plunging into Diana’s chasm with his tongue, more prodding with his finger into her bum.

On he continued, thrusting with his tongue and wriggling with his finger until finally Diana shuddered and quaked with her blissful orgasm….

As Justin released Diana from her bonds, she turned and fell onto his member, devouring its wholeness. Hungrily she sucked its length, running her tongue around the purple head, up and down the growing shaft, then she buried her face in his hair as she kissed and sucked and licked at his balls.

“Get on your knees,” Diana whispered hoarsely, her voice thick with desire.

Justin did so and Diana wiggled her way up between his legs. His cock dangled before her face and Diana grabbed it with her hand, began to pump it firmly back and forth, alternating with gobbling sucks from her mouth as she lavished it with eager attention watching its wet head appear and disappear from within her grasp. A finger of her other hand found its way to his anus and prodded the hole as he did her as she continued pumping on his cock. Thrusting, wriggling, pumping…then he felt the tremours rumbling through his body.

“I’m coming!” he gasped.

Diana continued to pump with her hand and stabbed with her finger until he cried out in ecstasy. Diana opened her mouth and Justin watched through half-closed eyes as his hot seed spurted out, shot wildly into her mouth, on her cheeks and chin and nose, and then Diana took him quickly into her mouth to suck the last of the warm white come from his cock.

He moaned his delight and collapsed beside her…..

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